Starring: Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm, Dearbhla Molloy, Christopher Walken, Danielle Ryan



Romantic drama written and directed by John Patrick Shanley. Set rural Ireland, where everyone is half-mad with loneliness or love, and the weather is terrible. We follow headstrong farmer Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt), who has her heart set on winning her neighbor, Anthony’s (Jamie Dornan) love. The problem is Anthony seems to have inherited a family curse, and remains oblivious to his beautiful admirer. Stung by his father, Tony’s (Christopher Walken), plans to sell the family farm to his American nephew, Adam (Jon Hamm), Anthony is jolted into pursuing his dreams. Copyright Notice: It’s easy to see when our quotes have been copied and pasted, as you’re also copying our format, mistakes, and movie scene descriptions. If you decide to copy our movie quotes please be kind and either link back, or refer back to our site. Please check out our copyright policies here. Thanks!


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Tony Reilly: Welcome. Welcome to Ireland. My name’s Tony Reilly. I’m dead. They say, if an Irishman dies while he’s telling a story, you can rest assured, he’ll be back.


Tony Reilly: Once upon a time in Ireland, there were two farms. The Muldoon farm, where Rosemary lives with her mother, Aoife, and her father, Chris, who was at war with the crows. And right down the road, on the sweetest rise of land you ever saw, was my farm, where my wife Mary sang until she conquered the house. And where, upstairs, my son. Anthony asked his lonely question of the stars.
Young Anthony: Mother Nature, why did you make me so?
Tony Reilly: The real answer was just down the road maybe. Little Rosemary Muldoon. Besotted with love.


Young Rosemary: I have no purpose. I’m just a girl. The world is full of girls.
Chris Muldoon: You are not just a girl. You are a queen.
Young Rosemary: What kind of queen?


Chris Muldoon: [as he puts on the Swan Lake music] It’s full of swans. And you, Rosemary, for better or for worse, you are the white swan.
Young Rosemary: What does it mean to be the white swan?
Chris Muldoon: Well, it means no one can stop you. The world is yours. You can do anything.


Tony Reilly: Muldoon didn’t leave the Reillys much. Two gates to open and a sky full of rain.


Anthony: Will you take a stout?
Aoife Muldoon: In the bottle or the can?
Anthony: The bottle.
Aoife Muldoon: No thanks. The bottle tastes of glass.
Anthony: Does glass have a taste then?
Aoife Muldoon: It does. Glass tastes like teeth.


Anthony: Where’s Rosemary?
Aoife Muldoon: Outside.
Anthony: In the rain?
Aoife Muldoon: She won’t smoke in front of me, and she’s always smoking. So I never see her.
Tony Reilly: That’s her. Stubborn.


Aoife Muldoon: [referring to Rosemary] She’s crazy. The cracked ones never get sick.
Anthony: Crazy? Never noticed that.
Aoife Muldoon: That’s because you never notice anything, Anthony. You’re famous across Ireland for what goes by you.
Anthony: Famous. As if.


Anthony: What do you mean, you don’t know if the farm comes to me?
Tony Reilly: I don’t see a clear path.
Anthony: From where to where?
Tony Reilly: From me to you.


Tony Reilly: You take after John Kelly, and that man was mad as the full moon. Drowned himself, in the Royal Canal.
Anthony: He fell in.
Tony Reilly: He had a rock tied to his neck!
Anthony: I’m not a Kelly!


Tony Reilly: You’re not a farmer, that’s what you’re not.
Aoife Muldoon: Ah, now, Tony.
Tony Reilly: You don’t stand on the land and draw strength from it. As I did. Till mammy died. You’d rather read your goddamn magazines.
Aoife Muldoon: Easy now.
Anthony: Don’t criticize me, daddy. Some of us don’t have joy, but we do what we must. Is a man who does what he must, but feels no pleasure, less of a man than one who’s happy?


Anthony: [referring to his cow] He thinks we’re talking about him.
Rosemary: Well, men always think the subject’s number one.


Aoife Muldoon: Are you seriously begrudging Anthony the farm?
Tony Reilly: I gave him his mother’s ring three years since. He’s done nothing with it. He’s a bachelor to the bone.
Aoife Muldoon: You’re going the wrong way.
Tony Reilly: This is my family’s farm a hundred and twenty-one years. It won’t stop with Anthony.
Aoife Muldoon: Things end when God says they do.


Anthony: Where do we go when we die? The sky?
Rosemary: The ground.
Anthony: Then what’s the sky for?
Rosemary: It’s for now. The sky is for now.


Rosemary: We should go.
Anthony: Right.
Rosemary: And you’d let me go, wouldn’t you?
Anthony: Well, you said you were going.
Rosemary: Don’t you know better than to listen to people?


Rosemary: Who is that?
Anthony: It’s Bad News Cleary.
Rosemary: Why do you call him that?
Anthony: Because he only brings bad news.


Tony Reilly: That piece of land that blocks me from the road, sell it back to me.
Aoife Muldoon: You only have to open the gates.
Tony Reilly: Have you gotten out of my car, in the rain, and drowned yourself working those damn gates?
Aoife Muldoon: It rains on us all.


Aoife Muldoon: Chris Muldoon signed that strip of dirt between the gates over to Rosemary when she was not more than ten years of age.
Tony Reilly: He gave a ten-year-old girl my right of way?
Aoife Muldoon: She’d have it, and I can tell you why. It was the spot where Anthony pushed her down.
Anthony: Me?
Tony Reilly: You pushed a little girl?
Anthony: I did not. When?
Aoife Muldoon: When she was ten! You did it! And you’re banished from that spot.


Rosemary: Who were you talking to?
Anthony: I wasn’t talking.
Rosemary: You looked to be talking, then swatting, then you jumped in.
Anthony: I did not. It’s the Kellys that jump in. I’m a Reilly.


Anthony: I hear a voice sometimes when I’m out here, and the voice says, “Go.”
Rosemary: Go? Do you not love the farm?
Anthony: Love? Sure hate it for a prison. Came up out of it like a tree, and here I am with it around me.


Anthony: There’s these green fields, and the animals living off them. And over that there’s us, living off the animals. And over that there’s that which tends to us, and lives off us maybe. Whatever that is, it holds me here. You should go. Once you’re on your own you should sell the farm, leave Ireland entirely.
Rosemary: Why?
Anthony: It’s a terrible place for a decent person.
Rosemary: Are you not decent?
Anthony: Me? I’m mad.


Rosemary: [referring to Anthony] “There’s the green fields, and the animals living off them.” Oh, when he says those things, Blister, I know I must have him. God help me.


Anthony: Rosemary, it seems like maybe we should marry. Rosemary, we’re known to each other quite a while now.
[we see he’s practicing in front of a donkey]
Anthony: No doubt you could do better, but, well, you don’t seem to be doing much, so will you have me? Damn it, is that not enough for you? Alright, seems like you won’t be satisfied until I’m on my knee. Would you marry me?
[Cleary laughs as he watches]
Cleary: So it’s true. You have the Kelly madness.


Anthony: He’s selling the farm to Adam.
Rosemary: Well, then go and face the old fool down!
Anthony: I don’t like a fight.
Rosemary: Well, who does?
Anthony: Half of Ireland. Just not me!


Rosemary: Well, if you want to talk to me about these gates, you’ll talk to me about Anthony.
Tony Reilly: What there is to say, I won’t say.
Rosemary: You’ve kept him down with the promise of this farm.
Tony Reilly: Not a word of truth.
Rosemary: Don’t cross me, Tony Reilly.


Tony Reilly: Are you in love with Anthony?
Rosemary: It’s more than love.
Tony Reilly: Don’t be.


Tony Reilly: [referring to Anthony] He’s not normal!
Rosemary: I don’t care!
Tony Reilly: He’ll never marry.
Rosemary: Well, then neither will I, and he will be in his house, and I’ll be in mine.


Tony Reilly: Anthony will never marry.
Rosemary: Oh, he will.
Tony Reilly: Wake up! Look to yourself.
Rosemary: If it comes to that, I’ll freeze my eggs!
Tony Reilly: You’ll what?
Rosemary: I’ll freeze my eggs. If he’s slow, I’ll wait.
Tony Reilly: You should freeze your whole body, if you’re waiting for that one!
Rosemary: I believe he will come to me.


Anthony: [after he looses his mother’s wedding ring] Tony. You’re right. I’ll never marry. It’s your land. You do what you like. I’ll manage.


Tony Reilly: I’m only trying to do what’s right.
Aoife Muldoon: For who?
Tony Reilly: The farm.
Aoife Muldoon: The farm doesn’t know a thing about right, and it won’t know. Do you know why my husband went to war with the crows, Tony? He was shaking his fist. We’d lost a child. A boy. And he was shaking his fist. You have your children, and you’ve had your life. Do you want more than that from God?


Eleanor: What time is it?
Anthony: It’s so late, it’s early.


Uncle Frank: Still doing with the two gates?
Anthony: We are.
Uncle Frank: Why?
Anthony: History. There’s a lot of history in Ireland.


Uncle Frank: How’s Aoife?
Tony Reilly: She’s falling apart.
Anthony: Her heart.
Tony Reilly: And her legs and lungs. Blind in one eye.


Adam: Anthony, that is a Rolls-Royce.
Anthony: A Rolls-Royce. Can you believe the sound of the words, Da? A Rolls-Royce.
Tony Reilly: It’s the finest car I’ve ever seen.


Adam: [referring to Anthony] Jesus. What’s he doing?
Rosemary: He got himself a metal detector.
Adam: Huh. Did he lose something?
Rosemary: No, he’s just shy.
Adam: I guess that’s one word for it.


Adam: I’m all about numbers. I manage money for a living.
Rosemary: Oh, does money need you to manage it?
Adam: I’m not sure.


Adam: [referring to Antony] You seem set. Waiting for that one?
Rosemary: I don’t know. I don’t know. What are you waiting for?
Adam: Me, I don’t wait.
Rosemary: I do like that.
Adam: Then you should come to New York sometime.


Adam: I’ve heard he’s fallen in love with a donkey.
Rosemary: Well, you heard wrong!
Adam: I’m sorry. I don’t understand you people. You just seem to accept these crazy things. Like that gate situation, and…
Rosemary: And what?
Adam: Loneliness.


Adam: So how many acres do you have exactly?
Anthony: I don’t know.
Adam: How does nobody know how many acres they have?
Anthony: We’re not a direct people, you know.


Anthony: Do you want to be a farmer then?
Adam: Yeah.
Anthony: No, you don’t. You want to own a farm. It’s not the same.
Adam: I could be a farmer.
Anthony: Wake up. You’re no farmer. It would be a bloody farce.
Adam: Maybe you’ve been a farmer too long.


Anthony: You been talking to Cleary? What did he say?
Adam: Something about you and a donkey.
Anthony: I’m going to kill that man one day. The world will thank me for it.


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