Starring: Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo, Ken Jeong, John Cho, Ruthie Ann Miles, Sandra Oh, Robert G. Chiu, Margaret Cho, Kimiko Glenn, Artt Butler



Netflix’s animated musical adventure directed by Glen Keane. The story follows bright young girl, Fei Fei (Cathy Ang), who builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess, Chang’e (Phillipa Soo). There she ends up on an unexpected quest and discovers a whimsical land of fantastical creatures.


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Young Fei Fei: Tell me about Chang’e.
Ba Ba: Again?
Young Fei Fei: Again! Again! I love to hear about the Moon Goddess. Tell me, Ma Ma.
Ma Ma: [singing] Long ago, an ancient story. Beautiful and kind Chang’e, and a handsome man named Houyi, were in love.
Young Fei Fei: True love?
Ma Ma: [singing] True love. But she took a magic potion, giving immortality. Then she floated, leaving her true love. And she waits for him, on the moon above


Ma Ma: And that’s where she lives now. On the moon, with only Jade Rabbit to keep her company.
Young Fei Fei: Why?
Ma Ma: Because Houyi died here on Earth.
Young Fei Fei: And when she cries, her tears turn into stardust.
Ma Ma: [singing] Longing, hoping for her one true love. Now she waits for him on the moon above.
Young Fei Fei: [singing] Forever.


Young Fei Fei: Ba Ba, do you think Chang’e is real?
Ba Ba: If your mother says she’s real, then she is absolutely real.


Ma Ma: Look up. Can you see Jade Rabbit? He’s making a potion.
Young Fei Fei: I can see him.
Ma Ma: What do you think he’s making?
All Together: Moonmush!


Fei Fei: Did you know if you put forty billion Mooncakes side by side, you could reach the moon?
Male Customer: That’s a lot of Mooncakes.
Fei Fei: Of course, if the moon is at its furthest point from the Earth, you’d need four hundred twenty-six million two hundred thirty-two more!
Male Customer: You better get baking.


[four years after her mother’s passed away, as she helps her father sell Mooncakes]
Fei Fei: Mooncakes?
Ba Ba: Check. We got bungee cords?
Fei Fei: Check.
Ba Ba: We have Bungee?
Fei Fei: Check.
Ba Ba: Alright. Hey, we got company tonight, so don’t be late. Okay?
Fei Fei: I’ll be back in time.


Fei Fei: Magnetic levitation is the coolest!


Chin: I’m Chin. I got fourth place, Yanshi City Ping-Pong Club tournament. Should’ve been third. Oh, oh, oh, and by the way, I have a super power. Can you guess what it is?
Fei Fei: Super annoying?
Chin: [to Croak] I have two super powers!


Fei Fei: You can run through walls?
Chin: Want to see?
Fei Fei: Why, yes. I’d love to.
[he rushes towards the wall]
Chin: No barriers! Ahhh!


Chin: Did you see that? Almost a whole part of me went right through that wall! My molecules opened up. I could feel them separate. It’s like the universe was calling me by name.


Fei Fei: [referring to Chin] Ba Ba, he ran into a wall!
Ba Ba: Eight-year-old boys have a lot of energy. Give him a pass this time.
Fei Fei: This time?


Ba Ba: Don’t you ever get a little, well, lonely?
Fei Fei: No. Never! Why? Do you? I have you. We have each other.
Ba Ba: Of course, sweetheart, we’re always going to have each other. Nothing can ever change that.


Auntie Ling: Anybody order twelve big, hairy crabs?
Auntie Mei: Move aside. Good-looking is going to start cooking.


Grandpa: The hairy crab is a burrowing crab, known for its furry claws.


Grandpa: The hairy crab invades local waters, damaging fishing nets and native species.


Grandma: Ah, look how big and bright the moon is! It’s going to be huge for the Moon festival.
Fei Fei: Ma Ma’s favorite holiday!


Mrs. Zhong: [to Fei Fei] So, your father tells me you’re fond of Chang’e.
Auntie Mei: Oh, poor lady, that goddess! So lonely up there on the moon. No one but Jade Rabbit to keep her company.
Auntie Ling: Oh, come on! Chang’e loves it up there alone! That’s why she took both immortality pills instead of saving one for Houyi!
Mrs. Zhong: Actually, according to my mother, I might be related to Houyi.


Fei Fei: That’s not what happened, Auntie. Houyi was off fighting demons.
Chin: With his bow and arrow and…
Fei Fei: When a robber came and tried to…
Auntie Ling: Steal the immortality pills? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She only put them both in her mouth as a hiding place. Not buying it.


Auntie Mei: Chang’e floated to the sky, while her one true love stayed here.
Auntie Ling: And bit the dust.
Uncle: Now she lives with a rabbit instead of a husband.
Auntie Ling: Good choice.


Fei Fei: But it wasn’t her choice. She didn’t try to leave Houyi behind. She misses Houyi and cries for him every day!
Auntie Ling: And how do you know that?
Grandpa: They text.
Auntie Mei: Don’t tease Fei Fei.


Auntie Ling: It’s just a silly myth.
Fei Fei: It’s not a silly myth! It’s real. Chang’e is real!


Fei Fei: She’s on the moon, right now, waiting for her one and only true love. Waiting. Right, Ba Ba?
Ba Ba: Uh…


Auntie Ling: She’s at the top of her class, but she still believes in Chang’e?


Fei Fei: It’s you and me, Bungee. We’re the last true believers.


Chin: Know what I am? A bat!
Fei Fei: Yeah, a dingbat!
Chin: I hope you like dingbats, because you’re going to see a whole lot more of me!
Fei Fei: Not if I can help it.
Chin: Haven’t you heard? We’re going to be brother and sister!
Fei Fei: What?
Chin: My mom and your dad are getting mar…
Fei Fei: Don’t say it! Don’t!


Mrs. Zhong: [to Fei Fei] Chin can be rambunctious at times. But after a while, you get used to him.


Fei Fei: “Get used to him?” I’ll never get used to him! What’s so special about your Mooncake? I don’t want it. And I don’t want you! I just want things back the way they were.


Fei Fei: He used to believe in Chang’e. He said she was absolutely real. But now he’s changed. If Ba Ba could only believe again, he would never marry that woman. He would remember everything. He would remember you.


[as she looks up at the moon]
Fei Fei: Ma Ma, why is this happening?


Fei Fei: I know Chang’e is up there. But how can I prove it? She’s three hundred eighty-four thousand four hundred kilometers away. What am I supposed to do?


Fei Fei: Bungee, we’re going to prove she’s real!


[during her class as she’s drawing her rocket ship]
Teacher: Something you want to share with us, Fei Fei?
Fei Fei: No.
Teacher: Today you are number one in class, but maybe tomorrow you’ll be number thirty. There’s no doodling allowed.


Fei Fei: [singing] Ba Ba, I will prove it to you. I’ll be free of all gravity. Hey, Chang’e, I’m going to be there soon! In my rocket to the Moon!


[as she blasts her rocket ship towards the Moon]
Fei Fei: I did it! I did it!
[the rocket ship suddenly stalls]
Fei Fei: Uh-oh.
Chin: We’re going to die!
Fei Fei: Chin?
Chin: Hi, Fei Fei!
Fei Fei: You dingbat! I didn’t calculate your extra weight!


[as they start getting pulled towards the Moon]
Chin: Are we dead? What’s happening?
Fei Fei: We’re going up!
Chin: Woh.
Fei Fei: What in the world?


Chin: Zero Gravity Man!
Fei Fei: Get down here! This is no time to mess around!
[referring to the floating diaper]
Chin: Grandpa’s diapers?
Fei Fei: It’s a long flight.
Chin: Ew!


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