Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman, Bobby Cannavale, Pom Klementieff, Kevin Dunn, Melissa Leo



Netflix superhero comedy written and directed by Ben Falcone. Thunder Force (2021) is set in a world terrorized by super-villains, scientist Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer ) has developed the process to give superpowers to regular people. But when she accidentally imbues her estranged best-friend, Lydia (Melissa McCarthy), with incredible abilities, the two women become the first superhero team to battle the super-powered Miscreants and save Chicago from the clutches of The King (Bobby Cannavale).


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'I look at you, and I just think somewhere inside those kind of yoked, strong glistening shells, is the heart of a really good man-crab.' - Lydia Berman (Thunder Force) Click To Tweet


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Young Emily: I’m not a nerd. I’m smart. There’s a difference.


Young Emily: [referring to her parents] They were geneticists.
Young Lydia: Wait, wait. Both of them were like lady part doctors?
Young Emily: No, that’s a gynecologist. Geneticists are scientists who work on genes, including mutated ones.
Young Lydia: Oh. Yeah, I knew that. I’m like testing you.


Teen Lydia: [saying grace] Thanks, Lord, for making such kick-a** food. If Jesus was here, he would crush it.


Teen Lydia: We all know I’m not special.
Teen Emily: I didn’t say that.
Teen Lydia: It’s fine though. You don’t know how life is going to go. And I could be the president, getting chauffeured in fancy limousines.


Clyde: [referring to Emily] She’s probably hanging out with strippers, sipping smooth champagne, eating nachos filled with goose meat or something like that.
Lydia Berman: Clyde, you have a really weird vision of how rich people live.


Sarah: [as Lydia’s comes to see Emily] Do you have an appointment?
Lydia Berman: No. I don’t have an appointment. But I’m Lydia Berman. I’m her best friend, so. I mean, we’re not currently, what I would say, “best friends” or “friends”. Estranged, I think, puts a stink on it, that it might not warrant. But I guess you could say we’re estranged now, but not in a way that’s like restraining order. So do I just go up and surprise her?
Sarah: No, you definitely don’t do that.


Sarah: [referring to Emily] Well, she will see you.
Lydia Berman: I’m kind of relieved that’s the answer.
Sarah: Not how I thought that one was going to go.


Lydia Berman: I mean, how do you change a bulb in something like that?
Jessie: That would be a maintenance question.
Lydia Berman: Maintenance. There you go. Wow.


Emily Stanton: Dear God, Lydia. What have you done?
Lydia Berman: Emily, I didn’t touch anything! Okay, I touched a couple, I touched one thing. I’m so sorry.


Emily Stanton: Lydia, do you have any idea what you’ve done? I’ve worked for this my entire life, and you’ve ruined everything.
Lydia Berman: Oh, I don’t know what was in those needles, but I’m totally happy to give it back to you. I can like pee in a cup, or something.


Lydia Berman: What’s your power?
Jessie: Well, they were supposed to be super strength and invisibility. But you just took her treatment for super strength.
Lydia Berman: I’m really, really sorry. Maybe you can just like cook up another batch.
Emily Stanton: It took five years to create that formula.


Lydia Berman: I mean, I feel weird and sweaty. And, you know, my heart’s pounding like a jackhammer inside my chest because of this serum. What does that mean?
Allie: What it means is, if you stop taking the treatments, your veins will shred like a log in a wood chipper.


Allie: Emily, the only logical thing to do is stay the course. I mean, we’ll continue with the super strength treatments with the village idiot here, and you begin the treatments for invisibility.
Lydia Berman: Village idiot? Hello, Chicago is a city, not a village, and the best city in the world.


Emily Stanton: Em, let’s show you to your room.
Lydia Berman: Wait, wait, wait. I’m not staying here. I’ve got stuff to do. I got to be at work on Monday. I’ve got really good Bulls tickets.
Emily Stanton: If you stop the treatments, it’s entirely possible that your body will violently explode over the weekend.
Lydia Berman: I can take a peek at a room, you know.


Lydia Berman: This looks like the jail cell on Battlestar Galactica.


Emily Stanton: You know who Urkel is.
Lydia Berman: How do you spell that?
Emily Stanton: You spell it Ur-kel.


Tracy: Mom, is she having a reaction to the injection?
Emily Stanton: No, she’s always like this.
Lydia Berman: Did you say, “Mom?” Mom? You have a kid and I didn’t even know it? You have a secret kid for twenty years?
Tracy: I’m only fifteen.


Lydia Berman: What is Jodie Foster’s problem?
Emily Stanton: Allie helped me set up this whole lab. She’s former CIA. She runs things for me.
Lydia Berman: What? It’s a compliment. I’m saying Jodie Foster like “It puts the lotion in the basket”, not like “Tay in the wind” Jodie Foster.


Lydia Berman: Why aren’t you in school?
Tracy: First, it’s the middle of the night. And second of all, I graduated from Stanford last year.
Lydia Berman: Wow, she’s a chip off the old nerd block, huh?
Emily Stanton: She’s not a nerd. She’s smart.
Tracy, Emily: There’s a difference.


Lydia Berman: Oh, my God. I’m going to throw the s**t out of a city bus!
Emily Stanton: Language.
Lydia Berman: I’m going to throw the pee crap out of a city bus.
Emily Stanton: That isn’t any better, and you’re not going to be throwing a bus, Lydia. That would be very bad.


Lydia Berman: I think I sprained my groin. Do chicks have groins?
Tracy: Yes.
Lydia Berman: That’s what I did. I might have just peed just a little bit in my suit too.
Tracy: Yes. According to this, your bladder did release urine.


Emily Stanton: [listing the risks of the injections] Like death, amnesia, paralysis, stroke, brain death, living inside your mind, unable to speak or convey thoughts, which would be the most unspeakable pain, which we simply abbreviate as…
Tracy, Jessie, Allie: The unspeakable.
Emily Stanton: And did I say death?
Tracy: Yes.
Lydia Berman: You know, I’m scrambling to find the silver lining here. I mean, what is it?


Lydia Berman: At least I don’t have diarrhea.
Emily Stanton: Severe diarrhea is a given. That one right there is hundred percent a certainty.


Lydia Berman: Wait, it’s a pill? Your whole treatment is one stinking pill?
Emily Stanton: It’s a very large pill. And I had to go off dairy for this.


Lydia Berman: If you’re never in school, then how do you meet dudes, or chicks, or, you know, non-specific gender? Everybody’s great. Whatever you’re into.
Tracy: I like boys.
Lydia Berman: Me too. You dating anybody interesting? By interesting, I mean, hot.


Emily Stanton: Oh, my God. I’ve created a raw chicken monster.
Lydia Berman: It’s delicious. My compliments to whoever didn’t cook it.
Emily Stanton: Can’t unsee that.


Lydia Berman: [to Emily] You know, I keep seeing you taking these pills, but are we ever going to see some action, or should I say, “Are we ever going to not see some action?”


Emily Stanton: That was my last pill.
Lydia Berman: Are you kidding? I’ve had like thirty-five billion injections in my face, and you’ve just been taking like a handful of pills for a while.


Lydia Berman: You know what? I think my super name is going to be The Hammer.
Emily Stanton: But, Lydia, you don’t carry a hammer.
Lydia Berman: We don’t have to be so literal.