Here is our list of the best quotes from Quentin Tarantino’s classic crime drama, in which we follow two mob hitmen Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta), an aging boxer, Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis), a gangster’s wife, Mia (Uma Thurman), and a pair of diner bandits, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer), where their stories intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption, funny, bizarre and uncalled-for incidents.


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Pumpkin: Same as last time remember. You’re crowd control, I’ll handle the employees.
Honey Bunny: I love you, Pumpkin.
Pumpkin: I love you, Honey Bunny.
[Standing up on their table with a gun]
Pumpkin: Everybody be cool this is a robbery!
Honey Bunny: Any of you f***ing pr**ks move, and I’ll execute every m*therf***ing last one of you!


Vincent: But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is?
Jules: What?
Vincent: It’s the little differences. I mean they got the same s**t over there that they got here, but it’s just there it’s a little different.
Jules: Examples?
Vincent: Alright, well you can walk into a movie theater in Amsterdam and buy a beer. And I don’t mean just like in no paper cup, I’m talking about a glass of beer. And in Paris, you can buy beer at MacDonald’s. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?
Jules: They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder with Cheese?
Vincent: They got the metric system, they wouldn’t know what the f*** a Quarter Pounder is.
Jules: What do they call it?
Vincent: They call it a Royale with Cheese.
Jules: Royale with Cheese. What do they call a Big Mac?
Vincent: Big Mac’s a Big Mac, but they call it Le Big Mac.
Jules: Le Big Mac. What do they call a Whopper?
Vincent: I don’t know, I didn’t go into a Burger King. But you know what they put on French fries in Holland instead of ketchup?
Jules: What?
Vincent: Mayonnaise.


Vincent: But still I have to say, you play with matches you get burned.


Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage?
Jules: [scoffs] Don’t be telling me about foot massages. I’m the foot f***ing master.
Vincent: You given a lot of them?
Jules: S**t, yeah. Got my technique down and everything. I don’t be tickling or nothing.
Vincent: Would you give a guy a foot massage?
[Jules gives Vincent a long look]
Jules: F*** you.
Vincent: You give them a lot?
Jules: F*** you.
Vincent: You know, I’m kind of tired. I could use a foot massage myself.
Jules: Yoh, man, you best back off. I’m getting a little pi**ed here.


Jules: Hamburgers. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.


[after shooting a man]
Jules: Oh, I’m sorry. Did I break your concentration? I didn’t mean to do that.


Jules: You read the Bible, Brett?
Brett: Yes!
Jules: Well, there’s this passage I got memorized, Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper, and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!”


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Mia: [to Vincent] I do believe Marsellus Wallace, my husband, your boss, told you to take me out and do whatever I wanted. Now I want to dance, I want to win. I want that trophy, so dance good.


[after Vincent has given Mia the adrenaline shot she bolts up in a sitting position]
Lance: If you’re alright, say something.
Mia: Something.
Jody: That was f***ing trippy!


[after dropping Mia off home]
Vincent: Now if you excuse me I’m going to go home and have a heart attack.
Mia: Vincent, do you want to hear my Fox Force Five joke?
Vincent: Sure, except I think I’m still a little too petrified to laugh.
Mia: No, you won’t laugh, because it’s not funny. But if you still want to hear it, I’ll tell it.
Vincent: I can’t wait.
Mia: Okay. Three tomatoes are walking down the street, Poppa tomato, Momma tomato, and Baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind, and Poppa tomato gets really angry, goes back and squishes him, and says, “Catch up. Catch up.”


[telling young Butch about his great grandfather’s watch]
Captain Koons: So he hid it in the one place he knew he could hide something. His a**. Five long years, he wore this watch up his a**. Then he died of dysentery, he gave me the watch. I hid this uncomfortable hunk of metal up my a** two years. Then, after seven years, I was sent home to my family. Now, little man, I give the watch to you.


Esmeralda: And what is your name?
Butch: Butch.
Esmeralda: Butch. What does it mean?
Butch: I’m an American, honey. Our names don’t mean s**t.


Butch: You okay?
Marsellus: No, man. I’m pretty f***ing far from okay.
Butch: What now?
Marsellus: What now? Let me tell you what now. I’ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hitting n*****s, who’ll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.
[to Zed]
Marsellus: You hear me talking, hillbilly boy? I ain’t through with you, by a damn sight. I’ma get medieval on your a**.


Fabienne: Whose motorcycle is this?
Butch: It’s a chopper, baby.
Fabienne: Whose chopper is this?
Butch: It’s Zed’s.
Fabienne: Who’s Zed?
Butch: Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.


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[after Vincent’s gun has accidently shot Marvin]
Jules: What the f***’s happening, man? Ah, s**t, man!
Vincent: Oh, man. I shot Marvin in the face.


Vincent: Mr. Wolf, listen. I don’t mean any disrespect. Okay. I respect you. I just don’t like people barking orders at me, that’s all.
The Wolf: If I’m curt with you it’s because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast, and I need you guys to act fast if you want to get out of this. So, pretty please, with sugar on top. Clean the f***ing car.


[Vincent and Jules are cleaning the inside of the car which is covered in blood]
Jules: Oh, man. I will never forgive your a** for this s**t. This is some f***ed-up repugnant s**t.
Vincent: Jules, did you ever hear the philosophy that once a man admits that he’s wrong that he is immediately forgiven for all wrongdoings? Have you ever heard that?
Jules: Get the f*** out my face with that s**t! The m*therf***er that said that s**t never had to pick up itty-bitty pieces of skull on account of your dumb a**.
Vincent: I got a threshold, Jules. I got a threshold for the abuse that I will take. Now, right now, I’m a f***ing race car, right, and you got me the red. And I’m just saying, I’m just saying that it’s f***ing dangerous to have a race car in the f***ing red. That’s all. I could blow.
Jules: Oh! Oh! You ready to blow?
Vincent: Yeah, I’m ready to blow.
Jules: Well, I’m a mushroom-cloud-laying m*therf***er, m*therf***er! Every time my fingers touch brain, I’m Superfly T.N.T., I’m the Guns of the Navarone! In fact, what the f*** am I doing in the back? You’re the m*therf***er who should be on brain duty! We’re f***ing switching! I’m washing the windows, and you’re picking up this n*****’s skull!


[examining the car in Jimmie’s garage after Jules and Vincent have cleaned it]
Jimmie: I can’t believe this is the same car.
The Wolf: Well, let’s not start s**king each other’s d**ks quite yet.


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Jules: You want to play blind man, go walk with the shepherd. But, me, my eyes are wide f***ing open.
Vincent: What the f*** does that mean?
Jules: It means that’s it for me. From here on in, you can consider my a** retired.


Jules: But a dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.


Jules: Now, Yolanda, we’re not going to do anything stupid, are we?
Yolanda: You don’t hurt him.
Jules: Nobody’s going to hurt anybody. We’re all going to be like three little Fonzies here. And what’s Fonzie like? Come on, Yolanda. What’s Fonzie like?
Yolanda: Cool?
Jules: What?
Yolanda: Cool.
Jules: Correctamundo. And that’s what we’re going to be. We’re going to be cool. Now, Ringo, I’m going to count to three, and when I count three, I want you to let go of your gun, put your palms flat on the table and sit your a** down. And when you do it, you do it cool. You ready? One, two, three.


[Ringo sits down opposite Jules]
Yolanda: Okay, now you let him go.
Jules: Yolanda, I thought you were going to be cool. Now when you yell at me, it makes me nervous. And when I get nervous, I get scared. And when m*therf***ers get scared, that’s when m*therf***ers accidentally get shot.
Yolanda: Just know, you hurt, you die.
Jules: Well, that seems to be the situation. But I don’t want that. And you don’t want that. And Ringo here definitely doesn’t want that. So let’s see what we can do.


Jules: Now I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet.
Pumpkin: Which one is it?
Jules: It’s the one that says Bad M*therf***er.


Jules: Now, I ain’t giving it to him, Vincent. I’m buying something for my money. Want to know what I’m buying, Ringo?
Pumpkin: What?
Jules: Your life. I’m giving you that money so I don’t have to kill your a**. You read the Bible?
Pumpkin: Not regularly.
Jules: Well there’s this passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”


[after he’s quoted Ezekiel 25:17 to Pumpkin]
Jules: I been saying that s**t for years. And if you heard it, that meant your a**. I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was some cold-blooded s**t to say to a m*therf***er before I popped a cap in his a**. But I saw some s**t this morning that made me think twice. See, now I’m thinking, maybe it means you’re the evil man. And I’m the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here, he’s the shepherd protecting my righteous a** in the valley of darkness. Or it could mean you’re the righteous man and I’m the shepherd, and it’s the world that’s evil and selfish. And I’d like that. But that s**t ain’t the truth. The truth is you’re the weak. And I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m trying, Ringo. I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd.


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