Starring: Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, Gina Rodriguez, Danny DeVito, Yara Shahidi, Ely Henry, Jimmy Tatro



Animated comedy directed and written by Karey Kirkpatrick, in which the story of the Bigfoot legend is turned upside down. We follow a bright young Yeti, Migo (Channing Tatum), who finds something he thought didn’t exist, the elusive creatures known as humans. News of this “smallfoot” brings him fame and a chance with the girl of his dreams. It also throws the simple Yeti community into an uproar over what else might be out there in the big world beyond their snowy village, in a rollicking story about friendship, courage and the joy of discovery.


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[showing the other yetis where he’d seen the human]
Migo: It came at me from the sky. It was like some sort of hard, shiny flying thing! It made a sound like…
[he makes a sound like a plane flying]
Migo: And that’s when it scooped me up! Look. It’s right this way.
[as he turns, the airplane falls off the edge of the cliff]
Migo: No! But… No! No, no! No! It was right here! I swear! This shiny, flying thing. That’s what the smallfoot shot out of. It was like, poof! And then this big skin thing landed on top of it. It was like… And then it saw me, and it sang the most strange, beautiful song. It was like…
[he screams like a human]
Migo: Almost, it was more like…
[he screams like a human again]
Migo: Oh, it’s probably still around here somewhere. Let’s look for it. Come on, everyone!
Yeti #1: Still around here?
Yeti #2: It could be in the village!
Yeti #1: It could be at my house!
Yeti #3: Get the children!
Yeti #4: Migo’s gone crazy!
[all the yetis start panicking, running around and picking up their children]
Migo: Wait! Hold on! Everyone! It didn’t seem all that scary! It was kind of cute!


Dorgle: Migo, what are you doing challenging the Stonekeeper, in front of the whole village?
Migo: Dad, what’s the piece of advice you’re always giving me?
Dorgle: “Do what you’re told.”
Migo: The other one.
Dorgle: “Blend in.”
Migo: The other one.
Dorgle: “Follow the stones. Be a cog. “Do your part. Never disagree with the Stonekeeper.”
Migo: “Always be true!”
Dorgle: That was about hitting a gong. Not challenging a stone. Because if it goes against a stone, it can’t be true.
Migo: But if I say I didn’t see a smallfoot, then I’m lying.


Stonekeeper: Migo, I thought you wanted to be the next gong ringer.
Migo: I do.
Stonekeeper: Then are you still saying the stone is wrong?
Migo: If saying I saw a smallfoot means that the stone is wrong, then I guess I am.
[the other yetis are all visibly shocked]
Stonekeeper: Oh, Migo. It pains me to say this. It truly does. But you leave me no choice. Disobeying the stones is a grave offense. From this day forward, you will be banished from the village!
Migo: What?
Stonekeeper: Until you are ready to stand before us all and tell us the truth.
Migo: I am telling the truth.
Stonekeeper: That’s all, everyone. Back to work. Let’s make it another perfect day.
[the yetis start to leave]
Migo: Stonekeeper, please. That’s my son.
Stonekeeper: Just give him a little time alone out there to think. He’ll come to his senses.
[they starts to walk off, leaving Migo behind]


Gwangi: [to Migo] We believe you.


Meechee: Welcome. We’re really glad you’re here.
Migo: What? What is this place exactly?
Meechee: The secret headquarters of the SES.
Migo: The Esias?
Meechee: No, no, no. It’s three letters. Like S-E-S.
Fleem: Stands for, Smallfoot Exists, Suckas!
Meechee: Fleem, it’s Smallfoot Evidentiary Society.
Fleem: I mean, my name’s got a lot more pizzazz, but…
Migo: Wait. You’re like a smallfoot club? And hold on, you’re the leader? But you’re the Stonekeeper’s daughter.
Meechee: Look, I love my father, but he isn’t exactly what you would call “open to new ideas”.
Kolka: Because questions lead to knowledge.
Gwangi: And knowledge is power.


Migo: So you don’t just believe in the smallfoot. You’ve been looking for one.
Meechee: Yes. You see all the X’s? We have searched the entire mountain for years trying to find one.
[shows him the drawing of the mountain with X’s drawn all over it]
Migo: Why are you looking for X’s?
Meechee: We’re not looking for X’s. We’re looking for the smallfoot. And you have seen one.
Migo: But I can’t prove it.
Meechee: That is where we come in. Gwangi, show him the evidence.
Gwangi: Here’s your proof.
[picks up a coat]
Meechee: First item, smallfoot pelt. Evidence suggests it sheds its skin annually.
[referring to the ski pole]
Gwangi: Second item, smallfoot horn. We believe it only has one.
Meechee: And then there’s this.
[Gwangi gives her a roll of toilet paper]
Meechee: The scroll of invisible wisdom. Just imagine the amazing stuff they put on here.
Fleem: A bunch of crap, if you ask me.
Migo: This proves nothing!


Meechee: Show him the last one.
[they show Migo a human boot]
Meechee: It’s the first piece I ever found. It’s the thing that started all of this.
[Migo gasps as he recognizes the boot]
Kolka: That was a trigger. He’s triggered!
Gwangi: Mm-hmm.
[he points the boot in Migo’s face and Migo has flashback of seeing the human’s foot wearing a similar looking boot]
Migo: Look at your small foot.


[referring to the human Migo encountered]
Meechee: You did see one!
Gwangi: Where did it go?
Migo: I don’t know!
Gwangi: Think!
Kolka: Reach into your memory!
Fleem: Slap him!
Migo: No! It got whisked away on the wind, over the clouds!
Kolka: Which way? Up? Sideways? Where?
[Migo has flashback of seeing the human parachute down]
Migo: Down!
Kolka: Did you say down?
Fleem: Slap him!
Kolka, Gwangi: Fleem!
Meechee: Down! Of course!


Meechee: You know, I have always thought it was weird that a mountain floats, when there’s obviously some invisible force pulling it downward and keeping everything around us from drifting off into the sky.
[she looks over to the others, who look at her with blank confusion]
Meechee: Of course, this is just a theory. But that’s why we haven’t found one up here. Because it’s down here, below the clouds. And if you want proof, that’s where we need to go.
Migo: In the nothing?
[Kolka, Gwangi and Fleem nod their heads]
Migo: [laughs] You’re crazy!
Gwangi: Don’t call me crazy.
Fleem: Yeah, never call a crazy guy crazy.


Migo: You want to know why it’s called the nothing? Because there’s nothing down there!
Gwangi: Why do you believe that?
Migo: Because it’s in the stones.
Kolka: So is the one that says there’s no smallfoot. And yet you saw one.
Meechee: Yeah. Why is there a stone that says something doesn’t exist? Doesn’t that just prove that it actually does? And if one stone is wrong, then others could be as well.
Migo: What? Other stones? How many do you think are wrong?
Gwangi: The whole robe.
Migo: Huh. You know what? This whole thing’s insane. I’m out.
[he starts to leave]
Meechee: Migo, wait.
Migo: Hey, I just want to prove that I saw a smallfoot so I can get un-banished. But you, you want to, what, tear down everything our world is built on?
Meechee: It’s not just about tearing down old ideas. It’s about finding new ones.


[to Migo as they are lowering him down below the clouds]
Gwangi: Listen up. Pull once to go lower, twice to stay put, three times to come up. Four pulls means you’ve reached the bottom and it’s safe for us to come down.
Migo: Wait. What was the second one?
Fleem: Look, it doesn’t really matter.
[Kolka throws Fleem to the side]
Kolka: Your safe word is “mystical creature”.
Migo: That’s more of a phrase really.
Kolka: If you shout it, we’ll abort the mission and pull you right on up.
Migo: How about just “help”? I’ll scream, “Help!” Nice and short.
Meechee: You’re going to do great.
Migo: Yeah? You really think so?
Gwangi: Let’s do this!
[he lets go of the rope holding Migo up]


[as they are lowering Migo down below the clouds]
Fleem: Migo, if you die, can I have all your worldly possessions?
Meechee, Gwangi, Kolka: Fleem!
Fleem: Right, sorry. When you die.


[after he falls and wakes up to discover land]
Migo: Guys? Guys? Oh, boy. Oh, wow. This is so not nothingness! This is definitely somethingness.


Percy: [to Brenda] I have integrity. Okay, yes, I’ve got to do one thing without integrity, and then I’ll just be all integrity all the time. I will ooze integrity. I shall bathe in it. I will have a sports drink called “Integrity” that I will endorse, not for free, but I will take that money and give it to charity. That’s how much integrity I will have!


[as he sees the human, Percy, walk out of the pub]
Migo: There it is! I should introduce myself. Oh, but why am I so scared?
[we see Percy get his phone out and start talking, but Migo only hears gibberish]
Migo: Hm, mo language skills. Didn’t see that one coming.


[Percy is talking his phone, as Migo is waiting to introduce himself]
Percy: Brenda, please come back. It’s just this one time. Then we’ll do the whole integrity thing. I promise. Please call me when you get this.
[as he disconnects, he suddenly sees Migo’s feet and looks up at him]
Percy: Thank you, Brenda! Oh! You’ve even put on the stilts. Oh, I love it. And the suit does not look fake. It’s actually quite convincing. Okay, here’s the shot. I’ll film over…
[Migo is looking at Percy, and just hearing gibberish]


[to himself as Percy is talking]
Migo: He’s doing all the talking. Just say something, you idiot. Here we go.
[to Percy]
Migo: Hi. I’m Migo, and I have…
[Percy looks at Migo and all he hears is Migo growling]
Percy: Blimey, good growl. Did you put an amplifier inside there or something? This is why I work with you, Brenda. When you’re in, you’re all in.


[Percy starts filming himself]
Percy: Here we go. Yeti discovery shot, take one.
[starts acting like he’s out of breath and scared]
Percy: Percy Patterson here high in the Himalayas. I was looking for the rare…
[he hears Migo growl to interrupt him]
Percy: Not yet. Thank you. Cut that bit out. In three, two… I was looking for the rare Himalayan jumping spider, but I just heard a low growling coming from this direction.
[he moves the camera to show Migo]
Percy: Is that a yeti?
[to Migo]
Percy: Do the growl.


[as he’s filming Migo, thinking it’s Brenda in a yeti suit, he sees Brenda arrive on her snowmobile]
Percy: Brenda, will you turn that off? I’m trying to shoot Brenda in this… Wait a minute.
[Brenda takes off in her snowmobile]
Percy: Brenda? Brenda?
[Migo smiles at him, and Percy suddenly realizes that Migo is a real yeti]
Percy: It’s a yeti! It’s a yeti! It’s a yeti! I can’t seem to shout.


Migo: You know, you’ll laugh because, in my world, everyone thinks you’re this terrifying monster that’s all…
[Percy just hears him growl as he talks]
Migo: But you don’t look terrifying to me. You’re adorable.
[Percy screams in terror]
Migo: Ooh, the smallfoot song. I know this one. I know it. I know it.
[as Percy tries to run off, Migo jumps in front of him and yells]
Migo: Was that not right? I just need to take you home and prove to everyone that you exist so I can get un-banished. Okay?


[as he accidentally shoots himself with his tranq gun instead of Migo]
Percy: That’s ironic.
[Percy falls as he passes out]
Migo: Uh, Smallfoot? Hello?]
[Migo hits Percy with his finger which makes Percy’s tooth fall out]
Migo: Ooh, is that supposed to fall out like that? We need to put that back in there. It goes there, right?
[he picks up the tooth and drops it back into Percy’s mouth]


[after running into a cave to get cover from the snowstorm]
Migo: Wow, that storm came out of nowhere, didn’t it? Don’t worry. We’ll wait it out in here. It’s nice and warm.
[as he pops Percy out of his sleeping bag, he falls out looking frozen solid]
Migo: Ah! No!
[he tries to thaw Percy out]
Migo: Please don’t die. Please don’t die. Please don’t die.
[he tries to start a fire]
Migo: Don’t worry, smallfoot. I’m going to save you. I’m going to save you. Just hang on! Hang on! Hang on!


[Percy’s eyes open as he’s warmed up]
Percy: Fire. So warm. So nice. Wait a minute. What’s… Aaah!
[Migo has tied Percy to a stick and is roasting him over a fire to warm him up]
Percy: No, no, you can’t…
Migo: How’s that? Nice and toasty all the way around.
[Percy screams]
Migo: Oh, hey. What’s wrong? You hungry? I found your food.
Percy: Please…
[Migo stuffs Percy’s apple in his mouth as he rotates him over the fire]
Migo: You still cold? Well, I can see why. You have like no fur. Oh, your cocoon is almost dry. I’ll clear off a space where you can just lie down until the storm passes, okay?


[after Percy manages to free himself from over the fire he films himself]
Percy: Percy Patterson here in what might be my last broadcast ever. I might get eaten, or roasted, or frozen solid, or some horrible combination of the three. But know this, know that I risked my life in pursuit of something extraordinary. Something bigger than us. Literally, so much bigger.
Migo: Oh, great! You’re moving. I’ve almost finished clearing off…
[all Percy hears is Migo growling]
Percy: I think he’s saying he wants to have me for dinner.


[Percy hears Migo growling after getting his toe caught in a bear trap chasing after Percy]
Percy: Don’t be stupid, Percy. Do not go back to help the big, ferocious yeti. Do not do it! Although he did just save you from a bear. Oh! This is the wrong time to grow a conscience!
[he goes back to help Migo]


[after Migo has brought them Percy]
Gwangi: We got to bring this truth to the village, blow some tiny minds.
[he makes a small sputtering sound]
Fleem: What was that?
Gwangi: Their minds are really tiny.


[SES shows him the roll of toilet paper]
Kolka: Can you translate the Scroll of Invisible Wisdom?
Percy: Ah. Yes. Actually, I do need this.
[he takes the toilet paper and runs behind a large rock; Fleem watches Percy from behind the rock]
Fleem: Ugh! It is not wisdom, and definitely not invisible.


Migo: So another stone is wrong. This is amazing.
Dorgle: Amazing? What’s so amazing about it? The stones are supposed to be stones, you know? Sturdy, reliable, true. And now the snail is just rising on its own?
Migo: If it even is a snail. Meechee thinks it might be a flaming ball of gas.
Dorgle: Gas? I’ve been banging my head on that thing to wake up a gas ball? That’s usually what wakes me up.
Migo: Look, Dad, I know all of this change is scary, but maybe this is a good thing. Maybe there’s something even better than banging your head against the gong.
Dorgle: But if I don’t ring the gong, I’m not the gong ringer. And if I’m not the gong ringer, then what am I?


Stonekeeper: Lives are at stake, Migo. Your friends, your father, Meechee.
[we see Meechee talking to Percy]
Meechee: Okay. I want to know everything there is to know about you and your world.
Stonekeeper: She’s curious. And you know what they say, “Curiosity killed the yak.”
Migo: So what do you want me to do?
Stonekeeper: Tell everyone you were lying about the smallfoot.
Migo: But they’ve already seen it. They’re not going to believe me.
Stonekeeper: You’d be surprised at what they’ll believe. You think knowledge is power, Migo? Question is, what are you going to do with that power?


Migo: Wait. So none of those stones are true? They’re all lies?
Stonekeeper: Let it lie. Good lies. To protect our world.
Migo: But they need to know the truth.
Stonekeeper: Oh, do they?


[to the other yetis]
Gwangi: Let’s all listen to Gwangi and his whacked-out theories because we all know that Gwangi is just straight-up crazy.
Fleem: What?
Kolka: Don’t call him crazy.
Migo: Come on, are we really going to listen to these guys? They’re the village weirdos, right? We all know that. They’re just trying to prove all the stones wrong. But if we don’t follow the stones, really bad things can happen.
Stonekeeper: Well said, Migo. That’s the truth.
Gwangi: The truth? I don’t think anybody around here cares what that is.


Migo: Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said. I can explain everything, after we find Meechee. She’s in danger. You have to believe me!
Kolka: Why should we believe you? You lied. Friends don’t do that.
Gwangi: Or stab you in the back and call you crazy in front of the whole village.
Fleem: You acted like me. I expect more from you.
Migo: You’re right. I lied. You know, you’ve always searched for the truth. No matter what anybody said. They laughed at you. They called you names.
Fleem: Wait. What names?
Migo: But you never let fear get in the way. That’s what I should have done. And it’s what I’m going to do now.
[suddenly Migo jumps off the edge of the cliff, where the others are sitting]
Kolka, Gwangi, Fleem: Migo!
Fleem: Wait! What names?


[after Kolka and Gwangi have jumped down to the mountain to follow after Migo]
Migo: Guys! You came!
Kolka: Of course, we came. For Meechee.
Migo: Oh. Yeah. Yeah, I know.
Kolka: And a little bit for you. But mostly Meechee.
Migo: Thank you. Even you, Fleem. Wait. Where’s Fleem?
[we see Fleem is still on the mountain deciding whether he should jump]
Fleem: Okay, pros and cons. Pro, Migo needs you. Con, you’re useless to him if you’re dead. Cons, one. Pros, zero. Okay. Pro.
Gwangi: Yeah, Fleem sucks.


[revealing the truth about the humans to the yetis]
Migo: This is our history, and these are our ancestors. There was a time when yetis lived beneath the clouds. We came up here where the smallfoot couldn’t survive. You see, I thought the smallfoot was my enemy. And then he saved me. And I know that I said it wasn’t a smallfoot, but that wasn’t true. And I’m sorry that I lied to you. The smallfoot is real, and they live below the clouds, clouds that we make. And this is why our ancestors decided to do that. That’s the truth. See? It’s complicated, and it can be scary, but it’s better than living a lie. Like, way better.
Thorp: So we didn’t fall out of the butt of the great sky yak?
Migo: Probably not.
Thorp: Whose butt did we fall out of?
Migo: You know what, we’ll circle back.
Thorp: Got it.


[to the yetis; referring to the humans]
Migo: So now you know. We think they’re monsters, and they think we are. And that is not going to change by us hiding. We have to communicate. So it’s up to us to decide what we want to do.


[last lines; we see Fleem on the mountain still deciding whether to jump]
Fleem: Pro, if you go down there, you’ll meet lots of people. Con, uh. you’re not really a people person. Oh, this is torture!
[just then a goat comes up from behind, and as it shrieks, Fleem jumps off the mountain in fear]


[lines in mid-credits; filming himself]
Percy: Okay, in three, two… On the next episode of… Wait. Am I missing a tooth?

Total Quotes: 37


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