The Grey Quotes: Brutally Poetic

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Directed by: Joe Carnahan
Written by:
Joe Carnahan (screenplay)
Ian Mackenzie Jeffers (screenplay & short story “Ghost Walker”)
Liam Neeson – Ottway
Dallas Roberts – Hendrick
Frank Grillo – Diaz
Dermot Mulroney – Talget
Nonso Anozie – Burke
Joe Anderson – Flannery
Ben Bray – Hernandez
James Badge Dale – Lewenden
Anne Openshaw – Ottway’s Wife
Peter Girges – Company Clerk
Jonathan Bitonti – Ottway (5 years old)
James Bitonti – Ottway’s Father
Ella Kosor – Talget’s Little Girl
Jacob Blair – Cimoski
Lani Gelera – Flight Attendant
Larissa Stadnichuk – Flight Attendant


On the surface, The Grey quotes are about survival but on a deeper level it delves into a mythical level, exploring the meaning of life and what lies beyond civilization. The story is about an oil refinery worker in Alaska struggling to survive with his six co-workers after their plane crashes in the wilderness.

The strength of this movie is that it delivers way more than the typical action-thriller movie, making us feel the terror, isolation, conflict, hope and the many obstacles to survival with effective creepiness.The story never feels rushed and gives the audience time to ponder the dilemmas that are raised with the powerful presence of Liam Neeson giving us the central focus that is needed.

Verdict: The film gives us the rare gift of mixing mainstream action thriller movie with spirituality, emotion and debatable philosophy as it explores the existence of God and humanity.

The Grey Quotes


[first lines; we see Ottway walking towards a tavern]
Ottway: [voice over] A job at the end of the world. A salary killer for a big petroleum company. I don’t know why I did half the things I’ve done, but I know this is where I belong. Surrounded by ex-cons, fugitives, drifters, assholes. Men unfit for mankind.


[Ottway daydreams of his wife; both lying on a bed with white sheets facing each other, smiling, we then see him alone, writing a letter]
Ottway: [voice over] There’s not a second goes by when I’m not thinking of you in some way. I want to see your face, feel your hands in mine, feel you against me. But I know that will never be, you left me and I can’t get you back. I move like I imagine the damned do, cursed. And I feel like it’s only a matter of time. I don’t know why I’m writing this, I don’t know what can come of it. I know I can’t get you back.



Ottway: [voice over] I don’t know why this has happened to us. I feel like it’s me, bad luck, poison. And I’ve stopped doing this world any real good.


[one night after his shift, Ottway walks outside, pulls out his rifle and sticks the barrel in his mouth]
Ottway: [voice over] Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
[as he’s about to pull the trigger, he hears the echo of wolves howling in the distance and takes the barrel out of his mouth]
Ottway: [voice over] Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.


[Ottway and other crewman from the drilling company board a commuter jet, Ottway takes his seat and takes out his letter to read but a man interrupts him as he sits next to him]
Flannery: It is as cold as this motherfucker has ever been, huh? I ain’t shitting either, man. I stripped down for the shower and icicles are formed on my nuts. I didn’t even think that shit was possible.
[Ottway makes no response and just looks annoyed]
Flannery: You gotta girl back in Anchorage?
Ottway: No.
Flannery: Oh, well. I got me a few.


Flannery: I’m Flannery, by the way. Todd. You’re Aman, right?
Ottway: Ottway.
Flannery: Oh, oops! Sorry, bro. Ottway, yeah. So, you blast British for a living, huh? You do some of that snipe issue. What’s the biggest piece of game you’ve taken down? You know I saw that documentary that asshole did. You know, the fag who loves ba…
Ottway: Listen. Listen, pal. I don’t wanna talk, I need some quite. So I’m just gonna put head back, okay?
Flannery: Yeah, that’s cool. That’s cool.
[Flannery looking offended, stands up and finds a seat elsewhere]


[after bad turbulence, their plane crashes and Ottway finds himself desolate in snow covered hill, after surveying his surrounding he finds the plane wreckage and hears Flannery calling for help]
Flannery: Somebody help me! Help me! Help me, somebody! Help! Somebody, help me!
Ottway: I got you! I got you! I got you!the-grey-2
[Ottway finds Flannery pinned under his seat and tries to help him up]
Ottway: I got you!
Flannery: Oh, we fucking went down! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
[Flannery notices the body of the man who had sat next to him has been cut in half]
Flannery: That guy’s cut in half!
[Ottway does his best to quickly get Flannery freed from his seat]
Ottway: Don’t look! Don’t look at it! Don’t look! Look at me! Look at me!
Flannery: My hand’s fucked, my neck’s fucked! Aahh! Fuck!


[after helping Flannery Ottway finds Hernandez next who’s totally disorientated]
Hernandez: What happened?
Ottway: The plane went down, man. The plane crashed.
Hernandez: Oh, no! No! No! That’s bullshit! That’s fucking bullshit! I’m just asleep!
Ottway: We crashed.
Hernandez: I’m just sleeping! There’s no way that could have happened! What about the pilots?
Ottway: What are you talking about? The plane’s gone, man! It’s in pieces. Look. Look.
[Hernandez looks around him at the plane wreckage]
Hernandez: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! This is so fucked up! I can’t fucking believe it. Are their lots of people dead?
Ottway: Yes. But I need you to help me find the one’s that aren’t.
[Ottway helps Hernandez stand up]
Ottway: Can you walk?
Hernandez: Yeah.


[inside the fuselage, along with Ottway, there’s half dozen survivors, one of them, Lewenden is hurt badly, blood is spurting from his abdomen]
Lewenden: This is way too much blood. Oh! Fuck!
[Ottway looks at Lewenden’s wound]
Lewenden: Help me. Help me, okay? Something’s wrong. Something’s really, really wrong here. Okay? I don’t feel right. I just…I just don’t. Help me. Okay? This doesn’t…
Ottway: Look.
Lewenden: Something’s wrong with me, I know. Okay?
[Ottway tries to calm him]
Lewenden: Aahh! I don’t feel right. Something feels wrong.
Ottway: Listen. Listen. You’re gonna die, that’s what’s happening.
Lewenden: What?
Ottway: It’s okay.
[Lewenden starts freaking out]
Lewenden: No. No. No. No. Wait. Wait. Wait. Hold on.
Ottway: It’s okay.
Lewenden: Hold on! Hold on!
Ottway: Look at me. Sshh!
Lewenden: Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! No!
Ottway: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Look at me. Look at me.
[Lewenden slowly stops freaking out and looks at Ottway]


[Ottway tries to comfort the dying Lewenden while the other survivors watch in silence]
Ottway: Keep looking at me. It’s alright. It’s alright. Look. Look at me. Keep looking at me. It’s alright. It’ll slide over you. It’ll start to feel warm. Nice and warm. It’ll move over you. It’s alright.
[Lewenden is now quieter was he looks at Ottway]
Ottway: Let your thoughts go. Hold the good things. Hold the good things, yeah? Who do you love? Who do you love, Lew?
Lewenden: My girl, Rosie.
Ottway: Is she your daughter?
Lewenden: Yes.
Ottway: Let her take it then. Let her take it.
[Lewenden spasms with pain]
Ottway: It’s okay. It’s okay.
[Lewenden looks over at Hendrick, who’s sat next to him crying, Hendrick puts his hand over Lewenden’s hand as he tries to hold the blood coming out of his abdomen, Lewenden then spasms and looks at Ottway as he slowly breaths his last breath and dies]
Flannery: Did he just fucking die? He just fucking died, didn’t he?
Hendrick: Oh, God!
Talget: Did you…?
Hendrick: Yeah.
Talget: Did you feel him?
Hendrick: Yeah.
Talget: I felt him go.


[Ottway takes a headcount of the survivors, there’s seven of them and then he starts looking for a lighter]
Ottway: We need a fire. We should gather up anything that’ll burn. Seats, luggage, any wood we can find.
Hernandez: What are you doin’?
Ottway: I said we need a fire. It’s about ten below and dropping.
[he finds a lighter and tires lighting up to make sure it works]
Ottway: So we don’t die, we build up a fire, then we find food, then the day break we figure out what way is south and we start walking. Nobody is going to find us, not here.
Flannery: Somebody will find us. I mean, somebody will be fucking searching.
Hernandez: They gotta know that plane went off the radar.
Flannery: Right!
Ottway: If they send fifty planes, maybe they’ll find us. But they won’t send fifty planes, because it won’t matter, because…we won’t have time to wait for the one or two that they will send.
Diaz: Wilburt doesn’t give a fuck. Wilburt doesn’t give a fuck. Nobody gives a shit about us. You know how much payroll they just pocketed in this crash?
Ottway: If we don’t move and walk now, we’re all fucked. Unless you wanna freeze to death, cause that’s the one thing that will come for you.


[as they all look for anything that burns to build a fire]
Talget: We gotta do something with the bodies.
Flannery: Fuck the bodies! Fuck the bodies! Grab what burns, or you’re gonna be a body!
Burke: Relax, Rapo. Relax.
Flannery: You fucking relax. Telling me to relax.
Talget: They’re everywhere.
[Flannery finds a book]
Flannery: I gotta a book! It’s called we’re all fucked! It’s a best seller.


[after Ottway has been bitten by a wolf]
Ottway: Maybe I’ll turn into a wolfman now, huh?
Flannery: Wait, that shit’s not real, right? You mean, you can’t.
Diaz: Ass-wipe, what do you think? Really?
Flannery: I don’t know, man. I mean like Rabies, or whatever. I didn’t think the motherfucker was gonna grow paws and teeth and shit.


Diaz: You think there’s more of them?
Ottway: Wolves? Maybe. Yeah, most likely. But we shouldn’t be worried about them right now, we should be worried about finding food. They’re probably only passing through.
Hernandez: Wait a minute. Passing through as opposed to what?
Ottway: Living here, hunting here. Wolves have a territorial range of over three hundred miles and a killer range of thirty. If we’re close to their den, and if we’re within that radius, then they’ll come after us.
Hernandez: Well, how can we tell if we’re close?
Ottway: We can’t. They might have just been feeding, there’s bodies everywhere. I threatened them, they attacked.
Flannery: What about the radius? I mean, if we’re in that, what, they’re gonna fight us? I thought wolves were scared of people.
Ottway: Not if we’re near their den. They’re not scared of anything then.


Flannery: What kind of wolves are they? I mean, what do they call the ones that just eat plants and shit?
Ottway: Huh! They don’t call them wolves.
Diaz: Herbivores, that’s what you mean.
Ottway: That’s wishful thinking.
Diaz: When did you come king shit fucking animal expert all of a sudden?
Ottway: They paid me to kill those things, to keep them from killing you. So it makes sense for me to know they’re man eaters and they don’t give a shit about berries and shrubs. There’s blood in the air, and there’s death. They know we’re wounded, they can smell it. Hopefully they won’t fuck with us. We need to move these bodies out of here. And then we’ve gotta find food.


[as they are burying the bodies, Diaz notices one of the corpses has an expensive watch]
Diaz: Ah, check this fucking thing out.
Hernandez: Jesus, Diaz. Don’t do that.
Diaz: No, man. I saw one of these once. It’s got a beacon, you know? GPS.
[takes the watch of the dead body and find the GPS and activates it]
Diaz: Yeah. Holy shit! Holy shit, man! It works. It’s beeping! This things can reach out like forty thousand feet.
Hernandez: Yes, I think that’s great if that gives you hope. It’s fucking heartwarming.
Diaz: Very funny, bro.
[Diaz then finds the dead man’s wallet and takes it off him]
Diaz: Wow. That nice, my friend. It’s calfskin. It’s very nice, not cheap.
[Diaz finds money in the wallet]
Diaz: And since you cocksuckers didn’t give us a holiday bonus, I’m gonna accept this on behalf of my homies.
Ottway: Put that back. Put it back! We’re not looting dead bodies for swag.
Diaz: You got lucky today, Ottway. You should be lying there with them. Don’t push it!
Ottway: I’m not gonna say it again!
Diaz: I’m a fucking take a big step back!
Ottway: I’m gonna start beating the shit out of you in the next five seconds, and you’re gonna swallow a lot of blood for a fucking billfold!
[Diaz throws the wallet at Ottway and walks away]


[as they all sit round a fire eating food taken from the plane wreckage]
Flannery: There’s bunch of dead bodies all over, man. You wanna make sure you know where that meat came from. You know, it’s like that movie where they start taking chunks of frozen ass out of that guy.
Hernandez: The plane crash, with that dude from training day?
Flannery: Right. It might be fucking funny as fuck. How would you like a dead ass on a stick? And you thought like a severed dick was hot dog, right? That’s too fucking funny.
Diaz: I wish some of the other dudes would have lived.
[they all start laughing]


[as they discover half a dozen wolves have surrounded their camp at night]
Ottway: Everybody be cool. Don’t move.
Diaz: Jesus Christ!
Ottway: Stare right back them.
Hendrick: Wait. Wait. Wait. Why are they coming closer? Ah, fuck this shit! I’m getting back in the plane.
Hendrick: Hendrick, God damn it! Don’t move.
Diaz: Look at the size of that fucking thing.
[eventually the wolves stop making noises and move away from their camp]
Ottway: We’ll take two hour shifts. I’ll start. You guys get some sleep.
Diaz: Yeah. Like that shit’s gonna happen.


[during his watch Ottway slips into a dream of his wife; they both lie on a bed with white sheets facing each other, she tells him]
Ottway’s Wife: Don’t be afraid.


[the day after the crash, Ottway is the first to awaken and finds the remains of Hernandez strewn across their camp and he awakens the others]
Talget: Jesus Christ! They ate him.
Ottway: They weren’t eating him. They were killing him.
[Diaz freaks out and goes inside the fuselage]
Hendrick: How did we not hear them? How many did it take to do that?
Ottway: We could dig in, make some kind of a stand, not much cover though.
Flannery: Woh! Woh! What do you mean, a stand? Like fight those motherfucking giant things? Are you out of your mind?
Ottway: They’ll get bold, start to come in for us.
Hendrick: Why would they? I mean, we’re not harming them. It’s not for food!
Ottway: We’re a threat. We don’t belong here, that’s it.


Ottway: There’s trees out there, if we can get to that tree line, they might back off. If they see that we’re leaving, they might.
Diaz: Fuck that! What they might do? Bullshit!
[pointing to Hernandez bloodied and torn corpse]
Diaz: What they might do?! Are you fucking kidding me?
Ottway: Hey, they pissed all over this place. They mean to tag it. We can’t wait them out, we’ll starve. There’s a lot of bad space between us and that forest, but if we get there, then…we could better defend ourselves. Less exposed, I don’t know.
Diaz: Yeah. You don’t know. And nobody nominated you shit, by the way. It’s getting to that point in the evening, girls.
Talget: What the fuck you talking about? Diaz, come on, man. You wouldn’t last five fucking minutes out here.
[Diaz points to the plane crash]
Diaz: I survived that. This ain’t shit. I find a way through, with or without.
Ottway: Fuck it. I’m gonna take whatever I can carry and head into those trees. You guys wanna join me, then strip everything.


Ottway: We should collect all the wallets for the families.
Diaz: Wallets? Did I hear wallets? Cause I carried a wallet.
Ottway: Hendrick, do you mind carrying them?
Diaz: Yeah, let’s waste a little more time. Even though the weather’s about to kick our ass. You grab them wallets. Fucking idiots!
[Diaz holds up a small drink bottle taken from the plane wreckage]
Diaz: To Hernandez.
[the others start taking the wallets from the bodies]
Ottway: Grab as many as you can.
Diaz: Grab, as many as you can. Waste as much fuckin’ time as you can. I’m gonna stay here with my friend, Jack Daniels, and waste some time of my own.
Flannery: Why don’t you just fucking help us, man? Huh?
Diaz: Oh, I’m helping you. I’m helping you. I’m warming up, man! You guys find any rubbish, save ’em. I don’t know how long I’m gonna be out here with you fairies.
Talget: Why don’t you shut the fuck up?!
[Diaz laughs]


[as they all start moving away from the plane wreckage to get to the forest]the-grey-4
Hendrick: Wait! I feel like we should say something. I mean, all these bodies, all these…all these people that died, it doesn’t seem right to just walk away.
[the men come back towards the plane wreckage]
Hendrick: I don’t know any official prayers, so uh…I guess, uh…God, bless these men. They were, some of them, our friends, and uh…we could be lying here with them. So, thank you for sparing us and helping us. Oh, and…keep that up, if you can.


[as they all set out toward the treeline, Flannery falls way behind the group]
Flannery: Don’t worry about me, motherfuckers! If any of you wanna run off into the trees, that’s cool too.
[just then small pack of wolves appears and takes down Flannery]
Flannery: No! No! No! Help me! Help me!
[Ottway hears Flannery’s faint calls for help and looks behind him]
Ottway: Oh, fuck! Flannery!
[everyone turns and runs back to help Flannery but they’re too late, the wolves kill Flannery]


[after they get to Flannery’s body, Ottway takes his wallet and gives it to Hendrick]
Ottway: Do you wanna say anything?
[Hendrick is too much in shock and upset to say anything as is everyone else]
Ottway: Come on. Let’s keep moving. There’s nothing else we can do for him.


[as it gets darker they are still walking towards the treeline]
Diaz: Those trees aren’t getting any fucking closer.
Burke: We’re gonna be out here in the dark with those things.
[referring to the trees]
Diaz: We have no idea if we’re going towards them or away from it, do we?
Talget: Why didn’t we just stay with the plane?
Ottway: Oh, come on. They would have surrounded us.
Diaz: How the fuck do we know if they’re not doing that right now?! Fucking genius.
Ottway: We’re still better off in the trees.
Diaz: [sarcastically] Yeah, we’re better off.
[just as they getting closer to the treeline the pack of wolves start getting close to their heels, they run into the forest and hurriedly assemble a fire]


[in the forest the five remaining survivors listen as dozens of wolves surround them and they hear a loud shriek of pain and growling erupt from one direction]
Diaz: What the fuck was that?
Ottway: The Alpha. They went at him, he put it down. Whatever…whatever that challenge was, the Alpha put it down
Hendrick: How are we gonna deal with this?
Ottway: We kill them. One at a time. Tip the numbers. That’s what they’re doing to us.


[referring to the longs sticks that Ottway’s brought]
Diaz: What the hell are these for?
Ottway: I’ll explain. Fix them with electrical tape. Talget, you got some, yeah?
[Talget looks in his bag]
Talget: In here somewhere.
[Ottway takes one of the pieces of wood and demonstrates for them]
Ottway: Shot gun shell, spear tip. The tip has to drive into the primer and set off the shell. Secure them with these sticks with the tape, simple. Jab with them when then wolf gets close. Hit ’em hard, gotta get real close. It’ll work, it’s like a bang stick. A ram should discharge it, you pull it loose, you still got something sharp to create distance. Unless you want to fist fight ’em. There you go. One shot a piece, guys. Make ’em count.
[he throws a stick at each guy]
Ottway: Blacken the tips with in the fire, guys. Makes them harder, stronger.
Diaz: Really, boys? This is what’s come down too, huh? This MacGyver bullshit?
[no one answers Diaz as they get on with their task of sharpening the ends of their sticks]
Diaz: Okay. Good. I appreciate a good laugh as much as the next guy.


[as they hear the wolves makes noises around them in the forest]
Hendrick: These things, they see well at night?
Burke: Jesus, can we talk about something else, please.
Diaz: Talget, you’re carrying all that booze. Let’s break it out.
Hendrick: I recommend rationing what we have.
Diaz: I recommend you kissin’ my ass. What, are you the booze police now? You fucking guys, with your rules and orders and bullshit. Where are we? Look around. This is fuck city, population five and dwindling. Two days, three maybe, if we really pull our shit together. Who’s in charge of that right now?
[he points to Ottway]
Diaz: This fucking guy? The great white hunter, with his jerry rigged fucking wolf sticks.


Talget: Why are you constantly breaking balls and bitching about everything?
Diaz: Cause I wanna live, motherfucker. Do you understand that? I don’t want some Timberwolf shittin’ me out on this mountain.
Ottway: You’re scared.
Diaz: What?
Ottway: You don’t need all that nonsense, all that chest puff bullshit. What’s wrong with being scared?
Diaz: I’m not scared.
Ottway: You’re not?
Diaz: No.
Ottway: I’m terrified.
Diaz: I can tell.
Ottway: And not an ounce of shame in saying it. I’m scared shitless.
Diaz: That’s because you’re a punk. I don’t walk through this world with fear in my heart.
Ottway: You pick that up in the pen? Somebody scribble that in the day room wall?
Diaz: You better take it easy, motherfucker.
Ottway: Talking tough means jackshit now. You’re not scared? You’re a fool. Worse, you’re a fucking liar.


Diaz: I should have checked your chin in the fuckin’ plane. Get up! Come on! Get up, you big Irish fuck. You wanna knuckle up?
[he stands up holding his knife up]
Burke: Put that fucking knife down.the-grey-3
[Talget comes behind Diaz and puts his hand on his shoulder]
Talget: Come on! Come on, we don’t have time for this!
[suddenly Diaz elbows Talget hard in the face making him fall]
Diaz: Get the fuck off me!
Burke: Put that knife away!
Diaz: Shut up! Shut up. You chicken shits make me sick.
[in pain as Talget’s face is all busted]
Talget: Son of a bitch!
[Diaz turns to Ottway again, holding his knife up]
Diaz: You got that kid, Flannery killed and you’re not gonna get me killed. Put your fucking hands up. Let me show you how this is done. Put your fucking hands up!
[suddenly with his foot Ottway throws a piece of burning wood in Diaz’s face and knocks him down]
Diaz: Ah! You motherfucker!
Ottway: Cut this shit out! Do you hear me?
[suddenly they hear the Alpha wolf and they look behind them to find the Alpha wolf only inches away from them]


Total Quotes: 60



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