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[Silva stands in front of Bond]
Silva: The two survivors, this is what she made us.
James Bond: I made my own choices.
Silva: Hmm. You think you did. That’s her genius.
James Bond: Station H. Am I right? Hong Kong?
Silva: Um-hmm. ’86 to ’97. Back then, I was her favorite. And you’re not nearly the agent I was, I can tell you that.


Silva: Just look at you, barely held together by your pills and your drink.
James Bond: Don’t forget my pathetic love of country.
Silva: You’re still clinging to your faith in that old woman, when all she does is lie to you.
James Bond: She never lied to me.
Silva: No?
James Bond: No.
Silva: What do you score in your marksmanship evaluation?
James Bond: Seventy.
[Silva laughs before giving him his true score]
Silva: Forty. Did she tell you the psychologist cleared you for duty?
James Bond: Yes.
Silva: No. No.


[Silva goes to one of his computers and brings up Bond’s evaluation results and starts reading it out loud]
Silva: Medical evaluation; fail. Physical evaluation; fail. Psychological evaluation; alcohol and
substance addiction indicated. Oof! Pathological rejection of authority based on unresolved childhood trauma.
[Silva looks at Bond for a moment before continuing to read Bond’s evaluation results]
Silva: Subject is not approved for field duty and immediate suspension from service advised.
[Silva walks back towards Bond]
Silva: What is this if not betrayal? She sent you after me, knowing you’re not ready, knowing you would likely die.
[to Bond]
Silva: She sent you after me, knowing you’re not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad.


[Silva opens the top button of Bond’s shirt and pulls it aside to reveal the shrapnel wound on his shoulder]
Silva: Oops. See what she’s done to you.
James Bond: Well, she never tied me to a chair.
Silva: Her loss.
[Silva then softly touches the base of Bond’s neck with his fingers]
James Bond: Are you sure this is about M?
Silva: It’s about her, and you, and me. You see, we are the last two rats. We can either eat each other. Mm? Or eat everyone else.


[Silva softly touches Bond’s neck]skyfall-10
Silva: Huh, you’re trying to remember your training now. What’s the regulation to cover this?
[Silva runs his hands down Bond thighs]
Silva: Well, first time for everything. Yes?
James Bond: What makes you think this is my first time?
Silva: Oh, Mr. Bond. All that physical stuff is so dull. So dull. Chasing spies. So old-fashioned.
[Silvan unties Bond’s hands]
Silva: Your knees must be killing you.


[after untying Bond’s hands]
Silva: England. The Empire. MI6. You’re living in a ruin, as well. You just don’t know it yet. At least here there are no old ladies giving orders, and no little gadgets from those fools in Q branch. If you wanted, you could pick your own secret missions, as I do. Hmm? Name it. Name it!
[Silva walks to one of his computers and brings up a screen]
Silva: Destabilize a multinational by manipulating stocks? Easy!
[he walks to another computer and brings up another screen]
Silva: Interrupt transmissions from a spy satellite over Kabul? Done! Rig an election in Uganda, all to the highest bidder.
James Bond: Or a gas explosion in London?
Silva: Hmm. Just point and click.
James Bond: Well, everybody needs a hobby.
Silva: So what’s yours?
James Bond: Resurrection.
Silva: Let me show you something.
[Silva walks off and Bond follows him with Silva’s men behind them]


[Silva takes Bond out into the courtyard full of abandoned items which were left behind by the previous inhabitants of the island, there’s music playing on the speakers around the courtyard]
Silva: It tells a story, doesn’t it? They left the island so quickly, they couldn’t decide what to take, what to leave, what was important. I think this everyday reminds me to focus on the essentials. There’s nothing…nothing superfluous in my life. When a thing is redundant, it is…eliminated.
[Bond sees Severine is tied to a statue with blood at the corner of her mouth; Silva pours Bond a drink]
Silva: Fifty year old Macallan. A particular favorite of yours, I understand. So, what’s the toast?
[Silva hands Bond his drink]
Silva: To the women we love?
[Silva snaps his glass to Bond’s]


[Silva walks towards Severine]
Silva: Darling. Darling, your lovers are here.
[Silva kisses Severine, who looks frightened]
Silva: No, no, no. Stand up straight. Keep still. And whatever you do, don’t lose your head. Don’t…lose…your head.
[Silva places his glass of drink on top of Severine’s head]
Silva: Don’t lose your head.


[after Silva places his glass of liquor on Severine’s head he walks back towards Bond]
Silva: Time to redeem your marksmanship scores. Let’s see who can be the first
to knock the glass from her head.
[Silva gives Bond an old dueling gun whilst one of his guards points his gun at Bond]
Silva: And just to be sporting, I’ll let you go first.
[Bond turns to face Severine’s direction and cocks his gun]
Silva: Let’s see who ends up on top.
[Silva’s guard points his gun at Bond’s head while Bond points his gun at Severine and takes aim, but pauses]
Silva: Ah, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Did you really die that day? Is there any…any of the old 007 left?
[Bond fires and misses, hitting part of the statue]


Silva: My turn.
[Silva shoots Severine in the head and killing, knocking the glass on her head to the ground]
Silva: I win. What do you say to that?
James Bond: It’s a waste of good scotch.
[suddenly Bond attacks the guard behind him, takes his gun and kills all the guards leaving him and Silva alone, he points his gun at Silva]
Silva: What are you doing to do now? Take me back to her? All on your own?
James Bond: Who says I’m on my own?
[Silva starts to hear helicopters, he looks up to see they are surrounded by MI6 helicopters, which had tracked Bond’s position from the little transmitter that Bond had activated earlier on Severine’s boat before arriving on the island]
Silva: The latest thing from Q branch, called a radio.


[at the new MI6 headquarters, M and Bond go to see Silva, who has been contained within a glass cell]
M: Alright. Time to say hello.
[the guard opens the door to the area where Silva is sat in his glass cell, M walks up to his cell]
Silva: You are smaller than I remember.
M: Whereas I barely remember you at all.skyfall-11
Silva: Strange, for me it feels just like yesterday. Are you surprised?
M: Not particularly. But then you always were a slippery one.
Silva: Maybe that’s why you liked me so much.
M: You flatter yourself.
Silva: Oof. No remorse. Just as I had imagined.
M: Regret is unprofessional.
[Silva laughs]


Silva: Regret is unprofessional. They kept me for five months in a room with no air, they tortured me, and I protected your secrets, I protected you. But they made me suffer. And suffer. And suffer. Until I realized, it was you who betrayed me. You betrayed me. So, I had only one thing left. My cyanide capsule in my back left molar. You remember, right?
[M coldly looks at Silva]
Silva: So, I broke the tooth and bit into the capsule, it…burned all my insides, but I didn’t die. Life clang to me like a disease. And then I understood why I had survived. I needed to look in your eyes one last time.
M: Well I hope it was worth it.


M: Mr. Silva, you’re going to be transferred to Belmarsh prison, where you’ll be remanded in custody until the Crown Prosecution Service deem you fit to stand trial for…
Silva: Say my name. Say it! My real name. I know you remember it.
M: Your name is on the memorial wall of the very building you attacked. I would have it struck off. Soon, your past will be as non-existent as your future. I’ll never see you again.
[M turns and starts walking away]
Silva: Do you know what it does to you? Hydrogen cyanide?
[Silva reaches into his mouth and removes his prosthetic dentures, his cheeks sink away and we see that he only has a few teeth remaining, the capsule had eaten away at his flesh and he now requires the prosthesis to maintain the structure of his face]
Silva: Look upon your work, Mother.
[M and Bond walk away, Silva puts his prosthetic dentures back in and starts laughing]


[as they walk away from Silva’s cell holding area]
M: Let me know what you recover from his computers. Has he transmitted the lists, if so, to who? I want this resolved.
James Bond: Yes, Ma’am.
[M stops in her tracks and turns to look at Bond]
M: His name is Thiago Rodriguez. He was a brilliant agent. But he started to operating beyond his brief, hacking the Chinese. The handover was coming up and they were onto him, so I gave him up. I got six agents in return and a peaceful transition.
Tanner: We should go, Ma’am. Court of inquiry will be in 30 minutes.
M: I want to know what’s on that computer.


[as Q tries to decode Silva’s computer]
Q: Now, looking at Silva’s computer, it seems to me, he’s done a number of slightly unusual things. He’s established fail-safe protocols to wipe the memory if there’s any attempt to access certain files. Only about six people in the world could program safe-guards like that.
James Bond: Of course there are. Can you get past them?
Q: I invented them. Right then.
[Q places some USB cables into Silva’s computer]
Q: Let’s see what you’ve got for us, Mr. Silva. We’re in.
[we see Silva sat in his cell, cross-legged, then we’re back at Q’s lab]
Q’s Assistant: Sir, what do you make of this?
[Q turns to look at the large screen showing what’s been decoded from Silva’s computer]
Q: This is omega site. Best encrypted level he has. Looks like obfuscated code to conceal its true purpose. Security through obscurity.


[M and Tanner are at the tribunal where M is facing scrutiny for the deaths of the NATO agents]
Clair Dowar MP: Ladies and gentlemen, if I might have order. I’d like to begin proceedings. We’re gathered today to address important issues concerning the future of our national security.
[back at Silva’s cell, we see Silva stand and stretch]
Silva’s Isolation Guard: Going somewhere?
[Silva says nothing and just zips up his jump suit; back at the tribunal]
Inquiry Member: So you believe the security of MI6 during the recent crisis has been up to scratch?
M: Well, I believe we have apprehended the responsible party and are taking all necessary steps to ensure that the sensitive information is contained.
Clair Dowar MP: Ah! So it’s a job well done.
M: Well, I’m not saying it’s all gone perfectly, but…
Clair Dowar MP: You’ll forgive me for not putting up the bunting. I find it rather difficult to overlook the monumental security breaches and dead operatives for which you are almost single handedly responsible.


[back at Q’s lab as Q tries to decode Silva’s computer]
Q: He’s using a polymorphic engine to maintain the code. Whenever I try to gain access, it changes. It’s like solving a Rubik’s cube that’s fighting back.
[Bond notices letters on the decoder]
James Bond: Stop. Go in on that.skyfall-12
[the letters match up to show the name of an old subway railway station]
James Bond: Granborough. Granborough Road. It’s an old tube station on the Metropolitan line, been closed for years. Use that as the key.
[Q uses it as the base of the algorithm, which unfurled a detailed map]
Q: Oh, look it’s a map!
James Bond: It’s London. Subterranean London.


[suddenly the glass doors on the ground flip open]
Q: What’s going on? Why are the doors open?
[Bond quickly realizes that Silva has hacked the system and he bolts out of the lab, Q turns to look at the screen as it comes up with message ‘System Security Breach’]
Q: Oh, no! Can someone tell me how the hell he got into our system?
[Q looks at the screen again when a red skull pops up with the message ‘NOT SUCH A CLEVER BOY’]
Q: Oh, shit!
[Q quickly takes out the USB cables from Silva’s computer]
Q: Shit, shit, shit! He hacked us.


[when Bond reaches Silva’s holding area, he sees the guards are down and the glass cell is empty]
James Bond: Oh, no!
[Bond talks to Q through his earpiece]
James Bond: Q, he’s gone.
[Bond sees the Silva has escaped into the underground catacombs beneath the cell through the maintenance hatch, Bond starts climbing down it]
James Bond: I’m on a stairwell below isolation. Do you read me, Q?
Q: I can hear you. I’m looking for you. Got you. Tracking your location. Just keep moving forward. Enter the next service door on your right. If you’re through that door, you should be in the tube.
James Bond: I’m in the tube.
Q: Bond, this isn’t an escape, this was years in the planning. He wanted us to capture him, he wanted us to access his computer. It was all planned. Blowing up HQ, all the emergency protocols, knowing we’d retrieve down here.
James Bond: I got all that. What he’s got planned next that worries me.


Q: District line is the closest. There should be a service door on your left.
James Bond: Got it.
[Bond tries to open the door]
James Bond: It won’t open.
Q: Of course it will. Put your back into it.
James Bond: Why don’t you come down and put your back into it?
[Bond tries pushing the door]
James Bond: No, it’s stuck.
[Bond looks around and hears something]
James Bond: Oh, good. There’s a train coming.
Q: Hmm. That’s vexing.
[as the train gets closer, Bond shoots at it and pushes the door again and just as the train passes him by Bond goes through the door]
James Bond: I’m through.
Q: Told you! We’ve alerted security, police are on their way.


[we Silva has escaped to the underground station, as he walks down some steps, two of his men dressed as policemen pass him a package, we then see Bond find his way into the tube station looking for Silva]
Q: Where are you now?
James Bond: Temple tube station, along with half of London.
[Q spots Bond on once his monitors]
Q: Oh, I see. Here you are.
James Bond: I know where I am, Q. Where is he?
Q: Just a second, I’m looking for him.
James Bond: There’s too many people, I can’t see him.
Q: Welcome to rush hour on the tube. Not something you’d know much about.
James Bond: Train’s leaving. Do I get on the train?
Q: Don’t get on the train unless he’s on it. Give us a minute.
James Bond: Do I get on the train?


[as Q searches surveillance footage to find Silva he spots him dressed as a policeman getting on the train]skyfall-13
Q: Bond?
James Bond: What?
Q: Get on the train.
[as the train has started moving, Bond is forced to race after the train and jump onto the last carriage, a husband and wife waiting for the tube watch Bond as he jumps onto the train]
Husband at Tube Station: He’s keen to get home.


[after jumping onto the last tube on the train, the tube driver looks at Bond in shock]
James Bond: Open the door please.
[the tube driver just stares at Bond in shock]
James Bond: Open the door!
[the tube driver opens the door and Bond steps in]
James Bond: Health and safety. Carry on.
[Bond starts walking through the carriages on the train]
Q: Where are you?
James Bond: Take a wild guess, Q.
Q: He’s in disguise now, he’s dressed as a policeman.
James Bond: Of course he is.
[Bond hunts for Silva through the train, back at his lab Q checks his tracking device keeping an eye on the train’s movement]
Q: Where is he going? Where is he going?
[Bond looks at the tube map on the train and suddenly realizes where Silva is going]
James Bond: He’s going for M. Tell Tanner, get her out of there.


[back at M’s tribunal]
Clair Dowar MP: You’ve overlooked or chosen to ignore hard evidence and consistently, almost obstinately relied on…
[Tanner gets the message from Q and whispers into M’s ear]
Tanner: Silva’s escaped. Bond’s in pursuit. We need to get you to secure location immediately, Ma’am.
M: Like hell am I going to show him my back.
Clair Dowar MP: Are we straining your attention?
M: No, please, Minister, proceed.
[back on the train Bond continues to hunt for Silva on the train]
James Bond: Excuse me.
[Bond suddenly spots Silva in the next carriage and as the train comes to stop, Silva bolts out of the train and Bond chases after him through the tube station, but he loses Silva in the crowd of patrolmen that have been called to the station, Silva laughs and slips through an access door which Bond notices left open]


[as the tribunal continues]
Clair Dowar MP: It’s as if you insist on pretending we still live in the golden age of espionage, when human intelligence was the only resource available. Well, I find this rather old-fashioned belief demonstrates a reckless disregard for every…
Gareth Mallory: Excuse me, Minister, I don’t mean to interrupt, but just for the sake of variety, might we actually hear from the witness?
Clair Dowar MP: Of course.
M: Thank you.


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