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Directed by: Paul Feig
Written by: Paul Feig
Melissa McCarthy – Susan Cooper
Jason Statham – Rick Ford
Rose Byrne – Rayna Boyanov
Jude Law – Bradley Fine
Miranda Hart – Nancy B. Artingstall
Bobby Cannavale – Sergio De Luca
Allison Janney – Elaine Crocker
Peter Serafinowicz – Aldo
Morena Baccarin – Karen Walker
Björn Gustafsson – Anton
Nargis Fakhri – Lia
50 Cent – himself
Zach Woods – Man in Purple Tie
Jessica Chaffin – Sharon
Will Yun Lee – Timothy Cress
Carlos Ponce – Matthew Wright
Richard Brake – Solsa Dudaev
Michael McDonald – Patrick
Paul Feig – Drunken Guest at Paris Hotel


Spy quotes are a brilliant mix of action, spy spoof and off the wall humor. In this third collaboration between director Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy the story follows unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst Susan Cooper who is the unsung hero behind one of the Agency’s best field agents, Bradley Fine. But when Fine’s last mission goes wrong and the identities of the other CIA’s top agents are compromised, Susan volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global disaster.

Yes, the script does have flaws and the mixture of numerous spy parodies in the story doesn’t help either but what makes this spy spoof movie stand out is amazingly ridiculous but funny snappy dialogue which looks to be a combination of Feig’s writing and improv, the physical comedy and the talent of the actors.

McCarthy shines in every scene adding depth to her brand of comedy that makes it very easy to root for her character. As far as the rest of the lead performances go, everyone performs equally well but Jason Statham is the scene stealer as the tough-guy agent who continually brags about himself only to show himself to be a total bumbling idiot, but the fact that he plays it straight is what makes it really work.

Verdict: The best collaboration between Feig and McCarthy so far where the laughs come thick and fast in this fresh take on the spy spoof genre.

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[Varna, Bulgaria – CIA Agent Bradley Fine infiltrates a black-tie party, he heads underground and finds henchman Tihomir Boyanov talking on the phone]
Bradley Fine: Tihomir, hang up.
Tihomir Boyanov: Bradley Fine.
[Boyanov hangs up, turns and finds Bradley pointing his gun at him]
Tihomir Boyanov: I’m honored.
Bradley Fine: Pleasure’s all mine. Tell me where the bomb is. Ten seconds, or you’re dead.
Tihomir Boyanov: Interesting. You see, when my men and I hid it I made sure to erase any witnesses. And then I erased the erasers. Which means, I’m now the only one who knows just where that dangerously compact and transportable nuke is. So, I’d say I have more than ten seconds.
Bradley Fine: Well then, in that case, I’d say you’d better start…
[suddenly Bradley sneezes and he shoots Boyanov in the head by accident, killing him]


[after accidently killing Boyanov]
Bradley Fine: Oh, fuck!
[we see his partner, CIA Analyst Susan Cooper, back in Washington talking to him through his earpiece]
Susan Cooper: Oh, my God! Why did you do that?
Bradley Fine: I didn’t do it on purpose. There’s like a ton of pollen in here!
Susan Cooper: Oh, God! Christmas on a cracker! Did you take your medicine?
Bradley Fine: I forgot it on the plane.spy-6
Susan Cooper: I told you this morning, I put extra in all your jackets.
Bradley Fine: You did?
[he takes out the bag of medicine from him jacket pocket]
Bradley Fine: Great. Shit! Thanks.
Susan Cooper: No, you know what? That’s on me. Because I heard you sniffle a while ago and I did nothing with that information. So that’s blood on my hands, really.


Susan Cooper: Okay. You know what? You got three coming in. Get out the back door now. Move.
[Bradley quickly leaves and goes into another room as three men come after him shooting their guns]
Bradley Fine: Anybody in here?
Susan Cooper: Yeah, we got one coming around the corner, now.
[Bradley quickly shoots the man coming around the corner]
Susan Cooper: Your three guests are coming out that door behind you right now. Watch your six.
[Bradley shoots all three men dead]
Bradley Fine: Yahtzee.
Susan Cooper: Oh, zinger!
Bradley Fine: I should’ve brought more bullets.


[back in the Washington CIA office, Susan’s co-worker, Nancy, is talking to a group of other CIA employees about a cake brought in for someone’s birthday]
Nancy B. Artingstall: I thought they were chocolate sprinkles, which I would eat, normally, by the fistful, but this tasted like… There’s no other way to say it, really. Like a rat’s ass.
Susan Cooper: Okay, guys, can you please keep it down?
Nancy B. Artingstall: Look, unfortunately, there’s vermin in the ceiling again, and I hate to say it, but, uh, well, they’ve pooped all over your cake.


[as he tries to get out of Boyanov’s underground area]
Bradley Fine: I’m going left?spy-4
Susan Cooper: No. I need you to go right and head down the tunnel. You’ve got one coming around to your right, and he’s got a swarm behind him.
Bradley Fine: That’s my girl.
Susan Cooper: Oh, I don’t know.
[Bradley takes out the men coming for him]
Susan Cooper: Watch your back.
[Bradley takes out the last man]
Susan Cooper: Oh, that was a close one, Fine.


Bradley Fine: Who’s the finest of them all?
Susan Cooper: You are.
[starts singing]
Susan Cooper: Oh, Bradley, you’re so fine You’re so fine, you blow my mind. Hey, Bradley!
[she suddenly sees something on her monitor]
Susan Cooper: Oh, God, duck!
[Bradley takes out the man shooting at him]
Susan Cooper: Nice moves, Fine. Pilates has been working out for you.
Bradley Fine: You noticed?
Susan Cooper: Yeah, you just seem looser. Like, in your hips. I mean athletically speaking. I don’t know. I guess you don’t seem so awkward.
[mouthing to herself, clearly obvious that she has a thing for Bradley]
Susan Cooper: Shut up!


Bradley Fine: Going straight?
Susan Cooper: No, go right up the stairs. You’re gonna find a little friend on the first landing.
[Bradley takes out two more men]
Bradley Fine: Thanks for your help.
Susan Cooper: Okay, you’re clear to the top. Get moving.
[at the same time someone in her office opens up a hatch in the ceiling and a herd of bats start flying around the office]
John: Oh, my God! The rats can fly!
Susan Cooper: Come on, you guys!


[as she continues to help Bradley out of the Boyanov’s building]
Susan Cooper: Alright, Fine. Stop at the door. You got a guard approaching, I’ll tell you when.
[the bats start flying around her head and she tries to swat them off]
Susan Cooper: Wait for it, Fine. Three, two, one. Now!
[Bradley opens the door, knocks out the guy on the other side and enters back into the party]
Bradley Fine: Oh, dear, did I forget to knock?
[he winks at a women then runs off]


[referring to the bats around her head]
Susan Cooper: They’re clawing at my hair! I can’t see!
[as he’s rushing to get away from Boyanov’s building]
Bradley Fine: What do you mean, you can’t see me?
Susan Cooper: I’m good. You’ve got SUVs approaching! Go to the dock!
Bradley Fine: Dock. Excellent idea.
Susan Cooper: Boyanov’s boat is at the end!


[Bradley gets to Boyanov’s boat as his men are shooting at him]
Bradley Fine: Uh, no keys, Coop.
Susan Cooper: The panel’s on the lower left under the steering wheel. You can…you can hotwire it.
[as Bradley tries to get to the wire the men keep shooting at the steering wheel]
Bradley Fine: I can’t get to the wires!
Susan Cooper: Okay, then stay down and hold your ears!
Bradley Fine: How will I hear your beautiful voice?
Susan Cooper: Stop being adorable and get down!
[Susan makes a phone call]
Susan Cooper: Lock on coordinates 43. 16547, 27.94654, and fire, now.
[there’s an explosion near Boyanov’s boat which knocks down the men shooting at Bradley, giving him enough diversion to get away on the boat]


[as he’s getting away in Boyanov’s boat]
Bradley Fine: Close one! Nice drone work, Coop! I could kiss you.
[Susan laughs shyly]
Susan Cooper: Oh! Well, I would…I would accept that with an open mouth.
Bradley Fine: Soon as I’m back, dinner is on me. Great work, Coop. Hey, pick up my dry cleaning for me, would you? Also, get my car.
Susan Cooper: Oh, sure. No problem.
Bradley Fine: Oh, and I have to fire my gardener. He keeps running over the sprinkler heads with the mower. Can you cut him loose for me?
Susan Cooper: Um…yeah. Oh, yeah, sure. You kidding? I’d love it.
Bradley Fine: You’re the best. Smell you later, pal.
[to herself]
Susan Cooper: God. Poor Jaime.


[later as Cooper tries to fire Bradley’s gardener]
Susan Cooper: The thing is, Jaime, that, um, uh…
[she notices Jaime’s t-shirt which has a photo of his children on it]
Susan Cooper: Oh! These your…these your children? Your children, here?
Jaime the Gardener: Yeah, I have children.
Susan Cooper: I just have to cover those eyes. They’re looking right at me. Um…
Jaime the Gardener: Please, don’t fire me.
Susan Cooper: No. Jaime, I would never. This is more of a review.
[feeling relieved, Jaime starts dancing with Susan]
Susan Cooper: Ooh. Oh, Jaime. Yes.
[she joins in awkwardly as Jaime starts to sing]
Susan Cooper: The lawnmower. Oh.
[they stars waltzing towards the lawnmower]
Susan Cooper: Right to that lawnmower.


[we see Susan mowing Bradley’s lawn as Jaime attends to the bushes, he waves to her]
Susan Cooper: Oh, you’re a killer, Susan.


[Susan is at a French restaurant with Bradley, as he’s talking in French to the waiter she notices the waiter place a dish containing what looks like two scallops on the table]
Susan Cooper: These look delicious.
[she picks one up, places it in her mouth and starts eating it]
Susan Cooper: I don’t want to be critical, but this is very chewy.
Bradley Fine: Coop, you’re eating a hand towel.
[with awkward embarrassment she takes out the towel from her mouth]
Susan Cooper: Just, uh, cleansing my palette.


[jokingly, referring to the very posh looking restaurant]
Susan Cooper: Jeez. You had to take me to such a dump?
[Bradley laughs]
Susan Cooper: Come on, cheapskate!
Bradley Fine: Burger King was booked up.
[Susan shrieks in laughter loudly, making the people in the restaurant look at her]
Susan Cooper: Sorry. I’m having dinner with Gallagher over here. Guard your fruit!
[Bradley laughs]
Susan Cooper: You could. You’re funny. Your timing is perfect.
Bradley Fine: Never as funny as you, Super Cooper.


[making a toast]
Bradley Fine: To another successful mission.
Susan Cooper: Go team.
Bradley Fine: Go team. Hey, I’ve been thinking.
Susan Cooper: Yeah.
Bradley Fine: I couldn’t do what I do without you. And I’ve been thinking about doing something special for you. So…
[he places a small jewelry black box on the table]
Susan Cooper: Good gravy, Fine.
[she takes the box, opens it and finds a cheap looking cupcake necklace with eyes on it]
Susan Cooper: Oh. That’s…
Bradley Fine: It’s a crazy cupcake!
[Susan laughs awkwardly]
Bradley Fine: You love cakes.
Susan Cooper: Well, I’m not a big cake… I make cakes. Yes, I…I see the connection.
Bradley Fine: Now you can wear a cake.


Susan Cooper: How did you know I don’t care for traditional jewelry? I can’t seem to stop looking at it, and it can’t stop looking at me.
Bradley Fine: Imagine how awkward it would’ve been if it’d been a diamond ring or something.
Susan Cooper: Ooh, not a diamond ring! No! Well, I would’ve had to say, “I don’t want to marry you!” I don’t want your muscly arms and hands rubbing my back with Nivea for the rest of my life. And our three kids run in, you know? Karen, Tommy and Billy, and we’d say, “Get out of here!” And they’d just all have that beautiful jaw, and sky-blue eyes, and a full mouth. I mean, no, thank you.
[Bradley chuckles]


Susan Cooper: I’ll just, you know, I’ll just…
[she closes the box]
Susan Cooper: Can you give me a little jewelry I can actually wear?
Bradley Fine: Not gonna wear it?
Susan Cooper: Yes. Yeah. I was just saving it. I mean…
Bradley Fine: Put it on!
[with trepidation she opens the box and takes out the necklace]
Susan Cooper: Look at that. Wow, that’s a…
Bradley Fine: That is an adjustable toggle.
Susan Cooper: Adjustable toggle. You don’t…you don’t see that with a lot of jewelry.
[she puts the necklace on and Bradley laughs]
Bradley Fine: It’s so you.
Susan Cooper: Is it? Wow, perfect.
[as another restaurant patron looks at her with disapproval]
Susan Cooper: Oh, somebody’s jealous.


Bradley Fine: Seriously, I couldn’t do what I do without you, in my earpiece.
Susan Cooper: I could never do what you do. Can you imagine me as a spy?
[Bradley laughs]
Bradley Fine: Oh, my God. Out in the field.
Susan Cooper: Yeah.
Bradley Fine: With a gun!
Susan Cooper: What?
Bradley Fine: “Hi, terrorists. Oh, golly!”
[he mimics shooting himself in the head with a gun]
Bradley Fine: “Oh, I shot myself!”
Susan Cooper: Whoops!
Bradley Fine: “I meant to shoot you, not me!”
Susan Cooper: That’s probably what I’d say. I’d be like, “Hey!” You know, “Terrorists, you better watch out, or I’ll make you a chocolate cake. Do you like chocolate? Well, then I’ll make you a vanilla.”


Susan Cooper: I mean, they would never let me be a spy. I can’t…I can’t even dress like a spy. I mean, you know, look at you and you’re tailored. You’re…everything is cut right. And mine, it’s like a lumpy pumpkin sack dress.
Bradley Fine: Oh, come…
Susan Cooper: It doesn’t even have a label. It does not have a label, and I think my mom made it…
Bradley Fine: No, stop.
Susan Cooper: I should get on my hands and knees and start scooping.
Bradley Fine: Good God. Go easy on yourself.
Susan Cooper: Okay.


Bradley Fine: We’re a perfect team. That’s why we work.
Susan Cooper: Yeah.spy-5
Bradley Fine: Come here. Come here. Close.
[Susan gets up and leans in close across their table]
Bradley Fine: I think you’re getting pinkeye.
Susan Cooper: What? No.
Bradley Fine: Right there.
Susan Cooper: No, that’s not…
Bradley Fine: Did you wipe your eye after you cleaned out the cat box?
Susan Cooper: I don’t have cats.
Bradley Fine: Why did I think that?
Susan Cooper: I don’t…I don’t know.
Bradley Fine: You should get some, they’re good company.
[Susan smiles sadly at him]


[Langley, Virginia – the CIA boss, Elaine Crocker, briefs the agents about Bradley’s mission and Boyanov’s nuclear weapon]
Elaine Crocker: We’ve intercepted chatter that the weapon is still being offered to the highest bidder. Someone other than Boyanov knows where that nuke is.
Susan Cooper: It’s probably his daughter, Rayna. She’s really the only person he’s trusted.
Elaine Crocker: Jesus, Cooper, do you have pinkeye? Go home, you’re gonna infect everybody.
Bradley Fine: [quietly] Told yah.
Susan Cooper: No, it’s not pinkeye, ma’am. It’s just, I’m having a bit of an allergic reaction.
Elaine Crocker: Well, I’m allergic to disgusting childhood illnesses, so stay away from me.
Susan Cooper: Sorry.


Elaine Crocker: Anyway, you’re right. After Boyanov’s death, Rayna went to a safety deposit box at a DSK bank in Varna. The chatter picked up later that night.
Bradley Fine: What do we know about her?
Susan Cooper: I can…I can pull up her file.
[as Susan gets up from her chair her cardigan gets stuck on the chair]
Susan Cooper: Oh, that’s stuck. It’s just a little warm in here.
[she takes off her cardigan and goes over to Crocker’s computer]
Susan Cooper: Pull up my file…
Elaine Crocker: Jesus! Not my keyboard with your pinkeye-infected fingers! Why don’t you just cry directly into my mouth while you’re at it?
Susan Cooper: It really is just an allergic reaction…
Elaine Crocker: Sit down! I’ll do it.
Susan Cooper: Okay, I’m gonna go sit down.


Elaine Crocker: Rayna Boyanov. Majored in international law at Oxford, top of her class. Been living in London for the past ten years. Now we know she has been communicating with the heads of several terrorist organizations. Most ominously, Solsa Dudaev, the al-Qaeda-funded leader of the Chechen Martyrs’ Brigade. We have compelling evidence that he has the machinery in place to get that nuke to New York in time for next week’s UN General Assembly.
Bradley Fine: I’m already packed.
Elaine Crocker: One of our sources was told she’s taken up residence outside of Sofia. Go get her.
[Bradley gets up, and turns to Susan as he leaves]
Bradley Fine: Grab my things, Coop.
[Susan goes to grab Bradley’s things from the table]
Elaine Crocker: Jesus, Cooper, go put on some sunglasses or something. I feel like you’re a Gypsy cursing me with it.
[covering her pinkeye]
Susan Cooper: Yep, I’m on it.


[after the meeting Susan rushes over to catch up with Bradley]
Susan Cooper: Oh, Fine? Hi.
Bradley Fine: Hey, Super Cooper.
[Bradley puts his arm around her and pulls her in close]
Susan Cooper: Oh! Um…I just was feeling a little weird, you know, about…
Bradley Fine: Oh, yeah?
Susan Cooper: Some of the stuff, and I think the intel, you know, on Rayna’s location seems a little too easy. I just…something doesn’t feel right.
Bradley Fine: It’ll be right when we get Rayna behind bars and that nuke back in our hands.
Susan Cooper: Yeah, sure. I just…I don’t know, all my alarm bells are going off with this one.
Bradley Fine: Really? Well, then, it’s okay cause I have a plan.


[Bradley touches Susan’s face]
Bradley Fine: You and I gotta stop going on these awful missions. Run off together.
Susan Cooper: Do you mean that?
Bradley Fine: What? Do I mean that? You got me. You kidder.
[Susan tries to down play it and act like what she said was a joke]
Susan Cooper: You sucker! No. You should have seen your face! You were like…
[Bradley gets into the elevator]
Susan Cooper: Fine, I’m sorry if I…
Bradley Fine: Don’t be. God, I admire you.


[Susan is at a bar with her friend Nancy discussing her last conversation with Bradley]
Nancy B. Artingstall: “I admire you”? Well, did he at least say it in a flirty tone that says: “And because of my admiration, I shall now take my shirt off “and penetrate ye”?spy-8
Susan Cooper: No. The only way he’d invite me to his bedroom is if he wants me to fix his bed. I’m so stupid. Can I just have a sip of your wine?
Nancy B. Artingstall: Mm-hmm.
[Susan taker her glass]
Nancy B. Artingstall: It’s quite buttery.
[Susan downs the whole drink in the glass]
Nancy B. Artingstall: Wow. Okay, we could order you your own glass. That was mine!


Susan Cooper: My life is a disaster.
Nancy B. Artingstall: No, it’s not.
Susan Cooper: I’m 40, I live by myself. I haven’t been in a real relationship since Jerry left me three years ago.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Well, Jerry was a jackass.
Susan Cooper: And when I gave up teaching to join the CIA, I thought everything was gonna be different. I thought I was gonna be this amazing spy. I’m just the same boring person I was before.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Well, for what it’s worth, I think you’re brilliant as you are. You’re exciting. Come on, let’s cheer you up. Okay. My nephew loves this. Alright.
[she places her napkin in front to her face, pulls down to reveal her smiling in a goofy way]
Susan Cooper: Okay. Thanks. Isn’t your nephew three?


[when Nancy pulls the same goofy smile to cheer her up]
Susan Cooper: My God, that’s the same face.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Okay, this will be different.
Susan Cooper: Exactly the same face.
Nancy B. Artingstall: This will be different. This will be different.
[she places the napkin in front of her face again]
Nancy B. Artingstall: Ready? Ready? Ready? Aah…
[she does the same goofy smile when she pulls the napkin down]
Susan Cooper: That’s the exact same thing.
Nancy B. Artingstall: How is that the same thing? There was a little bit of tongue there.
Susan Cooper: Please stop. That’s not cheering me up.


Nancy B. Artingstall: Do you know what? I’m glad you said that to Fine. I am, because you play it too safe.
Susan Cooper: I just, I still hear my mom’s voice, “Well-behaved women often make history.”
Nancy B. Artingstall: Yes, you do know the phrase is, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
Susan Cooper: Yeah. That’s never how she said it.
Nancy B. Artingstall: What were her others?
Susan Cooper: Oh, “Just blend in.” “Let somebody else win.”
Nancy B. Artingstall: Classic.
Susan Cooper: I got that a lot in high school.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Yep.
Susan Cooper: And there was, uh, “Give up on your dreams, Susan.” She used to write that in my lunchbox.


[referring to another agent, Karen Walker, as she walks into the bar talking to some men]
Nancy B. Artingstall: I mean, look, okay? What’s really so different between us and Karen Walker?
Susan Cooper: Um, I think literally everything.
Nancy B. Artingstall: No, hang on. No, because you were just as good as her at the Academy.
Susan Cooper: She’s had more successful missions than even Fine.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Oh, she’s the worst. Look at her, she thinks she’s so perfect, doesn’t she? “Oh, hi, I’m Karen Walker, super spy.” Perfect hair. Perfect face. She probably cries herself to sleep every night.
Susan Cooper: I don’t think she probably does.
Nancy B. Artingstall: She probably does. And not, like, sort of cute, little tears. Like, really sort of, you know, silent, kind of big.
[starts mimicking doing big tears crying]
Susan Cooper: I don’t think that’s what…
[Susan laughs]
Nancy B. Artingstall: Like a sort of upside down kidney bean. “This is what I look like when I’m asleep.”


[as Nancy continues to make fun of Karen crying]
Susan Cooper: Shut up, be quiet.
Nancy B. Artingstall: She won’t know who we are. She’s so full of herself.
[just then Karen comes over to them]
Karen Walker: Hi. Hey, Nancy. Hi, Susan.
Susan, Nancy: Hi!
Karen Walker: Look at you two cuties sitting here being all cute.
Susan Cooper: Aw! Oh, you.


[Karen turns to the bartender]
Karen Walker: Can I have an Old Fashioned, please?
Nancy B. Artingstall: The service is really slow.
Susan Cooper: Super slow.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Good luck getting that in the next hour.
Alan the Bartender: Here you go, Miss Walker.
[hands Karen her drink]
Karen Walker: Thank you.
Susan Cooper: Oh.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Wow.


Karen Walker: Alan and I go way back. I come here all the time.
Susan Cooper: So do we. Right, Alan?
[the bartender ignores her]
Susan Cooper: Hey, Alan. Alan!
Nancy B. Artingstall: Big A! Big A!
Susan Cooper: Woo-hoo! Al! We got a whole…
Alan the Bartender: Miss Walker, are these two bothering you?
Karen Walker: Oh, no, thank you. They’re fine.
Alan the Bartender: Okay.
Susan, Nancy: Alan!
Karen Walker: He’s the sweetest.
Susan Cooper: He totally pretends not to know.
Nancy B. Artingstall: He’s funny.
Susan Cooper: It’s a…it’s a game.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Yeah.


Karen Walker: Well, anyway, I’m taking some time off, so I’ll see you guys when I get back.
Susan Cooper: Oh.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Where are you going?
Karen Walker: Capri.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Capri.
Susan Cooper: Capri.
Karen Walker: Yeah, I believe it’s “Cahpri.” That’s how the locals say it, anyway.
Susan Cooper: Oh.
Karen Walker: Yeah. I wish I could just stick around here, you know? Curl up with a good book. But I have a yacht full of friends waiting for me.
Susan Cooper: Wow.


Karen Walker: Yachts are the worst. They seem so glamorous, but…
Susan Cooper: They’re the worst.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Boo, yachts.
Karen Walker: Anyhoo, I’ll see you guys when I get back, all freckled and tan.
Susan Cooper: We’re gonna see you.
Nancy B. Artingstall: Yeah.
Karen Walker: Bye.
Susan, Nancy: Bye!
[as Karen turns to leave Nancy blows a raspberry, Karen stops and looks at them]
Nancy B. Artingstall: Oh, sorry. Susan’s ill. It’s her stomach.
[Karen walks off]


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