Starring: Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, Keiynan Lonsdale, Drew Ray Tanner, Michelle Buteau, Jordan Fisher



Netflix’s dance comedy directed by Laura Terruso. The story follows Quinn Ackerman’s (Sabrina Carpenter), a brilliant but clumsy high school senior, whose admission to the college of her dreams depends on her performance at a dance competition. So she forms a ragtag group of dancers to take on the best squad in school. Now she just needs to learn how to dance.


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Quinn Ackerman: Albert Einstein once said that dancers are the athletes of God. Kim Kardashian once said, “Lighting is everything.” And as head of the AV club, I had to agree. Sometimes I wonder, if Einstein were alive today, would he have even gotten into college? I mean, sure, he was good at math and science, but did he have extracurriculars?


Quinn Ackerman: I started my mornings with a TED Talk, because who doesn’t love a good life hack? Then I ride to school every day with my best friend, Jas. We’ve been inseparable since kindergarten, when she gave this kid a wedgie for making fun of my Bill Nye the Science Guy lunch box. Jas isn’t too worried about grades, because she’s going to be a professional dancer.


Jasmine Hale: [to Quinn] Come on, hurry up! I have a bio test to fail.


Quinn Ackerman: While Jas was twerking up a storm, I was building an impressive college resume with a well-calculated assortment of AP classes, student government, and I even volunteered at a local nursing home. Anything to make my application fully rejection-proof.


Quinn Ackerman: Okay, so I didn’t have a boyfriend, or a car, or a bustling social calendar, but it was all going to pay off when I got into my dream school, Duke University. I thought I had it all figured out, until one day, everything kind of spun out of control.
[we see Quinn drop her coffee onto the stage light board causing chaos on stage]


Quinn Ackerman: That was a great show today, guys. I thought it was one of our better ones, actually. There was like a couple kinks in there, but, you know, we’ll just work on all that moving forward. Overall, I’m extremely happy.
Julliard Pembroke: Brit’s hair was singed. She’s probably going to have to get bangs now, and she does not have the face for that.


Quinn Ackerman: Juilliard, please, you can’t do this. Look, I’m so sorry.
Julliard Pembroke: Honestly, Quinn, I don’t accept your apology. And I’d like you to pack your things, and clear out your locker
Quinn Ackerman: You can’t expel me. We’re in the same French class.
Julliard Pembroke: Baby, you’re canceled.
Quinn Ackerman: What?
Julliard Pembroke: You’re deleted. You’re unsubscribed. Control, alt, delete.
Quinn Ackerman: I don’t understand.
Julliard Pembroke: You are banished from this room. Do you understand that?


[at her Duke interview]
Quinn Ackerman: I volunteer three afternoons a week at a local nursing home near my house. I’m also student government treasurer. Did I mention head of the AV club?
Veronica Ramirez: I’m going to stop you right there. Student government. AV club. Volunteering. All applicants, nearly identical.
Quinn Ackerman: But do they also play the cello?
Veronica Ramirez: Yes, everybody plays the cello. And nobody likes playing the cello.
Quinn Ackerman: I love the cello.
Veronica Ramirez: Can you do for the cello what Lizzo does for the flute?
Quinn Ackerman: No.


Veronica Ramirez: What are you passionate about? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Quinn Ackerman: TED Talks.
Veronica Ramirez: Oh, girl. That’s sad. Squirrel friend, are you for real? Have you read a newspaper lately, or even looked at the news? The world is burning. I am looking for applicants that are change-makers, risk-takers. You know what I mean? Not applicants that just like can fill the box. I want an applicant to blow the box up.


Veronica Ramirez: Look, I am just trying to figure out who you are. Who you really are. What’s your passion? What are you passionate about? Passion.
Quinn Ackerman: Duke.
Veronica Ramirez: That’s sad. Unless it’s a guy named Duke that’s really hot, okay? Because it’s just a school. It’s just walls. It’s not passion.


[after Quinn tells Ramirez that she contributes to the school dance team]
Veronica Ramirez: What’s your style?
Quinn Ackerman: I’m sorry?
Veronica Ramirez: Your style of dance, honey. Are you a breaker? Are you a wall climber? Are you into Zumba? You just put on some neon shorts and just do a grapevine? What kind of dance do you do?
Quinn Ackerman: I’m an illuminator.
Veronica Ramirez: Sorry?
Quinn Ackerman: An illuminator.
Veronica Ramirez: Ooh, illuminator. I’ve never heard of that before. That must be really something. What do you do?
Quinn Ackerman: I just, I keep it lit, you know.


Veronica Ramirez: I definitely misread you, Miss Ackerman. I mean, dance team? That takes emotion, power, grit. Here I thought you were all just like resumes and transcripts. You’re the most exciting applicant I’ve seen this week. I’m so happy. I will see you at the Work It Dance Competition, okay?
Quinn Ackerman: You’re going?
Veronica Ramirez: Hell, yes! I wouldn’t miss it.


[after his dance-off with Jas]
Julliard Pembroke: Sashay away, Jasmine. You won’t ever be on my level. Never.


Quinn Ackerman: So, I had to join the dance team. Me. A girl who couldn’t find her own heartbeat, let alone a four-count. When I was five, my mom enrolled me in a ballet class, and I single-handedly ruined our recital. But if there’s one thing I am good at, it’s studying. I just needed the right teacher.


Quinn Ackerman: I need to ask you something, and it’s going to sound absurd at first, but I just need you to bear with me.
Jasmine Hale: No. No. Mm-mm. I am not helping with your science project again, not after you electrocuted me last year.
Quinn Ackerman: It was a very low voltage.
Jasmine Hale: Dude, I couldn’t feel my pinkie for a week!


Quinn Ackerman: Okay, I need you to help me get on the Thunderbirds.
Jasmine Hale: You mean like back on the light board?
Quinn Ackerman: No, I mean like as a dancer.
Jasmine Hale: [laughs] That’s a good one. Why aren’t you laughing?


Jasmine Hale: Dude, you don’t dance.
Quinn Ackerman: I don’t dance yet.
Jasmine Hale: You don’t dance at all. Remember we had a conversation about flossing, and you thought I was talking about oral hygiene?
Quinn Ackerman: We weren’t talking about oral hygiene?
Jasmine Hale: No, we were not.


Quinn Ackerman: Look, I really screwed up my Duke interview, and I may have led the admissions lady to believe that I’m a Thunderbird.
Jasmine Hale: [laughs] What? Why would you do that?
Quinn Ackerman: I don’t know! She kept saying that she wanted to shake things up, and it turns out that I’m a boring robot, with no personal context, and cellos are basic. And Duke doesn’t want boring people.
Jasmine Hale: Well, screw them. Alright? Don’t go.


Jasmine Hale: Quinn, auditions are in two weeks. And more importantly, Juilliard hates you.
Quinn Ackerman: Look, if I’m undeniable, he has no choice but to take me.


[as he notices Quinn at the audition to join Thunderbirds]
Julliard Pembroke: Ew, what are you doing here? I banished you. Trinity, can you sage the space?


[after Quinn’s audition for Thurnderbirds]
Jasmine Hale: Look, she really does need this.
Julliard Pembroke: Well then, she can start her own damn team for all I care.
Quinn Ackerman: Okay. Fine. I will start my own damn team then.
Julliard Pembroke: Well, best of luck. Everyone, where were we?
Quinn Ackerman: And my team will be all about building people up.
Julliard Pembroke: Oh. This is still happening?
Quinn Ackerman: And you know what? Jas is going to be my captain.
Jasmine Hale: [to herself] There it is.
Julliard Pembroke: Say what?


Quinn Ackerman: What side of history do you want to be on?
Jasmine Hale: We have no dancers.
Quinn Ackerman: We will find dancers. I promise you we can do this.


[after agreeing to join Quinn to start a new dance team]
Jasmine Hale: Dude, this may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.
Quinn Ackerman: No. What about the sexting incident with that guy Eugene?
Jasmine Hale: Okay, the second dumbest thing I’ve ever done.


Jasmine Hale: Why do I feel so nauseous?
Quinn Ackerman: Hey, calm down! It’s going to be okay.
Jasmine Hale: No, Quinn. I don’t think you understand. A recruiter from the New York Dance Academy is going to be at Work It, which means I need to be there on that stage, killing it.
Quinn Ackerman: You will be. I promise.
Jasmine Hale: Okay, can I get that in writing, please?


Quinn Ackerman: Listen, you just need to sit back, relax, and let me do what I do best.
Jasmine Hale: Which is what? Stress me out?
Quinn Ackerman: No. Research and organization.
Jasmine Hale: Okay, yeah. Both of those words stress me out.


Quinn Ackerman: [to Jas] I’ve gathered up all the ingredients we need to make an award winning dance team. We need an incredible DJ for music, we need a flipper, someone with really great power moves, and most importantly, we need an amazing choreographer. So, I’ve been looking at the previous competition winners, and it’s this guy, Jake Taylor.


Quinn Ackerman: Maybe we could get him to choreograph for us.
Jasmine Hale: Yeah, Quinn. Everybody knows Jake Taylor, alright? He was the best dancer in the state until he tore his ACL. No one has seen or heard from him in like two years. We’d have a better chance at building a time machine and kidnapping a young Channing Tatum.
Quinn Ackerman: I found him.
Jasmine Hale: What? How?
Quinn Ackerman: I checked his old Instagram, checked all his geo-tags, and from there, it was just a simple mapping.
Jasmine Hale: Well, damn, Nancy Drew.


[referring to Jake]
Quinn Ackerman: And now all we have to do is convince him.
Jasmine Hale: Convince this hot stranger you stalked to coach your non-existent dance team.
Quinn Ackerman: Yeah, pretty much.


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