Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost, Ken Jeong, Pallavi Sharda



Live-action and animated comedy directed by Tim Story, based on the classic animated series by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The story follows the mischievous mouse, Jerry, who has taken up residence in New York City’s finest hotel, forcing a new employee, Kayla (Chloë Grace Moretz), to hire the alley cat, Tom, to get rid of him in an attempt to secure her job. However, the ensuing cat and mouse battle threatens to destroy her career, and possibly the hotel itself.


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Real Estate Rat: [to Jerry] Oh, we’ve been at this all day, buddy. I get it. Those other spots didn’t float your boat, but wait until you see this next place. It screams mouse house. Wait, can I say that? Is that copyrighted?


Real Estate Rat: [to Jerry] It’s got everything. Built-in stereo, but be careful, those seats are very flammable. I’m kidding. I’m not kidding.


Real Estate Rat: Jerry, baby, I know it’s no beauty. But let’s be honest here, with your budget, this is all you can… Hey! You don’t just Batman me. You haven’t even seen the trunk yet.


Passing Child: [referring to Tom] Look, dad. That blind cat’s playing piano.
Passing Father: There’s a lot of weird stuff in this city. You just got to keep walking.


Kayla: Suspended? Why?
Job Hopper Supervisor: For starters, the hundred pounds of underwear strewn up Fifth Avenue.
Kayla: Oh, come on. You can’t blame me for that. That was a cat-and-mouse situation, and everyone knows you just don’t get involved.


Kayla: And I assume that that’s the aquatics manager?
Terence: That’s Goldie. She has no official position at the hotel. That’s a fish.


Mr. Dubros: It’s not often we come across a resume this distinguished.
Kayla: Excuse me, but this, this is just a piece of paper. If I’m going to be worthy of this institution, you need to see me in action.
[she rips the resume and tosses up into the air]
Terence: Are you going to pick it up, or just leave it there?
Kayla: Yes, sir.


Terence: [referring to Kayla] She thought the fish was the head of the department.
Mr. Dubros: Really?
Terence: A fish can’t even walk. It can’t even…
Mr. Dubros: Terence.
Terence: [to Kayla] You’re hired.


Terence: This place has been host to four presidents, three popes, two kings, one queen. Oh, and Drake.


Chef Jackie: Look alive, people. Why do you hate me? Who butchered these onions? Who? Oh, I don’t know. Francois?


Terence: [referring to Chef Jackie] He’s a bit tricky, but he’s an artist. And we’re lucky to have him. And some people may see anger, but me? No, no, no, no, no, no. I see passion.


Terence: This is Gavin, our doorman. Master of small talk.


Terence: That’s Joy, the bell girl. I’m convinced she was raised by wolves.
Kayla: What?
Terence: She’s not important.


Ben: All I care about in the whole world is that you’re happy. Think your dad’s going to like it?
Preeta: You keep asking what my dad thinks. I’m going to send him on the honeymoon with you.


Preeta: [referring to her cat] Wow, you’re really good with animals. Toots is usually really shy. And by “shy”, I mean, she scratches people’s faces off.
Kayla: Oh. Well, she can smell a bona fide animal lover.


Kayla: I just have to say, I follow you guys on Instagram, and you are the cutest couple ever. And that rock. Woh! Could see that thing from outer space. Good job.
Ben: You know, you could see our love from outer space.


Terence: [as they hear a scream] Not to worry. That’s probably a scream of delight. You know, someone seeing their beautiful room for the first time. It happens all the time.


Chef Jackie: Leo is shaken to the core. The mouse ran right over his foot. Look, Terence, I’ve worked too frigging hard to be saddled with a bunch of inept, wonderful group of gifted colleagues, to have my career tossed into a fish bucket over some infestation.


Kayla: I’ll catch it, sir. Him. Or her. It could be a female. I’m not gender biased. And I don’t want to go by…
Terence: No, no. It’s fine.
Chef Jackie: It’s gender-fluid now.
Kayla: The point is, I will catch that little mouse, and I will be discreet about it.


Terence: If a picture of this mouse is tweeted out to InstaBookFace, or the Ticky Tok, we will be ruined.
Kayla: No, sir. We’re not ruined, because it’s not going to happen. Okay? So, you guys clear your heads about it. That Rodentia is toast.


Terence: I’m continuing to get noise complaints.
Kayla: Yes, sir. Well, no, sir. I haven’t yet. But I’m on it. Over.
Terence: Well, hurry up so you can get back to finding that mouse. And please, do not say, “Over.” This isn’t Star Trek.
Kayla: It takes all the fun out of walkie-talkies. I mean, what’s the point, then?
Terence: I can still hear you.


Kayla: [to Tom] Wait a second, I know you. I know you! You’re the cat from the park with the bike, and you tackled me. Is this personal? Is this some form of revenge sabotage? You’re trying to tell me something? Okay. Two syllables. One word. Is it a movie? Is it a cartoon? What’s this? A pig? A mouse? A little mouse? What? He was here too?


Kayla: [to Tom] Gosh, I got to catch that little disaster. If I don’t, I’m going to lose this job. Wait a second. You’re a cat. Can’t you catch a mouse? Isn’t that in your DNA?


Terence: Sir, I instructed her to get rid of an animal, not find another.
Kayla: Here’s how I see it, sir. We have a mouse problem at this hotel. So we could hire
an exterminator to have him tramp up and down this whole hotel, just filling it with his poison, and alerting Ben and Preeta to the possibility of vermin at their wedding. Or we could leverage millions of years of predatory-prey evolution, and choose a more subtle and eco-friendly solution. That’s why I brought on Tom.


Mr. Dubros: Word gets out that we’re thinking of hiring a cat, well, the mouse problem could leak. And if word gets out that we’re refusing to hire a cat? Well, PETA will be here before you can say “discriminatory practices”.


Mr. Dubros: [referring to Tom] Could he wear a hat?
Kayla: Excuse me, sir?
Mr. Dubros: Could he wear a jaunty hat? And perhaps a name tag? I think that would be adorable.


Terence: You’re one of those millennials, that thinks they can get whatever they want, whenever they want, without working for it, preferably with free shipping.
Kayla: Who doesn’t like free shipping?


Terence: [to Kayla] This is a cutthroat two hundred dollar billion industry. And I’ve clawed my way all the way to the middle. And I don’t intend on stopping there. Okay? You better hope this little cat plan works. Because if it doesn’t, I’ll make sure you’ll never work in New York City again. And that goes for you too, Tom. Yes, you.



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