Starring: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, Sylvester Stallone, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Peter Capaldi, Alice Braga, Pete Davidson, David Dastmalchian, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, Daniela Melchior, Sean Gunn, Flula Borg, Mayling Ng


DC Comics antihero team reboot written and directed by James Gunn. The Suicide Squad (2021) centers on Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) reassembling the team, with members old and new, who are sent as members of Task Force X to the South American island of Corto Maltes.


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Thinker: Super villains. Sad cells in costumes. Wanting you to think they’re all dark and deep. What’s it like, living life as a punchline? But all it would take would be one blessed act of rebellion for you to restore your dignity in its entirety.


Rick Flag: Love them or hate them, these are your brothers and sisters for the next few days.


Peacemaker: You got to be kidding me. You’re going to risk the entire mission for a mental defective dressed as a court jester.
Bloodsport: This coming from a guy that wears a toilet seat on his head?
Rick Flag: We don’t leave one of our own behind. Hopefully Harley’s still alive.


Amanda Waller: No funny business. Colonel, these are dangerous people.


Rick Flag: Fire on three, two…
Harley Quinn: What are you guys doing?
Amanda Waller: What?
Rick Flag: You. We’re here to save you.
Harley Quinn: You were going to save me?
Rick Flag: It was a really good plan too.
Harley Quinn: Well, I can go back inside, and you can still do it.
Bloodsport: That’s patronizing.
Harley Quinn: I’m so sorry. Harley Quinn.
Bloodsport: Bloodsport.


Amanda Waller: You know the deal. Successfully complete the mission, you get ten years off your sentence. You fail to follow my orders in any way, and I detonate the explosive device in the base of your skull. Any questions?
King Shark: [puts up his hand] Hand.
Amanda Waller: Yes. That is your hand. Very good.
Bloodsport: We’re all going to die.
Polka-Dot Man: I hope so.
Bloodsport: Oh, for f***’s sake.


Savant: So this is the famous Suicide Squad.


Rick Flag: [to Thinker] Here’s the deal. We fail the mission, you die.
Bloodsport: We find out any information you give us is false, you die.
Harley Quinn: If we find out you have personalized license plates, you die.
Rick Flag: What? No.
Harley Quinn: If you cough without covering your mouth…
Rick Flag: Harley. Although that isn’t an open invitation for you to cough without covering your mouth.


Thinker: This is suicide.
Rick Flag: Well, that’s kind of our thing.


Peacemaker: What’s the plan?
Bloodsport: How the hell am I supposed to know?
Peacemaker: You’re the leader. You’re supposed to be decisive.
Bloodsport: Then I’ve decided that you should eat a big bag of d**ks.
Peacemaker: If this whole beach was completely covered in d**ks, and somebody said I had to eat every d**k until the beach was clean for liberty, I would say no problemo.
Ratcatcher II: Why would someone put p**ises all over the beach?
Peacemaker: Who knows why mad men do what they do?


Peacemaker: Nothing like a bloodbath to start the day.
Ratcatcher II: They call you Peacemaker.
Peacemaker: I cherish peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many, men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.
Ratcatcher II: [turns to Polka-Dot Man] I thought you were the crazy one.
Polka-Dot Man: I am.


Harley Quinn: I love the rain. It’s like angels are splooging all over us.


Bloodsport: Don’t you worry, yeah? I’m going to get you out of here alive.
Ratcatcher II: I’m going to get you out of here alive.


John Economos: Oh, my God! We’ve got a freaking Kaiju up in this s**t.