Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, Leslie Mann, Kelly Marie Tran, Peter Dinklage, Chris Sanders


Animated comedy adventure sequel directed by Joel Crawford. The story follows The Croods, who encounter their biggest threat since leaving the cave, another family called The Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved. However, a new threat propels both families on an epic adventure that will force them to embrace their differences, draw strength from each other and forge a future together.


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Eep: My name is Eep, and we’re the world’s first family, The Croods.


Eep: Dad always says the pact stays together.


Grug: That’s my girl!


Eep: Now we’re searching for a perfect place to call home.


Guy: What’s that?
Ugga: Kill circle!
Gran: Today is a good day to die!
[suddenly Grug runs at them from the bushes]
Grug: Hey, everyone! You’ll never guess what I found…
[suddenly the family start throwing their weapons at him]
Ugga: Sorry, honey. We thought you were a predator trying to kill us.
Grug: No. Never apologize for an effective kill circle.


Grug: What the heck is that?!
Eep: It’s the end of the world.
Gran: Well, that’s it for me. I’m glad it’s you, Chunky.
[she steps into the tiger’s mouth]


Guy: Isn’t it strange how this food in perfectly straight…
[they all suddenly get captured in a tree trap]
Guy: Genius.


Hope Betterman: I thought cave people died off years ago.
[talking to The Croods as if they don’t understand]
Phil Betterman: We happy meet you.
Grug: Thanks.
Hope Betterman: Oh.


Hope, Phil: We are The Bettermans.
Grug: Better man?
Hope Betterman: Emphasis on the “better”.


[to the Bettermans]
Guy: Woh! Is that your home?
Grug: Kind of big, isn’t it?


Dawn Betterman: Hey, girl!
Eep: Another teenage girl?
Dawn Betterman: Yeah.
Eep: A girl…friend!
[she picks up Dawn]
Eep: I’ve never had a girlfriend before!
Dawn Betterman: Me either! Me either!


Eep: What do we do?
Dawn Betterman: What do we say to each other?
Eep: What’s happening to our voices?
Dawn Betterman: I don’t know! But it’s getting so high!
[they both screech and Bash howls along with them]


Guy: Hold on. Stop. You accessorize with a sloth? I accessorize with a sloth! This is Belt.
Belt: Ha-ha-ha.
Dawn Betterman: Mine’s Sash.
Sash: Ooh la la.


Hope Betterman: I don’t know if cave people belong in a modern world.


Phil Betterman: [to Grug] What’s your problem, big guy?


Grug: The only way to survive is if the pack stays together.
Phil Betterman: In such a dangerous world, I worry about my family too.


Grug: This place is changing everyone. And we really need to limit Thunk’s window time.
[as Thunk is absorbed I watching the window]
Thunk: Not now, Douglas. The birds are on.
Grug: In my day we didn’t stare at birds! We fought them!
[Grug grabs Thunk and pulls him away]
Thunk: Let me live my life!


Dawn Betterman: Woh. What’s that?
Eep: It’s just a scar.
Dawn Betterman: Every mark is an adventure.
Eep: And my dad doesn’t even know about this one.
[she takes off the peanut shell hiding her missing pinky toe]
Dawn Betterman: Woh. Peanut toe.


Eep: You’re not allowed outside the wall?
Dawn Betterman: Nope. This farm is like your cave.
Eep: You’re just like me.


[as they sit on Chunky]
Eep: You see that wall?
Dawn Betterman: Yeah!
Eep: Want to jump it?
Dawn Betterman: Yeah!
[Eep gets Chunky to set off]
Dawn Betterman: No!
Eep: We’ll be back before anyone knows.


Guy: [to Eep] You took Dawn for a joyride. The Bettermans built the wall for a reason.


[as they hear strange creatures]
Phil Betterman: That’s not good.


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