Starring: Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Laz Alonso, Post Malone, Chris Reilly, Niamh Algar


Action thriller co-written and directed by Guy Ritchie, based on the French film, Cash Truck (Le Convoyeur) by Nicolas Boukhrief. Wrath of Man (2021) follows H (Jason Statham), a mysterious character working at a cash truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles. During a heist he surprises his coworkers when he unexpectedly unleashes precision skills. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman’s ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.


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Boss: Fortico Security is specialized in cash trucks across LA.


Boss: A while back, we lost two guards. A civilian too. They still haven’t found the scum who did it.


Bullet: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new addition. H.


Man #1: Do you have any idea how dangerous this job can be?
H: Some idea, yeah.


Man #1: We ain’t the predators. We’re the prey.


Bullet: You ready?
H: Ready.


Man #2: This is your temporary sidearm.
H: What happens if we’re pulling pistols in a machine gun fight?
Man #2: Do you have a problem?
H: I don’t know. Do I?


Man #1: It’s a ten grand drop. He should have been back five minutes ago.


Bullet: They’re serious!
H: Leave this to me.


H: [as H tosses him a bag of cash out] Get it in the truck next time!
Robber: Sorry, pal.


Man #1: [as H shoots the robbers] Who is this lunatic?!


Bullet: It doesn’t feel right. It’s like he wants trucks to get hit
Man #1: He’s not a cop. But if he’s not a cop, what is he?


Doctor: [in flashback] You were in an accident.
H: What about my son?
Doctor: He didn’t make it.


H: I need to know who killed my son.


Moggy: A tree has been shook, and it’s been shook hard. We’ve scorched the earth.


H: You started by saying you’d do anything. But what I’m hearing is you think you’ve done everything.


Mike: I can see it’s going to be a long night.


Mike: It’s got to be an inside job.
H: I can do it in two weeks.


H: You’re going to wish you could do twenty years.


H: And I do bear a grudge.