Starring: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Connie Britton, Adam Brody, Jennifer Coolidge, Laverne Cox, Max Greenfield, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Sam Richardson, Clancy Brown, Molly Shannon, Alfred Molina



Thriller written and directed by Emerald Fennell. The story centers on Cassie (Carey Mulligan), a young woman traumatized by a tragic event in her past. Now she’s a medical school drop-out, living at home with her worried parents and working at a coffee shop with a concerned boss. It seems like she is at a standstill, except for the double life Cassie leads at night. Copyright Notice: It’s easy to see when our quotes have been copied and pasted, as you’re also copying our mistakes and movie scene descriptions. If you decide to copy our movie quotes please be kind and either link back, or refer back to our site. Please check out our copyright policies here. Thanks!


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Paul: [referring to a very drunk looking Cassie, sat across from them a club] Oh, hey, would you look at that? Good God Almighty. Why don’t you get some dignity, sweetheart? You know, they put themselves in danger, girls like that. If she’s not careful, someone’s going to take advantage. Especially the kind of guys in this club.
Jim: She’s kind of hot.
Paul: A hot f***ing mess.


Jerry: [after he takes Cassie back to his place and starts kissing her in bed] You’re safe. Shh.
Cassandra: What are you doing?
Jerry: Mm. My God, your body.
Cassandra: [as Jerry takes off her underwear] What are you doing? What are you doing? Wait. What are you…?
[suddenly now sounding very clear and sober]
Cassandra: Hey. Hey. I said, what are you doing?


Ryan: We were in class together at Forrest Med School. Second year neurology, Dr. Hadid’s class.
Cassandra: Oh. Yeah. Ryan. Hi.
Ryan: God. Why are you working here? Or, I didn’t mean… That was rude. I didn’t…
Cassandra: You didn’t mean, what am I doing working in a s**tty coffee shop?
Ryan: Yeah. No. I just meant, you know, given… There’s no getting out of this, is there?
Cassandra: Nuh-uh.
Ryan: I’m going to leave. Can I leave, and then come back? And I can do it again, and be better next time.


Cassandra: You want milk?
Ryan: Pardon?
Cassandra: In your coffee.
Ryan: No. But you can spit in it if you want. I deserve that.
[she spits in his coffee and gives him the cup]


Ryan: Do you want to go out with me?
Cassandra: What?
Ryan: On a date.
Cassandra: Seriously? I just spat in your coffee.
[Ryan starts drinking the coffee]


Neil: [to a drunk looking Cassie] You know, I’m actually writing a novel. Well, kind of, because I’m such a f***ing perfectionist, you know? It’s just taking me forever. I just keep going over it, and over it, and over it in my head, just picking at it like a scab. It’s about, I guess like what it’s like to be a guy right now, you know? Like, what it’s like to be a guy in the world. Just this gritty, low-life, f***ed-up love story. And it all takes place in New York over the course of one night. You know what? I’m going to stop talking about it. I don’t want to jinx it.


Neil: [to a drunk looking Cassie] Oh, my God. You are so, so pretty. But why are you wearing all that makeup? Do you mind me asking? I never understood why women wear so much makeup. It’s like you guys are so much more beautiful without it. It’s like guys don’t even like that kind of stuff, you know? It’s just this soul-sucking system meant to oppress women, and it’s f***ed up.


Neil: I want to see you. The real you. With all your freckles and your imperfections.
[kisses Cassie’s nose]


Neil: [after Cassie reveals she’s sober] What is this? Are you some kind of psycho, or something?
Cassandra: Why do you say that?
Neil: I just thought that you were…
Cassandra: Drunk?
Neil: Yeah!


Neil: I’m a nice guy.
Cassandra: Are you?
Neil: I thought we had a connection, I guess.
Cassandra: A connection? Okay. What do I do for a living? Sorry. Maybe that one’s too hard. How old am I? How long have I lived in the city? What are my hobbies? What’s my name?


Neil: I am a nice guy.
Cassandra: You keep saying that. You’re not as rare as you think. You know how I know?
Neil: No.
Cassandra: Because every week, I go to a club, and every week, I act like I’m too drunk to stand. And every f***ing week, a nice guy like you comes over to see if I’m okay. You want to f*** me still?
Neil: No, thank you, ma’am.
Cassandra: No one ever does. Careful next time you go out, Neil. Your novel sounds terrible, by the way.


Susan: It’s your birthday, Cassie.
Cassandra: Oh. Yeah.
Susan: What kind of kind of person forgets their thirtieth birthday?


Susan: Do you know how strange this is? You, you’re still living here at home. Working in that stupid coffee shop since you and Nina dropped out of med school. You’re out all night long doing God only knows what. And you don’t have any boyfriend. You don’t have any friends!
Cassandra: Mom, you should have saved all that for my birthday card.
Stanley: Why don’t we just let the kid celebrate however she wants? Okay?
Susan: All my friends, they ask about you. I don’t know what to tell them. I don’t know
what happened here.


Gail: [referring to Cassie’s birthday present from her parents] That’s direct.
Cassandra: A real kick in the c***.
Gail: Is it a nice suitcase, at least?
Cassandra: Oh, yeah. It’s definitely the fanciest “get the f*** out of our house” metaphor I’ve received so far.


Gail: So why don’t you?
Cassandra: What?
Gail: Get the f*** out of their house. Just, I don’t know, go on Zillow, or Single White Female some girl. Get a basement room at some weird guy’s house, anything.
Cassandra: I can’t afford it, Gail. Not on what you pay me. Not even a weird guy’s basement.


Cassandra: Look, you’re making the assumption that I want any of it. If I wanted a boyfriend, and a yoga class, and a house, and kids, and a job my mom could brag about, I’d have done it. It would take me ten minutes. I don’t want it. I don’t want it.
Gail: But you must want something.


Ryan: Oh. You.
Cassandra: Hi. One coffee, hold the spit.


Ryan: I’m back, because I think you gave me a fake number the other day.
Cassandra: That doesn’t sound like me.
Ryan: I know. So I spent a few hours composing a like very witty, very romantic text, and then I sent that text to an oil rig worker called Red.
Cassandra: Was he into it?
Ryan: Surprisingly into it. It was like immediately inappropriate. But it’s not going to work out because of the oil rig. So I thought I’d try you again.


Gail: I just heard a phone ring in the back.
Cassandra: No, you didn’t.
Gail: I most definitely heard a phone ring in the back.
Cassandra: [to Ryan] She has to take a few imaginary calls a day.


Ryan: Look, if you’re not into this, totally get it.
Cassandra: I’m not really looking to date anyone at the moment.
Ryan: Right. Yeah. Me, neither. Would you be interested in a friendship, and I’m secretly pining for you the whole time?


Ryan: Dating is horrible. Everyone’s horrible. Okay, I went on a date last month with a woman who wanted to euthanize the homeless.
Cassandra: You went on a date with my mom?


Ryan: [to Cassie] Look, I always liked you at med school. Okay? I genuinely like you. And I can’t stop thinking about you spitting in my coffee. So go to lunch with me this weekend. Please. If you don’t like it, we can have a safe word, and you can leave, no questions asked.


Ryan: [during their date] And I’m wondering why I told that story.
Cassandra: Hey. There is nothing more romantic than a disturbed woman pulling a skeleton’s hand out of her v***na.
Ryan: That’s true. That’s very true.
Cassandra: No one ever pulls anything out of anywhere where I work.


Ryan: You were incredible. I was awful. Remember I removed the wrong kidney from my cadaver?
Cassandra: And look at you now, operating on children.
Ryan: Yes. I got better. Thank God. But you, you were way ahead of everybody. You would have been a great doctor.
Cassandra: I just didn’t want it enough, I guess.


Ryan: [to Cassie] You want to get coffee, or something? We have some time before the movie. I can tell you about the guy who got his d**k trapped in a tambourine. Oh, my God.


Ryan: [as he sees Cassie at his hospital] Cassie, what are you doing here?
Cassandra: I just came to pick up my herpes medication.
Ryan: You have herpes too. That saves us an awkward conversation.


Cassandra: So I’d like to see you again.
Ryan: Oh.
Cassandra: If that’s cool.
Ryan: Yeah.
Cassandra: But we’d need to take it slow. I understand…
Ryan: Of course. Totally. I can take it slow. I can barely move, if you’d like.


Gail: Now, if you two decide to have sex on the counter, the bleach is in the back room. And I don’t want to walk in here tomorrow morning and see a** prints in the coffee grinds. Got it? Got it, lover boy?
Ryan: Yeah.
Gail: Have fun, you two.


Cassandra: [referring to Al] You see him a lot?
Ryan: We’re not close, but he’s in the group. We actually see each other at work, because he’s a anesthesiologist.
Cassandra: Good for him. And he’s getting married?
Ryan: I know. God help her.


Madison: [as Cassie meets Madison for lunch] Champagne? What are we drinking to?
Cassandra: To old friends.


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