Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, Leslie Mann, Kelly Marie Tran, Peter Dinklage, Chris Sanders



Animated comedy adventure sequel directed by Joel Crawford. The story follows The Croods, who encounter their biggest threat since leaving the cave, another family called The Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved. However, a new threat propels both families on an epic adventure that will force them to embrace their differences, draw strength from each other and forge a future together.

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'We're not so different after all, Grug. We're two profoundly foolish fathers obsessed with bananas, about to die an incredibly ironic death.' - Phil Betterman (The Croods: A New Age) Click To Tweet


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Guy’s Mother: [to a young Guy as they’re trapped in tar] Don’t look at us. Look behind you. Do you see the light? You need to follow that light, okay? Don’t stop. Don’t hide. Follow the light, and you’ll find Tomorrow.


Young Guy: Travel log, Guy here. It’s been fourteen moons since the mission began. Following the light, but no sign of Tomorrow yet. Travel log, it’s been twenty-nine moons. Still no sign of Tomorrow.


Guy: Travel log. It’s been a lot of moons. All the moons. Still no sign of Tomorrow.


Eep: [referring to how she met Guy] Hi. I’m Eep. In my defense, I had been living in a cave my whole life, and I didn’t really come across other people very often, let alone a boy! And to think, the only two teenagers in the world, and we found each other. It’s like fate brought us together. My whole family loved him, except for dad. But eventually, Guy won him over.


Eep: And now we’re traveling the world, searching for a perfect place to call home, a place Guy calls Tomorrow.


Eep: Isn’t Guy amazing? He gives me a funny feeling, like I have butterflies in my stomach. Not just the ones I had for lunch, but like other butterflies. I don’t know what this feeling’s called, but it looks like this.
[draws hearts]
Eep: And this, and this, and this! I love drawing this shape! I don’t know why. It just feels right.


Eep: Dad always says, “The pack stays together.” But with Guy, sometimes it feels like it’s just the two of us.


Grug: Nothing has tried to kill us in the last ten minutes, so let’s camp here.


Grug: You’re in charge of the fire.
Eep: No problem, dad.
Guy: You can count on us, dad.
Grug: Don’t call me that!


Guy: Hey.
Eep: “Hey” what?
Guy: Hey, you.
Eep: “Hey, you” back.
Guy: Uh-uh. I “Hey, you’d” first.
Eep: And I’m “heying” you right back.


Ugga: You know, Grug, eventually, Eep and Guy, they’re going to want to start their own pack, just like we did. It’s our nature.
Grug: No way. Not happening! The pack is stronger together.


Guy: I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about Tomorrow. Our Tomorrow.
Eep: Our Tomorrow? What do you mean?
Guy: What I mean is, maybe our Tomorrow is different than the rest of the pack’s. Maybe our Tomorrow is a place of our own, you know? Like a home. Just the two of us.
Eep: Just the two of us? Guy, I’d really miss my family. But that does sound amazing!


Eep: A place of our own? Our home? Ooh! Can our home have flowers?
Guy: Sure can. And butterflies.
Eep: And a sweet babbling brook?
Guy: And privacy.
Eep: Ooh! What’s “privacy”?
Guy: It means you only smell the feet you want to smell.


Guy: So do you, Eep Amber Crood, think you could spend your Tomorrow with me?
Eep: I do. I’m going to fall asleep and dream about our home.


Gran: [as they’re standing in a kill circle] Today is a good day to die!
[suddenly Grug runs at them from the bushes]
Grug: Hey, everyone! You’ll never guess what I fo…
[the family start throwing their weapons at him]
Ugga: Oops. Sorry, honey. We thought you were a predator trying to kill us.
Grug: No, never apologize for an effective kill circle.


Guy: [referring to the giant wall Grug’s found] There’s something about this.
Eep: I think it’s the end of the world.
Gran: Looks like I’ve seen it all. Well, that’s it for me. I’m glad it’s you, Chunky.
[she steps into the tiger’s mouth]
Grug: It’s not the end. It’s just the beginning. Welcome to our Tomorrow!


Grug: Buh-nah-nuh.
Thunk: Banana?
Grug: I tasted one once, long, long ago. It was summer. The sun was warm on my shoulders. Flowers were in high bloom. I was just a cub. Well, I ate that banana in one bite. And ever since, a day hasn’t gone by without me thinking about it.
Thunk: What was it like, Father? What was it like?
Grug: No words can describe it, Thunk. No words are good enough.
Eep: We get it, dad. Just grab the banana!


Phil Betterman: [as the Croods have been caught in a net] Wait a moment. Look past the matted pelts and gnashing teeth. The eyes, there’s a kind of humanity in them.
Grug: Ba-na-na.
Hope Betterman: It’s trying to communicate.
Phil Betterman: Hope, these are people! Cave people.


Hope Betterman: I thought cave people died off years ago.
[talking to The Croods as if they don’t understand]
Phil Betterman: We happy meet you.
Hope Betterman: In hearts.
Phil, Hope: Much joy.
Grug: Thanks.
Ugga: Much joy to you too.


Phil Betterman: Oh, forgive our condescension, friend. I’m Phil.
Hope Betterman: And I am Hope. And we are…
Phil, Hope: The Bettermans.
Grug: Better man?
Phil Betterman: Betterman.
Hope Betterman: Emphasis on the “better”.


Thunk: What is this? What is this?!
Phil Betterman: Uh, we call that a window.
Thunk: [slowly] Window.


Guy: Hold on, stop. You accessorize with a sloth? I accessorize with a sloth! This is Belt!
Belt: Ha-ha-ha.
Dawn Betterman: Mine’s Sash.
Sash: Ooh la la.


Eep: You’re a girl?
Dawn Betterman: Yeah.
Eep: A girl…friend!
[she picks up Dawn]
Eep: I’ve never had a girlfriend before!
Dawn Betterman: Me either! Me either!
Eep: Girlfriends!


Dawn Betterman: This is amazing!
Eep: What do we do?
Dawn Betterman: What do we say to each other?
Eep: What’s happening to our voices?
Dawn Betterman: Why are our voices getting so high?
[they both squeel and Sandy howls along with them]


Phil Betterman: Actually, everyone gets their own rooms.
Guy: We get separate rooms!
Eep: What’s a room?
Thunk: What’s a separate?
Phil Betterman: We Bettermans believe that privacy promotes individuality. Unofficial motto.


Thunk: Tell me about my room, Mr. Better-dad.
Phil Betterman: Well, son, it’s right this way. It all started with a tree and an idea.


Guy: Oh, this bed is so comfortable. Ah, nobody’s foot in my mouth. So much better.
Eep: Yeah. So is this that privacy thing you were telling me about? Just feels kind of far, you know?


Thunk: Time to watch some late-night window. Ooh, ooh. Check it out, Douglas. This guy’s my favorite. Okay, moommoth. What are you going to do now?
[as the moomoth fall on its back]
Thunk: Oh! What an idiot!


Ugga: Grug, you know what I think? Maybe we could stay.
Grug: Excuse me? You’re thinking about staying here?
Ugga: No. I want to be in the wild fighting vulture rats for scraps. Of course I want to stay.


Thunk: Aah! I’m going to watch window forever!


Hope Betterman: I feel like we just need to help them understand that they have a bright future, outside these walls.
Phil Betterman: And Guy’s future is inside the walls. With…
Hope, Phil: Dawn.
Phil Betterman: Hope Betterman, always thinking of others.
Hope Betterman: Honestly, I just can’t help it.


Guy: Oh, I should wake Eep up. You know, it’s been seven hours since I said, uh, “Hey.”
Hope Betterman: That’s adorable!


Grug: It’s like this place is changing everyone. We don’t sleep pile anymore. We don’t wake up together. And Thunk just stares at that box.
[they see Thunk absorbed watching the window]
Thunk: Ohh. Not now, Douglas. The birds are on.
Eep: Dad, relax. It’s been one night. And a little change can be… Guy?
[sees a clean looking Guy]


Eep: Wow. You’re you, but you don’t look like you. And you smell like flowers.
Guy: And soft rain.
Grug: More like a clear mountain stream.
Guy: With just a hint of vanilla. It’s called a shower. You should try it.
Eep: You want me to smell like vanilla?
Guy: Just a hint.


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