Starring: Kathryn Newton, Kyle Allen, Jermaine Harris, Anna Mikami, Josh Hamilton, Cleo Fraser, Jorja Fox



Romantic fantasy directed by Ian Samuels. The story follows teen Mark (Kyle Allen), who is contentedly living the same day in an endless loop, but his world is turned upside down when he meets mysterious Margaret (Kathryn Newton), who is also stuck in the time loop. Mark and Margaret form a partnership, setting out to find all the tiny things that make that one day perfect.


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'Most of life is just junk. It's filler. And then, there's these moments, when all the randomness turns into something perfect.' - Mark (The Map of Tiny Perfect Things) Click To Tweet 'It's true that we're losing time every day, all the time, until one day it's all gone. But you're gaining it too. Every second. Perfect moments, one after the other, until, by the end, you have your whole life.' - Greta Click To Tweet


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Daniel: Mark, eat something healthy.
Mark: To be fair, dad, you’re going to be eating an entire pint of Chubby Hubby by yourself in approximately eight hours.


Mark: [as they’re playing a video game] What if your whole life was like that?
Henry: What, where you die and respawn?
Mark: Yeah. Or like you go to bed, and when you wake up, it’s the same day all over again, just on repeat. What would you do?
Henry: Besides this?
Mark: Or in addition. You know?
Henry: Switch it up a little.


Henry: Wait, wasn’t that a movie where Bill Murray’s stuck in the same day, till he has sex with his hot boss?
Mark: Groundhog Day.
Henry: Then that’s it right there. Girls.
Mark: You wouldn’t, I don’t know, tie a bunch of balloons to a lawn chair or something?
Henry: Dude, no. I’d definitely take the girl.


Mark: You could be a force for good.
Henry: Like Batman?
Mark: Yeah, like Batman.
Henry: But are we talking Dark Knight Batman, or Ben Affleck Batman? Because…
Mark: Dude, The Animated Series, obviously.
Henry: No, I’d still take the girl. I feel like it would ultimately be more satisfying.


Henry: Maybe it’s like pi though. Just goes on forever. There could be infinite ways for you not to get laid. Then you’d never get out of the loop.
Mark: Right, but why would you want to? You’d be the center of the universe. You could do anything.
Henry: Yeah, but it could get boring, or lonely.
Mark: No way. Man, I mean, you would be like the king of everything.


Henry: But say it’s you, and you tell me. I’d just forget.
Mark: Right, but you’d never believe me anyway.
Henry: We could’ve had this exact conversation like fifty times already. The repetition. The isolation. You’d be like the last man on Earth.


Henry: [referring to Margaret] Oh, so you’re into her.
Mark: No.
Henry: So you’re not into her.
Mark: Well, like, I’m not not into her.


Henry: [imitates Yoda and Darth Vadar] Feelings for this one you have.
Mark: Okay, is that Darth Vader or Yoda? Because you have to pick one. You can’t do both.


Mark: She did drop a flyer for a missing dog though.
Henry: Mark, okay. On the flyer, it’ll have her phone number.
Mark: Right. Yeah, and I called the number, and some guy picked up. Who does have a daughter, but she’s eight. And he seemed really upset that I was using his personal misfortune to try and meet a girl. Which is fair.


Henry: An alley behind a restaurant?
Mark: I doubt she’s looking for actual Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, but thank you.
Henry: Maybe it’s better this way, you know? Maybe you were going to have this like doomed, toxic romance. Maybe you dodged a bullet.


Mark: I’m Mark. I just had a quick question.
Margaret: Okay.
Mark: I was wondering, this is going to sound really strange. God, really bizarre. But are you experiencing any kind of temporal anomaly in your life?


Mark: So what have you been up to with, I mean like I guess, infinite time?
Margaret: Oh, you know like solving crimes, and like finding true love.
Mark: Really?
Margaret: No. I’ve been teaching myself how to drive. Figure it doesn’t matter if I crash because, you know, time loop.


Mark: I was going to try and cure cancer. Like that’s what this was all for.
Margaret: Oh, wow.
Mark: And then when I figured it out, it would, time would start up again, and I would basically have saved the entire world.
Margaret: Oh. How’s that going?
Mark: Not that great. So far, not a lot of real progress.


Margaret: Maybe you set your sights like too high.
Mark: Yeah. Like maybe I should have just tried to cure athlete’s foot.
Margaret: Pink eye.
Mark: Indigestion.


Mark: It’s great being the only one who knows what’s going to come next, but it’s also weird. Like everything that’s happened has happened like a thousand times. Everyone’s like sleepwalking, you know? They think this is all there is.
Margaret: Yeah. Like everyone else is dreaming, and you’re the only one who’s awake.
Mark: Exactly.


Mark: I know it’s wrong to laugh at other people’s misfortune.
Margaret: But they are objectively hilarious.


Margaret: Why do you think these things keep happening?
Mark: I don’t know. I honestly didn’t figure it out until there was no new Doctor Who.


Margaret: I’m just glad that Stephen Hawking isn’t here to see this, because it totally violates all known science.


Mark: So what’s the craziest thing you’ve done so far?
Margaret: Crazy, like…?
Mark: I tried to hop a freight train once.
Margaret: How did that turn out?
Mark: I got way more respect for hobos now.


Margaret: Okay, but what if you were driving your Lamborghini into like a candy shop, and the time loop ended, and you were naked?
Mark: See, that is exactly what I’m talking about. You must have done at least one cool thing.
Margaret: I put my chess app on maximum difficulty.
Mark: And?
Margaret: I lost.


Mark: You ever wish that today happened on a different day? Like Christmas, or your birthday?


Mark: I just wish today wasn’t the day my dad decides to have “the talk” about my future. Besides, who knows what they want to be when they’re seventeen?
Margaret: I do.
Mark: Really?
Margaret: Aerospace engineer. Specifically, a NASA Mission Specialist.
Mark: Wait. Like an astronaut? Because that’s cool. That’s like a, I mean, it’s just like a big call.
Margaret: I have twenty-twenty vision, uncorrected, so.


Margaret: You never know how s**t your friend’s taste in music is till you steal her car.
Mark: You stole this car?
Margaret: I need it more than Marissa does. And honestly, this song is kind of growing on me. Right?


Mark: God, there must be a lot of people who die today.
Margaret: You only just thought of that? A hundred and fifty thousand.
Mark: What?
Margaret: That’s how many people die every day. A hundred and fifty thousand.
Mark: Jeez. And you’d just go through it, over and over again, like Sisyphus.
Margaret: Worse. He was just pushing a big rock.


Margaret: I lied before. I love being judgmental.


Mark: You know how the fourth dimension is supposed to be time?
Margaret: Yeah.
Mark: So what if like these fourth dimensional beings are sort of like toying with us? Like they bent time in a circle, and now we have to live the same day over and over again, like on a hamster wheel. For their amusement.


Margaret: Except time’s not the fourth dimension.
Mark: It’s not?
Margaret: No. Not in any meaningful Euclidean sense.
Mark: Oh, yeah. Well, of course it’s not.


Mark: That’s what I think that this is all about.
Margaret: What? Eating all the ice cream in the world, and not getting fat?


Mark: I mean, think about it. Most of life is just junk, right? It’s filler. And then, there’s these moments, when all the randomness turns into something perfect. It’s like life’s dropping all the bulls**t just for a second to show us how amazing it could be all the time, if it wanted to.
Margaret: I don’t know. I think maybe we’re supposed to become like better people. Though, I honestly don’t even know how that could be possible.



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