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Dr. John Cawley: Didn’t McPherson tell you the good news?
Teddy Daniels: No. What’s the good news, doctor?
Dr. John Cawley: Rachel’s been found. She’s here. Safe and sound.


[in Rachel’s cell, Teddy and Chuck watch Rachel with Cawley beside her]
Chuck Aule: Not a mark on her.
[to Cawley]
Rachel 1: Who are these men? Why are they in my house?
Dr. John Cawley: Police Officers, Rachel. They have a few questions.
Teddy Daniels: Ma’am, there’s been a citing of a known communist subversive in this area, passing out literature.
Rachel 1: Here? In this neighborhood?
Teddy Daniels: Yes, I’m afraid so. Now, if you could tell us what you did yesterday, where you were, it would really help us narrow down our search.
Rachel 1: Yes. Um…well I, um…I made breakfast for Jim and the children and then I packed Jim’s lunch and he left. And I send the children off to school. And then…I decided to take a long swim in the lake.
Teddy Daniels: I see. And after that?
Rachel 1: Um…after that, I thought of you.
Teddy Daniels: I’m…I’m sorry ma’am. I…I don’t know what you’re taking about.
Rachel 1: Don’t you know how lonely I’ve been, Jim? You’re gone…you’re dead. I cry every night.
[she starts crying]
Rachel 1: How am I supposed to survive?
[puts her arms round Teddy and stars sobbing]


[holding a sobbing Rachel in his arms]
Teddy Daniels: Rachel, it’ll be all right. I’m so sorry, but everything’s going to be all right, okay?
[she suddenly jumps out of his arms]
Rachel 1: I buried you! I buried an empty casket. You’re body rigged down, lumps of flesh flashing into the sea eaten by sharks. My Jim’s dead, so who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you?! Who are you?! Who are you?!
[attacks Teddy and the orderlies grab her, pushing her away from Teddy]


Dr. John Cawley: I’m sorry about that. I…I didn’t want to interrupt, I thought she might tell you something. We found her down by the lighthouse skipping stones. We’ve no idea how she got out, but I’m gonna have to ask you to go down into the basement. There’s food, water, cots. It’s the safest place to be when the hurricane hits. Are you all right? You look pale.
Teddy Daniels: I’m fine. It’s just uh…
Chuck Aule: Boss, you okay?
Teddy Daniels: It’s so…so Goddamn bright isn’t it?
Dr. John Cawley: Photosensitivity, headaches sometimes. Marshal, are you having a migraine?
Teddy Daniels: I’ll be all right.
[Teddy then reels, almost falling, Chuck catches him]
Chuck Aule: What’s wrong with him?
Dr. John Cawley: Take these Marshal, couple of hours you’ll be clear as a bell.
Chuck Aule: What’s wrong with him?
Dr. John Cawley: He’s having a migraine. Imagine someone sawed open your head, filled it with razors and shook it as hard as they could. Take the pills, Marshal.
Teddy Daniels: No. I don’t want the pills.
Dr. John Cawley: It’ll stop the pain. Marshal, take the pills.
[Teddy takes the pills]


[Chuck and Trey drag Teddy to one of the cots in the basement. Teddy notices a uniformed guard staring at him]
Teddy Daniels: Who is that?shutter-island-15
Trey Washington: Him? That’s the Warden. Don’t you worry about him. All right?
[Trey and Chuck put Teddy’s legs up on the cot helping him to lie down]
Teddy Daniels: Looks like an ex-military prick.
Trey Washington: You know I ain’t gonna argue with you on that one.
[Teddy almost smiles and then falls asleep]


[Teddy’s dream; he’s in Dachau he comes across frozen corpses, his eyes catch the corpse of a dead woman and her child, the dead women changes to Rachel Solando and then suddenly the little girl’s eyes open and she sits up]
Little Girl: You should have saved me. You should have saved all of us.


[Teddy’s dream; he’s in Cawely’s house, a man is sitting in a wing chair with his back to Teddy, when Teddy gets close to him he sees that it’s a man with a scar on his face and he has different colored eyes]
Laeddis: Hey buddy! Hey!
Teddy Daniels: Laeddis?shutter-island-16
Laeddis: Yeah.
[Laeddis light a match and looks at it]
Laeddis: Very pretty. No hard feelings, right?
[Teddy has a cigarette in his mouth and Laeddis leans close to lights it]
Laeddis: No hard feelings.
[Laeddis opens his coat revealing a whiskey flask]
Laeddis: Little something for later. Cause I know how much you need it.
[Laeddis changes to Chuck holding the whiskey flask]
Chuck Aule: Clocks ticking my friend. We’re running out of time.


[Teddy’s dream; at Cawley house, he hears a woman scream, he turns to see Rachel Solando splattered with blood]
Rachel 1: Give me a hand here?
[he looks down to see three dead children at her feet, two boys and the girl from Dachau]
Teddy Daniels: I…I could get into trouble.
[he picks up the girl and carries her] shutter-island-17
Little Girl: I’m dead.
Teddy Daniels: I’m so sorry.
Little Girl: Why didn’t you save me?
Teddy Daniels: I tried…I wanted to, but by the time I got there it was too late.
[Teddy’s by the edge of a lake, Rachel joins him as he puts the girl into the lake, the two boys are also floating in the water]
Rachel 1: See? Aren’t they beautiful?
[Teddy watches as the girl sinks into the water, she stares at him. her mouth open as she sinks. Teddy then bolts upright waking from his dream]


[Teddy’s woken up from his dream, he looks around and sees everyone asleep, he then hears someone come in through the nearby door. It’s Dolores looking dripping wet from the rain]
Teddy Daniels: Why are you all wet, baby?
Dolores Chanal: Laeddis isn’t dead. He isn’t gone. He’s still here
Teddy Daniels: I know.
Dolores Chanal: You need to find him, Teddy. You need to find him and you kill him, Teddy.


[Teddy and Chuck emerge from the hospital to find the storm has put everything into chaos]
Teddy Daniels: You think the whole electrical system is fried?
Chuck Aule: I’d say it’s a good possibility, yeah.
Teddy Daniels: The electronic security…fences, the gates, the doors.
Chuck Aule: Nice day for a stroll don’t you think? To Ward C for example. Maybe we’ll run into Andrew Laeddis.


[to Chuck, referring to Ward C]
Teddy Daniels: The guy I told you about, George Noyce, he told me this is where they keep the worse ones. Guys even the other inmates are scared of.


[walking in one of the corridors in Ward C, Teddy and Chuck run into a guard]
Ward C Guard: First time on Ward C, huh?
Chuck Aule: Yeah.
Teddy Daniels: Yeah, yeah. We heard stories.
Ward C Guard: Trust me son, you haven’t heard shit.


[in Ward C Teddy and Chuck get close to an iron gate, they hear screams echoing]
Teddy Daniels: He’s here. Laeddis. I can feel him.


[a Ward C inmate has caught Teddy and he’s strangling him]
Inmate: Listen to me. Listen, I don’t wanna leave here, all right? I mean, why would anybody want to? We hear things here about the outside world. About atolls, about H-bomb tests. Do you know how a hydrogen bomb works?
Teddy Daniels: [chocking] With hydrogen…with hydrogen!
Inmate: Huh…that’s funny.
[Chuck is looking for Teddy through the gates]
Chuck Aule: Boss?
Inmate: Other bombs explode, huh! But not the hydrogen bomb. It implodes, creating an explosion of the thousandth, the millionth degree. Do you get it?
Teddy Daniels: Yes! Yeah!
Inmate: Do you?
Teddy Daniels: I get it! I get it!
Chuck Aule: Let him go!
[as Chuck finds them Teddy slams back with his heel and attacks the inmate]


[Teddy hears a man whisper as he’s walking past the prison cell in Ward C]
George Noyce: You told me I’d be free of this place. You promised. You lied.
[Teddy lights a match to see better and gets close to a cell where a man is sitting on his cot with his face hidden in shadow]
Teddy Daniels: Laeddis? Laeddis?
[the man laughs]
George Noyce: That’s pretty damn funny.
Teddy Daniels: Your voice…
George Noyce: Don’t you recognize it? After all the talks we had? After all the lies you told me?
Teddy Daniels: Let me see your face.
George Noyce: They say I’m theirs now. They say I’ll never leave here. Your match is about to go out.
Teddy Daniels: Let me see your Goddamn face now!
George Noyce: Why? So you can lie to me more? This isn’t about the truth.
Teddy Daniels: Yes it is. It’s about exposing the truth.
George Noyce: It’s about you! And Laeddis. That’s all it’s ever been about. I was incidental. A way in.
Teddy Daniels: Geor…George Noyce? No, it’s not possible. You can’t be here…


[George comes closer to Teddy and shows him his face which looks like he’s been beaten]
George Noyce: Do you like it?
Teddy Daniels: Who did this to you, George?shutter-island-18
George Noyce: You did.
Teddy Daniels: What the hell do you mean?
[George knocks the match out of Teddy’s hand]
George Noyce: [angrily] All your talk! All you fucking talk! And I’m back in here because of you.
Teddy Daniels: George, how did they get you out of Dedham, huh? How did this happen? I…I’m gonna find a way to fix this. You understand me?
George Noyce: I’ll never get out now. I got out once. Not twice. Never Twice.


Teddy Daniels: Just tell me how they got you here?
George Noyce: They knew! Don’t you get it? Everything you were up to. Your whole plan. This is a game. All of this, it’s for you. You’re not investigating anything. You’re a fucking rat in a maze.
Teddy Daniels: George…George, you’re wrong. You’re wrong.
George Noyce: Really? Been alone much since you got here?
Teddy Daniels: I’ve been with my partner.
George Noyce: You never worked with him before, have you?
Teddy Daniels: He’s a…he’s a U.S. Marshal.
George Noyce: You never worked with him before, have you?
Teddy Daniels: George, look I now people. I trust this man.
George Noyce: Then they’ve already won.


George Noyce: [sobbing] You fuck. They’re gonna take me to the lighthouse. They’re gonna cut into my brain. And I’m only here because of you!
Teddy Daniels: George, I’m…I’m gonna get you out of here. You’re not going to the lighthouse. You’re not.
George Noyce: You can’t dig out the truth and kill Laeddis at the same time. You…you gotta make a choice. You understand that, don’t you?
Teddy Daniels: I’m not here to kill anyone.
George Noyce: Liar!
Teddy Daniels: I’m not gonna kill him. I swear to you. I swear.
George Noyce: She’s dead. Just let her go. Let her go.


[suddenly Dolores emerges from behind George]
Dolores Chanal: Tell him, Teddy. Tell him why.
George Noyce: You gotta do it. There’s no other way. Let her go.
[Teddy stares in shock at Dolores as she walks towards him, ignoring George]
Dolores Chanal: Tell him about the day you brought me my locket.
George Noyce: You gotta do it.
Dolores Chanal: How I told you how my heart was breaking and you asked me why
George Noyce: She’s fu…fucking with your head!
Dolores Chanal: And I told you it was from happiness.


George Noyce: She’s gonna kill you. She’s gonna kill you. You wanna uncover the truth? You gotta let her go.
Teddy Daniels: I can’t.
[shouting at Teddy]
George Noyce: You have to let her go!
Teddy Daniels: I can’t! I can’t!
George Noyce: Then you’ll never leave this island.
Teddy Daniels: Dolores…
[Dolores has vanished]


George Noyce: He’s not in this ward. He was transferred out of here. If he’s not in Ward A, then there’s only one place he can be.
Teddy Daniels: The lighthouse.
[just as about Teddy turns to leave]
George Noyce: Hey. God help you.


[after getting out of Ward C]
Teddy Daniels: What happened to you?
Chuck Aule: What do you mean?
Teddy Daniels: Where were you?
Chuck Aule: After we got that guy in to the infirmary, I took a little detour, to patient records. Did you ever find Laeddis?
Teddy Daniels: No. No, I never found him.
Chuck Aule: Well, I got the next best thing. His intake form. The only thing in his file. There’s no session notes, no incident reports, no photograph. Just this. It was weird. Here take a look.
Teddy Daniels: I’ll look at it later.
[Chuck is looking suspicious]
Chuck Aule: What’s the matter, boss?
Teddy Daniels: I’ll look it over later, that’s all.


Teddy Daniels: I’m going to that lighthouse. I’m going to find out what the fuck is happening on this island.


Chuck Aule: What are we doing? We got the intake form. It’s proof there’s a sixty seventh patient which they said repeatedly he doesn’t exist.
Teddy Daniels: I’m getting to that lighthouse. You understand?
Chuck Aule: What the hell can I say to you to stop you.
Teddy Daniels: Why…why would you want to, Chuck? Why?
Chuck Aule: Because climbing down there when it’s dark, is a thin step short of suicide. That’s why.
Teddy Daniels: Okay, maybe you better sit this one out then.
Chuck Aule: You brought me into this, boss. And now we’re trapped here. On this rock. On this island. With no one to rely on but each other and now you’re…acting like…
Teddy Daniels: Like what? Like what? How am I acting?
Chuck Aule: What the hell happened back there in those cells, Ted?


Teddy Daniels: What do you think the weather’s like in Portland, Chuck?
Chuck Aule: I’m from Seattle.
Teddy Daniels: Seattle. I’m going on. Alone.
Chuck Aule: I’m going with you, boss.
Teddy Daniels: I said alone.
Chuck Aule: [reluctantly] Fine.
[Teddy sets off to find a way to the lighthouse]


[after losing Chuck on the rocks, Teddy enters a cave at the bottom of the rocks and he sees a woman inside]
Rachel 2: Who are you?
Teddy Daniels: I’m Teddy Daniels. I’m a cop.
Rachel 2: You’re the Marshal.
Teddy Daniels: That’s right. Would you mind taking your hand from behind you back, please?
Rachel 2: Why? Why?
Teddy Daniels: I wanna make sure that what you’re holding won’t hurt me.
[she brings her hand forward, she’s holding a knife]
Rachel 2: I’m going to keep this, if you don’t mind.
Teddy Daniels: Fine by me.


Teddy Daniels: You’re…you’re Rachel Solando? The real one?
[Rachel nods her head]
Teddy Daniels: Did you kill your children?shutter-island-20
Rachel 2: I never had children. I was never married. And before I was a patient at Ashecliffe I worked here.
Teddy Daniels: You…you were a nurse?
Rachel 2: I was a doctor, Marshal.


[Teddy looks at her cautiously]
Rachel 2: You think I’m crazy?
Teddy Daniels: No. No, no I…
Rachel 2: And if I say I’m not crazy. But that hardly helps, does it? That’s a Kafkaesque genius of it. People tell the world you’re crazy and all you’re protests to the contrary just confirm what they’re saying.
Teddy Daniels: I’m not following you. I’m sorry.
Rachel 2: Once you’re declared insane, and anything you do is called part of that insanity. Reasonable protests are ‘denial’. Valid fears ‘paranoia’.
Teddy Daniels: Survival instincts are ‘defense mechanisms’.
Rachel 2: You’re smarter than you look, Marshal. That’s probably not a good thing.


Teddy Daniels: Tell me something?
Rachel 2: Yeah?
Teddy Daniels: What happened to you?
Rachel 2: I started asking about these large shipments of Sodium Amytal and opium-based hallucinogens.
Teddy Daniels: Psychotropic drugs.
Rachel 2: I asked about the surgeries too. You ever heard of a trans orbital lobotomy? They sap the patient with electric shock, then go through the eye with an ice pick, pull out some nerve fibers. Makes the patients much more obedient. Tractable. It’s barbaric. Unconscionable.


Rachel 2: Do you know how pain enters the body, Marshal? Do you?
Teddy Daniels: Depends on where you hurt.
Rachel 2: No. It has nothing to do with the flesh. The brain controls pain. The brain controls fear, empathy, sleep, hunger, anger. Everything. What if you could control it?
Teddy Daniels: You mean the brain?
Rachel 2: Recreate a man so he doesn’t feel pain. Or love. Or sympathy. A man who can’t be interrogated because he has no memories to confess.
Teddy Daniels: You can never take away all of man’s memories. Never.
Rachel 2: Marshal, the North Koreans used American P.O.W’s during they’re brain washing experiments. They turned soldiers into traitors. That’s what they’re doing here. They’re creating ghosts to go out into the world and do things sane men…sane men never would.
Teddy Daniels: To have that kind of ability, that kind of knowledge, that…that would take years…
Rachel 2: Years of research. Hundreds of patients to experiment on. Fifty years from now, people will look back and say here, this place, is where it all began. The Nazis used the Jews, Soviets used prisoners in their own gulags. And we…we tested patients on Shutter Island.
Teddy Daniels: No they won’t. No.


Rachel 2: You do understand that they won’t let you leave.
Teddy Daniels: I am a Federal Marshal, they can’t stop me.
Rachel 2: I was an esteemed psychiatrist from a respected family. It didn’t matter. Let me ask you, any past trauma’s in your life?
Teddy Daniels: Yes. Why…why would that matter?
Rachel 2: Because they can point at some event in your past and say that’s the reason you lost your sanity. So that when they commit you here, your friends and colleagues will say ‘of course he cracked. Well, who wouldn’t after what he’d been through.’
Teddy Daniels: They can say that about anyone. Anyone at all.
Rachel 2: The point is they’re going to say it about you.


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