Skyfall Quotes: Resurrection of Bond

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Directed by: Sam Mendes
Written by:
Neal Purvis
Robert Wade
John Logan
Ian Fleming (characters)
Daniel Craig – James Bond
Judi Dench – M
Javier Bardem – Silva
Ralph Fiennes – Gareth Mallory
Naomie Harris – Eve
Bérénice Marlohe – Sévérine
Albert Finney – Kincade
Ben Whishaw – Q
Rory Kinnear – Tanner
Ola Rapace – Patrice
Helen McCrory – Clair Dowar MP
Nicholas Woodeson – Doctor Hall
Bill Buckhurst – Ronson
Elize du Toit – Vanessa (M’s Assistant)
Ian Bonar – MI6 Technician
Gordon Milne – M’s Driver
Tonia Sotiropoulou – Bond’s Lover


From the opening sequence you get the sense that Skyfall quotes are going to be a sincere homage to the Bond franchise. The plot has been kept relatively simple, when a hard drive listing all NATO operatives undercover in terrorist organizations is stolen to make M look bad, after a near death experience, Bond sets out to recover the drive, testing Bond’s loyalty to M as this mission leads him to a man named Silva, who is out for revenge.

This movie tells a more intelligent story with the key characters given more depth and layers which immediately gives this version of Bond a more focused feel. This is definitely the more mature of the Bond movie series where the stakes are high and more personal and the audience feels more emotionally invested in the story.

Verdict: Sam Mendes has provided us with a high quality action thriller combining old school Bond with a new twist.

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[first lines; Bond arrives at an MI6 safe house in Istanbul, when he enters the room he finds an agent is wounded, Bond speaks to M through his earpiece]
James Bond: Ronson’s down. He needs medical evac.
M: Where is it? Is it there?
James Bond: Hard drive’s gone.skyfall-3
M: Are you sure?
James Bond: It’s gone. Give me a minute.
[Bond goes over to Ronson and looks at the his chest wound]
M: They must have it. Get after them.
[Bond tries to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound]
James Bond: I’m stabilizing Ronson.
M: We don’t have the time!
James Bond: I have to stop the bleeding.
M: Leave it!
[Bond reluctantly leaves Ronson]


[after Bond leaves Ronson he emerges from the building, another agent drives up in a jeep and Bond gets it]
James Bond: Have you got him?
Eve: He’s in the black Audi. What about Ronson?
James Bond: He’s been hit.
[back at MI6 headquarters]
Tanner: We’re sending in an emergency evacuation squad.
James Bond: They’ll be too bloody late!


[as Eve follows the assassin, Patrice, she swerves and breaks one of the side mirrors of the jeep]
James Bond: That’s alright, you weren’t using it.
[Eve swerves and breaks off the other side mirror]
Eve: I wasn’t using that one either.
[they pursue the Audi through the Grand Bazaar, as Eve drives next to the Audi Bond reaches over and grips the steering wheel maneuvering it to hit the side of the Audi, the Audi flips onto its side and skids into some stalls]
James Bond: Keep your head down!
[Bond gets out of the jeep and starts shooting at Patrice in the Audi, Patrice gets out and starts shooting at Bond with a machine gun, the police arrives on the scene and Patrice takes off on one of their bikes, Bond follows him on a bike that was parked nearby]


[Eve starts up the jeep again and starts driving off after Bond and Patrice]
Eve: Tanner, which way?
Tanner: Keep going, I can direct you from there.
[to Bond and Eve]
M: You both know what’s at stake here, we cannot afford to lose that list!
James Bond: Yes, ma’am.


[as Bond is hot in pursuit of Patrice, Tanner follows the situation back at MI6 headquarter]
M: Where are they now?
Tanner: On the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar.
[Bond forces Patrice off the rooftops, onto the street, Eve is on the road waiting for instructions from Tanner]
Take a left. There’s a bridge, you can cut him off.
[Eve takes off and manages to block Patrice on an overpass, but he instead drives off the overpass and onto a passing train, Bond then revs his bike and jumps onto the train after him]
M: What happened to him?
Eve: They’re on the train, ma’am.
M: What do you mean, on the train?
Eve: I mean, they’re on top of a train.
M: Well, go after them, for God’s sake!


[Eve follows the train on a stretch of road]
Tanner: He’s going out of range
M: You’ve got to track him, we’re blind here. What’s going on?
Eve: I’m still with them.
[Tanner to one of his team members]
Tanner: Get me CCTV, satellite, anything.


[back on the train, as Patrice and Bond shoot at each other, Bond runs out of bullets, he manages to get into a backhoe loader using the machine’s metallic shovel attachment to turn, as Patrice continues to shoot at Bond a few bullets strike the metallic edge of the frame shattering the glass and embedding shrapnel in Bond’s chest, this in turn makes the machine’s shovel attachment knock off a few cars off the train, nearly hitting Eve’s jeep]
Eve: Three VW Beetles, I think!
[Eve watches as Patrice fires at the coupling mechanism holding the car to the train]
Eve: He’s uncoupling the cars.
[Bond drives the backhoe over some parked cars in front of it, slams the shovel attachment down, digging into carriage where Patrice has gone into, Bond then scales the machinery and jumps through the hole, stopping momentarily to adjust his cuff]
M: 007, are you alright?
[Bond addresses the passengers on the train]
James Bond: Just changing carriages.
M: What’s going on? Report!
Eve: It’s rather hard to explain, ma’am. 007 is still in pursuit.


[Bond catches up with Patrice on top of the train and they start fighting, Eve follows the train on a stretch of road as far as it can go, when the train passes through a tunnel she realizes that she is at the end of the line]
Eve: There isn’t going to be much more road, I can’t go any further.
[as the train emerges from the tunnel, Eve leaver her Jeep and takes out her gun targeting Patrice as he’s fighting with Bond]
Eve: I may have a shot.
[as she tries to shoot Patrice, Bond keeps getting in the way as they fight]
Eve: It’s not clean. Repeat, I do not have a clean shot. There’s a tunnel ahead, I’m gonna lose them!
M: Can you get into a better position?
Eve: Negative. There’s not time!
M: Take the shot.


[Eve hesitates as Bond is in the way of Patrice]skyfall-5
M: I said, take the shot!
Eve: I can’t, I may hit bond!
M: Take the bloody shot!
[Eve takes the shot, Bond hears this as Eve fires, hitting Bond and sending him flying off the train and into a river below, Patrice looks on at Eve as the train goes under the tunnel and he escapes]
Eve: Agent down.
[back at MI6 headquarter, M stares out at the window looking on the Thames]


[M sits in her office at night and struggles to write an obituary for Bond, three months later we see M meeting Tanner outside a government building]
M: It’s like being summoned to the headmaster’s study.
Tanner: It’s a new chairman, just standard procedure.
M: Bloody waste of my time is what I call it.
[M meets with Gareth Mallory, a member of the government]
Gareth Mallory: I’m sorry to have to deal with such a delicate subject on our first encounter. But, M, I have to be frank with you.
M: I think that would be a good idea.
Gareth Mallory: The Prime Minister’s concerned.
M: Well, you can tell him, my operatives are pursuing every avenue.
Gareth Mallory: Have you considered pulling out the agents.
M: I’ve considered every option.
Gareth Mallory: Forgive me, if that sounds like an evasion.
M: Forgive me, but why am I here?


Gareth Mallory: Three months ago you lost a computer drive containing the identity of almost every NATO agent embedded in terrorist organization across the globe. A list, which in the eyes of our allies, never existed. So, if you’ll forgive me, I think you know why you’re here.
M: Are we to call this, ‘civilian oversight’?
Gareth Mallory: No, we’re to call this ‘retirement planning’. Your country has only the highest respect for you and your many years of service. When your current posting is completed, you’ll be awarded, GCMG with full honors. Congratulations.
M: You’re firing me.
Gareth Mallory: No, ma’am. I’m here to oversee the transition period leading to your voluntary retirement in two months time. Your successor has yet to be appointed, so we’ll be asking you…
[M stands up]
M: I’m not an idiot, Mallory. I knew I can’t do this job forever, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave the department in worse shape than I found it.
Gareth Mallory: M, you’ve had a great run. You should leave with dignity.
M: Oh, to hell with dignity. I’ll leave when the job’s done.
[M turns and leaves Mallory’s office]


[after her meeting with Mallory as M and Tanner are in the car, Tanner receives a call alerting him of a situation back at MI6 headquarters]
Tanner: Ma’am, alert at the Q branch, someone’s trying to decrypt the stolen hard drive. They’re tracing the encroaching signal.
[Tanner looks at his laptop as they are tracing the signal]
Tanner: Localizing now. Signal’s in the UK. London.
[to the driver]
M: Get us back to base as soon as possible.
Tanner: It’s coming from MI6.
M: What?
Tanner: The data bank is linking to our network. Correction, this is behind our firewall. We should shut down.
M: No! Track it. We have to know where it’s coming from.


[Tanner makes a call]
Tanner: Strip the head and strike the source.
M: How the hell did they get into our system?
[Tanner talks into his phone]
Tanner: Get it trace back now.
[Tanner looks at his laptop, as the source has been found he turns to M]
Tanner: It appears…it appears to be your computer, ma’am.
M: Shut it down.
[as Tanner tries to shut down the system suddenly the screen shows the British flag and M’s image pops up in the middle wearing a crown and laughing, then M’s face turns into a skull and the flag burns and message appears ‘Think on your sins’]


[as they try to get back to MI6 headquarters they hit a police road block, M gets of the car in frustration and approaches one of the policemen]
M: For God’s sake! Just get out of the way! Don’t you recognize the car?
Vauxhall Bridge Police Guard: Madam…
[suddenly the MI6 building explodes and M watches in horror]


[we see Bond on an island, having a night of casual sex, he then takes pain killers for the shrapnel that’s still in his shoulder, then we see him going to carrying out the bet of drinking tequila without getting stung by a scorpion on his hand, the next morning he’s still at the same bar drinking when he sees a news report on the TV that MI6 has been hit by a terrorist attack and realized he needs to return to London]


[M stands by coffins of the MI6 employees that were killed by the attack, Tanner enters]
Tanner: It’s time to go, ma’am.
M: I’m gonna find whoever did this.
[M returns home that night, as she goes to pour herself a drink she hears a clink, turns and sees Bond’s silhouette in the darkness]
M: Where the hell have you been?
James Bond: Enjoying death. 007 reporting for duty.
[M turns on the light in the room, Bond is holding a bottle of alcohol and glass in his hand]
M: Why didn’t you call?
James Bond: You didn’t get the postcard? You should try it sometime, get away from all of it. It really lends perspective.
M: Ran out of drink where you were, did they?
James Bond: What was it you said? ‘Take the bloody shot.’


M: I made a judgment call.
James Bond: You should have trusted me to finish the job.
M: It was a possibility of losing you or the certainty of losing all those other agents. I made the only decision I could, and you know it.
James Bond: I think you lost your nerve.
M: Well, what do you expect, a bloody apology? You know the rules of the game, you’ve been playing it long enough. We both have.
James Bond: Maybe too long.
M: Speak for yourself.


James Bond: Ronson didn’t make it, did he?
M: No.
James Bond: So this is it. We’re both played out.
M: Well, if you believe that, why did you come back?
James Bond: Good question.
M: Because we’re under attack. And you know we need you.
James Bond: Well, I’m here.
M: You’ll have to be debriefed, and declared fit for active service. You can only return to duty when you’ve passed the tests, so take them seriously. And a shower might be in order.
[M turns to start walking out of the room]
James Bond: I’ll go home and change.
M: Oh, we’ve sold your flat. Put your things into storage. Standard procedure on the death of an unmarried employee with no next of kin. You should have called.
James Bond: I’ll find a hotel.
M: Well, you’re bloody well not sleeping here.
[M walks off and leaves the room]


[Bond gets driven to the new MI6 headquarters]
Tanner: The assailant hacked into the environmental control system, locked out the safety protocols and turned on the gas. All of which should have been impossible, on top of that they hacked into her files. They knew her appointments, they knew she’d be out of the building.
James Bond: They weren’t targeting her, they wanted her to see it.
[as they drive underground]
James Bond: Where are we, Tanner?
Tanner: New digs.
[they arrive at a set of underground bunkers]
Tanner: The whole building was declared strategically vulnerable.
James Bond: That’s putting it mildly.
Tanner: He was able to breach the most secure computer system in Britain. So we’re on war footing now.


[they enter the bunker and walk through a tunnel]
Tanner: This was part of Churchill’s bunker. We’re still discovering tunnels dating back to the eighteenth century. Quite fascinating, if it wasn’t for the rats.
James Bond: When do I see M?
Tanner: Tomorrow you’ll see M, and Mallory too, if you’re lucky.
James Bond: Who’s Mallory?
Tanner: The new Chairman of Intelligence and Security Committee. A charming man, I think you and he are really going to hit it off.
[as they finally reach MI6 headquarters]
Tanner: Welcome to the new MI6.


[Bond is on a running machine doing a physical examination and Tanner continues to debrief him]
Tanner: We’ve attempted to trace the computer message, but it was sent by an asymmetrical security algorithm, which bounced the signal all over the globe through over a thousand different servers. And now that they’ve accessed M’s codes it’s only a matter of time before they’re able to decrypt the list.
[then we see Bond doing sit-ups as Tanner continues]
Tanner: Q branch have been analyzing the picture, but so far nothing. General feeling is it’s probably someone from her past, perhaps when she was running things in Hong Kong. She’s no idea what it all means.
James Bond: And you believe that?


[we see Bond doing pull-ups]
Tanner: The truth is, we don’t have a clue who took the list, or what they plan to do with it.
[Bond starts to look tired and stops doing the pull-ups]
Tanner: We can always do this later.
James Bond: You know what, let’s.
[Tanner and the other agents leave the room, Bond’s legs give way and he sits, looking exhausted, we then see him doing target shooting practice where he keeps missing the target as the shrapnel in his shoulder is hurting him]


[for his psychological exam, Bond enters a room with a two-way mirror, where M, Mallory and Tanner watch on the other side]
Doctor Hall: I’d like to start with some simple word associations, just tell me the first word that pops into your head. For example, I might say day, and you might say…
James Bond: Wasted.
[Hall smiles]
Doctor Hall: Alright. Gun?
James Bond: Shot.
Doctor Hall: Agent?
James Bond: Provocateur.
Doctor Hall: Woman?
James Bond: Provocatrix.
Doctor Hall: Heart?
James Bond: Target.
Doctor Hall: Bird?
James Bond: Sky.
Doctor Hall: M?
James Bond: Bitch.
Doctor Hall: Sunlight?
James Bond: Swim.
Doctor Hall: Moonlight?
James Bond: Dance.
Doctor Hall: Murder?
James Bond: Employment.
Doctor Hall: Country?
James Bond: England.
Doctor Hall: Skyfall?
[Bond pauses, not answering]
Doctor Hall: Skyfall?
James Bond: Done.
[Bond gets up, looks at the mirror, where M and Mallory are watching, and walks off, Mallory turns to M]
Gareth Mallory: Well, this is going well.


[as the shrapnel in his shoulder is hurting, frustrated Bond takes a knife and digs it all out, he then takes the shrapnel pieces to Tanner]
James Bond: Get these analyzed. For her eyes only.



[Bond is suited up and pacing as he waits in a room when Eve enters]
Eve: She’s ready for you.
James Bond: I’m sorry, have we met before?
Eve: I’m the one who should say sorry.
James Bond: Well, it’s only four ribs, and some of the less vital organs.
[Bond walks towards her, he leans closer to her as he passes her by]
James Bond: Nothing major.
[Eve smiles as she follows him]


[as Eve escorts Bond to M]
James Bond: Not enough excitement in Istanbul?
Eve: I’ve been reassigned. Temporary suspension from field work.
James Bond: Really?
Eve: Mm. Something to do with killing 007.
James Bond: Well, you gave it your best shot.
Eve: It was hardly my best shot.
James Bond: I’m not sure I can survive your best.
Eve: Doubt you’ll get the chance.
James Bond: Well, do me a favor, will you. If they do ever let you back out there, warn me first.
Eve: I’m assisting Gareth Mallory in the transition and then I’ll be back in the field.
James Bond: It’s what you want?
Eve: Yes, of course.
James Bond: It’s not for everyone.
[at that moment Tanner comes up behind them]
Tanner: Ah, 007, it’s this way.
[Bond ignores Tanner and continues talking to Eve]
James Bond: In your defense, a moving target is much harder to hit.
[Bond starts to walks off]
Eve: Then you better keep moving.
[Bond smiles as he walks off]


[sitting in M’s office, looking at M’s china Bulldog ornament with the British flag painted on its back]
James Bond: The whole office goes up in smoke and that bloody thing survives.
M: Your interior decorating tips have always been appreciated, 007.
[Bond stands has Mallory enters the room]
M: 007, Gareth Mallory.
Gareth Mallory: I hope I haven’t missed anything, the P.M. does prattle on in a crisis.
[Mallory and Bond shake hands]
Gareth Mallory: Bond.
James Bond: Mallory.
[Mallory sits in the chair next to Bond]
M: I’ve just been reviewing Bond’s tests.
[looking at Bond]
M: Seems you’ve passed, by the skin of your teeth. You’re back on active service.
Gareth Mallory: Congratulations.
James Bond: Thank you.
[Bond gets up]
James Bond: I’ll um…I’ll be outside.


[Bond starts to walk off]
Gareth Mallory: I only have one question. Why not stay dead? You have the perfect way out, go and live quietly somewhere. Not many field agents get to leave this cleanly.
James Bond: Do you get out in the field much?
Gareth Mallory: You don’t need to be an operative to see the obvious. It’s a young man’s game. Look, you’ve been seriously injured, there’s no shame in saying you’ve lost a step. The only shame will be in not admitting it until it’s too late.
James Bond: Hire me, or fire me. It’s entirely up to you.
M: If he says he’s ready, he’s ready.
[Mallory looks at M]
Gareth Mallory: Perhaps you can’t see it, or maybe you won’t.
M: What exactly are you implying?
Gareth Mallory: You’re sentimental about him.
M: As long as I’m head of this department, I’ll choose my own operatives.
Gareth Mallory: Fair enough.
[Mallory starts to walk off and stops by Bond before leaving]
Gareth Mallory: Good luck, 007. Don’t cock it up.
[Bond looks at Mallory as he leaves M’s office]


[after Mallory leaves M’s office]
Tanner: We’ve analyzed the shrapnel fragments. You’re lucky it wasn’t a direct hit, it would have cut you in half. It’s a depleted uranium shell, military grade.
[Bond and M look at Tanner’s computer monitor showing the results]
Tanner: Hard to get, extremely expensive and only used by a select few.
[Tanner presses a button on his computer bringing up photos of three male suspects]
Tanner: Recognize anyone?
[Bond points the photo of Patrice]
James Bond: Him.
Tanner: Okay. The name’s Patrice, he’s a ghost, no known residence or country of origin.


James Bond: So how do we find him?
Tanner: Well, luckily, we still have one or two friends left in the CIA. They’re after him for the Yemeni Ambassador’s murder, and they’re getting close. Intel is he’s going to be in Shanghai in two days time, probably on a job.
M: You’re to go there and wait further instructions. If he turns up, he’s yours. Find out who he works for and who has the list. Then terminate him for Ronson.
James Bond: With pleasure. Is there anything else you want to tell me?
M: No. Report to the new quartermaster for your documentation. He hasn’t set up shop yet, but Tanner will put you two together. Good luck.
James Bond: Thank you.
[Bonds starts to walk off]
M: 007?
[Bond turns just as he’s about leave the office]
M: You are ready for this?
James Bond: Yes, ma’am.
[Bond leaves]
Tanner: I didn’t know Bond passed the tests.
M: He didn’t.


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