Starring: Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, Yvonne Strahovski, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey



Sci-fi action horror sequel directed and co-written by Shane Black. The universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before, having genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species. When a young boy, Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay), the son of a former Marine and Special Forces commando, Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), accidentally triggers their return to Earth, only a crew of ex-soldiers, led by Quinn, and a disgruntled scientist, Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn), can prevent the end of the human race.



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[first lines]
Haines: [on radio] Picket One, copy. Do you got eyes on the hostages?
Quinn McKenna: Still negative.
Dupree: [on radio] Twenty bucks says they don’t show.
Quinn McKenna: Are you two morons really making bets on whether a drug cartel has executed these hostages?
Dupree: [on radio] Abso-fucking-lutely.
Haines: [on radio] I believe that was implied. Yeah.
Quinn McKenna: Just checking. I’m in for twenty.


[referring to the piece of Predator armor]
Dupree: What the fuck is that, Cap?
Quinn McKenna: It’s above our pay grade.


[referring to the Predators]
Traeger: Gentlemen, remember. They’re large, they’re fast, and fucking you up is their idea of tourism!


[being interrogated]
Quinn McKenna: What’s with, um, the polygraph? I thought this was a psych eval.
VA Psych: We need to know if you pose a threat.
Quinn McKenna: Well, I’m a sniper. Isn’t posing a threat kind of the fucking point?


VA Psych: You spend most of your time now in country estranged from your wife and son.
Quinn McKenna: Look, I get it. Something went down in Mexico and nobody wants any witnesses.
VA Psych: Excuse me?
Quinn McKenna: You’re not here to find out if I’m crazy. You want to make sure the label sticks.
VA Psych: So you feel you’re being railroaded?
Quinn McKenna: I can see the tracks on the floor.
[leans into the microphone]
Quinn McKenna: I don’t see tracks on the floor, for the record.
VA Psych: You feel like you’re a stranger on your own planet, don’t you, Captain?
Quinn McKenna: Like an alien, you mean? That’s what you wanted.
[he looks at the two-way mirror, where Traeger and Sapir are in the next room watching]
Quinn McKenna: Do I get a cookie now?
Traeger: He saw something.
Sapir: Oh, yeah.
Traeger: Yeah.


[to the MP as he’s being escorted to the bus]
Quinn McKenna: You shove me again, I’m going to break your neck. Did I say that out loud?


Quinn McKenna: McKenna.
[they shake hands]
Nebraska Williams: Nebraska Williams.
Quinn McKenna: That’s your real name?
Nebraska Williams: Gaylord.
Quinn McKenna: That’s a good call, then.
Nebraska Williams: Yeah, I thought so.


Casey Bracket: Why do you call it the Predator?
Traeger: It’s a nickname. You know, the data suggests that it tracks its prey. Exploits weakness. Seems to, well enjoy it. Like a game.
Casey Bracket: That’s not a predator, that’s a sports hunter.
Traeger: Sorry?
Casey Bracket: A predator kills its prey to survive. I mean, what you’re describing is more like a bass fisherman.
Traeger: Well, we took a vote. Predator’s cooler, right?
[the others in the lab agree]
Traeger: Fuck yeah.


Coyle: How do you circumcise a homeless man?
Baxley: Here it comes.
Coyle: Kick your mom on the chin.


[referring to Quinn]
Nebraska Williams: I just want to know who this motherfucker is. Why are you here? Come on, man, this is the loony bus. Look at this motherfucker.
Lynch: Loonies!
Coyle: Loonies, yeah.
Quinn McKenna: Uh, I had a run-in with a space alien.
Coyle: Oh, shit.
[they all laugh]
Nebraska Williams: No, let him…
Coyle: Okay, that guy wins. That’s the best story I’ve ever heard. Classic story…
Lynch: That’s the winner right there. Fucking hell.
Quinn McKenna: Would you shut the fuck up?!
Coyle: Oh.
Quinn McKenna: They want to put a lid on it, so here I am. Stuck in Group Two. The sequel to Group One, only stupider.


[as they watch Predator escape from the government base]
Baxley: Alien.
Nebraska Williams: Your green boy?
Quinn McKenna: Yep.
Nebraska Williams: Goddamn space aliens.


[after they see the Predator escape from the government base]
Quinn McKenna: That’s the thing that killed my men.
Nebraska Williams: Yeah, they’ll do that.
Quinn McKenna: We got to get off this thing. We got to move.
Nebraska Williams: Brother, it’s a bus. It moves.


Coyle: Hey, Baxley! If your mom’s vagina were a video game, it’d be rated E for Everyone.


[referring to the motorcycle choppers]
Nebraska Williams: Get to the choppers!


Quinn McKenna: It’s the end of times, huh?
Nebraska Williams: Worst thing about the end times, they never fucking are.
Quinn McKenna: So, um, did he live?
Nebraska Williams: Say again?
Quinn McKenna: The CO, the asshole you shot, did he live?
Nebraska Williams: Yeah. He did.
Quinn McKenna: Yeah, and where is he at now?
[Nebraska doesn’t reply]
Quinn McKenna: You’re shitting me.
Nebraska Williams: I missed.
Quinn McKenna: Why did you do that?
Nebraska Williams: Miss?
Quinn McKenna: No, shoot yourself.
Nebraska Williams: Doctors asked me the same thing. I walked to the hospital with a bullet in my skull. Good times.
Quinn McKenna: Hey, should I be worried?
[he smiles and stubs out his cigarette on his tongue]
Nebraska Williams: Probably.


Casey Bracket: So, what’s the upside to me staying here with you guys?
Quinn McKenna: Uh, maybe staying alive? We are soldiers. We’re the good guys, okay?
Casey Bracket: Well, that’s debatable.


Casey Bracket: I read your file. The, uh, the guys in Mexico it killed, they yours? They’re going to need a patsy for that.
Quinn McKenna: You’re looking at him.
Casey Bracket: Yeah, I figured. Ex-sniper with PTSD, that’s actually kind of perfect.


Quinn McKenna: Guys, if we want to keep breathing, we need to find this thing. Expose it.
Casey Bracket: It’s called the Predator. It hunts people for sport.
Nebraska Williams: Technically, that’s not a predator. That’s like…
Casey Bracket: Thank you.
Coyle: It’s a hunter.
Casey Bracket: I said the same thing.


Baxley: Alright, when all this is over…
[as he enters the RV, Quinn points his gun at him]
Baxley: Fuck me in the face with an aardvark. I just want to be famous.


[the larger predator communicates with the other smaller predator]
Large Predator: [subtitled] Tell me where it is?
[Quinn and the rest of the group watch in horror as the larger predator attacks the smaller one]


[referring to the larger Predator killing the smaller one]
Coyle: What’s the big one? What’s the big one, Doc? Is that like the male?
Baxley: He didn’t even give a shit about us. Just wanted to kill that thing.
Casey Bracket: [to Quinn] You saw that, right?
[turns to the others in the van]
Casey Bracket: Guys! Did you see that? He, I mean he grew an exoskeleton under his fucking skin.
[looks back at the larger Predator as they drive away]
Casey Bracket: What, are they hunting each other now?


[referring to Rory]
Traeger: So, we find the kid, we find the ship. What the fuck we still standing here for?
Sapir: You don’t want to know what that one is?
Traeger: I know what it is. Our big boy’s a hunter. He brought his dogs with him.


Rory McKenna: Sorry I never grew up, you know, the way you wanted.
Quinn McKenna: Tell you a secret.
[he motions for Rory to lean in closer]
Quinn McKenna: Truth is, kid, I never grew up the way I wanted.


Casey Bracket: So, remember how I told you how they take people’s spines, right?
Quinn McKenna: Yeah, for trophies.
Casey Bracket: Yes! Yes! From the strongest, smartest, the most dangerous species on every planet they visit.
Quinn McKenna: Collecting survival traits from the most high-end specimens.
Casey Bracket: I think they’re attempting hybridization.
Quinn McKenna: You’re just pulling this out of your ass.
Casey Bracket: Did you not see the new Predator? It’s evolving.
Quinn McKenna: Or being upgraded.


[referring to Rory]
Quinn McKenna: That little boy, managed to figure out alien technology.
Casey Bracket: You know, a lot of experts say that, being on the spectrum isn’t really a disorder. It’s actually the next step in the evolutionary chain.


Quinn McKenna: Casey! Can I interest you in getting the fuck out of here?
Casey Bracket: Getting the fuck out of here is my middle name.
[to Nebraska]
Quinn McKenna: And I thought Gaylord was bad.


Quinn McKenna: Hey! So let me unpack this. So you’re saying my son’s headed towards a spaceship, and so is a ten foot alien.
Nebraska Williams: Uh, eleven, actually. Used to be a contractor.
Quinn McKenna: This thing is a hybrid? What does that mean?
Casey Bracket: Meaning it’s the Chinese menu of DNA. Comprised of the deadliest species in the entire…
Nebraska Williams: In the entire universe, yeah?
Casey Bracket: Galaxy.
Nebraska Williams: What?
Casey Bracket: Galaxy. Two hundred and fifty billion stars. Why go universe? Just saying.


Baxley: Figured something out. I think we’re going to die. We’re going to go hunt and fight the what, the army?
Coyle: We’re not going to fight the army…
Baxley: And some fucking people from space!


Traeger: What do you say, buddy? You think you can get us in there? Because I’m not sure that you can.
Rory McKenna: Nice reverse psychology. I can do that too. Don’t go fuck yourself.
Traeger: [laughs] That’s good. Come on.


Rory McKenna: That’s my dad. He’s going to come save me now.
Traeger: Oh, is he? Is that what he’s going to do? I’ll tell you what, buddy, if it is your daddy, and I truly hope that it is, he’s got to be just about the dumbest motherfucker I’ve ever met.
[he starts laughing]
Traeger: I mean, a ranger sniper tripping wire sensors? He’s got to be…
[suddenly realizes and Sapir]
Traeger: …creating a diversion. It’s a fucking diversion.


[referring to the Predator]
Casey Bracket: McKenna, I don’t like this! What’s he doing in there?
Traeger: It’s using the translator.
Casey Bracket: Hello. I have enjoyed watching you kill each other. I came here to destroy this vessel. You cannot have it. What you can do is run. I detect one among you who is a true warrior. The one called McKenna. He will be your leader. He will be my prize. I offer time advantage. Go.
Casey Bracket: What the fuck is time advantage? Like a head start?


[referring to the Predator shoulder cannon]
Traeger: Hey. On Halloween, this blew up a whole house. How do you shoot it?
Rory McKenna: You don’t. It just fires by itself when it’s being attacked.
Traeger: Seriously? Oh, shit.


[after the Predator takes Rory]
Quinn McKenna: No! No! He said he wanted me. He said he wanted me!
Casey Bracket: No. He said he wanted McKenna. The next step in the evolutionary chain. Not you. Your son.


[after defeating the Predator]
Quinn McKenna: What are you?
Predator: What are you?
Quinn McKenna: Shut the fuck up.


[last lines; referrering to the Predator nanotech armor suit]
Dr. Yamada: What the hell is that?
Quinn McKenna: That’s my new suit, bubba. I hope they got it in a forty-two long.

Total Quotes: 35


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