Rush Quotes: High-Octane Adrenaline

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Directed by: Ron Howard
Written by: Peter Morgan
Chris Hemsworth – James Hunt
Daniel Brühl – Niki Lauda
Olivia Wilde – Suzy Miller
Alexandra Maria Lara – Marlene Lauda
Pierfrancesco Favino – Clay Regazzoni
David Calder – Louis Stanley
Natalie Dormer – Nurse Gemma
Stephen Mangan – Alastair Caldwell
Christian McKay – Lord Hesketh
Alistair Petrie – Stirling Moss
Julian Rhind-Tutt – Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley
Colin Stinton – Teddy Mayer
Jamie de Courcey – Harvey ‘Doc’ Postlethwaite
Augusto Dallara – Enzo Ferrari
Ilario Calvo – Luca Di Montezemolo
Patrick Baladi – John Hogan
Vincent Riotta – Lauda’s Mechanic
Martin Savage – McLaren Mechanic
Robert Christopher Austin – Brett Lunger
Tom Wlaschiha – Harald Ertl
Cristian Solimeno – Arturo Merzario
James Norton – Guy Edwards
Joséphine de La Baume – Agnes Bonnet
Geoffrey Streatfield – Peter Hunt


Rush quotes trigger a host of emotions full of adrenaline and center on the personalities that dominated the golden age of Formula 1 racing in the 70s. Based on the true story of the great rivalry between charismatic but arrogant Englishman James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), and the disciplined Austrian perfectionist Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl), the film follows their distinctly different personal styles on and off the track, their loves and the astonishing 1976 season in which both drivers were willing to risk everything to become world champion in a sport with no margin for error.

The script is essentially a character driven narrative sprinkled with great moments of car racing scenes that don’t feel over the top making the film feel balanced between the action and story, however, as with any biopic movie numerous liberties have been taken with the truth and much is glossed over.

The attention to detail is amazing making the film look very authentic and the two leads do an excellent job as the ambitious rivals bringing enough depth and emotion to their respective roles, showing that neither is a hero or a villain but just flawed characters that approached life and racing in very different ways but both willing to give everything for the glory of success.

Verdict: Although there are some minor quibbles with the film, it nevertheless succeeds in delivering a fascinating story about two great characters and high-octane action. You definitely don’t need to be a motor sports fan to appreciate and enjoy this movie.

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[first lines; German Grand Prix in Nürburgring, August 1976, Niki Lauda looks up at the sky as the dark clouds pass over]
Niki Lauda: [voice over] Twenty-five drivers start every season in Formula One, and each year two of us die. What kind of person does a job like this? Not normal man for sure. Who else? Rebels, lunatics, dreamers, people who are desperate to make a mark and are prepared to die trying.
[as Niki sits in his car looking apprehensively at the sky, we see James Hunt posing for reporters and is surrounded by women]
Niki Lauda: [voice over] My name is Niki Lauda, in racing people know me for two things; the first is my rivalry with him.
[Niki’s mechanic approaches Niki and says in Italian]
Ferrari Mechanic: [subtitled] Mass is going on slicks. You want to change?


[referring to James]rush-2
Niki Lauda: What about Hunt? Has he changed?
Ferrari Mechanic: No, he’s going on wet.
Niki Lauda: [voice over] I don’t know why it became such a big thing. We were just drivers, busting each other’s balls. To me this was perfectly normal, but other people saw it differently, that whatever was between us was big.


[as Niki watches James put on his visor, he replies in Italian to his mechanic]
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Then we go on wets too.
[Niki pulls down his visor and puts on his helmet]
Niki Lauda: [voice over] The other thing I’m remembered for is what happened on 1st, August, 1976, when I was chasing him like an asshole.
[we see the race cars all lined and as the race commences, Niki and James, along with the other drivers, speed off]


[Six Years Earlier – James walks into a hospital barefoot, wearing his driving clothes and his nose bleeding, he walks up to a nurse]
James Hunt: I think the racetrack telephoned ahead that I was coming. Hunt. James Hunt.
[the nurse and everyone in the hospital reception looks stunned and stares at him]
James Hunt: What’s the matter? No one ever seen a spot of blood before?
Nurse Gemma: Are you alright?
James Hunt: Absolutely fine.


[James is in a booth with the nurse]
Nurse Gemma: We all thought you’d been in an accident.
James Hunt: I have. If you call a friendly disagreement with another driver an accident.
[James takes off the top part of his driving overalls and the nurse closes the curtain, she goes over to examine James]
Nurse Gemma: What did you disagree about?
James Hunt: None of your business.


[the nurse quickly takes off the plaster on the wound below his chest]
James Hunt: Ouch!
Nurse Gemma: Sorry.
James Hunt: His wife.
Nurse Gemma: That’s going to need a couple of stitches. It’s a nasty cut.
James Hunt: It was a nasty blow. Done with a bloody crowbar.
[the nurse continues to examine him and leans in to check his eyes]
Nurse Gemma: Why? What did you do?
James Hunt: Nothing. Only what she asked me to do.
Nurse Gemma: Which was?
James Hunt: I’d be happy to show you if you like.
[we then see James and the nurse start grabbing each other and kissing]


[as James and the nurse are having sex]
James Hunt: [voice over] I have a theory why women like racing drivers. It’s not because they respect what we do, driving round and round in circles. Mostly they think that’s pathetic, and they’re probably right. It’s our closeness to death. You see, the closer you are to death, the more alive you feel, the more alive you are. And they can see that in you, they feel that in you.
[we see James and the nurse having sex in the shower]
James Hunt: [voice over] My name is James Hunt, my father was a stock broker, my sister is a barrister, and my brother is an accountant. I…well, I do this. It’s a wonderful way to live, it’s the only way to drive. As if each day is your last.
[finally, late at night, we see James and the nurse drop into bed naked]


[Crystal Palace Race Track, London, 1970 – James drives the nurse in his mini to the race track, as they get out of the car]
Nurse Gemma: I’ve never been to a Grand Prix before.
James Hunt: Oh, no, you still haven’t. This is Formula Three.
Nurse Gemma: What’s that?
James Hunt: It’s a lower division, where idiots like me mess about in the hope of being talent spotted to race in Formula One. You look disappointed.
[James puts his arm around her as they start walking]
Nurse Gemma: No.
James Hunt: Ah, you only slept with me because you thought I was famous.
Nurse Gemma: That’s not true!
[James gives her quick kiss on the mouth]
James Hunt: Don’t worry, I will be one day.


[as they walk over to the pits; to his team]
James Hunt: Morning everyone. This is Nursie.
Nurse Gemma: Gemma.
James Hunt: Nursie, this is Bubbles Horsley, team manager.
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: How do you do?
[they shake hands]
Nurse Gemma: Bubbles?
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: Yeah.
James Hunt: Doc Postlethwaite, our designer.
[to Gemma]
Harvey ‘Doc’ Postlethwaite: How do you do?
[they shake hands; James indicates to the man standing a little behind them]
James Hunt: Alexander, Lord Hesketh. The team’s owner.
[Hesketh walks over to them and extends his hand to Gemma]
Lord Hesketh: How do you do?
Nurse Gemma: Fine thanks.
[they shake hands and Hesketh kisses her hand; to James]
Lord Hesketh: Well done, Superstar.


[as James gets ready for the race, Gemma gets shown his race car]
Nurse Gemma: That the car?
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: Yep, that’s her. Lotus 59, 1,000cc Cosworth MAE engine. She’s no beauty but it goes like the clappers.
[then she notices James being violently sick]
Lord Hesketh: Nothing to be worried about. Does it before every race. It’s good sign, actually. It means he’s stoked.
[James wipes his mouth and notices the other drivers, James then walks over to Hesketh]
Lord Hesketh: Alright, Superstar?
James Hunt: Never better, Patron.
Lord Hesketh: Have a gargle with this.
[he hands James a glass of champagne]
James Hunt: Thank you.
[James takes a quick swig of the champagne and hands the glass to Gemma]


[Hesketh hands him a joint]
Lord Hesketh: Quick poke of this.
[James then gets into his car and notices Niki for the first time getting ready to get into his race car]
James Hunt: Who’s that?
Harvey ‘Doc’ Postlethwaite: He’s new. Some German.
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: Austrian. He’s been here since 5 A.M. walking the track. You might have to actually concentrate today, James.
[Hesketh holds out tiny cotton balls to Gemma]
Lord Hesketh: You’ll need these.
[he indicates for her to put them in her ears as James turns on the engine]
Lord Hesketh: Aah! What music! They could never have imagined, those pioneers who invented the automobile that it would possess us like this, our imaginations, our dreams. Nursie, men love women, but even more than that, men love cars.
[the race starts and both James and Niki roar off with the other drivers, Niki gets the first up and nearly wins when James forces Niki to spin out of the control, their cars both come to a stop with Niki’s heating, James manages to start his car again and speeds off to win the race]


[as James celebrates winning the race and drinking champagne, Niki calls out to James]
Niki Lauda: Hey, asshole!
[James looks over to Nikki]
Niki Lauda: It was my line! I had that corner.
James Hunt: Did you mean the one you spun out of and finished the other way? I think that corner had you.
Niki Lauda: That move was total suicide! What if I hadn’t braked? We’d have crashed.
James Hunt: No, no, but we didn’t, did we? Thanks to your impeccable survival instincts.
[James starts mocking Niki by making chicken noises and walking away]
Niki Lauda: Fuck you! What’s your name?
Lord Hesketh: James Simon Wallis Hunt. Remember it, my little Gerry friend.
James Hunt: Ya vol, remember the name.
[Niki raises his middle finger at them in anger]
James Hunt: It’s very simple, Hunt, it rhymes with cunt!
[Gemma, who standing next to James laughs]
James Hunt: A word that happens to describe you perfectly!
[Niki turns and walks away]
Nurse Gemma: Who is that?
James Hunt: I’ve no idea. He looks like a rat, doesn’t he?
[James puts his arm around Gemma’s shoulders and they walk off laughing]


[in Vienna, Niki is at his apartment getting dressed]
Niki Lauda: [voice over] In my home town, Vienna, my family is famous for one thing. Business. My grandfather was a businessman, my father, too. So when they heard I wanted to race cars for a living they had a few things to say.
[we see Niki meeting with his grandfather]
Lauda’s Grandfather: [subtitled] Never! Racing is for playboys and dilettantes. Frivolous amateurs with nothing in their heads. The name Lauda belongs with politicians and economists, on the front pages.
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] What if this is all I can do?
Lauda’s Grandfather: [subtitled] Then you need my money more than ever, so do as I say and follow me into the family business.
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Okay. Keep your money. Don’t invest in me. But when I’m world champion and my name is on the front pages too, you will regret it.
[Niki rises and starts walking off, his grandfather calls after him but Niki ignores him]
Niki Lauda: [voice over] So if my family wasn’t going to help me, I decided to risk everything and take out the loan myself. I found a Formula One team with an okay car and an owner who’d run out of money and was willing to accept my terms.


[at an award ceremony]
Presenter: And so, ladies and gentlemen, I’m delighted to say that the winner of the Guild of Motoring Writers award Driver of the Year…is James Hunt.
[the audience claps and James goes up onto the podium to accept his award, which is a trophy cup]
James Hunt: Thank you so much.
[he shakes the presenter’s hand and takes the cup, then starts giving his acceptance speech]
James Hunt: Um…yeah, my parents always wanted me to be a doctor, or a stockbroker or something. They gave me a first class education, but that all went terribly wrong and I ended up with you lot.
[the audience laughs]


[James steps down off the podium for a moment and takes the cigarette from one of the audience members sitting in the front row]
James Hunt: Thank you, I need it more than you do.
[the audience chuckles as James goes back up the podium and continues his speech]
James Hunt: I mean, I have a hot head, an inability to tolerate discipline…
[Bubbles puts up his hand in agreement]
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: Yes!
Lord Hesketh: Very true!
James Hunt: I fall out with people left and right, the only creatures I’ve ever really loved or have treated honorably are Budgerigars.
[the audience laughs again]
James Hunt: In any normal area of life I’d be a…or I am a total liability, the only thing I’ve got going for me is I’m quick in a car. So thank you for this and for acknowledging that. I’m going to give it to my father and tell him to put it on the mantelpiece and imagine it as a first class degree in medicine.
[the audience cheers]


[afterwards, everyone is celebrating and dancing at a nightclub, Hesketh pours champagne in James’ trophy]
Lord Hesketh: Well done, Superstar. Another season like that and I’ll move you up to the big time.
[he hands James the trophy]
James Hunt: Come on, you don’t think I’m ready now?
Lord Hesketh: You are, I’m not! I’ve got to find you a car first.
[James drinks the champagne from his trophy and hands it to Bubbles]
James Hunt: Well, go on then. Chop chop!rush-3
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: Don’t wait too long, you don’t want him to do what Lauda just did.
James Hunt: Why, what did he do?
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: He bought himself a drive in BRM.
James Hunt: Well how the hell did he do that? He’s a nobody, he’s never won a bloody thing!
Anthony ‘Bubbles’ Horsley: Apparently he took out a loan and bought his way in with two million Austrian schillings.
James Hunt: Jesus!


[Niki arrives at the Paul Ricard circuit and enters the building, he approaches the receptionist]
Niki Lauda: Niki Lauda. Here for pre-season testing. BRM?
Agnes Bonnet: Sign the release form, I’ll let them know you’re here.rush-4
[Niki watches as she makes the call; later outside the workshops Niki meets Louis Stanley]
Niki Lauda: Mr. Stanley.
Louis Stanley: Good morning.
[Stanley shakes Niki’s hand]
Niki Lauda: Good morning.
[Stanly turns to call out to Regazzoni]
Louis Stanley: Clay!


[to Niki]
Louis Stanley: Let me introduce you to our number one driver. Clay Regazzoni.
[Regazzoni walks up to Niki]
Clay Regazzoni: How are you?
[he shakes hands with Niki]
Niki Lauda: Good. A pleasure.
Louis Stanley: And these are your mechanics, reporting exclusively to you. As per contract.
[one of the mechanics walks up to Niki and they shake hands]
BRM Mechanic: Pleasure. Want to see the car?
Niki Lauda: Sure.


[the mechanics shows Niki his car, a red and white Marlboro sponsored car]
BRM Mechanic: There she is, P160.
Niki Lauda: Same as Regazzoni’s?
BRM Mechanic: Identical in every detail.
Niki Lauda: How much does she weigh?
BRM Mechanic: Six hundred kilos.
Niki Lauda: But that’s crazy. Why so heavy?
BRM Mechanic: It’s a V12 engine. That lump normally weighs a hundred and ninety kilos on its own.
Niki Lauda: Okay. What horse power are you getting? Four hundred and ninety?
BRM Mechanic: No, four-fifty.
Niki Lauda: Well, that not enough, it needs to be five hundred. And the engine needs to be twenty kilo lighter.
BRM Mechanic: We already tried.
Niki Lauda: Tried what?
BRM Mechanic: Everything. We replaced the entire exhaust system, it didn’t make a difference.
Niki Lauda: Are you using magnesium parts?
[the mechanic doesn’t respond realizing that he hadn’t considered this]


[Niki proceeds to make the mechanics work all night to strip and rebuild the car to his specifications]
Niki Lauda: Now the engine blocks, they need mounting and fixing, please. Strip them out also. When you’ve done that, we have to look at the aerodynamics. Front and rear end.
[after working all night, Niki and the mechanics step out of the workshop in the morning the mechanics look exhausted]
Niki Lauda: Okay, thank you. Good night.


[on the circuit Niki, Stanley and a mechanic watch on the sidelines as Regazzoni is testing his car round the circuit]
Niki Lauda: What was Regazzoni’s time?
Louis Stanley: One Fifty-three.
Niki Lauda: Okay, now put him in my car and he’ll go round two seconds faster.
[Stanley chuckles]
Louis Stanley: Well, that’s impossible.
BRM Mechanic: No chance.
[as Niki gets distracted by Agnes leaving the building, Stanley goes to the mechanic and says quietly]
Louis Stanley: Put Regazzoni in the car, see what happens.
[after the mechanic breaks the news to Regazzoni]
Clay Regazzoni: I don’t understand, why am I supposed to do this?
BRM Mechanic: I don’t know, Clay. He wants you to take it for a spin.
[Regazzoni reluctantly gets into Niki’s car and takes it for a test, as he goes past the finish line Stanley looks at his stop watch and then looks at Niki in disbelief]


[later Stanley walks into the workshop as Niki is talking with some of the mechanics]
Louis Stanley: Alright, what did you do to the car?
Niki Lauda: That’s information I will share with you under certain conditions only.
Louis Stanley: Go on.
Niki Lauda: A guaranteed place in the team, and a paid contract on equal terms with Regazzoni for two years.
Louis Stanley: Are you crazy? Clay’s a senior figure in Formula One. You’re just a rookie! Well the only reason we took you on is because of your pay.
Niki Lauda: Well, as of now if you want me to stay you’ll rip up the contract. I don’t pay you a cent.
Louis Stanley: That’s outrageous!
Niki Lauda: Was he quicker in my car? He was, wasn’t he?
[Stanley doesn’t reply but looks away]
Niki Lauda: Did he go two seconds faster?
[Stanley hesitates for a moment before replying]
Louis Stanley: Two point three.
Niki Lauda: So, have a think, work out your priorities and get back to me.
[Niki waves goodbye to the two mechanics he was talking to, they wave back and Niki walks out]


[as Regazzoni is walking into the circuit building he sees Niki walk past him to leave, he stops and turns]
Clay Regazzoni: Hey, Niki?
[Niki stops and turns to face him]
Clay Regazzoni: I know that you’re going to say it’s none of my business.
Niki Lauda: What?
Clay Regazzoni: If it’s the Track Manager you’re taking on a date tonight…
Niki Lauda: It’s none of your business.
[Niki turns and starts walking off]
Clay Regazzoni: Okay, but if you want my advice, I’d let this one go.
[Niki turns and gives him a questioning look]


Clay Regazzoni: I’m not questioning your taste, she is a great girl. But…Agnes’ last boyfriend was a British Formula Two driver who has a reputation for two things. For being a little crazy on the track, and for going all night and all day and all night again in bed. He’s a good driver, but an immortal fuck, apparently. I don’t know about you, but that’s not an act I’d like to follow.
[he chuckles]
Clay Regazzoni: But maybe that doesn’t bother you.
[Niki looks a bit thrown]
Niki Lauda: What’s his name, the driver?
Clay Regazzoni: Hunt. James Hunt.
[Niki turns and starts walking off]
Clay Regazzoni: You see, you share information, I share information. That’s what team-mates are for.
[they look at each other for a moment before Niki turns and continues walking away]


[James has been blindfolded and is being led by Hesketh and Bubbles]
James Hunt: Where the hell are we going?
Lord Hesketh: Just keep them closed! Wait for it. Wait for it.
[they stop and Hesketh removes James’ blindfold]
Lord Hesketh: There.
[James sees a new white racing car]
Lord Hesketh: What do you say?
James Hunt: She’s Formula One?
Lord Hesketh: Yes. She is, Superstar. Your brother and I got together with the beancounters. And since the economics of F1 are not so significantly different to the economics of Formula Two, well we thought, it we were going to be losing money we might as well be doing it on the big roulette table, in Formula One!
James Hunt: You fat little inbred beauty! Come here!
[James grabs Hesketh and plants a kiss on his mouth, the others laugh]


Peter Hunt: And to credit where it’s due, we got the idea from Niki.
James Hunt: Who?
[James sits in the car, taking in the feel of it]
Lord Hesketh: Lauda. Bought his way in rather mess about in lower divisions. I thought, “Bloody hell, he’s right!” No sponsorships, Superstar. I hope you approve. No vulgar logos for cigarettes or condoms. Just plain white with the flag. Oh, and racing overalls…
[one of mechanics throws his him the red overall, Hesketh holds it up to show James]
Lord Hesketh: Which reads, “Sex. Breakfast of Champions.”
[everyone laughs]
James Hunt: So when do we start?
Lord Hesketh: Soon as you’re ready.
James Hunt: Ready? I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.


[at the race circuit in the village of Watkins Glen James arrives with Hesketh and his team by helicopter, reporters have gathered, we see one of them commentating as he faces a camera]
Reporter: When the season started, people wondered whether Lord Hesketh and his team of upper class enthusiasts were bringing glamor to the racing community or just comedy. Certainly it was the first time anyone had seen a butler serving oysters and caviar in the pits. But they have made quiet an impact; sixth in France, fourth in Britain and third in Holland.


[James, Hesketh and his team are drinking in the background, suddenly an announcement is made that an accident has occurred on the race track, everyone looks distressed]
Reporter: And reports are reaching me that there has been a serious accident in qualifying. Uh…the identity of the driver we don’t currently have at the moment, but as you can tell from all the activity going on behind me towards the track, it’s clearly a grave incident indeed. But of course we’ll have more information for you as and when we get it. This is the side of Formula One nobody likes to see.
[James and Bubbles rush over towards the accident, as James sees the wreckage he clearly looks shaken and upset]


[later in the pits, James is dressed in his overalls watching the news report of the accident on the TV when he suddenly becomes violently sick; we see Niki dressed in his overall making his way to his car; back to James talking to Bubbles]
James Hunt: It’s terrible, they should cancel the race.
[Niki comes up behind him]
Niki Lauda: Why? He made a mistake, went into the corner too fast. It’s his fault.
[Niki carries on walking ahead]
James Hunt: Is that right?
[Niki stops and turns to face him]
Niki Lauda: It’s obvious, look at the tire marks!
James Hunt: So says the nobody who had to pay for his own drive. How’s that working out for you, by the way?
Niki Lauda: Fine. How is it at the back?
James Hunt: Not planning on being there for long.
[Niki gives a small chuckle, turns and walks off]
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Asshole.
[as he watches Niki walk off, James turns to Bubbles]
James Hunt: Asshole.


[in Hesketh’s workshop, James is lying on the ground with his eyes closed visualizing himself racing and talking out loud as he goes through the motions of driving when he’s suddenly interrupted]
Suzy Miller: Is Alexander around?
[James opens his eyes and gets up]
James Hunt: Uh…yes. He was, uh…he went back to the house to take a call, he’ll be back shortly.
Suzy Miller: He only wanted to show me his pride and joy.
[she indicates to the race car]
Suzy Miller: Rhymes with ‘boy’ if you ask me, and ‘toy’.
[she walks up to the car and touches it]
Suzy Miller: God, it’s so flimsy. For something that costs so much, there’s no comfort, no protection. Nothing.
James Hunt: Well, it’s just a little coffin, really. Surrounded by high-octane fuel, in here…
[he touches the tank]
James Hunt: …being driven round at hundred and seventy miles per hour. To all intents and purposes, this thing’s a bomb with wheels.


Suzy Miller: You’re James, aren’t you?
James Hunt: Yes.
Suzy Miller: You fit the description.
James Hunt: Is that right?
Suzy Miller: Suzie. Friend of Alex’s.
[she walks towards him extending her hand]
James Hunt: Yeah, I know exactly
[James quickly wipes his hand on a cloth and shakes her hand]


[as James is talking to Suzy, two of the mechanics in the background are looking at a newspaper which has photo of Suzy with heading ‘Top model Suzy sparkles in London nightlife’]
James Hunt: What was the description?
Suzy Miller: Mostly positive in terms of appearance. Negative only in terms of character. I’ve been told to avoid you.
James Hunt: By whom?rush-6
Suzy Miller: Alexander. He says you’re a bad boy.
James Hunt: Alexander doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I was, but not anymore. The new me is very professional. Early to bed, early to rise. All very dull, and according to the team, ‘ze best vay to keep beating ze gustava.’
Suzy Miller: Is that what you were doing when I came in?
James Hunt: Yes, a visualization technique. Memorizing the circuit, in this case uh…Monaco, which is up next.
[he looks at her and smiles]


James Hunt: Personally I’ve always been a great believer in getting there on the day, putting my foot down and playing chicken with everyone else.
[Suzy laughs]
James Hunt: But they don’t want me doing that anymore. They want my body like a temple and my mind like a monk.
Suzy Miller: And what about your soul? Your hear?
James Hunt: Well, they’ve got ideas about that too. They want me to stop messing around, settle down and get married with the next nice girl I meet. They think it would be good for me.
Suzy Miller: Hmm. What do you think?
James Hunt: Sounds fucking awful.
[Suzy laughs again]
James Hunt: But since they’re right about most things, they’re probably right about that too.
Suzy Miller: Hmm.
James Hunt: You don’t fancy getting married, do you?
[they look at each other and laugh]


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