Starring: Geraldine Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Molly Gordon, Phillipa Soo, Bernadette Peters, Suki Waterhouse



Romantic comedy written and directed by Natalie Krinsky. The story follows Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan), a 20-something art gallery assistant living in New York City, who also happens to be an emotional hoarder. After she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend, Lucy is inspired to create a gallery, where people can leave trinkets from past relationships. As word of the gallery spreads, it encourages a movement and a fresh start for all the romantics out there, including Lucy herself.


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'Pain is inevitable. It's what you do with it that matters.' - Eva Woolf (The Broken Hearts Gallery) Click To Tweet 'Heartbreak is the loneliest, most isolating feeling in the world. And the truth is, it happens to us all. It is the great equalizer.' - Lucy (The Broken Hearts Gallery) Click To Tweet


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Lucy: He spent the carnival trying to win me one of those giant bears. Spent all his money. He has really bad aim. All he ended up with was this consolation prize. But then I thought to myself, maybe he’s my consolation prize. I mean, I’m moving to New York for college and dreams, and he’s playing Halo and contemplating a p**is tattoo. So, I just said it, “Maybe we should break up.” And I was expecting him to say, “No, I can’t live without you, Lucy.” But instead, he said, “Maybe you’re right.” And that was it. Now all I have left of our love is this sad, second place duck.
Amanda: And all his worldly possessions.


Nadine: Your collecting is quirky, and adorable. You’re basically an anthropologist.
Lucy: Correct, Nadine. I live in a cave of souvenirs, like The Little Mermaid.
Nadine: Nothing wrong with being sentimental.
Amanda: Sentimental? It was sentimental when we were twelve. This is full mental.


Amanda: As your lawyer, I’m telling you to calm down.
Lucy: Well, you’re not a lawyer. You’re in law school.
Amanda: Whatever. I can still defend myself when I murder Jeff.


Lucy: Max is a fully grown man. Last night I went to his place in the West Village, and he cooked me dinner with ingredients that he just had in the fridge.
Amanda: He has a fridge?


[referring to Max]
Nadine: Are you guys exclusive? Have you discussed?
Lucy: Oh, there’s no need. I’m satisfying him in all areas. What more could he want?
Amanda: Okay. Don’t be stupid. The first time Jeff was ever inside me, I told him I would castrate him if he ever spoke to another human woman.
Lucy: Fine. I’ll confirm tonight. After I impress Eva, enjoy the open bar spree. It’ll be the greatest night of my life.
Amanda: That’s what people say in horror movies before they get herpes and die.


[a tearful Lucy gets into the backseat of Nick’s car]
Nick: What are you doing? Please, don’t. Why are you getting into my car?
Lucy: Hi. For Lucy?
Nick: No!
Lucy: Lyft. Adolfo in a silver Prius. 7023 Decatur. Start the ride.
Nick: Are you serious? This is a private car.
Lucy: You’re everyone’s private driver. Very clever.
Nick: No, no, no. That’s Uber. Also not what I’m saying.


Nick: Can you please get out of my car?
Lucy: Ugh! I selected “no talking”. Listen, Adolfo.
Nick: Adolfo?
Lucy: I would love to hear your story any other day. It’s just that I’ve had the worst night of my life, and I just want to go home.
Nick: Where are you going?


Lucy: [referring to Eva] I love her so much it gives me diarrhea.


[as Lucy is flashback explaining her day with Max to Nick]
Max Vora: You are my favorite secret weapon. God, you make me look good.
Nick: Wait. He actually said those words?
Lucy: He was paying me a compliment.
Nick: I’m pretty sure the first rule of compliments is, you don’t reference yourself in a compliment.
Lucy: Oh. Well, don’t interrupt! You’re derailing my story!
Nick: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this was my car.


Harvard: What’s going on with you and Max?
Lucy: Can I help you, Harvard?
Harvard: You know, I may not have feelings, a love life of my own, or any friends, for that matter, but I do have eyes.


[referring to when she was about to introduce Max at the art gallery]
Lucy: So like any booze bag with a fear of public speaking, I had one more.


[as she sees Max and Amelia being intimate as she’s introducing him on stage]
Lucy: Question for the group. Speaking of the devil here, when did dating one person become uncool? Because I don’t understand. Jane Austen, she didn’t write about polyamory. No, no, no! It was just Emma. It wasn’t Emmas. Oh, we are living in very muddy times. People are lying constantly.
Max Vora: Oh, s**t.
Lucy: I know. We only have ten years before we all drown in the melting ice caps, but I swear, the most sacred resource is not the ozone. Oh, no. It’s honesty.


Max Vora: Okay, Lucy, listen. You’re a blast. I don’t even use that word, but it fits for you. You are so funny. But we’re in completely different places in our lives. I’m thirty-five years-old. I need to find that thing.
Lucy: And that thing is not me?


[referring to Max]
Nick: Honestly, I think you’re better off without him.
Lucy: I came to New York to have my own gallery. I can’t even hold down a job as a gallery assistant. I’m doomed.


[after she received a call from her Lyft driver, Adolfo]
Lucy: You’re not Adolfo?! Who are you?!
Nick: My name is Nick.
Lucy: What?! Nick, you just drove me home? Are you insane? What was the plan? You’re just going to, what, weaken me with paint fumes, and then just knock me out with lumber? Leave me for dead?
Nick: I did you a favor. I, too, have had a bad day.


Amanda: But a shared value system is the key to everlasting love. I hate everyone, and I want them to die. So does Jeff. That’s why we’ve been together for six years.
Nadine: Jeff never speaks. That’s why you’ve been together six years.
Amanda: No, but he comes really alive when we make love.


[to Amanda and Nadine as she enters their apartment]
Lucy: Max broke up with me. And I’m fired.


[as they stand outside Lucy’s room]
Amanda: I can’t live like this anymore. We’re getting smell complaints from the city.
Nadine: Do you know that place in the center of your body where you feel nothingness?
Amanda: No.
Nadine: Right here.
Amanda: My breasts?
Nadine: No. Underneath your breasts. It’s called your heart.
Amanda: Oh, my God.
Nadine: This is where people keep their hearts. Try and be sensitive.


Nadine: Lucy, think you want to try getting out of bed today?
Lucy: I’m busy.
Amanda: Doing what?
Lucy: This lady’s trying to teach me to French braid my hair. It’s impossible. Save yourselves the anguish.
Amanda: Have you just been ma****bating and braiding your hair?
Lucy: Mm-hmm. My vibrator will never break my heart.
Nadine: Can we just try to be sex positive in this room?
Amanda: No one is supposed to climax that much. Ask Jeff.


[as she starts to clean Lucy’s room]
Amanda: You can’t have a good relationship because you’re constantly mourning the old one!
Nadine: She’s right. You live in the past.
Lucy: Yeah. It’s because the past is filled with memories and happy times. I mean, how is someone just your everything one minute and then they just forget you the next?
Amanda: Ask Nadine. She dumps b**ches on the regular.


Nadine: Getting rid of things doesn’t mean getting rid of memories. Marie Kondo says…
Lucy: We do not speak of her in this house. Okay, these things, they can’t just end up in some landfill.


Nadine: At least get rid of the ex-memorabilia. Give it back to the guys you dated.
Lucy: What, I’m just supposed to call my exes out of the blue?
Nadine: Yeah.


[Lucy meets one of her ex-boyfriends to give back an item]
Clayton: Well, like your collecting is, it’s creepy. I couldn’t be with someone who just needed to memorialize every second of every day. And not to mention your room. I mean, whenever I would stay over, it was like hooking up in a mausoleum.


[as she takes some of her collection to Goodwill]
Goodwill Worker: I think we can take this. But most of this is crap.
Lucy: Crap? What? You have a whole shelf of crap back there.
Goodwill Worker: Those were my mother’s.
Lucy: Oh, so you get it. Right?
Goodwill Worker: No. Those are collectibles. This is crap.


Randy Choi: S**tty day?
Nick: Yeah. Eviction notice.
Marcos: I wouldn’t say terrible.
Nick: Well, we have thirty days to open.
Marcos: Our entire livelihood is in danger. I don’t know how I’m going to feed my wife and my unborn baby, but other than that, it’s pretty good.
Randy Choi: Welcome to the hospitality industry. Basically a slow death.
Marcos: What, are you like Asian Gordon Ramsay? Why would you say that?


[as she enters the restaurant to speak to Max and sees Nick there too]
Hostess: Ma’am, I have to ask you to leave.
Lucy: Did you just call me “ma’am”? We’re the same age. You can relax.
Hostess: You’re carrying a garbage bag.
Lucy: Yeah. And you tell people where to sit for a living. And your dress is undone.
[as she pushes past the hostess, Nick rushes in to stop her from going to Max]


[after Nick drags her out of the restaurant]
Lucy: By the way, you just magically show up everywhere. Are you my stalker?
Nick: I think the words you’re looking for are “thank you”. And then I say, “You’re welcome.”
Lucy: Oh. I’m Lucy. Charmed, I’m sure.


[after Nick gets wrongly accused of hitting Lucy in the street]
Lucy: This is my fault.
Woman: This is not your fault. Being a woman is like living in a goddamn “nobody believes me” movie, every day, okay? But today is not that day, because we are going to fight him. Come at me, homey.
[the woman chases after Nick]


[after he got chased by the woman in the street]
Nick: This is all your fault.
Lucy: I’m so sorry. We should probably get some ice on that.
Nick: Here’s an idea. Why don’t you leave me alone?
Lucy: No, only a terrible person would leave you in your time of need.
Nick: Yeah. And I’m beginning to think you are that terrible person.
Lucy: No! I’m nice. If you got to know me, you’d be obsessed with me.


[as they enter the building]
Lucy: Oh, great. Okay, the car was just pregame. This is where you actually murder me.
Nick: And yet you are still following me.
Lucy: So, what? You’re a squatter?
Nick: I guess so.
Lucy: Construction worker?
Nick: Sometimes.
Lucy: Are we playing twenty questions?


Nick: It’s an old YMCA. I’m turning it into a boutique hotel.
Lucy: What? You’re serious?
Nick: Yes. Welcome to the Chloe Hotel. I’m building a place that feels like the spots I fell in love with when I first moved to New York. Little places that can only exist here. But I’ve spent five years, and, as you can see, every cent that I have, and it’s all falling to s**t.


Nick: I get it. You’re a pessimist.
Lucy: That is the worst thing anyone has ever said to me.
Nick: You collect these things in anticipation that your relationships are going to end.
Lucy: No.
Nick: It’s crazy!


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