Starring: Bill Murray, Rashida Jones, Marlon Wayans, Jessica Henwick, Jenny Slate, Barbara Bain


Apple TV+ and A24’s comedy drama written and directed by Sofia Coppola. The story follows Laura (Rashida Jones), who thinks she’s happily married, however when her husband, Dean (Marlon Wayans), starts logging late hours at the office with a new co-worker, Laura begins to fear the worst. She turns to the one man she suspects may have insight, her larger than life playboy father, Felix (Bill Murray), who insists they investigate the situation. As the two begin prowling New York at night, careening from uptown parties to downtown hotspots, they discover at the heart of their journey lies their own relationship.


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[to the woman walking out of his building]
Felix: Oh, my gosh. You look beautiful.


[to the doorman]
Felix: Cliff, how’s your mom’s hip?
Cliff: Good, thanks.
Felix: Good.
[as they walk away]
Felix: He thinks you’re my girlfriend.
Laura: Right.


Felix: Been busy?
Laura: Yeah. Dean’s traveling with clients all the time. And I’m just the buzzkill waiting to schedule things. I’m just, I’m so stuck.
Felix: So Dean’s going away a lot, huh? On business trips?
Laura: Dad.
Felix: Raise your hand if that sounds fishy.
Laura: He’s not like you. He’s a good guy, a great dad.
Felix: Sure, it’s nature. Males are forced to fight to dominate and to impregnate all females.


Dean: Felix, you’re back in town.
Felix: Been busy?
Dean: Yeah. Got a lot going on.
Felix: Do you?


[referring to Dean]
Laura: Maybe he’s just not interested in me anymore.
Felix: Impossible. A woman is at her most beautiful between the ages of thirty-five and thirty-nine.
Laura: Great, so I have many months left.


Felix: He should be worshipping the ground you walk on. And if he’s doing something dishonorable, you need to know.
Laura: What if Dean’s just busy? I’m in a rut. That’s it.
Felix: I think we should follow him.
Laura: What?
Felix: I think you better see him in action.


Laura: [to Felix] Can you just act a little less excited about this. Because this is my life, and it might be falling apart.


Felix: I don’t know why women get plastic surgery.
Laura: Because of men like you.
Felix: I prefer the factory original.
Laura: Yeah, and every other make and model.
[the waiter puts their desert on the table]
Felix: Thank you. I’m going to take that as a compliment.
[referring to the desert spoons]
Felix: Are there two? Ooh. Scared me.


Felix: [to Laura] Here’s The Plaza. This is the place to have an affair. It has the most exits.
Driver: Exits on three streets.


[referring to Felix’s red convertible]
Laura: This is your idea of incognito?


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