By Sarah Incrocci (Covingtong, WA)


The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie I believe a diverse group of people will find interesting. People who enjoy Tim Burton movies, relatable characters, Halloween, Christmas, dark tones, and movies with some singing in it will love this movie. Others who don’t like Tim Burton movies, Santa being kidnapped or like light and happy movies wouldn’t like this movie.
In the movie the main character, Jack Skellington, gets jealous after he discovers Christmas town and tries to take over. We know we shouldn’t root for him since he is the antagonist, but you can’t help not rooting for him.

He kidnaps Santa so no one tries to stop him, but our protagonist Sally tries to stop him twice by telling him she had a vision of it going down in flames and by creating a fog thick enough to stop Jack from going. Of course both plans fail and he goes anyways. At this point you can’t help, but root for Jack and also that Sally was wrong. You root for Jack because of his energy, the excitement, and drive. This makes you want to see him succeed and hope for the best.

This movie has a good story line and a solid ending which leaves you with a satisfied feeling, while also ending on a light note. We’ve all watched movies that leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more, but sometimes you don’t get a second movie or a series. This leaves you disappointed and not really wanting to watch it again, with The Nightmare Before Christmas you don’t have this problem the ending won’t leave you with questions or wishing there was a second one.

In the movie we have different character like witches, werewolf, clown, vampires, and a mummy; these characters don’t look like each other or sound alike because just like us they are unique in a different way. Take the vampires for instance, there are four vampires but they all are different sizes, height, voices, and they don’t have similar facial structure. This happens with all the characters especially if there is more than one. These characters also feel emotions like happiness, joy, sadness, anxiety, and anxiety. When the town watched Jack get shot down they all mourned, cried, and were very melancholy because they just lost a beloved friend. When we lose anyone close to us we cry and feel a mixture of emotions just like the towns people did which makes these characters very relatable.

The movie also gives viewers different messages that can be used in life. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t give up even if things get hard or don’t go the way you planned are a couple examples of messages that could be learned from the movie. These are valuable life lessons that everyone should know or learn by experience. If we make a mistake, Jack trying to take over Christmas, we have a possibility to fail and learn from it. Jack learned this valuable lesson after getting shot down and righted his wrong doings.

Rating: 5/5


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