Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Leslie Jones, Bill Hader, Rachel Bloom, Awkwafina, Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Derbez, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage, Dove Cameron, Lil Rel Howery, Beck Bennett, Nicki Minaj, Brooklynn Prince



Animated action comedy sequel directed by Thurop Van Orman. The story follows the flightless birds on a new adventure. King Mudbeard (Bill Hader), ruler of the Bad Piggies, and Zeta (Leslie Jones), plot revenge against them after they devastated his homeland in a battle to reclaim their eggs.


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Red: Those pigs…
Chuck: Are going to pay…
Bomb: For our lunches!
Red: Uh, because of our hunger to give them…
Chuck: A taste of their own…
Bomb: Quesadillas!
[Red looks at him]
Bomb: What?


Leonard: You stupid birds.


[referring to the giant ice ball that lands near Piggy Island]
Leonard: What the heck is that? And where did it come from?
[looks through his binoculars and sees the source of the ice ball is from Eagle Island]
Leonard: We’re going to need a bigger slingshot.


Zoe: Hey, daddy.
[referring to three unhatched eggs she’s just taken]
Zoe: Just borrowing my sisters for a minute.


[as her egg siblings drift out to sea by accident]
Zoe: Oh, crap.


[as she turns on the tap, little ice cubs pour out of the tap and onto her toothbrush]
Zeta: There goes my toothpaste. I am tired of this.


[we see Zeta dragging her pet dog who’s frozen in an ice cube; she throws a stick for her dog to fetch]
Zeta: Come on, baby. Go get it. Let’s go get it. Go get the stick.
[her dog looks at her sadly as it’s frozen in the ice]


Zeta: I’m done. I’m done living on this frozen, seal infested iceberg of an island. Fire another ice ball!


[on his speed date]
Bomb: Hi.
Ella: Hi.
Bomb: I eat dirt.
[he laughs and the dirt starts spilling out of his mouth]
Ella: Oh. Ew!


[Red is speed dating]
Ella: So, are you mad?
Red: No.
Ella: Well, I don’t know, you look mad.
Red: Well, I’m not.
Ella: Yeah, you know what? Maybe it’s your eyebrows.
Red: My eyebrows are fine. It’s just the way I look.
Ella: It’s like you’ve got resting bird face.
Red: Oh, yeah? Well, you know, that’s not a thing.


[Red is now speed dating with Silver]
Silver: Okay, worms, birdseed, or just garbage from a dumpster?
Red: I’m sorry, what?
Silver: Favorite food, silly. Don’t think. Just answer from your gut. Go!
Red: Um. Uh, toast?
Silver: Okay. Toast. Favorite color?
Red: Uh…
Silver: Oh, stupid question. Red, duh! If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Red: Um, to disappear, like, you know, right now.


[Silver continues to question Red during their speed date]
Silver: Okay. What do you do in your free time?
Red: You know, I mean, I don’t really have any free time. I kind of, you know, protect Bird Island from being attacked, and that’s a full-time gig. So, yeah.
Silver: Oh, I thought I heard something about a truce.
Red: [chuckles] No. A truce, no. That’s not going to last.
Silver: Well, You’ll have a lot more free time now that nobody needs you anymore, so.
Red: Okay. We are done here.
[Red gets up and walks away]


[as Red is walking away from their speed dating]
Silver: Are you afraid to talk about your feelings?
Red: You know, just because I don’t want to talk about them, doesn’t mean I’m afraid.
[Silver walks towards Red and writes in her notes]
Silver: Okay. So avoids personal questions. Unusually angry.
Red: Talks to herself.
Silver: Self-esteem issues.
Red: Uh, doesn’t answer own questions. Left-handed. Probably a witch.


[Silver holds up her speed dating score card]
Silver: Looks like we’re definitely incompatible.
Red: Oh, and you needed a form to tell you that. Okay. Well, I hope you have better luck annoying the next guy.
Silver: I don’t need luck. I have a formula.
Red: Okay. Have a nice life.
Silver: Have fun being alone.
Red: Oh, I will.


[as Red angrily walks out of the speed dating venue]
Pinky: Aw. There he goes, like a ship in the night. No rudder, no purpose, no crew.
[to Red as he walks off]
Pinky: Well, have a good night.


[after Red shuts his front door in Leonard’s face]
Leonard: Look, Red, I know we’ve had our differences.
Red: Oh, like when you tried to eat our young?
Leonard: I come in peace.
[he pokes his head through the window and Red breaks something over his face]
Leonard: Ouch.
Red: Aah!
[Red tries to shove Leonard’s face out of the window]
Leonard: Look, I don’t want to see your face any more than you want to see mine. We’re all in danger!
[Red tries to shove books into Leonard’s face]
Leonard: Ouch!
Red: Yeah, from you!
Leonard: No, we have a truce!


Leonard: Didn’t you get my note? It was on a balloon.
Red: Oh, yeah, that’s right. You wanted to talk.
[we see Red has tied up Leonard]
Leonard: This is not how a truce works.
Red: Just say what you got to say, and then get out!
Leonard: Red, we’ve discovered that there’s a third island, and they’re plotting to destroy us all.
Red: A third island? Give me one reason why I should believe you.
Leonard: Haven’t you noticed any strange objects falling from the sky? Giant balls of ice?
[we see Red having flashback remembering seeing the ice balls and ignoring them]
Red: Nope, nothing. Haven’t seen anything.
Leonard: Well, I have, and I’ll show you the proof. Squeal Team Six!
[his army of pigs break into Red’s house
Red: What the…? Hey, hey, hey! Easy! Easy! Every stop!
[they then hear the toilet flush and one of the pigs come out the bathroom]


Leonard: We need to put aside our differences and work together.
Red: To save our whole world from being destroyed.
[Red looks at the newspaper cutout of himself being declared as a hero]
Red: What we really need is a hero. I’m in.
Leonard: Wonderful! We’ll have to get a team together.
Red: Yes, we will. But, hey, I’m in charge.
Leonard: Actually, that position’s been filled. Boo-yah!
Red: Uh, yeah. By me.


[as Red and Leonard breakout Bomb from his room]
Bomb’s Mom: Bomb, what was that noise? You’re still grounded!
Bomb: I’m an adult, mom!


Chuck: Guys, this is Silver, the greatest kid sister in the world.
Silver: Well, I’m not exactly a kid anymore, Chuck.
Chuck: Oh, you’ll always be my kid sister!
Silver: Okay. Hey, everyone.
Red: You know, I don’t think this is going to work. It’s just that I’m not sure you’re going to be compatible with the team.
Silver: Oh, wow, it is such a pleasure to meet…
[to Red]
Silver: Not you.
[to Leonard]
Silver: But you! I’ve never met a pig before. Your technological achievements are amazing. May I shake your hoof?
[starts shaking his hand]
Leonard: Why, thank you. I like her.
Silver: And this has to be Bomb.
Bomb: Woh! How did you know that?
Silver: You have a fuse coming out of your head. Oh, so cool!


Red: So, I, um, I hear you’re some kind of engineering wizard, or whatever.
Silver: Oh, I mean, I don’t like to brag, but…
[holding up her certificate in engineering]
Silver: Wait. Who’s that?
[then she display all her numerous certificates]
Silver: And why is she all over these achievement awards?
Chuck: [to Red] The kid’s amazing, right?
Silver: Not a kid anymore, Chuck.
Chuck: Toot-toot! Tickle Train arriving at Sister Station!
[Chuck starts walking towards her]
Silver: Chuck, no. I am a serious academic.
[Chuck starts to tickle her]


[as Zoe and her friends find the three egg siblings]
Zoe: Woo-hoo! We did it. That was so easy!
Vivi: Yeah! A little too easy, actually.
Zoe: What do you mean by that?
Vivi: Well, normally, when things are this easy, some dramatically unexpected setback occurs.
Zoe: I don’t get it.
Sam-Sam: Me neither.
Vivi: Well, it’s kind of hard to explain. But it’s sort of like, you know how some…?
[just then a whale floats up under their makeshift boat and blows the three eggs into the cloud]
Vivi: Oh, see? Like that.
Zoe: Are you freaking kidding me?


Leonard: Each of you has been selected because you’re the best in your field.
[Chuck, Bomb, Mighty Eagle, Matilda, and Courtney look excited]
Group: Oh.
Leonard: That we could find.
[the group look disappointed]
Group: Oh.
Leonard: Your skills will be put to the test, facing this.
[he points to the volcano picture]
Leonard: As you can clearly see, this is a vol…
[Red takes the pointer stick from Leonard]
Red: Volcano. A volcano is what my assistant was going to say.
Leonard: Assistant? You’re the assistant!
[they start squabbling and trying to the take pointer stick from each other]
Leonard: Let go. Let go.
Red: No, I’m the leader.
Leonard: I’ll take that.
[Silver puts up her and]
Silver: Actually, it’s a composite volcano. You can tell by the height and the apparent vent clusters.
Red: Okay, forget I said volcano. This is a, um, it’s a super-weapon!
[the group gasps]
Bomb: Weird, because it looks just like a volcano.
Leonard: Yep. And here’s the scary part.
[as he points to the picture behind it, we see it’s a photo of himself]
Leonard: This is their psychotic leader!


Silver: What’s the plan?
Red: Alright, here’s what we’re looking at, folks. Step one, travel undetected to Eagle Island.
Chuck: Uh-huh.
Red: Uh, step two, we’re going to break into the super-weapon.
Bomb: Got it.
Chuck: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Red: And step three, deactivate the super-weapon.
[we see Silver write down in her notebook “There is no plan”]
Silver: [whispers] No plan.
Red: Once we break in there, hopefully, before both islands are destroyed and we all die. So, that’s, uh, that’s it.
Silver: Right. So I just have a few questions.
Red: Why? I explained everything.
Silver: It’s a foolproof plan. Yeah. How do we sneak onto the island? What is the super-weapon, and how do we deactivate it? And when you say escape, how do you plan to do that exactly? I feel like this is a pretty crucial thing to figure out.
Leonard: I agree. Why isn’t she in charge?
Chuck: Told you she’s super smart.


[as they are all holding onto a sheet as they float in the air]
Chuck: Please tell me that was the sound of your pants ripping.
Bomb: I don’t wear pants!
Red, Leanoard, Silver, Courtney: None of us wear pants!


Pinky: Don’t screw this up, Red!
Baby Pig: If we die, it’s kind of your fault!


Leonard: Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to our master of gadgetry.
Leonard, Courtney: Garry!
[as he looks at Red, Silver, Bomb, Chuck and Mighty Eage]
Garry: This is it? This is the amazing team I’ve been working around the clock for?
Leonard: Working with what we’ve got.
Garry: Well, that’s disappointing.


Garry: Welcome to my piggy gadget lab.
Bomb: Oh, yeah.
Garry: Everywhere you look, you’ll see inventions being tested by my team of guinea pigs.
Silver: Oh. This is so cool.
Bomb: I know. Right?
Garry: All of the gadgets have been designed specifically with your current mission in mind. The first being Invisa Spray. Need to go undetected in plain sight? Invisa Spray does exactly that.
[he sprays a green pig, who becomes invisible]
Invisible Pig: Wow, I’m invisible!
Group: Woh!
Garry: Woh, indeed.
Silver: That’s amazing.
Red: How long does the invisibility last for?
Garry: Forever.
Invisible Pig: Wait. What?
[he makes a call]
Invisible Pig: Tina, we’re not going to be able to see each other tonight.
Red: And what does the next gadget do? Like bury us alive?
Garry: What? That would be ridiculous.


[as Zoe and her sisters stumble upon a large boa constrictor]
Zoe: A boa constructor.


[the team are hiding inside an eagle costume trying to get into the Eagle Island base]
Leonard: [high voice] Hello, fellow eagle guards.
Carl: Hm?
Jerry: Hm?
Courtney: Oh, no. He’s doing a voice.
Leonard: [high voice] I’m running late to the old job. Commute was rough today for some reason. But the good news is I made it!
[to the others]
Leonard: Ninety-degree turn. Quick!
[to Jerry and Carl]
Leonard: [high voice] But the good news is I made it.
Carl: ID, please.
Leonard: [high voice] Oh. Uh, ID? Uh. Not sure I have it on me.
[whispers to the others]
Leonard: Act like you’re checking pockets.
[referring to the arm on the eagle costume]
Garry: It’s stuck!
Leonard: Stuck?
[suddenly the eagle arm punches the face of the eagle costume]
Leonard: Ow! What the heck are you doing?!


Eagle: [over radio] Guards, be on alert for an intruder.
Carl: Wait a minute.
Chuck: What’s happening?
Leonard: Shh. He’s on to us.
[Carl walks up to them and starts looking at the eagle costume suspiciously]
Carl: Hmm.
Leonard: We are so dead.
Carl: Alright. I know what’s going on here. I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Jerry, you getting a load of this?
Jerry: Yeah, I think I am.
Carl: Yeah, Jerry, I know exactly what’s going on.
[pointing at them, while everyone in the eagle costume is quivering with fear]
Carl: This right here is obviously a new guy!
Jerry: Yeah, impostors in a costume. Wait. What?
Bomb: Oh.
Chuck: Uh.
Courtney: Huh?
Leonard: Huh?
Carl: Yeah! You’re the new guard for the east tower.
Leonard: [high voice] Yes! Yes, I am.
Carl: [laughs] I knew it. Jerry, swipe the new guy in.
Jerry: Okay.
[Jerry swipes the door open]
Leonard: [high voice] Thank you so much.
[as they enter]
Leonard: Okay, guys, we’re in.


[as they watch Jerry head to the bathroom]
Leonard: We got to get that keycard.
[Jerry is at one of the urinals in the bathroom, as they try to make their way to the urinal next to Jerry, they slip and go smack into the urinal wall]
Leonard: Okay, Courtney, get that card.
[Courtney tries to move the eagle costume arm, but it keeps hitting the urinal divider]
Courtney: There’s something in the way.
Leonard: Chuck, what’s going on down there?
[Chuck slips the lower part of the costume open a little to take a peak]
Chuck: There’s a divider in the way. Maybe it’s on the other side.
[the upper part of the costume leans back]
Leonard: Okay, hold on.
[they start to slowly walk to the other urinal next to Jerry]
Leonard: Pretend to pee-pee.
[Chuck starts to spittle out water with his mouth; in annoyance Jerry turns to leave]
Chuck: Oh, no. He’s leaving.
Leonard: Chuck, get that card.
[Chuck reaches out and grabs Jerry’s keycard]
Chuck: I got it!
[the keycard is attached to a string that slips out of Chuck’s hand, smacks into the back of the Jerry’s head, who falls and passes out]
Chuck: Yeah, I’m just going to…
[he quickly grabs the keycard]
Chuck: Boop.


[as they enter Eagle Island base]
Leonard: Oh, my goodness gravy.


[referring to the eagle guard]
Bomb: What? What’s happening?
Leonard: I think he’s challenging us to a breakdance battle?


[as he’s watching the eagle guards breakdancing]
Chuck: What’s happening?
Leonard: Looks like a popping and locking.


[as Red and Silver have been captured by the eagle guard]
Chuck: They got Red and my sister. We got to go!
Leonard: But the super-weapon!
Chuck: That’s my sister, mister. And I’m going to save her.


Red: What happened?
Silver: Oh, let’s see. Well, you got us captured, and trapped in ice on top of giant pool toys. Good job.
Red: I just thought that maybe if I could…
Zeta: Stop me? Yeah, you two lovebirds just thought y’all could sail over here and stop me.
Silver: Lovebirds?
Red: Woh, woh. No, no, no.
Silver: No way. I mean, we’re barely like friend birds.
Zeta: So typical. Type-A male paired with a strong female, and you just can’t stand it, can you?
Red: Well, I…
Zeta: Let me guess. You prefer to fly solo.
[mocking Red]
Zeta: “I have to save everybody all by myself!” Just like a man.
Silver: Ooh, ouch. That is kind of true though.
Zeta: Maybe she was a little clingy at times. Maybe she gave you that engagement ring a little bit too early.
Silver: I don’t think she’s talking about us. Maybe she’s talking about…
[just then Zeta puts her finger over Silver’s mouth]
Silver: [muffled] Mighty Eagle.


Red: Those islands are filled with innocent birds and pigs!
Zeta: You all had the chance to evacuate. But for some reason, you didn’t!
[Red has flashback remembering when Ella asked him about evacuating]
Ella: So you are a hundred percent sure we shouldn’t evacuate?
Red: I am sure. No one needs to evacuate. Everybody just stay calm.
Zeta: [to Red] Sorry.
Zeta: Not sorry. I’m truly not sorry.
[continues to laugh]


Garry: Don’t touch the lava tubes.
Leonard: I don’t know if I’m going to fit.
Courtney: Just suck in your butt.
[Leonard sucks in his butt cheeks as they pass the tube behind them]
Axel: Does anyone smell bacon?


Silver: Okay, Leonard. Time for Plan X.
Leonard: Plan X? I thought you said spandex.
Silver, Red: Spandex?


[as Red and Silver are in an ice ball rolling on a rail towards Zeta’s super-weapon]
Silver: We need to get to sixty-five miles per hour.Left, right. Left, right!
Red: Well, at least we’re going to get all our steps in today.


Mighty Eagle: I’m the cause of all this. I ran out on you on our wedding day. And ever since then, you’ve been tormented inside.
Zeta: Right now? This is when you choose to do this?
Mighty Eagle: So take me! Not these islands.
Zeta: You have got some flipping nerve!
Mighty Eagle: I know! I ripped your heartstrings right out.


Mighty Eagle: Go ahead, do your worst to me. I deserve it.
Zeta: You think this is about you, Ethan?
Leonard: Ethan?
Zeta: Oh, that is so hilarious, slash, embarrassing, slash, I hadn’t thought about your fat butt in twenty years.
Mighty Eagle: Wait, what?
Zeta: You are a lazy, uncoordinated, fish-eyed fool. You ain’t worth the salt in your bread. You are nothing to me! You are nothing! I don’t think about you at all! I don’t think about your stinking feet. I don’t think about your rusty hands. I don’t think about your rusty elbows…
Mighty Eagle: Wait, so you have, or you haven’t thought about me?


Zeta: News flash, bro. I am over you, I’m over this place, and I am ready to get that upgrade situation going for me and my daughter.
Debbie: Hey.
[Mighty Eagle and the rest of the group all gasp in shock]
Zeta: Well, our daughter.
[Debbie gasps]
Mighty Eagle: What?
[everyone watching gasps]
Debbie: That’s my dad?
Mighty Eagle: I have a daughter?
Zeta: Yes, you do! And I raised her all by myself, in this icy wasteland. But now I’m going to be sipping piña coladas on those warm tropical islands like I deserve to!


[after destroying the base and thinking that Debbie has been crushed to death]
Zeta: [crying] Debbie, no. What have I done? Oh, Debbie.
[just then Mighty Eagle pulls off the metal plate that had landed on top of him and Debbie]
Mighty Eagle: Are you okay? Sweetie? Honey pie? Love of the last one minute of my life?
[Debbie opens her eyes]
Debbie: Dad?
Mighty Eagle: Yes.
Debbie: You are so strong! He saved my life!
[Zeta hugs Debbie]
Zeta: Oh, Debbie.
Debbie: Mom, can we keep him? Please?
Mighty Eagle: Oh, I, uh… Wait. Wait. Before you answer, you should see something.
[he reveals a tattoo on his arm showing “M.E + Zeta” in a heart]
Mighty Eagle: Wait, wait, wait.
[he reveals another tattoo of himself and Zeta on his other arm]
Zeta: Mm-hmm.
Mighty Eagle: And the one closest to my heart.
[he reveals the tattoo on his chest of himself and Zeta in a heart, and then her engagement ring around his neck]


[at Mighty Eagle and Zeta’s wedding]
Red: Ladies and gentlemen, birds and pigs, we are gathered here today because of these two characters. Not only because they’re being joined in holy matrimony, but also because one of them tried to destroy our islands for her own selfish reasons.
[pointing to Zeta]
Red: Guess who.
Chuck: [crying] Oh, it’s such a beautiful wedding.
Steve: It really is.
Red: But Mighty Eagle swooped in at the last second and got all the credit for stopping her.
Zeta: Yes, you did, baby.
Debbie: I love you.
Silver: [to Red] Wrap it up.
Red: I now pronounce you eagle and husband. You may now kiss the…
[suddenly Zeta grabs Mighty Eagle]
Zeta: Come here, you.
[she kisses Mighty Eagle]
Red: Ugh!
Leonard: Alright. Get it, Mighty Eagle. Oh, that is disgusting!
Debbie: Go, Zeta! Go, dad!


Red: This is the real hero, right here. Silver is the one who came up with the plan to stop the super-weapon, and ultimately saved all our lives.
Silver: Red, I didn’t do this all on my own.
Red: Right. Because we’re a team. We couldn’t have done anything without Chuck and Bomb, or Courtney and Garry.
Garry: Thank you.
Red: Or Leonard. You know what? Actually, we probably could’ve done it without Leonard. Let’s be honest, huh?
Leonard: Leonard’s the man! I did everything! I got the sub!
Red: And even Mighty Eagle.
Zeta: So handsome.
Red: And last, but certainly not least, those adorable hatchlings. We are strongest when we all band together. Just like Super String.


[as they are celebrating on their own, drinking champagne; referring to her speed dating question]
Silver: Okay, worms or birdseed?
Red: Huh?
Silver: Kidding. I know it’s toast.
Red: [chuckles] Toast. Oh, you know, I was actually being sarcastic when I said that was my favorite food, for the record.
Silver: What? You? Sarcastic? No way.
Red: Oh. I see what you’re doing. Okay.
Silver: Maybe you can teach me sometime.
Red: Yeah, maybe I will, when you’re not too busy saving the world.
Silver: Oh, you know, I actually just finished doing that, so I’m pretty free.
Red: Oh, no way. Because I’m pretty free too.
[just then Chuck shows up]
Chuck: Well, I don’t have anything to do either! Wait a minute. What’s that sound? Tickle Train? Coming to Third Wheel Station!
Red, Silver: Chuck, no!
[Chuck starts to chase after them
Red, Silver: Jinx, jinx, jinx!


[as they look at their three unhatched egg siblings]
Zoe: Aw, they’re so cute.
Vivi: I kind of thought they’d be hatched by now.
[just then the eggs start to hatch]
Zoe: They’re hatching!
Sam-Sam: Yay!
Zoe: Ooh, here they come!
Vivi: Oh, my gosh! I see one!
[as the eggs hatch they see it’s three snakelets]
Snakelets: Mama!
Sam-Sam: Uh-oh.


[last lines; after they exchange the snakelets and their three baby bird hatchlings with the snake mother]
Zoe: Oh, baby sisters. We love you so much.
Vivi: We should take good care of them and never let them out of our sights.
Zoe: Yeah. We’ll never let them out of our sights.
[they look down to see the hatchlings gone]
Zoe: Huh?
[they look up to see the hatchlings drifting out to sea again, one of them waves goodbye]
Hatchling: Bye-bye.

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