The Conjuring Quotes: Chilly and Unnerving

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Directed by: James Wan
Written by:
Chad Hayes
Carey Hayes
Vera Farmiga – Lorraine Warren
Patrick Wilson – Ed Warren
Lili Taylor – Carolyn Perron
Ron Livingston – Roger Perron
Shanley Caswell – Andrea
Hayley McFarland – Nancy
Joey King – Christine
Mackenzie Foy – Cindy
Kyla Deaver – April
Shannon Kook – Drew
John Brotherton – Brad
Sterling Jerins – Judy Warren
Marion Guyot – Georgiana
Morganna Bridgers – Debbie
Amy Tipton – Camilla


The Conjuring quotes are a chilling and unnerving experience that although includes every great horror cliché, has been skillfully executed with style and sophistication making it a unique experience. The story, “based on true events”, centers on the Perron family from New Jersey who decide to start new lives for themselves and raise their family of four girls in the Rhode Island countryside in an old farmhouse they bought at an auction. Soon after moving in they realize that their house contains an evil demon presence controlling the house that is not very happy having a loving family moving in. Famous psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are then called in to help find the haunting, but what unfolds before them is beyond anything they’ve experienced before.

The movie begins slowly to ensure time is taken for character development in introducing us to the Warrens and the Perron family, with all the cast member delivering near perfect performance, and then moves towards delivering the chills as the family begin to get haunted and revels in well placed scares. The shocks and horror are brilliantly delivered using old-school style where the impact is felt through suggestion and the unseen with some over the top intense moments that are extremely effective. That makes The Conjuring work is the simple and creative way that it slowly builds the fear and then pulls out all the stops to frighten the audience leaving a long lasting impression. Of course, whether any of what’s told in the film is true or not is always going to feel suspect, but don’t let that stop you from watching this movie.

Verdict: Wan has managed to successfully create a convincing frightening and atmospheric world aided by talented performers that any true horror fan will fully appreciate.

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[first lines; 1968 – The Annabelle Case – we hear the voice of a young woman talking to paranormal investigators Ed Warren]
Debbie: It scares us just thinking about it. When you hear it, you’re gonna think we’re insane.
Ed Warren: Try us. Please, from the start.
[we see a creepy old looking doll facing the screen]
Debbie: It started out small, like a hand or a leg was in a different position. And its head was looking up instead of down. And then one day it was in a completely different room. It was moving around by itself.
Debbie: Did you ever think that maybe somebody had a key to your apartment and was just playing a trick on you?
[we see two young women and a young man sitting on a couch]
Debbie: That’s exactly what we thought, but never once did we find any sign or evidence of intrusion.
Lorraine Warren: And these led you all to believe that the doll was possessed?
Debbie: Yes. Camilla got in touch with a medium. We learned from her that a seven year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins had died in this apartment. She was lonely and took a liking to my doll. All she wanted was to be friends.
Camilla: When we heard this, we felt really sorry for her. I mean we’re nurses, we help people. So…we gave her permission to move into the doll.
Ed Warren: Wait. You did what?
Camilla: She wanted to live with us by inhabiting the doll. We said yes.
Debbie: But then things got worse.


[we see flashback to one night when Debbie and Camilla are returning home from work, as they open the door they find a note on the floor which has the message “Miss me?” written on it in red crayon, the look up and see the doll placed on floor down the hall]
Camilla: God.
[they start walking towards the doll]
Debbie: When we came home, she was sitting in the hallway. But we had left her in the spare room.
[the girls notice red crayons in the doll’s hand, the girls enter the spare room and find the room trashed and the walls covered in red crayon with the word “Miss Me?”, Debbie picks up the doll and starts walking out of the apartment]
Camilla: Debbie! Debbie, wait!
[Debbie throws the doll and the note into the garbage dumpster; later that night the girls are woken by a loud banging on the front door, Debbie opens the door but finds no one there, only the note they had found earlier, then they hear a loud banging coming from the spare room, Camilla goes to open the door and has a horrified look on her face as she sees what’s inside]


Debbie: We were beyond terrified. We don’t know what’s going on or what to do. Can you help us?
Ed Warren: Yes, we can. But firstly, there’s no such thing as Annabelle. And there never was.
Lorraine Warren: Ghosts don’t possess such a power. I think what we have here is something extremely manipulative. It’s something inhuman.
Ed Warren: It was a big mistake acknowledging this doll. And through that the inhuman spirit tricked you. You gave it permission to infest your lives.
Camilla: What’s an inhuman spirit?
Ed Warren: It’s something that’s never walked the earth in human form. It’s something demonic.
Debbie: So the doll was never possessed?
Lorraine Warren: No, no. It was used as a conduit, it was moved around to give the impression of possession. Demonic spirits don’t possess things, they possess people. It wanted to get inside of you.


[the footage featuring the ‘Annabelle Higgins’ case ends]
Ed Warren: Alright, that’s good, Drew. You can shut it down now. Hit the lights.
[we see the Warrens standing before a class of students]
Ed Warren: So we get the church to send a priest over to perform a blessing on the house and the occupants. Whatever was oppressing that apartment was no longer with them.
Any questions?
[most of the students hands go up, Ed points to student]
Ed Warren: Yes.
Student #1: Where’s the doll now?
Lorraine Warren: Some place safe.
[more students put their hands up and Ed points to another student]
Ed Warren: Yep.
Student #2: So, what are you guys? I mean, what do people call you?
Ed Warren: Uh…well, we’ve been called demonologists, that’s one name for us. Ghost hunters, paranormal researchers…
Lorraine Warren: Kooks.
[the students laugh]
Ed Warren: Wackos.
Lorraine Warren: But we preferred to be known simply as Ed and Lorraine Warren.
[the screen pauses as text scrolls to explain that Ed and Lorraine Warren solved many cases since the 1960’s, Ed was the only non-clergyman recognized by the Vatican as a demonologist while Lorraine was a gifted clairvoyant. There is one case of theirs that has been too shocking to reveal until now]


[1971 – Harrisville, Rhode Island; the Perron family arrive at their new home]
Roger Perron: Here we are.
[Roger and Carolyn get out of the car]
Roger Perron: Wow. You hear that?
Carolyn Perron: I don’t hear anything.
Roger Perron: Exactly.
Carolyn Perron: Oh, okay!
[Carolyn laughs and turns to the girls sat in the back seat of the car]
Carolyn Perron: Okay. Guys!
[their oldest daughter, Andrea, gets out of the car looking less than thrilled]
Andrea: Oh, God. We’re in the middle of nowhere.


[the Perron family enter their new house, the girls rush inside, looking excited, apart from Andrea]
Andrea: So, do I get to pick my own room or do I have no choice in that either?
[Andrea stomps into the house]
Carolyn Perron: Well, first cute boy she’ll meet, she’ll forget about Jersey.
Roger Perron: Oh, great. Can’t wait.
[Carolyn chuckles and enters the house, Roger looks at their dog sitting on the porch]
Roger Perron: Come on, Sadie.
[the dog doesn’t move, but stares into the house]
Roger Perron: Sadie, let’s go.
[the dog is still reluctant to go inside]
Roger Perron: Hey, come. What’s the matter with you?
[Roger grabs hold of the dog’s collar and tries to drag inside, but the dog just whines and remains seated]
Roger Perron: Hey, come on, girl. Alright, suit yourself.
[Roger leaves the dog sitting on the porch and enters the house]


[later that day the Perrons are moving their boxes and furniture into the house]
Nancy: Coming through! Woh. Watch out, Dad.
Moving Man: Where do you want it?
Roger Perron: Uh…that goes into the living room.
Cindy: Hey, Andrea. Where’s my wind chimes?
Andrea: Uh…I think Nancy’s got it in the other room.
Cindy: Oh, thanks.
[Cindy runs into the living room]
Cindy: Hey, Nancy, have you seen my wind chimes?
Nancy: This?
Cindy: Yeah. Give it to me!
[Nancy holds the wind chime up and playfully holds it away from Cindy]
Cindy: Nancy, let go! Give it here!
[Nancy gives the chime to Cindy]
Cindy: You’re mean.
[Cindy enters the kitchen]
Cindy: Hey, Mom. Can I hang the wind chime?
Carolyn Perron: Of course! There is a line outside you can hang it on.
[as Cindy starts to go outside]
Carolyn Perron: Honey, have April come in, okay? It’s gonna be dark soon.
Cindy: Okay.
[Cindy goes out onto the back porch and hangs her chime, she notices April by the lake sitting under a large tree playing with a music box]
Cindy: Come on, April. Mom wants you inside!
April: Look what I found, Cindy!
[Cindy goes back into the house, we then see April open the music box, which plays a tune, April looks in music box mirror then thinking she sees a reflection looks behind, but there’s no one there, Cindy shrugs it off and runs back into the house]


[later that night the girls are playing a game where Christine is blindfolded and Nancy and Cindy are spinning her]
Nancy and Cindy: One, two, three…
[Nancy and Cindy run off as Christine continue spinning blindfolded]
Nancy: No peeking!
Cindy: Four.
[the girls run into Roger]
Roger Perron: Are you guys done with the pizza?
Cindy: Five!
Roger Perron: I don’t want it to go to waste.
[to Roger]
Nancy: Ssh! Let’s go.
Roger Perron: It’s expensive feeding you girls.
[Christine continues spinning blindfolded as the other two run off to hide]
Christine: Seven, eight, nine, ten. Ready or not, here I come! Okay, clap!
[Nancy and Cindy who have hidden around the house clap and Christine follows the sound blindfolded, suddenly she runs into a box]
Christine: Woh!
Carolyn Perron: Guys, you don’t know the house well enough. Someone’s gonna get hurt.
Christine: I’m okay, I’m okay!
[to Nancy and Cindy]
Christine: Second clap!
[Christine turns towards the sound, then Carolyn sees Cindy hiding right behind Christine and she doesn’t clap, she whispers to Cindy]
Carolyn Perron: That’s cheating.


[still blindfolded, Christine opens the door to the closet where Nancy is hiding]
Christine: Clap.
[Nancy claps]
Christine: Gotcha!
[Christine goes to grab Nancy and they accidentally knock into the wall and they hear a crack]
Christine: Are you okay?
Nancy: Oh, yeah. Woh, um…
Roger Perron: Alright! What did we break now?
[Roger walks towards the girls and enters the closet]
Roger Perron: Will you get out of there, please?
Nancy: I didn’t mean to. It was Christine’s fault.
Christine: My fault?
[Roger turns on the light in the closet]
Roger Perron: Oh, jeez!
Christine: Oh, my God.
Nancy: Christine did it!
Christine: No, I didn’t!
Nancy: Yes, you did. You totally pushed me!
[Roger sees the hole created in the wooden wall and peers through it]
Roger Perron: Hey, Nancy, can you go get me the matches, please?
[Nancy turns and goes to get the matches]
Carolyn Perron: What’s going on?
Christine: Nancy broke something.
Nancy: Shut up!
Christine: Oh, it was you!


[Carolyn enters the closet with the rest of girls as they look to see what’s behind the cracked wall]
Roger Perron: I think we have a cellar or something.
[Roger yanks off the wooden boards, opening an entrance to the cellar]
Cindy: I want to see! I want to see!
Carolyn Perron: Okay.
[Cindy pushes into the closet]
Roger Perron: Okay, matches?
[Nancy hands the matches to Roger]
Roger Perron: Thank you!
Carolyn Perron: Nancy!
Nancy: I want to see too!
[Roger lights a match and peers into the darkness, he tries the light switch, but it doesn’t work, Roger walks down the cellar steps, brushing away the cobwebs]
Roger Perron: Oh, man.
[Carolyn and the girls wait in the closet]
Carolyn Perron: Roger? What do you see down there?
Roger Perron: It uh…hard to tell, you know? It’s an old piano and a whole bunch of garbage.
[as Roger looks around the match suddenly burns his finger as it burns out]
Roger Perron: Son of a…
[he lights another match and peers further inside]
Roger Perron: Wow.
Carolyn Perron: Roge? Come on up.
[Roger walks back up the cellar and places the matches on one of the shelves inside the doorway]
Roger Perron: I don’t want any of you girls going down there. The place is loaded of spiders.
Christine: Eww! Oh! Ugh!
Carolyn Perron: Just relax.
Christine: Stop it, Nancy! It’s not funny!
[the girls walk away]
Roger Perron: Got extra square footage down there, I’ll checked it out in the morning.
Carolyn Perron: I wonder why it was boarded up?
Roger Perron: I don’t know.
[Roger turns off the closet lights]
Carolyn Perron: Okay, guys. The show’s over, let’s go up to bed!
[Roger shuts the closet door]


[Roger walks into the bedroom]
Roger Perron: Man, I’m fried.
[Carolyn is gazing out the window at the dog barking]
Carolyn Perron: Something’s up with Sadie.
Roger Perron: Yeah, I don’t know what her problem is. Couldn’t get her to come inside.
Carolyn Perron: We can’t leave her out there.
Roger Perron: She’s alright, I got her on a chain.
[shouting down to the dog]
Roger Perron: Sadie! Hey, be quiet!
[Carolyn turns and puts her arms around Roger]
Carolyn Perron: Thanks for making this work. I know it was a lot to pay off. It’s gonna be great, isn’t it?
Roger Perron: I think it’s great already.
Carolyn Perron: Yeah.
[they kiss]
Carolyn Perron: You still too fried to Christen the new house?
Roger Perron: Who said I’m fried?
[he picks Carolyn up in his arms playfully]
Roger Perron: Nobody here is fried.


[the next morning Carolyn wakes to find a bruise on her leg, she then goes to check on the girls]
Christine: Mom.
Carolyn Perron: Hey, how did you guys sleep?
Christine: I’m cold.
Carolyn Perron: It is chilly, isn’t it?
[Andrea steps out of the bathroom]
Andrea: Do you think maybe we could have bought a house that has a toilet that actually works?
Carolyn Perron: Tell your father.
Andrea: And there was this really funky smell in my bedroom last night, reeked like something died.
Carolyn Perron: Is it still there?
Andrea: No.
Carolyn Perron: Problem solved!
[Carolyn walks downstairs and notices the grandfather clock has stopped at 3:07, she walks down the hallway and notices the cellar door is open]
Carolyn Perron: Roger?
[she enters in further]
Carolyn Perron: Roger?
Roger Perron: Down here, honey.
[Carolyn walks down the cellar stair and finds Roger screwing in a light bulb in the cellar]
Roger Perron: Morning.
[she sees the cellar is cluttered with old furniture]
Carolyn Perron: Woh! This is gonna take some serious elbow grease.
Roger Perron: Yeah.
Carolyn Perron: Oh, my God.


Carolyn Perron: What are we gonna do with all this stuff?
Roger Perron: Well, we probably ought to go through it. You know? There might be some antiques down here worth a lot of money.
Carolyn Perron: Yeah, or just a lot of junk the previous owner didn’t want.
Roger Perron: It’s ours now.
Carolyn Perron: Knock yourself out. I’m gonna make some coffee.
Roger Perron: Uh…okay, I’ll be up in a minute. I’m gonna see if I can get this furnace working.
Carolyn Perron: Yeah, that’d be nice. It’s freezing.
Roger Perron: Yeah.
[Carolyn heads back up; in the kitchen as she’s filling up the coffee pot she notices the clock in the kitchen has stopped at 3:07]
April: Sadie! Come here, Sadie!
[April rushes into the kitchen]
April: Mommy! Mommy, where’s Sadie?
Carolyn Perron: Uh…she’s outside. You know, I’m sure she’s hungry by now. Why don’t you go and get her?
[as April turns to rush out she runs into Roger]
Roger Perron: Woh!
April: Good morning, Dad.
Roger Perron: Hey.
April: Can you hold this?
[she hands her teddy bear over to Roger]
Roger Perron: Sure!
[Alice rushes outside]
April: Sadie!
Roger Perron: Slow down, scoot!


Carolyn Perron: Roger?
Roger Perron: Yeah.
Carolyn Perron: This clock stopped at 3:07, and so did the one in the hallway.
Roger Perron: That’s weird.
[he picks up the clock from the shelf]
Roger Perron: Maybe it got knock around in the move.
Carolyn Perron: Speaking of knocked around, what did you do to me last night?
[she shows him the bruise on her leg]
Roger Perron: Ouch! I’m sure I didn’t do that, did I?
Carolyn Perron: I don’t know.
[outside, April calls out to Sadie]
April: Sadie!
[she stops as she finds something; back in the kitchen Roger and Carolyn hear April screaming, they rush outside to April]
Carolyn Perron: April! April! April! What’s going on?
Roger Perron: What happened?
Carolyn Perron: Oh, my God! Oh, Sadie!
[they see the dog lying dead on the ground]
Carolyn Perron: Roger.


[at the Warrens house, Ed is being interviewed by a reporter, Ed shows him into a room full of strange artifacts]
Ed Warren: We keep everything locked in here. Feel free to look around, just don’t touch anything.
Reporter: Wow. This is crazy. So all these are taken from cases you’ve investigated?
Ed Warren: That’s right. Everything you see in here is either haunted, cursed or is being used in some kind of ritualistic practice. Nothing’s a toy.
[as the reporter looks at a toy monkey]
Ed Warren: Not even the toy monkey.
[the reporter goes to touch the toy monkey]
Ed Warren: Don’t touch it.
Reporter: Oh. Isn’t it scary or doesn’t it worry you to have all these items right in your home?
Ed Warren: Oh, that’s why we have a priest that comes by once a month to bless the room. The way I see it is, it’s safer for these things to be in here than out there. It’s kind of like keeping guns off the street.
Reporter: Well, why not just throw them in an incinerator, destroy it?
Ed Warren: Well that would only destroy the vessel. Sometimes it’s better to keep the genie in the bottle.


Reporter: Say, is the uh…Annabelle doll here?
Ed Warren: Right this way. Yeah.
[Ed leads them to a glass display case inside which is the doll, the reporter peers at it for a moment]
Reporter: You said she’s a conduit?
Ed Warren: That’s right.
Reporter: What does that mean?
Ed Warren: A very powerful demonic has latched itself onto her.
Reporter: So, when you guys investigate these haunting…
Ed Warren: Mm-hmm?
Reporter: How do you stop them from latching onto you?
Ed Warren: We have to take great precaution.
Reporter: But what about your wife?
Ed Warren: What about her?
Reporter: Well, Father Gordon told me that…
Ed Warren: That was different. What happened to my wife happened during an exorcism.
Reporter: What’s the difference?
[they hear a noise]
Ed Warren: Excuse me!
[Ed finds his daughter, Judy, hiding behind some shelves watching them]
Ed Warren: Honey, what are you doing? Come here. You know better. Alright?
[Ed calls out to his mother-in-law]
Ed Warren: Georgiana!
[to Judy]
Ed Warren: Come on, did you touch anything?
Judy Warren: No.
Ed Warren: Alright. Come one, honey.
[Ed walks Judy out of the room]
Ed Warren: Georgiana, can you take Judy upstairs?
Georgiana: Oh, sure!
[to Judy]
Ed Warren: You can’t go into this room no matter what, remember?
Judy Warren: Yes, Daddy.
Ed Warren: Alright.
[Ed kisses top of Judy’s head]
Ed Warren: Go on.
[to Judy]
Georgiana: Okay, come on. Let’s see if we can find you a little snack, okay? Come on.


[later Ed enters the room as Lorraine and Judy are laughing, she’s sat in a rocking chair brushing Judy’s hair as Judy sits on her lap]
Ed Warren: Hey! What’s going on in here?
Judy Warren: Daddy, look!
Ed Warren: Well, you look very pretty.
Lorraine Warren: Alright, all done. Go get dress for dinner.
[Judy slides off Lorraine’s lap and starts to leave the room]
Judy Warren: I’m wearing it to dinner.
Lorraine Warren: No, you’re not.
[Judy runs out of the room laughing, Ed hands Lorraine a cup of tea]
Ed Warren: Here you go.
Lorraine Warren: How did it go?
Ed Warren: I think he may write a positive article.
Lorraine Warren: Ooh, a non-skeptic!
Ed Warren: Hm.
Lorraine Warren: That’s a pleasant change.
Ed Warren: Yeah.
[Ed looks at Lorraine for a moment]
Lorraine Warren: Stop blaming yourself.
[Lorraine takes a sip of her tea and pulls a face]
Ed Warren: No sugar? Be right back.
[Ed takes her cup and leaves the room]


[couple of months later outside the Perrons house we see a wooden cross with Sadie’s name on it and her collar hanging off it where she’s been buried; inside the house we see the grandfather clock stopping at 3:07, in Christine and Nancy’s room as they sleep Christine feels something tug at her foot]
Christine: Not funny, Nancy.
Nancy: What?
Christine: Stop grabbing my foot!
Nancy: Shut up! I didn’t do anything!
Christine: Yeah, right.
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Christine: Ew, and stop farting! It really stinks.
Nancy: Don’t blame that on me, it’s you.
[down in the living room, Roger’s passed out on a desk and the TV is showing static, Roger is awakened by noise, he turns off the TV and goes to investigate, he sees the kitchen door banging shut then bangs against the door jamb three times, he goes into the kitchen and sees the window open and thinks it’s the breeze, suddenly he hears more noise he rushes to go upstairs when he sees Andrea standing halfway down the stairs]
Andrea: Dad?
Roger Perron: Andrea, what are you doing out of bed? What’s that sound?
Andrea: It’s Cindy. She’s in my room. She sleepwalking again.
[Roger hurries to the room and finds Cindy thumping her head against the closet door]
Andrea: I’ve never seen her do this before.
[Roger walks up to Cindy and puts his hand against her forehead to pad it against the banging]
Andrea: I remembered you saying not to wake her if she’s like this or, so.
Roger Perron: No, we just put her back to bed.
[whispering to Cindy]
Roger Perron: Hey, hey, sweetie. Ssh. Let’s go back to bed.
[Roger turns her and starts leading her out of the room]
Roger Perron: She’s okay. Good night.
Andrea: Night.


[the next morning Roger is brushing his teeth in the bathroom as Carolyn is showering]
Carolyn Perron: She’s sleepwalking again?! She hasn’t done that for a while.
Roger Perron: She ended up in Andrea’s room, the whole thing kind of freaked her out.
[Carolyn steps out of the shower]
Carolyn Perron: That’s not good. What are we gonna do?
Roger Perron: I don’t know.
[Roger notices a bruise on Carolyn’s back]
Roger Perron: Honey, you got another bruise here.
Carolyn Perron: Hm?
Roger Perron: Does that hurt?
[Carolyn moves closer to the mirror to take a look]
Carolyn Perron: That’s weird.
Roger Perron: I don’t know. Will you do me a favor, go see a doctor for that?
Carolyn Perron: Yeah, I will. Drive safe.
[she turns to Roger and kisses him]
Roger Perron: Yeah.
[Carolyn hugs him]
Carolyn Perron: I love you.
Roger Perron: I love you, too.
Carolyn Perron: Okay.
[as Roger leaves the house to go to work he hears something thump against the side of the house, he walks around and finds a bird on the ground writhing as it dies]


[later that morning Carolyn waves to the girls as they walk toward the school bus, then we see April sitting in her room talking]
April: Yes, I do. I miss Sadie a lot. She was my best friend. You’re my friend, right?
[there’s a moment’s pause]
April: Yeah, let’s play.
[Carolyn enters the room and sees April sat with the music box opposite her]
Carolyn Perron: Who are you talking to?
April: Rory.
Carolyn Perron: Rory?
April: He’s my new friend.
Carolyn Perron: Oh, really?
April: Yeah. Do you wanna see him?
Carolyn Perron: Yeah, uh-huh. How?
April: With this.
[Cindy picks up the music box and hands it to Carolyn]
April: When the music stops, you see him in the mirror, standing behind you.
Carolyn Perron: Okay.
[Carolyn opens the music box]
April: But you have to twist the key.
Carolyn Perron: Okay.
[Carolyn twists the key and looks in the mirror as the music plays, when the music stops she sees a movement behind her but then suddenly April jumps behind her and scares her]
April: Boo, Mommy!
Carolyn Perron: Woh! April, you just gave me a heart attack.
April: Got ya!
Carolyn Perron: Well, okay. I guess Rory doesn’t wanna see me, huh?
April: Hmm. Oh, well. Can we play hide and clap?
Carolyn Perron: Hide and clap! Oh, honey…
April: Please! Nobody ever lets me play.
Carolyn Perron: Okay, okay.


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