Our list of the best quotes from HBO’s sci-fi fantasy series created by Joss Whedon. Set in the last years of Victoria’s reign, The Nevers follows a gang of women in London, who suddenly manifest abnormal abilities that are referred to as the Touched. They become champions of this new underclass, making a home for the Touched, while fighting relentless enemies to make room for those whom history, as we know it, has no place.


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1. Touched


Penance Adair: Mrs. True.
Amalia True: Miss Adair.
Penance Adair: You look very fine.
Amalia True: I think so too.


Mr. Haplisch: They’re saying Myrtle might be Touched? We heard about those girls the last few years. They’re not right.
Amalia True: Neither right nor wrong. Being Touched is not a defect of character.


Penance Adair: Yes, the reverend mentioned an affliction of the tongue.
Mrs. Haplisch: Because old Satan is squatting on it. Spewing out his foulness, making a chamber pot of our Myrtle’s mouth.
Mr. Haplisch: Well, that’s a bit descriptive.


Amalia True: Gentlemen.
[cracks her neck]
Amalia True: Might we be civil?


Penance Adair: How are we going to deal with those fellas? True?
Amalia True: We’re going to the opera.
Penance Adair: See? We already got a plan.


Prince Albrecht: It’s just a woman.
Lord Broughton: Five men murdered. I’d say she’s more than that.


Lord Massen: It came three years ago.
Lord Broughton: Third of August, 1896.
Lord Massen: A Monday. Rather gray. Not one case of someone being Touched before then. Not one outside London. Those reported overseas were all here at the time. And not one man of stature afflicted. That’s the genius of it. They came at us through our women.
Lord Allaven-Tyne: They? I’m still not sure I can equate a few bizarre anecdotes with the Mongol horde.
Lord Massen: Only a blind man measures the length of a blade by how much is in his belly.


Lord Massen: This was designed so that we would see the parts and not the whole. Philanthropists like Lavinia Bidlow see the suffering of the afflicted. The common throng see a macabre murderess.
Prince Albrecht: And you see a broken machine.
Lord Massen: That is exactly what I see. The greatest machine. The heart of our empire brought to a shuddering halt by the caprice and ambitions of those for whom ambition was never meant.


Lord Massen: We are the first generation accustomed to the impossible. What women are appalled by today, they will accept tomorrow, and demand the day after that. And the immigrant. And the deviant. That is the power being wielded, and not by us. The blade is in, gentlemen. We need to know whose hand is on the hilt.


Frank Mundi: So you’re going to tell me what was here before you dressed it up, because one more lie, and I’m not on a case, I’m the f***ing Angle of Death.


Penance Adair: [referring to Myrtle] She does speak English. But not with her mouth.


Lucy Best: People been attacking us since they known we was Touched.
Harriet Kaur: Or since always.
Amalia True: This is different. This whole day.
Penance Adair: We knew people would come down on us the more we were thriving.


Lucy Best: It’s about confidence. As my mum used to say, if you can look a man in the eye, you can stab him in it.
Amalia True: Smart woman.
Penance Adair: But also, don’t do that.


Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow: The Touched.
Hugo Swan: Yes. They’re terrible. They’re wonderful. They’re absurd.
Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow: Do you even know what the term means?
Hugo Swan: Touched? Yes! No. They’re all, they have, weird, deformities and afflictions.


Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow: Do you think they might be hideous?
Hugo Swan: Well, whatever they are, flirt with the ugly one. It creates an unexpected balance.
Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow: I don’t know how to flirt.


Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow: You have to come.
Hugo Swan: Oh! To the opera?
Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow: Well, you know everything about flirting. Plus, you don’t mind when people are odd. It’s how we’re friends.


Hugo Swan: That’s how the club works. It’s all quite delicate. Favors and threats, and then, one shining night where no law yet exists. It’s more than just a club. It’s an ethos.


Augustus ‘Augie’ Bidlow: Sex club is just, that’s just flirting on a much scarier level.
Hugo Swan: You don’t have to flirt. You just have to relax. Endure someone flirting with you.


Hugo Swan: As far as society is concerned, Augustus Bidlow is above reproach, and beneath contempt. He’s perfect.
Housemaid: For what?


Amalia True: Gift like yours, you should be the Royal physician, not patching up gangsters and freaks.
Dr. Horatio Cousens: Gift like mine gets me branded a voodoo witch doctor. I gave up being choosy.
Amalia True: Nothing about me not being a freak?


Penance Adair: I’m not confident in my curtsying.
Amalia True: I’m not confident in my breathing.
Penance Adair: Oh, I wasn’t planning to breathe. I think it’s considered rude.


Penance Adair: [referring to her wound] Does it hurt?
Amalia True: Itches.
Penance Adair: Aah, that’s much worse.


Declan Orrun: I’m genuinely searching for a way that this spins out that I don’t kill you.
Amalia True: It would be better if you didn’t.
Declan Orrun: You’re a rare f***ing bird.


Declan Orrun: My business is mine. Apart from the sanctity of my harmonious marriage, f***-all is exclusive.


Declan Orrun: You’re mad enough to make this worth it. But you’re mad enough to try not to. If it goes that way, I will cut your face to a mess.
Amalia True: This isn’t my face.