Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel Brosnahan, Jessie Buckley, Merab Ninidze, Angus Wright, Kirill Pirogov


Period spy thriller directed by Dominic Cooke. Based on a true story which follows British businessman Greville Wynne (Benedict Cumberbatch), who is unwittingly recruited into one of the greatest international conflicts in history. At the behest of the UK’s MI-6 and a CIA operative, Emily Donovan (Rachel Brosnahan), he forms a covert, dangerous partnership with Soviet Officer Oleg Penkovsky (Merab Ninidze) to provide the crucial intelligence used to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis.


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Sheila Wynne: [after answering the phone] Sounds like work.
Greville Wynne: No. Tell them I’m in my chair.
Sheila Wynne: [over the phone] Yes, he’s just walked in.


Greville Wynne: This is unexpected. I can’t believe I’m actually having lunch with spies. I’m just a salesman.
Emily Donovan: Exactly. You’re a civilian, so the KGB won’t be watching.
Dickie Franks: It would be a real service to Great Britain.
Greville Wynne: What would you want me to do?


Greville Wynne: Won’t I be putting myself in danger?
Dickie Franks: If this mission was the least bit dangerous, you really are the last man we’d send.
Emily Donovan: [referring to the pin] Make sure you wear it while you’re in Moscow.
Greville Wynne: What does this do? Shoot poison darts?


Emily Donovan: You’ll just be a courier.
Greville Wynne: Just a courier for Russian sec…


Greville Wynne: I’m here to open a door to the top manufacturers in the west.


Oleg Penkovsky: Everyone you meet, assume they’re KGB. Every Russian is an eye of the state.


Oleg Penkovsky: From now on, you will be selling one thing. The idea that you are an ordinary businessman. And nothing more than an ordinary businessman.


Sheila Wynne: I’m asking you to stop going to Moscow. I am asking you as your wife.
Greville Wynne: I didn’t want you to be involved.


Greville Wynne: What if I get caught? They’d execute me, correct?


Oleg Penkovsky: Maybe we’re only two people, but this is how things change.


Dickie Franks: We can’t get him out. If things were the other way around, Penkovsky would abandon you.
Greville Wynne: He would never leave me to die. And I’m not leaving him. I’m volunteering to bring back the best source of Soviet intelligence you’ve got at a time where Russia and America are on the brink of nuclear war.


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