Starring: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, Nick Nolte, Mark Margolis, Kevin Durand, Leo McHugh Carroll, Marton Csokas Ariane Rinehart, Adam Griffith, Frank Langella



Biblical drama directed and co-written by Darren Aronofsky inspired by the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark from the Book of Genesis. When God decides that mankind has become too sinful and must be wiped off the Earth, he chooses Noah (Russell Crowe), a pious man, for a great task. Noah must build an ark large enough to hold his wife, Naameh (Jennifer Connelly), adopted daughter, Ila (Emma Watson), sons Ham, Shem, and Japheth (Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Leo McHugh Carroll), plus breeding pairs of every animal. Things get complicated as Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone) and his followers plan to take over the ark to save themselves and soon Noah starts to doubt if anyone, including his own family, is worthy of being saved.


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“In the beginning there was nothing. Temptation led to sin. Cast out of Eden, Adam and Eve had three sons: Cain, Abel and Seth. Cain killed Abel and fled to the East, where he was sheltered by a band of fallen angels: The Watchers. These Watchers helped Cain’s descendants build a great industrial civilization. Cain’s cities spread wickedness, devouring the world. Only the descendants of Seth defend and protect what is left of Creation. Today, the last of Seth’s line becomes a man.”


[first lines; a young Noah is sat on a hill with his father, Lamech, who is performing a ritual]
Lamech: From Adam to Seth, from Seth to Enos, Enos to Kenan, Kenan to Mahalalel, to my father, Methuselah. And to me. Today, that birthright passes to you, Noah, my son.
[Lamech takes the snakeskin of the serpent from the Garden of Eden and wraps it along hand and arm]
Lamech: The Creator made Adam in his image and placed the world in his care. This is your work now, your responsibility.
[Noah nods his head]
Lamech: May you walk alongside the Creator in righteousness.
[Noah goes to touch his fingertip to Lamech’s finger which has the snakeskin around it]
Lamech: For I say thee…
[just then they are interrupted by a crowd of men]
Lamech: Men.
[to Noah]
Lamech: Hide!


[as Noah hides behind a rock Lamech approaches the crowd of men led by king Tubal-cain]
Young Tubal-cain: We’ll find it here.
[he digs up gold from under the ground]
Young Tubal-cain: The ground is rich with Zoha.
Lamech: This is the Creator’s land. What are you doing?
[suddenly Tubal-cain strikes Lamech in the face]
Young Tubal-cain: The Creator? My mines run dry, my city withers, it must be fed. And what has he done? He cursed us to struggle by the sweat of our brow to survive. Damned if I don’t do everything it takes to do just that. Damned if I don’t take what I want.
[he takes the snakeskin off of Lamech’s arm]
Young Tubal-cain: This relic belongs to the descendants of Cain now, the line of Seth ends here.
[suddenly he takes his pickax and swings it into Lamech’s neck, killing him, he turns to his men]
Young Tubal-cain: It is ours. Now dig!
[Noah, who’s been watching all this from behind the rock, runs off]


[an adult, Noah is out with his two young sons Shem and Ham, he watches as Ham picks up a flower from the ground]
Noah: Ham, what are you doing?
Young Ham: It’s pretty.
[Noah walks over to Ham]
Noah: Do you see the fuller flower? They’re attached to the ground, it’s where they should be. Now their purpose; they sprout, and they bloom and the wind takes their seeds and more flowers grow. We only collect what we can use, what we need. Do you understand?
[Ham nods his head and turns to walk away, Noah then notices a drop of water falling from the sky and hitting the dirt and instantly a flower blooms in that spot]
Noah: Shem, Ham, let’s go.
[as they turn to leave they hear a noise and then see a wounded scaly creature running off]
Noah: Men! Hide! Hide! Go!
[Shem and Ham hide behind a rock]


[Noah goes after the creature and as he approaches the animal he notices it has a spear in its side, before he can pull it out the animal dies, Noah then hears three men approaching]
Poacher Leader: You found our kill, how fortunate. But for you, maybe not.
[Noah takes the spear out of the dead animal and rises to face the three men]
Poacher Leader: Do you know how long it is since we ate a soaring animal?
[they approach Noah slowly]
Poacher Leader: Easy.
[suddenly they attack Noah, but he uses the spear to stab one of them, takes his weapon, kills the other and knocks down the leader, Noah walks over to the wounded leader]
Poacher Leader: What do you want?
Noah: Justice.


[later, Noah has wrapped the dead creatures body in a cloth and is setting fire to it]
Young Ham: Why did they kill it?
Young Shem: They eat them.
Young Ham: Why?
Noah: They think it makes them stronger
Young Ham: Is it true?
Noah: Don’t forget, strength comes from the Creator.
[the three stand and watch as the creature’s body burns]


[Noah and his sons return home to his wife Naameh and their baby son Japheth]
Young Ham: Mama! Mommy!
[Naameh smiles and looks at Japheth, who she’s holding in her arms]
Naameh: See your brothers?
[Noah goes over to Naameh and kisses her, later in their tent]
Noah: Ham saw men hunting today. They’re getting closer.
Naameh: How was he?
Noah: A little too interested.
Naameh: Hm. He had to see it sometime.
Noah: I saw something else. A flower bloomed from nothing.
[Naameh touches Noah’s forehead tenderly]
Naameh: Rest.
[Noah turns to sleep as she comforts him]
Naameh: Perhaps you will finally make things right.


[Noah has a vivid dream with flashes of the serpent shedding its skin, Eve grabbing the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and a silhouette of Cain killing Abel, then he steps outside his tent, he looks at the ground where the dirt is wet with blood, he then sees the mountain of Methuselah ahead]
Noah: Methuselah.
[he looks at the ground and sees a single flower bloom then suddenly he finds himself drowning in a sea with other dead people as he struggles to reach the surface, suddenly he wakens and steps outside his tent for a breather, Naameh follows him]
Naameh: Did he speak to you?
Noah: I think so.
[she walks over to Noah and stands in front of him]
Naameh: Will he help us?
Noah: He’s going to destroy the world.


[the next morning Noah gets his family ready to guide them to Methuselah’s mountain]
Naameh: It’s a long and dangerous journey for the boys. How do you know your grandfather is still alive?
Noah: I don’t. I saw his mountain. We need to go and find out if he knows what we’re to do.
[they watch the boys as they are packing to leave]
Young Ham: Shem, can you help me with this?
Naameh: We could take the boys and find a place to hide.
Noah: There will be no hiding. We should have left already.
[Noah walks over to Ham]
Noah: Ham, let me show you how to do that. You push it in here, next time we come through, we can easily find it.


[as they being their journey towards Methuselah’s mountain]
Naameh: There are cities ahead.
Noah: We will not get too close.
[they come across a village that has recently been attacked]
Young Ham: Is that a Zoha land?
Noah: It was once, before they dug it all up.
Naameh: Should we go around?
Noah: No.


[as they start walking across the village they notice bodies everywhere]
Young Ham: Do you think they’re all dead?
Naameh: It looks that way. They must have been scavenging here.
Noah: Then someone scavenged from them.
[suddenly they hear someone crying]
Noah: Stay close.
[they look around the dead bodies when Shem calls out to Noah]
Young Shem: Father, here!
[they find a young girl, Ila, who has a deep wound on her stomach]
Naameh: May I see it? Let me see.
[Naameh gently lifts Ila’s hand from her stomach and tends to her wound]


[as Naameh tends to Ila’s wound]
Naameh: Tell me your name? Do you have a name?
Young Ila: Ila. My name is Ila.
Naameh: Ila. You’re going to be alright, Ila. This is Shem, he’s going to hold your hand tight and he won’t let go.
[Shem takes Ila’s hand as Naameh dresses Ila’s wound, just then Noah spots the men who attacked the village in the distance]
Noah: We have to go. Now.
[the men starts rushing down the hill towards them]
Noah: Up the hill! Run!


[Noah takes Ila in his arms and they all start running off until they come to a dark rock filled area]
Naameh: We can’t go there.
[Noah hears the men getting closer]
Noah: We have no choice! Hurry!
[they all starts running towards the rock filled area and enter as the men continue to chase after them]
Noah: Shem, protect your mother, first and last. I love you. Run!
[Shem runs off, Noah turns to face the approaching men when suddenly a Watcher rises from the ground, the men stop and look up in fear, Noah turns to see what they’re looking at when suddenly the Watcher knocks Noah out]


[when Noah becomes conscious, Naameh is by his side]
Naameh: Noah, you alright?
[Noah rises and looks around him and sees they are in a pit, suddenly they are surrounded by the Watchers]
Noah: We are here to see Methuselah, my grandfather.
Og: A child of the old one.
Samyaza: We should have killed them!
Og: But, Samyaza…
Samyaza: This is a man, Og! Do you forget how they betrayed the Creator?
Noah: It is He who sends us!
Samyaza: It lies. Leave them here to rot.
[Samyaza and the other Watcher turn to leave, Og looks at Noah for a moment before turning to leave]
Young Shem: What are they?
Noah: The Watchers.
[Naameh, who’s holding Japheth in her arms goes over to Noah, he holds her protectively in his arms]


[later that night as Noah watches over his family as they sleep, Ila wakes calling for her father]
Young Ila: Father?
Noah: Sleep now.
Young Ila: Sing to me. I want my daddy to sing to me.
Noah: You know I too lost my father when I was very young. There’s a song he used to sing me sometimes when I couldn’t sleep. Would you like to hear it?
[Ila nods her head]
Noah: The moon is high, the trees entwine. Your father waits for thee, to wrap you in his sheltering wings, and whisper you to sleep. Your father is, the healing wind, that whispers you to sleep. That whispers as you sleep.
[he looks at Ila who’s fallen asleep, Noah looks at Naameh]
Noah: It’s an ugly wound.
Naameh: She’ll never have children. If the fever doesn’t take her, then she’ll live.
[suddenly Og appears, frightening them]
Og: Follow me.


[Og leads the family to see Methuselah]
Og: I’m sorry I frightened you. The Watchers have always feared men.
Young Shem: Then why are you helping us?
Og: The Creator formed us on the second day, the day He made the Heavens. We watched over Adam and Eve, saw their frailty and their love. And then we saw their fall, and we pitied them. We were not stone then, but light. It was not our place to interfere, yet we chose to try and help mankind and when we disobeyed the Creator, he punished us. We were encrusted by your world. Rock and mud shackled our fiery glow. Still we taught mankind all we knew of creation. With our help they rose from the dust and became great and mighty, but then they turned our gifts to violence. Only one man protected us, your grandfather Methuselah. We were hunted and most of us killed.


[in a flashback, we see a young Methuselah engaging an army of men, sending a wave of fire toward them with his sword to vanquish them]
Og: Those who lived were left prisoners in these stony shells who ruled in this barren land. We begged the Creator to take us home, but he was always silent. And now you claim that you have heard his call, Samyaza cannot accept this. A man, when it is man who broke the world. But I look at you, and I see what I saw in Adam again. The man I knew, the man I came to love.
[Og continues to take them Methuselah’s mountain]


[after they set up camp at the foot of Methuselah’s mountain, Noah and Shem get ready to set off up the mountain]
Young Ham: Why can’t I come?
Noah: Because I need you to look after mother. Do you understand?
[looking upset Ham walks away, Noah then turns to Naameh who embraces him lovingly, she then touches Shem’s face]
Naameh: And you look after your father.
[Shem smiles, then as Noah and Shem set off Noah turns to Og who is sitting near their camp]
Noah: Watch over them?
Og: They are in good hands.
[as Noah and Shem walk up the mountain Shem notices Methuselah in the distance]
Young Shem: Grandfather?
[Noah sees Methuselah going into his cave, Noah and Shem then enter the cave]
Methuselah: Noah.
[Noah and Shem walk toward Methuselah]
Noah: This is your great grandfather, do you understand? Tell him your name.
[Shem takes a step closer to Methuselah]
Young Shem: I’m Shem.
Noah: My oldest.


Methuselah: Come closer. Let me see you.
[Shem steps closer to Methuselah]
Methuselah: You’re a lucky boy. I think you must have your mother’s looks, not your father’s.
[Noah smiles]
Methuselah: Come and tell me about yourself.
[Shem sits next to Methuselah]
Methuselah: So, what do you like most in the world?
Young Shem: Berries.
Methuselah: What?
Young Shem: Berries.
Methuselah: Ah, berries, yes. What can compete with fresh red berries? Nothing. Yes, it’s been so long I can barely remember the taste of them. Tell me, did you bring any?
[Shem shakes his head]
Methuselah: No? Oh. I’m craving them now. Ah, well. Perhaps one day. You must be tired, it’s a long way up here. Why not rest?
[he places his thumb on Shem’s forehead and blows in his face, Shem closes his eyes and falls asleep and Methuselah gently lays his head down on his bed]
Methuselah: How perfect?


[after Shem falls asleep, Methuselah indicates with his hand for Noah to sit]
Methuselah: What we need to discuss is not for boys.
Noah: You know why I’ve come?
[Methuselah hands Noah a cup of tea]
Methuselah: Yes. Before he walked on, my father Enoch, told me that one day if man continued in his ways, the Creator would annihilate this world.
Noah: So what I saw is true? All life blotted out because of what man has done. Can it not be averted?
Methuselah: Noah, you must trust that he speaks in a way that you can understand. So you tell me, can this destruction be averted?
[Noah pauses a moment before replying]
Noah: No.
Methuselah: Oh.


Noah: He sent me here. Why send me if there’s nothing I can do to stop them?
Methuselah: Well, perhaps he simply sent you here to share a cup of tea with an old man.
[Noah sips from his cup]
Methuselah: So, is that all you saw, the fires of destruction and this place?
Noah: No, not fire. Water.
Methuselah: Water? Huh, my father said it would be fire.
Noah: I saw water. Death by water. I saw death, and I saw new life. There’s something more, grandfather. Something I had to do, I know it, I just didn’t see what it was.
Methuselah: New life. Well, perhaps there is more for you to see. Did he not send you here to drink a cup of tea with an old man?
[Noah looks at his now empty cup and sees a seed in it]
Methuselah: It doesn’t always taste this bad.
[suddenly Noah has the same visions as before, only this time, as he is in the ocean, he sees animals of each kind swimming to the surface, going towards a wooden vessel]


[Noah comes to from his vision and hears Shem talking to Methuselah]
Methuselah: Was she hurt badly?
Young Shem: She had a big cut on her belly. Mother helped her, I held her hand.
Methuselah: You must have made her feel safe.
[Methuselah turns to look at Noah]
Methuselah: Noah.
Noah: Fire consumes all. Water cleanses, it separates the foul from the pure, the wicked from the innocent. And that which sinks from that which rises. He destroys all, but only to start again.
Methuselah: You sure?
Noah: Yes. The storm cannot be stopped, but it can be survived.
Methuselah: Yeah. Well, you may need this. It’s a seed from the first garden, from Eden.
[he gives Noah the seed]
Methuselah: Remember, Noah, he chose you for a reason.


[Ham is playing with Og near their camp]
Young Ham: You can’t get me! You can’t get me!
[Ham notices Noah and Shem walking to the camp]
Young Ham: Father!
[he runs to Noah who catches him and carries him in his arms; later that night in their camp]
Noah: My grandfather lives. He’s helped me see what we’re here to do.
[he looks at Naameh]
Noah: Men are going to be punished for what they’ve done to this world. There will be destruction, there will be tragedy. Our family has been chosen for a great task, we’ve been chosen to save the innocent.
Young Shem: The innocent?
Noah: The animals.
Young Ham: Why the innocent?
Young Ila: Because they still live as they did in the garden.
[Noah smiles at Ila]
Noah: Yes. And we need to save enough of them to start again.


Young Ham: But what of us?
Noah: I guess we get to start again too. We get to start again in a new and better world. But first we have to build it.
[he holds up the bag of seed Methuselah had given him]
Young Shem: Build what?
[Noah steps outside their camp and starts digging the ground]
Noah: A great flood is coming. The waters of the heavens are to meet the waters of the earth. We build a vessel to survive the storm.
[he holds up the earth and looks at it]
Noah: We build an ark.
[Noah plants the seed into the earth]


[the next morning Noah wakes to find Samyaza brings the other Watchers are trying to drag Og away]
Samyaza: He has betrayed us. He has betrayed all of us!
Noah: Stop! There’s work to do! Help us.
Samyaza: Help you? We tried to help your kind once and we lost everything because of you!
Noah: Not everything. We can save what is left. We can save them again.
Samyaza: You treacherous thing!
[as Samyaza goes to grab Noah suddenly water begins to flow out of the spot where Noah had planted the seed the previous night and as the water flows across the earth suddenly a cast forest grows around them]
Naameh: Children.
[Shem and Ham step out of their tent]
Young Shem: What is this?
Noah: This is our ark.
[he looks at Naameh and the smile at each other; to the other Watchers]
Samyaza: We will help this man.
[then we see at the water flows across the land two doves start flying and following the trail of the water until they come to where Noah, his family and the Watchers are in the process of building the ark]


[some years have now passed and we see an older Shem chasing Ila through the forest, he finally catches her and they fall on the ground laughing playfully]
Ila: No! Please.
[Shem starts kissing her and as he works his way down her stomach, Ila still feels the pain the wound on her stomach]
Ila: Shem, wait. Please!
[she pushes him away to stop him]
Shem: Still hurts?
[just then they hear a twig snap and Shem notices Ham watching them from behind a tree, Shem gets up to go after Ham, who starts running off, but Ila stops him]
Ila: Shem, he doesn’t have anyone.
[suddenly they notice a flock of birds flying above them]
Shem: Come!
[they run off to follow the birds]


[back at their camp Japheth notices the two doves landing near the ark before they fly off again]
Japheth: Father, did you see them? Father?
Noah: Yes, Japheth. It begins.
[he looks up and sees the huge flock of birds flying around their campsite and then suddenly fly into the ark, later Naameh starts making a potion in the ark]
Naameh: Ready?
[Noah walks over to Naameh with a bird in his hand and he hovers the birds over the fumes of the potion putting it to sleep]
Noah: It sleeps.
[we then see the family using Naameh’s potion to put all the animals that are now being kept in the ark to sleep, Japheth goes over to the two sleeping doves]
Noah: Japheth. See, that’s the boy one and that the girl one. After the storm they’ll become a mother and father and their hatchlings will spread right across the world. They have to be gentle with them, they may have to be protective. If something were to happen it would be a small piece of creation lost forever. All of these innocent creatures are now in our care. It’s our job to look after them.


Ham: Father, all the birds are two. You have mother, Shem has Ila. What of me? What of Japheth? Who’s there for us?
Noah: When you see how He made the forest to make the ark, how he saved the birds.
[Ham nods his head]
Noah: So, has he sent everything we need?
[just then Japheth calls out as he runs towards them]
Japheth: Mother?
Naameh: Yes! what?
Japheth: Snakes!
[he points ahead where snakes are crawling towards the ark, Naameh turns to Noah]
Naameh: The snakes are coming too?
Noah: All that creeps, all that crawls, all that slithers.
[to Japheth]
Naameh: It’s alright.
[we see the snakes, including insects and lizards entering the ark]


[as Ham and Japheth are working in the forest, Ham notices two girls walking nearby, suddenly a man lunges at Ham with a blade but he is quickly killed by Tubal-cain]
Japheth: Father! Father!
[Japheth runs off; to Ham]
Tubal-cain: Don’t be afraid.
[to his men who have joined him]
Tubal-cain: No one will hurt this boy.
[to Ham]
Tubal-cain: What’s your name?
Ham: Ham.
Tubal-cain: Ham? Ham, I am Tubal-cain. Do you know me?
[Ham shakes his head]
Tubal-cain: You don’t know your king?
Ham: My father says there can be no king in the Creator’s garden.
[Tubal-cain laughs softly, Ham looks at the pickax in his hand with fear, Tubal-cain watches Ham then holds up the pickax to offer it to him]


[Noah notices Tubal-cain and his men approaching their campsite]
Noah: Ham, come here.
[Ham slowly starts making his way towards Noah when Tubal-cain puts his hand on Ham’s shoulder to stop him]
Tubal-cain: You do not take my best soldier.
Noah: He’s nothing of yours.
Tubal-cain: Look at his hand on that weapon. I believe he is something of mine.
Noah: Ham, leave it.
Ham: No, he gave it to me.
Noah: Do what I tell you.
[reluctantly Ham drops the pickax in front of Tubal-cain and walks past Noah]


Tubal-cain: When I heard talk of miracles I dismissed them. But then I saw the birds with my own eyes flying here and I had to come.
Noah: There isn’t anything for you here.
Tubal-cain: Oh? This all belongs to me. This land, this forest, that strong-hold of yours. Did you really think you could protect yourself from me in that?
Noah: It’s not protection from you.
Tubal-cain: Then what is it?
Noah: An ark, to hold the innocent when the Creator sends his deluge to wipe out the wicked from this world.
Tubal-cain: The Creator does not care what happens in this world, nobody has heard from Him since he marked Cain. We are alone. Orphaned children, cursed, to struggle by the sweat of our brow to survive. Damned if I do everything it takes to do just that.
[he spits]
Tubal-cain: Damned if I don’t…
Noah: Take what I want.
[as Noah finishes the sentence realizing he is the one that killed his father, Tubal-cain looks at him with suspicion]
Tubal-cain: We have met?


[Noah speaks loudly so his men can hear]
Noah: I’m the son of Lamech! Six generations descended from Seth! Return to your cities of Cain! Know we have all been judged!
Tubal-cain: I have men at my back, and you stand alone and defy me?
Noah: I’m not alone.
[suddenly the Watchers appear before Tubal-cain and his men]
Tubal-cain: Less fear, my people! The brave stand!
[Tubal-cain takes a step closer to Noah]
Tubal-cain: These minions, they’re with you? Miracles and deluge you claim. Well perhaps you’re right. Perhaps casting us out of paradise was not enough, perhaps he returns to finish us off. Well if he does, I will ride this storm in that ship of yours.
Noah: There is no escape for you and your kind. Your time is done.
[Noah turns and starts walking away from him]


Tubal-cain: The land is dying.
[Noah grabs Ham’s arm to turn him away]
Noah: Ham.
Tubal-cain: The cities are dead. My people follow me! And more will follow them! I’m not afraid of miracles, son of Lamech! If you refuse my dozens, I shall return with villages!
[Noah ignores him as he walks away with Ham, one of the Watchers looms over threateningly over Tubal-cain who turns towards his people]
Tubal-cain: Move.


[referring to Tubal-cain’s people]
Shem: Father, will so many really come?
Noah: We need to finish as fast as we can. The sooner we ascend to the rain the better. Until then we’re safer inside.


[as Tubal-cain and his men are making weapons]
Tubal-cain: We build, first weapons then men. Even though they’ve only known small fights, armed men, trained men, and there is nothing we can’t do. With an army we can cross those giants.
[suddenly they hear his people running and screaming, at the same time Noah walks out of the ark to find even more animals have arrived to enter the ark where they are then put to sleep by Naameh’s potion]


[Ila enters the ark as Noah is working]
Ila: Should I come back?
Noah: No.
Ila: Do you think those men are going to attack us?
Noah: When the rain comes.
Ila: What do you think it’ll be like?
Noah: I’ve imagined it, seeing that much death. I’m not sure there were words.
Ila: The end of everything.
Noah: The beginning. The beginning of everything.
[Noah turns to continue his work]


Noah: So what is it? Whatever he’s done, I’ll say that Shem is very fond of you.
[Ila hesitates a moment]
Ila: Shem needs a woman, a real woman. He should have a family. I can’t give any of that to him. And I’m not going to deny him those things, even if he wants me to. I won’t do it. Besides, why would the Creator want a barren girl in His ark.
[Ila turns to leave but Noah stops her]
Noah: Ila. Ila. When we first took you in I thought you were going to be a burden and I didn’t want to see anybody else ruined by this world. But I was wrong, you were a gift. A precious, precious gift. Just don’t forget how precious a gift you are.
[Noah embraces her as she begins to cry]
Ila: I know you’ll be going to find wives for Ham and Japheth. You should find one for Shem too.
[she turns and walks off in tears]
Noah: Ila.


[Noah goes to the nearby village that night to find wives for his sons, but instead he witnesses the people cannibalizing each other and trading women for meat, they then slaughter an animal and throw its entrails everywhere, Noah then sees a man walking with a piece of meat then as he turns around Noah sees himself as the man looking menacing, Noah then has a vision of fire raining down upon the village destroying it]


[feeling disturbed, the next morning Noah returns back to his family as they are working by the ark]
Naameh: What happened?
[Noah ignores her and continues to walk towards the ark]
Noah: All this should be inside by now. A storm is coming!
[Ham rushes to Noah with excitement]
Ham: What about our wives? Where are they?
Noah: Didn’t you hear what I just said?
Ham: Yeah, but when are the coming?
Noah: There will be no wives.
Ham: What? Why not? You said that the Creator would get us what we need.
Noah: Help your brother.
Ham: No! You can’t do this! How am I supposed to be a man?
Noah: I said, help your brother.
Ham: You want me to stay a child!
Noah: No!
[Noah pushes Ham who falls]
Noah: I’m asking you to be a man and do what needs to be done.
[Ham gets up and runs off]
Ila: Ham!
[Ila rushes after him]
Ila: Ham!


Naameh: What are you doing, Noah?
Noah: The wickedness is not just in them, it’s in all of us. I saw it.
Naameh: Noah, there’s goodness is us. Look at our boys, Shem’s loyalty, Japheth’s kindness, Ham’s integrity, hm? Good men, they’d be good fathers.
Noah: Shem is blinded by desire, Ham is covetous, Japheth lives only to please and I’m no better. And you? Is there anything you would not do, good or bad, for those three boys? We would both choose to kill in order to protect our children.
Naameh: Yes.
Noah: We’re no different. We were weak and selfish to think we could set ourselves apart. We will work, complete the task, and then we’ll die. The same as everyone else.
Naameh: They’re children! They’re our children, Noah! Have you no mercy?
Noah: The time for mercy’s past. Now our punishment begins.


[as Ham runs off into the forest, Ila follow after him]
Ila: Ham? Ham?
[Naameh goes to see Methuselah in his mountain and enters his cave]
Naameh: Grandfather?
[she walks further inside]
Naameh: Grandfather?
[she finds Methuselah lying in his bed]
Methuselah: Did you bring me something? Did Noah plant the seed I gave him?
Naameh: Yes.
Methuselah: Hm. And in all of that forest there were no berries? Shem promised me berries.
Naameh: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.
Methuselah: Ah, it’s a pity. Why did you come here?
Naameh: It’s Noah, he leaves our boys with no one. Shem has a new lover but she’s barren. They’ll be no other wives, so no children.
Methuselah: Justice. The Creator destroys this world because we corrupted it, so we ourselves must be destroyed.
Naameh: No, I can’t believe that’s true, not when I look at my sons. All they desire is love. Isn’t that all their hearts need to be good?
Methuselah: Who is good? Who is wicked? How am I supposed to know what is right? That choice is Noah’s. Not mine, not yours. Sounds like he has made it.
Naameh: So then you will not help me?
Methuselah: I didn’t know if I even could. But if I tried it could cause pain and possibly tragedy, and in the end it would just come back to Noah again. Is that what you wish?
Naameh: I want my sons to have children, I want them to be happy. I can’t bear to think of them going alone.


[Ham goes to the nearby village and falls into a pit of corpses as he tries to climb out a scared young girl, Na’el, comes out of hiding and holds up a rock]
Na’el: Get away!
Ham: No, no. It’s alright. I’m not going to hurt you. I have food.
[Ham reaches into his bag an offers her some food]
Ham: Here.
Na’el: What do you want?
Ham: Nothing.
[she quickly grabs the food and step back from Ham]
Na’el: Are you alone?
Ham: Yes. And you?
[with tears in her eyes she looks behind Ham where the corpses lie, indicating her family are dead and she’s alone]
Ham: I can help you get away.
Na’el: No.
Ham: Well, then I’ll stay a little while, if that is alright?
[Ham goes over to sit closer to Na’el]
Na’el: My name is Na’el.


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