Starring: Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, Keiynan Lonsdale, Drew Ray Tanner, Michelle Buteau, Jordan Fisher


Netflix’s dance comedy directed by Laura Terruso. The story follows Quinn Ackerman’s (Sabrina Carpenter), a brilliant but clumsy high school senior, whose admission to the college of her dreams depends on her performance at a dance competition. So she forms a ragtag group of dancers to take on the best squad in school. Now she just needs to learn how to dance.


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Quinn Ackerman: Beyoncé, Queen Bey, I pray that you make my feet swift tomorrow, and that you make my moves have swagger. In the name of the Single Ladies video, and the Lemonade short film, I pray.


Quinn Ackerman: Senior year, I needed to join a dance team. Because the more extracurricular activities you do, the higher your chances are of getting into a top tier college.


Interviewer: Woodbright High. Oh, isn’t that the school with the dance team?
Quinn Ackerman: I keep it lit.
Interviewer: Squirrel friend, are you for real?


Quinn Ackerman: Jaz, I need you to help me get on the dance team.
Jaz: You don’t dance at all.


Thunderbirds Leader: [to Quinn] The Work It competition is in five months. Now I don’t need you stanking up the place.


Quinn Ackerman: Fine. I’ll start my own damn team then.
Jaz: There it is.
Thunderbirds Leader: Say what?


Jaz: The Thunderbirds have the best dancers in the school. So we need to find…
Quinn Ackerman: The diamonds in the rough.


[at a Karate class]
Jaz: This guy is supposed to be the flipper in town.
Quinn Ackerman: That guy is like fifty!
Jaz: Not him! The one that look likes Conan O’Brien.
Quinn Ackerman: You’re kidding?
Jaz: The guy can flip.


Quinn Ackerman: We need a choreographer. This guy, Jake Taylor, captained the winning team three years in a row.


Quinn Ackerman: We’d love to have you choreograph. What do you think?
Jake Taylor: I think you can’t dance.


[referring to their dance outfit]
Jaz: Why do we look like a bunch of dental hygienists?
Quinn Ackerman: What? I borrowed them from the nursing home.
Jaz: We look like we’re about to go run a blood drive.


Jake Taylor: Look, you guys aren’t the most skilled dancers. But that’s what we’re up against.


Jake Taylor: Everybody, listen up. If you want to do your best, you have to follow your…
[Jaz is mesmerized by a hot looking guy]
Jaz: Pecs.
Jake Taylor: Is she good? Are we good?
Quinn Ackerman: Yep. Yeah, she’s good.


Jaz: You think I don’t see you staring at Jake like he’s a pop quiz.
Quinn Ackerman: Untrue.


Jake Taylor: You can’t think your way through this. You got to let your body drive you.
Quinn Ackerman: Show me what to do.


Jake Taylor: The Work It stage, it’s huge. And no new team has ever won it.
Quinn Ackerman: This is our only chance.


Jake Taylor: You ready?


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