Nightcrawler Quotes: Creepy and Unsettling Satire

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Directed by: Dan Gilroy
Written by: Dan Gilroy
Jake Gyllenhaal – Louis Bloom
Rene Russo – Nina Romina
Riz Ahmed – Rick Carey
Bill Paxton – Joe Loder
Ann Cusack – Linda
Kevin Rahm – Frank Kruse
Kathleen York – Jackie
Eric Lange – Cameraman
Jonny Coyne – Pawn Shop Owner
Michael Hyatt – Detective Fronteiri
Michael Papajohn – Security Guard
James Huang – Marcus Mayhem Video
Marco Rodríguez – Scrapyard Owner


Written and directed by Dan Gilroy in his directorial debut, Nightcrawler quotes are creepy, gritty, unnerving and funny in equal measures. The plot centers on Louis Bloom, an unsettling but ambitious and well-spoken young man living in L.A., desperately seeking work of any kind. After finding a group of freelance camera crews who film crashes, fires, murder and other mayhem, Louis muscles into the cut-throat, dangerous realm of “nightcrawling.” Louis quickly secures work with local TV news producer and an naive assistant to help him. But as Louis becomes more successful he starts going to increasingly greater lengths to catch the carnage on footage.

Gilroy’s screenplay is more of a chilling psychological character study and becomes more and more unsettling and disturbing as it shows us the darker side of the lengths the main character will go in following his ambitions and goals and paints a grim picture of modern society. However, as skillful and clever as the story is none of it would have worked without Gyllenhaal’s unnerving and captivating performance, he literally disappears into his role and makes you believe in his character’s disturbing and calculating behavior. Rene Russo also impresses as the TV news producer and shares good onscreen chemistry with Gyllenhaal as does Riz Ahmed, who serves as Louis’ gullible assistant.

Verdict: This is not an easy film to watch but it definitely succeeds as an unsettling, dark and strangely funny satirical thriller anchored by Gyllenhaal’s gripping central performance.

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[first lines; Lou has broken into the train yard and trying to break off a chain-link fence when a car pulls up and the security guard approaches him]
Security Guard: What are you doing out here?
Louis Bloom: I’m lost.
Security Guard: This is a restricted area.
Louis Bloom: Oh, I didn’t know that. There’s no signs.
Security Guard: They’re everywhere. Let’s see some ID.
Louis Bloom: Why?
Security Guard: There’s a broken gate back there, and you’re trespassing.
Louis Bloom: Excuse me, sir, that gate was open and I was under the opinion that this was a detour.


Security Guard: Let me see the ID. Take it out.nightcrawler-2
Louis Bloom: What kind of uniform is that?
Security Guard: I’ll ask the fucking questions.
Louis Bloom: That’s a private outfit, huh? I tried to get one of those jobs, I like guarding things.
Security Guard: Really?
[Lou walks over to the guard and shows him his ID]
Louis Bloom: Here you go, sir.
[Lou notices the guard’s watch]
Louis Bloom: I think what must have happened is I just must have gotten turned around.
[Lou suddenly attacks the guard and steals his watch]


[Lou is at a scrapyard negotiating a price for material he’s stolen from the train yard]
Louis Bloom: I guesstimate that I have about fifty pounds of copper wire, a hundred pounds of chain-link fence and two manhole covers. The nice thick ones.
Scrapyard Owner: I’ll give fifty cents a pound for the wire, fifteen for the fence, and ten for the covers.
Louis Bloom: That’s below market value.
Scrapyard Owner: Market value? You know the cops came by asking about manhole covers?
Louis Bloom: I’d like to counter at a dollar a pound for the copper, thirty cents a pound for the fence, and twenty cents per for the covers.
Scrapyard Owner: Ah, sell them somewhere else.
Louis Bloom: I’d feel good at seventy-five, twenty-five, and fifteen.
Scrapyard Owner: I’m not negotiating with you.
Louis Bloom: I think we’re close.
Scrapyard Owner: I’m done.


[they enter into the scrapyard owner’s office]
Louis Bloom: I’m willing to take less to establish a business relationship. If that’s your last best offer, then I guess I accept.
Scrapyard Owner: Alright. Drive around back and unload them.
Louis Bloom: Excuse me, sir? I’m looking for a job. In fact, I’ve made up my mind to find a career that I can learn and grow into. Who am I? I’m a hard-worker, I set high goals and I’ve been told that I am persistent. Now, I’m not fooling myself, sir. Having been raised with the self-esteem movement so popular in schools, I used to expect my needs to be considered. But I know that today’s work culture no longer caters to the job loyalty that could be promised to earlier generations. What I believe, sir, is that good things come to those who work their asses off. And that people such as yourself, who reach the top of the mountain, didn’t just fall there. Excuse me, sir? I’m looking for a job. In fact, I’ve made up my mind to find a career that I can learn and grow into. Who am I? I’m a hard-worker, I set high goals and I’ve been told that I am persistent. Now, I’m not fooling myself, sir. Having been raised with the self-esteem movement so popular in schools, I used to expect my needs to be considered. But I know that today’s work culture no longer caters to the job loyalty that could be promised to earlier generations. What I believe, sir, is that good things come to those who work their asses off. And that people such as yourself, who reach the top of the mountain, didn’t just fall there. My motto is if you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket.
[the scrapyard owner chuckles]
Louis Bloom: Did I say that I worked in a garage? So, what do you say? I could start tomorrow, or even why not tonight?
Scrapyard Owner: No.
[Lou stars to walk off but stops again]
Louis Bloom: How about an internship then? A lot of young people are taking unpaid positions to get a foot in the door. That’s something I’d be willing to do.
Scrapyard Owner: I’m not hiring a fucking thief.
[Lou smiles, nods his head and walks out of the office]


[after leaving the scrapyard Lou is driving along the road when a few cop cars pass him by, he pulls over to see what they’re investigating and sees a car has crashed and is on fire, a van pulls up and two guys with cameras head towards the accident]
Joe Loder: Let’s go. Let’s go! Let’s go!
Marcus Mayhem Video: We’re first!
Joe Loder: No shit! Get a shot on the other side!
Marcus Mayhem Video: Alright, alright.
[they go over to film the car involved in the accident]
Joe Loder: Get a shot inside the car. Go around and get inside the car! What the fuck am I paying you for?
[Lou watches them filming as the police pull out the people inside the car]
Cop #1: Yeah, it’s free. Get back, Loder. Get back!
Joe Loder: Yeah, I got it. I’m back, I’m back!
Cop #1: All units. EMS, just past exit 31.
[Lou watches them with fascination]


[after the incident Lou approaches Loder]
Louis Bloom: Excuse me. Will this be on television?
Joe Loder: Morning news. If it bleeds, it leads.
Louis Bloom: What channel?
Joe Loder: Whoever pays the most.
Louis Bloom: What do you get for something like this?
Joe Loder: Not nearly enough.
[Loder opens the back of his van and Lou notices all the expensive gear inside]
Louis Bloom: Enough to buy all that gear.
Joe Loder: Let me tell you something. It’s a flaming asshole of a job.
Louis Bloom: Can I ask you, are you currently hiring?
Joe Loder: Fuck, no.
Louis Bloom: Well, thank you for taking the time to discuss what you do. You’ve been very helpful.
[suddenly Loder hears something on his police radio]
Police Radio: Any Compton unit, Code Three response needed. Two-eleven in progress. 239 Rose Crest.
[Loder calls out to Marcus]
Joe Loder: Hey, we got a two-eleven on Rose Crest. Hurry your ass!
[Loder gets in the can and closes the door, Marcus rushes over to the van; to Lou]
Marcus Mayhem Video: Coming through.
[Marcus gets in the can and Lou watches as they drive off]


[the next morning Lou watches the morning news to see if the cover the footage shot by Loder]
Pat Harvey: Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I’m Pat Harvey.
Kent Shocknek: Hope your day’s getting off to a good start. I’m Kent Shocknek. An unclaimed Mega Millions ticket sold at a 7-Eleven in South San Diego is worth a whopping
two hundred and sixty-six million dollars. The question is, is it yours?
[Lou laughs to himself]
Pat Harvey: We’ll have the numbers, coming up.
[Lou switches the channel to another news show]
Sharon Tay: Evidence has police hunting for one of their own.
Rick Garcia: A fast-moving bank robber in Sylmar didn’t move fast enough. And we’ll explain how the FBI…
[Lou switches the channel to another morning news show]
Bill Seward: A landmark court decision, Lisa, has cyber-music fans singing the blues.
Female Anchor: Ouch! I may have to budget more for my music.
[Lou switches the channel again]
Actor in Advert: Closet space!


[Lou finally finds a news channel covering Loder’s footage]
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: A twisted metal, a shattered life. All of it caught on tape last night at the scene of a fiery one-car collision out on the one-ten. Melinda Flores of Yorba Linda. She was severely injured, but somehow managed to escape with her life, thanks to the bravery of a couple of CHP officers. The crash started a fire that then quickly consumed the entire vehicle.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: And as we see in this dramatic video, CHP officers Mike Tilly and John Wall risked their lives to save the single mom. Flores was then transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital in serious but stable condition after suffering smoke inhalation.


[Lou steals a bike from the beach and takes it to a pawn shop]
Pawn Shop Owner: I don’t know. I’ll give you five hundred.
Louis Bloom: This is a custom racing bicycle, sir. Designed for competitive road cycling. This bike has a light-weight, space-age carbon frame and handlebars positioned to put the rider in a more aerodynamic posture. It also has micro-shifters and thirty-seven gears, and weighs under six pounds. I won the Tour de Mexico on this bike.
Pawn Shop Owner: Seven hundred is as high as I’ll go.
Louis Bloom: It cost me over eight thousand new.
Pawn Shop Owner: Seven hundred.
Louis Bloom: Twenty-five hundred, and that’s giving it away.
Pawn Shop Owner: No bike’s got thirty-seven gears.
Louis Bloom: Two thousand.
Pawn Shop Owner: No.
Louis Bloom: Could I please speak to your boss please?
Pawn Shop Owner: I’m the owner.
Louis Bloom: How about eight hundred in store credit?
Pawn Shop Owner: What are you after?
Louis Bloom: A camcorder and a police scanner.


[Lou is sat in his car listening to the police scanner for any incidents in the area]
Police Radio: 7-X-76 Roger. David 1-0-9-9-9-6-5. Checking in C.I.C. 8-8-59. One, Lincoln, Adam, David, Young, John, one. R.O. not on file. Any northeast unit. 415 fight, 1-3-9-3-2 Tularosa Drive. Suspect number one, male, black. Suspect number two, male, black, juvenile. No further description. Code Two, incident 3-6-7-9. ID 11-25.
[Lou rushes over to the crime scene, pulls over and gets out to record with his camera]
Cop #1: Hey! Who the hell are you?
Louis Bloom: Freelance!
Cop #1: What are you doing?
Louis Bloom: Uh…filming for TV.
Cop #1: No. Back away.
Louis Bloom: Uh….what’s happening?
Cop #1: I said turn around and leave.
Louis Bloom: I’m…I’m fairly certain I’m allowed to film this.
Cop #1: Film what?
Louis Bloom: I don’t know. What’s happening?
Cop #1: Walk away, or get arrested for obstruction.
Louis Bloom: Yes, Officer.
Cop #1: Hurry up. Get out of here.


[Lou shows up at another incident where a young woman is being breathalyzed]
Cop #2: Blow, blow, blow. Almost. Almost.
[to Lou]
Cop #2: Will you move that camera? Man, you better back up. Leave! Do you think I’m playing with you?
[Lou listens to his scanner again]
Police Radio: More street units, ambulance to 11. Just occurred. Western and Third. Suspect last seen northbound Western on foot. Code Three, incident 4-2-5-9. ID 7-0-3.
[Lou shows up at the incident and sees another cameraman there, he tries to get closer to the victim being attended to by the paramedics]
Paramedic #1: Alright, let’s get some blood pressure. He’s pretty shocked. Breathing is very shallow.
Paramedic #2: He’s got a second chest wound.nightcrawler-3
Paramedic #1: Put pressure on it.
Paramedic #2: We got it.
Paramedic #1: Strap it on the other side. You got a dressing on it?
Paramedic #2: Yeah.
Paramedic #1: GCS is 1-1-1, guys.
Paramedic #2: Give me pressure.
Paramedic #1: 90 over 60. No radial pulse.
Paramedic #2: We’re losing him. He’s bleeding out. Can you bag him? Let’s start bagging him. Keep on high flow, too.
Paramedic #1: Yep.
Paramedic #3: I got no pulse here.
Paramedic #1: Unresponsive.


[to Lou who’s filming the injured victim as closely as possible]
Cop #3: Get back. You! Get back! Get the fuck back, now!
[the cop pushes Lou back]
Louis Bloom: Okay. Shit. Alright.
Cop #3: Get back. A hundred feet back. Now!
[to the other cameraman]
Cop #3: You get back, too. One hundred feet.
[to Lou as they start backing away]
Ace Video Cameraman: Fucking asshole, you shut it down. I had a great fucking angle back there till you crowded in. Get the fuck home. There’s people trying to do their fucking job. Fucking asshole.
[Lou follows the cameraman and listens in as he makes a phone call to his employer]
Ace Video Cameraman: Yeah, it’s Ace Video. Your lead’s gonna be at the First and Western. Yeah, you wanna get there. It’s a shooting. Yeah, I got some great footage of a victim being treated. No, the LAPD hasn’t released it but a manager at a Walgreens says it’s a carjacking and the victim is the owner. He’s Asian and critical. Right. Well then, look, I got a sixty second cut with the manager and a neighbor. Five hundred. Well then, make me a deal. Four hundred. Three hundred. Alright, deal.
[he ends the call, as he goes to get into his van he sees Lou behind him]
Ace Video Cameraman: Are you fucking kidding me? Get out of here.


[Lou goes to the Channel 6 news station]nightcrawler-4
Linda: Okay, dip into graphics.
Frank Kruse: I don’t think that’s gonna cover it.
Linda: Frank, it’s not my call.
[as Frank goes to walk off he almost runs into Lou]
Louis Bloom: Oh, excuse me.
[Frank walks off; to Linda]
Louis Bloom: Excuse me. I have video footage.
Linda: Uh…down the hall, to the right.
[Lou follows the directions and finds news director Nina Romina working with her editor]
Nina Romina: Okay. Put the neighbor here, and the kids with their mother by the door. You can get it back from 2:16.
Editor: Yeah.
Nina Romina: Then I want to lay in some nat-sound. Let’s loop the neighbor’s dog barking. And then try taking the, uh…the crying kid from B-roll and dropping that in the background.
Editor: Got it.


[looking at Lou]
Nina Romina: You my fill-in operator?
Louis Bloom: I don’t think so. I’m Lou Bloom. I have some footage for sale.
Nina Romina: A stringer?
Louis Bloom: What?
Nina Romina: Who do you work for?
Louis Bloom: At the moment, I work for myself.
Nina Romina: Okay. Well, see Frank out there, the way you came.
[Lou turns to leave; to the editor]
Nina Romina: Uh…what’s it timed to?
Editor: 1:06.


[as Lou is about to walk out of the room]
Nina Romina: What do you have?
Louis Bloom: Something I’m fairly certain you’ll be very excited about.
Nina Romina: What is it?
Louis Bloom: It’s a shooting. A man was shot. Several times, in fact. He’s lying on the ground, and he’s bleeding on the ground. I’d be surprised if he survived, honestly. He was shot during a carjacking.
Nina Romina: Western and First?
Louis Bloom: Yes, that’s right.
Nina Romina: Okay. Well, we’re getting that from Ace.
Louis Bloom: I was there. I was much closer to what happened.
[Lou laughs then turns to leave]
Nina Romina: Okay. Okay. Let’s see it.


[Lou plays he footage, which shows him filming himself as he gets his camera out]
Louis Bloom: You can fast forward through this. Keep going, keep going.
the footage stops to show when the cop he encountered when trying to film his first incident
Cop #1: Walk away, or I’ll arrest you for…
[the editor fast forwards again]
Louis Bloom: A minute-and-a-half in. There.
[the footage shows close shot of the man that was shot with the paramedics working on him]
Editor: Oh, fuck.
[Nina calls Frank]
Nina Romina: I need you to see something.
[as they watch the footage Frank enters the room]
Frank Kruse: Yeah?
Nina Romina: Lou Bloom. Frank Kruse, our assignment editor.
[Lou and Frank shake hands; to her editor]
Nina Romina: Play it back.


[to Frank as they watch Lou’s footage]
Nina Romina: That’s the lead. I want to break it up and do a wrap-around from the scene. I want a walking stand-up, teaser at five, repeat on the half and I want the copy to start with a warning.
Frank Kruse: You’re gonna show this?
Nina Romina: With a warning.
Frank Kruse: It’s excessive.
Nina Romina: We should have packages like this every day.
Frank Kruse: People are eating breakfast.
Nina Romina: And they’ll talk about it at work. Tie it in with the carjacking last month in Glendale, and the other one, the van in Palms. When was that? In March?
Editor: March, yeah.
[Frank looks at Lou for a moment]
Nina Romina: It’s a carjacking crime wave. That’s the banner. Call the victim’s family, get a quote, mic it. You know what to do.
Frank Kruse: Yeah.
[Frank, not looking happy, turns and leaves; to Lou]
Nina Romina: How much?
Louis Bloom: I’m selling this particular piece for one thousand.
Nina Romina: Not even close. This late, you have nowhere else to go. And the quality’s for shit. I’ll give you two-fifty, that’s the most I’ll do. Now, let’s get you paid.


[as Lou waits Nina brings him his check]
Nina Romina: Here you go. Buy yourself some better equipment, a directional mic, and get interviews when you can. You have a good eye.
Louis Bloom: Thank you. I’m just beginning, so praise from someone such as yourself, well, you can imagine that it means quite a lot.
Nina Romina: Well, I’ll help in any way I can. And, of course, you can help me by calling us first. I want you to contact me when you have something.
Louis Bloom: Something like this.
Nina Romina: That’s right.
Louis Bloom: Bloody.
Nina Romina: Well, that’s only part of it. We like crime, but not all crime. Carjacking in Compton, for example. That isn’t news, now is it? We find our viewers are more interested in urban crime creeping into the suburbs. What that means is a victim, or victims, preferably well-off and white, injured at the hands of the poor or a minority.
Louis Bloom: Just crime.
Nina Romina: No. Accidents play. Cars, buses, trains, planes, fires, suicides.
Louis Bloom: But bloody.
Nina Romina: Well, graphic. The best and clearest way that I can phrase it to you, Lou, to capture the spirit of what we air, is think of our newscast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut.
Louis Bloom: I understand. I’m a very, very quick learner. You will be seeing me again.
Nina Romina: I believe you.


[Lou watches the news in his apartment the next morning to see how his footage was used]
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Live from the KWLA broadcast center in Los Angeles. This is KWLA 6 News at 6:00 a.m. Coverage you can count on.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: A tragic drug store visit to help his ailing wife claimed the life of a loving husband last night near Hancock Park. Reporting from the scene is Ron De La Cruz.
Reporter Ron De La Cruz: An act of kindness turned into a savage deadly attack just outside this market on Western and First around 2:00 a.m. when sixty-eight year old Richard Cho of Mar Vista was walking towards his car with a prescription for his sick wife when he was confronted right here by a man with a 9mm handgun police believe wanted to take his vehicle. The vicious tragedy and senselessness of the brutal shooting as well as the victim’s final moments were all caught in graphic video which we are about to show. Viewer discretion is advised.
[they start showing Lou’s footage]
Reporter Ron De La Cruz: Paramedics worked feverishly to save the life of Richard Cho. But despite heroic efforts, the husband and father of three, was pronounced dead at Good Samaritan Hospital. Alarmingly, this is the third violent carjacking in the area in recent months. And residents here are growing concerned as police are still without any leads. This is Ron De La Cruz, reporting live.


[as Lou listens to the police scanner he looks up police code definitions on the internet and makes notes; later Lou is sat at diner when a young man goes over to meet him]
Rick: Hey. I’m sorry I’m late.nightcrawler-5
Louis Bloom: Are you Richard?
Rick: Uh…Rick.
Louis Bloom: I’m Louis Bloom.
Rick: Hey, Lou.
[Rick shakes Lou’s hand]
Louis Bloom: Louis. Sit down.
[Rick sits next to him]
Louis Bloom: The situation is that I lost an employee, and I’m interviewing for a replacement.
Rick: Okay. Uh…the ad didn’t say what the job was.
Louis Bloom: It’s a fine opportunity for some lucky someone.
Rick: Okay.


Louis Bloom: I’d like to know about your prior employment and hear, in your own words, what you learned from each position.
Rick: My old jobs? I did landscaping for a couple months. Uh…like, mow, blow, and go. You know? Uh…I learned that I had hay fever, so I quit.
Louis Bloom: Other jobs?
Rick: I don’t know. Like, a week here, a week there.
Louis Bloom: Why hire you? Sell yourself. Alright?
Rick: Okay.
Louis Bloom: Go.
Rick: Okay. Uh, well, I’m Rick. Of course. Uh…I took three buses to get here. I finished high school. I need a job. I’ll do pretty much anything. That’s me. Hire Rick. So…
Louis Bloom: Hmm. What’s your address, Richard?
Rick: I don’t have one. Not a permanent one. I mean, right now.
Louis Bloom: You’re homeless.
Rick: I…I was for a while.
Louis Bloom: You trick.
Rick: Work the street? No.
Louis Bloom: Wasn’t a question.
Rick: I’m straight.
Louis Bloom: Plenty of straight guys trick.


Louis Bloom: Do you have a driver’s license?
Rick: Yeah.
Louis Bloom: Do you know Los Angeles?
Rick: Yeah. I grew up all around here.
Louis Bloom: Can you start tonight?
Rick: Doing what?
Louis Bloom: I run a successful TV news business. We film breaking stories. Maybe you saw my item this morning of a fatal carjacking.
Rick: No. I mean I don’t have a TV, but that sounds cool.
Louis Bloom: Do you have a cellphone?
Rick: Yeah.
[Rick laughs and Lou joins in]
Louis Bloom: Does it have GPS?
Rick: Yes, it does. Yeah.
[Rick takes out his phone to show him]
Louis Bloom: Congratulations. You’re hired.
[Rick looks pleasantly surprised]
Rick: Okay.


Louis Bloom: Your job will be to listen to the emergency radio, learn police codes, help navigate, and watch the car.
Rick: Okay. And what does it pay?
Louis Bloom: It’s an internship.
Rick: Man, I, uh…I can’t do that. I need…I need money.
Louis Bloom: I’m giving you a chance to explore career options and get insight into my organization. It’s not at all unusual for me to make full-time job offers to my interns.
Rick: No, I know. I just…I need…I gotta get paid, like, something at least, you know?
Louis Bloom: I’ll give you thirty dollars cash per night.
Rick: Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thanks.
[Rick extends his hand and shakes Lou’s hand]


[Lou and Rick are sat in the car listening to the Police scanner]
Police Radio: 4-A-27 at Main and Washington, requesting Code Ten for one.
Police Radio: Calling back stand-by. 4-A-27, go ahead.
[to Rick]
Louis Bloom: 4-A-27 is requesting a Code Ten to clear the frequency for warrant information.
Police Radio: 4-A-1, prowler complaint, Sixth and Rampart. Female Hispanic wearing a blue shirt. Code 2, incident 2156, RD 2-35.
[to Rick]
Louis Bloom: Code Two is “Respond immediately, no lights and sirens.” And Code Three is?
Rick: With the lights and sirens on.
Louis Bloom: Very good.
Police Radio: 2-A-1 responding. Sixth and Rampart, Code Two.
Rick: So, should we go?
Louis Bloom: No. We want victims and not the kind that live on Sixth and Rampart.
[Lou laughs]


[couple of hours later, Rick is standing outside the car as Lou is sat in the car still listening to the scanner]
Police Radio: Any Van Nuys unit, 415 man. 7227 Van Nuys Boulevard at the Big King Market. Inside the location, the suspect is a male Hispanic wearing an orange construction vest and blue jeans. In custody with security guards.
[to Lou]
Rick: I’m going to get some water. You want anything?
Louis Bloom: No, thank you.
[Rick walks off]
Police Radio: Rampart units, domestic violence, restraining order violation.
[later that night Lou and Rick are still listening to the police radio as Lou is sat on the car roof]
Police Radio: Suspect last seen on foot on Fifth Street towards Virgil.
[some time later they continue to listen to the police radio]
Police Radio: Structure fire. Station 58. Engine 58. Task force 58, task force 43. Engine 43. Battalion 10. 1642 Rincon Avenue…
[calling out to Rick]
Louis Bloom: Structure fire!
[Rick gets into the car]
Police Radio: Engine 58 on scene. 1642 Rincon Avenue.
[to Rick]
Louis Bloom: Seat belt. Seat belt. Seat belt.
[Rick drives off]


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