Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Dave Franco, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy, Lior Raz, Payman Maadi



Action adventure directed by Michael Bay. The story follows six untraceable agents, who fake their own deaths and form an elite vigilante squad in order to take down notorious criminals.


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[first lines]
One: [voice over] What if I told you, I know what happens when you die? You become a ghost, trapped in a shadowland. A world of whispers, invisible except to other ghosts. Orphaned, unable to return to those you loved. But with loneliness comes freedom, to go where you please. Do what you want. Ghosts have one power above all others, to haunt the living. Haunt them for what they’ve done.


[we see One faking his own death whilst flying a plane]
One: [voice over] This is the day I died three years ago, as far as anyone else knows. There was no eulogy. No wake. I became a ghost. But this isn’t where the story really starts. No. That was four months ago, on my team’s first mission. And that was a glorious clusterf**k.


[as we watch the team’s first mission in Italy, after Two has been shot]
Two: You said you were covering the door.
One: I was covering the door. You were shot through a window!
Two: Such an amateur show.
One: Oh, an amateur show?
Two: Yeah!
One: I know, you got shot through the window. God, that’s so bad. You’re definitely going to die.
Five: What lawyer has this many guards?
One: I don’t know, a lawyer with friends in high places. Mafia friends or something.
Five: Mafia?
[holding the cellphone up]
One: The point is we got this. That’s all that matters.
Six: Yeah. What’s that?
One: It’s disturbing.


[as they are driving around fast in Italy]
Six: What did you guys do in there? Why are you covered in blood?
One: The head, neck, and face are very, very vascular. So it’s a lot of blood.
Six: Oh, please tell me you didn’t kill a mafia guy in Italy!


[as they are driving around fast in Italy; referring to the color of the car]
One: Nice call on the DayGlo green.
Six: Is it too flashy?
One: It blends into the Italian architecture.
Six: What, you don’t like this color?


[as the car spins]
Five: Not the puppies!
One: F**k!


[referring to Two’s gun shot wound]
Five: She’s lost a sh*t ton of blood.
Two: This isn’t a sh*t ton.
Six: Oh, it’s leaking under my seat!
[holds up the blood soaked cloths]
Five: I am judge of what’s a sh*t ton. You see? Blood. Red.
One: Can you just staunch it, or whatever the f**k you call it? I can actually hear it pumping out.


[as they are continuing to drive through Italy and Two is losing blood]
Five: Guess this happens when you try to steal a whole country. Right, One?
One: Yeah, we could have used a warm-up mission.
Six: Yeah, that’s my problem. I’m just getting warmed up.


Six: God, I love Italy.


[as he spinning the car]
Six: I’m starting to feel it.
Two: I’m feeling f**king carsick.


[over the radio]
One: One for Four?
Four: Yeah, go for Four.
One: We need you.
Four: Of course you need me. I’m here.
Six: Remind me, where the f**k is here?
Four: Here here. Like, here?
One: Specificity.
Four: Here. Right effing here! Top of the Duomo, like we talked about. Look up. Where you going?


[holding a severed eyeball by it’s optic nerve]
One: Who knew the optic nerve was so long? I’m surprised his a**hole didn’t come with it.


[One dangles the severed eyeball as Six is trying to drive]
Six: Toss it! Toss it!
One: Keep your goddamn eye on the road!
Four: This is so stressful.
Six: Whose eye is that?
One: It’s the lawyer’s.
Six: Did you just like scoop it out, or…
One: God, no! I didn’t scoop it out. Two did.


[as One is using the severed eyeball to get access to the cellphone]
Six: I’m getting light-headed.
One: You’re not the one holding it.


[as they are being chased and Five is helping Two with her wound]
One: Is your arm hurt?
Two: What? You want to f**king shoot?
One: Then can you use it to shoot back?
[to Six as the car chasing them is right next to them]
One: You seeing that?
Six: Yes!
One: You seeing that?
Six: Yes!
Two: Don’t tell me my job.


[as the thugs chasing them are shooting at them]
Six: Hey, remember the Uffizi?
One: F**k, no!
Six: It’s the museum next to where we got those mochaccinos.
One: I remember the mochaccinos! I’m saying f**k, no!


[after Two shoots the thugs with her machine gun]
One: Glad you’re on the team.
Two: Me too.


Six: Now you said whatever I need to do, right? So, I’m just going to do it.
One: We’re definitely going to be on the news.
Six: No sh*t. Hang on.
[Six drives through a massive glass window of the Uffizi]


One: No, no, no!
[Six crashes through an antique statue as he drives through the museum]
One: That was Apollo and Daphne!
Six: You see any choppers? I don’t see any choppers.
[over the radio]
One: Three, lost the chopper.
[as Six is driving straight towards a giant statue]
One: Not the David. No! Not the David! Not the David! Not the…
Six: Is the David the one with the really small…
[Six stops just before it hits the statue and looks up at the naked statue]
Six: Yep, that’s it.
One: You want to get out and compare, or should we maybe think about going?
Six: No. I’m good.
One: Yep. Let’s go.
[Six drives off]


[shouts at One in French]
Two: I don’t have any more bullets!
One: I don’t speak that.


[as he’s trying to dodge the thugs chasing after them]
Six: Sh*t’s about to get crazy.
Five: Now? I’m conducting surgery!
Six: I’m trying to lose a thousand cars.
Five: She’s going to die, you know?
One: You can live for days with a gunshot wound in the stomach. She’ll be fine.
[Five starts yelling at One in Spanish]
One: No. Don’t speak that either.


[after Six is killed on their first mission]
Three: Here’s a toast to a kid I liked.
Two: Are you crying?
Three: We didn’t even know his name.
Two: We don’t know any names.
Three: What was his name?
One: It doesn’t matter. He was a good man.


One: I thought I managed the risk. I’m sorry.
[referring to Six]
Five: Did he have a family?
Two: I think you’re looking at it. All of us.
One: We’re not a family. We’re not the Cleavers.
Three: What?
One: The Cleavers. Ward, June?
Three: What? No.
One: Leave It to Beaver.
Two: Leave It to Beaver?
One: Jerry Mathers?
Two: No.
One: Tony Dow?
Two: No.
One: Barbara Billingsley. Hugh Beaumont.
Two: Never heard of it.
One: No? Nobody watches Nick at Nite?
Two: The French don’t watch sh*t like that.
One: Millennials, French people.


[referring to Six’s body]
One: Let’s just grab the head.
Three: What does this mean?
One: It means we find a Seven.
[they toss the body over the boat and into sea]


One: Welcome home, Blaine. We’ve been looking for a special operator like you for a while.
Seven: Who are you?


One: [to Seven] Nobody is going to save the world. But we can make it a little less sh*tty, you know? And I’m the guy who can help you do that. You ever wonder what it would be like if you could do the job that you were put on this Earth to do? Hmm? You could take out some truly evil people. Not people that the government tells you are evil, because based on, you know, policies, or politics, and bureaucracy, or trade relations, or any of that sh*t. No, I’m talking truly world-class evil m*therf**kers. I can help you go after those guys. And I will never tell you to not pull that trigger. What would you say to that?


[after Seven has faked his own death and watched his funeral from afar]
One: From now on, you will be known as Seven. I’m One.
Seven: So, there’s seven of us.
One: No, six.


One: [voice over] There’s this trick that we all do to get through our day. We take a box, and into that box, we place all the horrors of the world, all the wrongs humans do to one another. And then we close the box and pretend it doesn’t exist. Only some of us spend too much time inside the box. We’ve lost our ability to pretend. We know there’s too much unfinished business in this f**ked-up world.


[referring to their headquarters, which is an abandoned airplane]
One: [voice over] Our job as ghosts is to do the dirty work the living can’t or won’t. And we do it from here. This is our haunted house.
[to the team]
One: It’s a lot like the Batcave, except it’s nothing like the Batcave.


One: Seven, you’re dead. You’re going to be restricted to cities that you’ve never visited before. People that you’ve never met. All, of course, except your fellow ghosts. None of whom you’ll know by name, only number, for safety, and so no one gets too close.


One: [to Seven] This is our target hit board. These nine men have been placing too much sh*t inside the box. So, now, they answer to us.


Three: When you’re dead, you get to stop all the bullsh*t. No more DMV lines, no more shopping Christmas.
Four: Or backstabbing girlfriends.
Five: They should make an “Out of Office” reply for dead people. “Sorry I’m away from the planet right now. I’m f**king dead.”
Four: No more tax. No more criminal records. No more getting arrested by the pigs just for being naked, or just usual stuff. You know, being naked, getting drunk. Casual stuff.


Five: You know the best part about being dead is? No more immigration lines.
[to Seven]
Five: Don’t look at me like that. I’m f**king American.
Three: I’m illegal.
One: You guys sure are cynical.


Three: How about high blood pressure? F**k you, high blood pressure. I’ll eat whatever the f**k I want. Thank you very much.
Two: You realize you’re actually still alive, right?


One: You guys, you got it all wrong, you know. The best thing about being dead, is the freedom. I mean, we’re all going to die. May as well do it while we’re alive, right? When you’re young, you lock yourselves into all of these bad decisions. You know, marriages and mortgages, and all that kind of stuff. But you die, it’s all erased. Poof! Gone. From that point forward, all that matters is what you choose. The point is that we should bring Seven behind the curtain.


[after One has described their next mission to the team]
Seven: So we’re all going to die?
Two: Not me.
One: She’s not. We all are. Painfully.
Seven: Yeah, y’all are funny.


[to the bartender]
Rovach Alimov: Martini. Stirred. Not shaken. Stirred.
[to Rovach]
One: What’s your opinion?
[to the bartender]
One: I’ll take a Negroni. Just poured.
Rovach Alimov: Sorry?
One: On the play? There’s that old cliché, “Does art actually imitate life?” Because you got this tyrant, who’s walking the stage…
[Rovach’s bodyguard approaches One]
Rovach Alimov: Baasha.
One: And, uh, in the first act, his cruelty goes completely unpunished. But in the fifth, in the fifth, justice. Always justice.
Rovach Alimov: You see a tyrant. I see a man bringing order to a disordered world. Scouring its filth, polishing it until it shines. In art, our most fervent hopes come true. Heroes always win. It’s bullsh*t. In life, totally different.
One: No, I’m with Shakespeare. Act Five’s coming.
[makes a toast]
Rovach Alimov: To Shakespeare.
One: Mm. To Bill.


[referring to the play they were just discussing]
Arianna: I think you both just spoiled the end.
One: No. We didn’t.
[Arianna turns from them]
One: I didn’t catch your name.
Rovach Alimov: Rovach.
[referring to Arianna]
One: No, I was talking to her.
[to Baasha, who is leaning in close to One]
One: Do you mind? I can feel the tip.
[Baasha steps back]
One: Yeah.
[One turns to Arianna]
One: He’s no longer inside me. We’re safe. What is your name?
Arianna: Arianna.
One: Arianna. Big guy’s still staring at me, isn’t he?
Arianna: Yeah.
One: He’s going to kick my a** later.
Arianna: Good.
One: Yeah.


[the next morning after he’s waking up in bed with Arianna; referring to Rovach]
Arianna: Do you believe what that man said? Evil goes unpunished.
One: I believe he believes it.
Arianna: And what about you?
One: I just feel like the whole world’s like on an endless, evil sh*tty loop. But he’ll get his.


One: You know, this was fun.
Arianna: Are you ghosting me?
One: Do I look like a ghost to you?
Arianna: It’s like the things you say, it sounds like you want to be.
One: The things I say.
Arianna: Mm-hmm. But what makes you think that I want to see you again?
[both chuckle]
Arianna: You weren’t that memorable.
One: Ow!
Arianna: Besides, I’m moving to New York.
One: [chuckles] That’s where I live. Sucker.
Arianna: So, now you’re stalking me?
One: Maybe a little bit.


Seven: Hey, what do you know about One?
Four: He loves Wally the dog. He’s obsessed with this Beaver show. I think he’s an orphan actually. We got a little bet on if you want to put some money in.


Seven: It’s an interesting crew you got here, bro. How many missions you guys run?
Four: Counting Florence?
Seven: Yeah.
Four: One.
Seven: One what?
Four: Well, actually, no, there was, um, this like mini-mission, so maybe one and a quarter. It was in Sicily. But Florence, absolute sh*tshow. I mean, if I wasn’t there, probably more than one of us dead. That’s all I’m saying.
Seven: Are you f**king kidding me?
Four: I don’t f**k around.
Seven: You realize I just buried myself in front of my family and friends, right?
Four: Yeah, One told me about that. Big military funeral. Guns popping, flags. It’s pretty cool. I mean in my funeral, there was five people there, and two of them left before the end. It is tough watching your mum cry at your grave though.
Seven: Yeah.


One: [voice over] Here’s the fun part. How many billionaires do you actually know? You’ve heard of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, that’s… F**k it. Okay. Of course you haven’t heard of me before. That’s how I like it. I’m a good inventor. Created a lot of tech, tracking and hiding digital trails of people. Some I even sold to the CIA, where I met some interesting people, I did some adventurous sh*t. But slowly, I cleaned house, and I had other ideas. I used my money to help people in bad situations. But I realized, my billions, that’s not enough. Governments don’t really help people in need. So, I said, “F**k the government. I’m going to do this myself.” So here we are. A little eyeball led us to these f**khead generals, and it’s game on.


One: Las Vegas has more facial recognition software than any place on Earth.
Three: Oh, I know what I’m going to be.
One: Choose your disguises wisely.
Three: I’m a grown man. I can handle my sh*t.
One: I don’t think that’s how the expression goes. Don’t handle your sh*t, flush it down the toilet like a grown-a** man. Be subtle. Blend in. Disappear.


[referring to Three and Two’s disguise]
One: Good work. I said undercover, not coked-up Borg and McEnroe.
[referring to Las Vegas]
One: I hate this town. I really do.
Three: No, no, it’s Navratilova. She’s a woman tennis player. Your costume’s stupid too. Motorcycle d*ck.


[after spending the night together, Three is getting dressed]
Two: Where are you running to?
Three: One promised my soul back. I just got to talk to somebody.
Two: You’re scared. You’re such a pu**y. Ever stage a coup d’état?
Three: No. No, I don’t even know what it means.
Two: Oh, wow. A coup. A coup d’état. It’s French, Napoleon. French history stuff. Okay. You can’t tear a place down until you have someone to build it back up.


[Three visits his mother; who has Alzheimer’s]
Three: We’re fixing what’s going on in Kansas. Good things can erase the bad ones, right, mama?


[Three gets in his car and finds One sitting in the backseat]
Three: You and your Bruce Wayne sh*t!
One: Boo.
[he points his gun at Three’s head]
One: One rule. One rule.
[referring to his mother that he just saw]
Three: You don’t know what it’s like to have someone. She doesn’t even remember my name.
One: So she’ll never know you stopped coming. See, you’re lucky that I don’t paint the inside of this car with chunks of your f**king skull.
Three: Jesus, who raised you, the mob?
One: That’s none of your f**king business, Three. We sacrificed everything to be a part of this. Honor it, respect it. It’s all we got.


Seven: Hey, One, you ever plan on calling me Six?
One: No.
Seven: Okay.


Seven: Hey, look, I know we don’t get to ask…
Three: Then don’t.
Seven: But, uh, who is One? Who is he?
Five: A rich guy who snapped. That’s all I got.
Seven: Yeah, yeah, but how did you meet him?
Four: We didn’t. He met us. In really weird ways.
Two: Oh, yeah.
Five: Yeah. Very weird, like perfect timing kind of weird.


Seven: Ooh, I never thought I’d meet a family more screwed up than mine.
Three: Hey, no. Don’t say that. He hates the word family. I don’t know. I think he never had one.
Five: And if you’re ever left behind in a mission, he’s not coming back for you.
Seven: [chuckles] What? We Deltas don’t operate like that. Things are going to have to change. I promise you that.


One: Everybody talks about helping. It’s nice to actually do something.


[during the flight]
Three: You know, I usually look at the stewardess to see if I should be scared.
Two: Flight attendant. You can look at me.
Three: Oh, darling, you could be on fire, and you would have the same creepy blank expression on your face. No offense.


Three: You know, guys, what sucks? If we were to crash, no one would ever know or care. We would have no impact on anything. Like we never existed.
[over the intercom]
One: Uh, I can hear you. And if you’re going to sh*t your pants, there’s a bathroom in the back.


One: [voice over] The world is wrapped in red tape, and I couldn’t cut through it even with a billion dollar sword. So we left behind everything, everyone, to become no one.


[referring to Three and Two]
Seven: So, how long’s this been going on?
Three: What?
Five: I’ve been wondering the same thing. Florence?
Seven: No, Vegas.
Five: Vegas.
Seven: Definitely Vegas.
Three: So you guys know about us?
[Seven chuckles]
Five: Well, we do now, dumba**.
Three: Nice.
Two: Well, I guess it’s not against the rules, right?
One: It depends. So are you guys f**king or making love?
Three: What’s the difference?
Two: We’re f**king.
One: Oh, good.


One: It’s a simple snatch-and-grab. Minus the word simple, because it’s not. And minus the word snatch…
Two: Snatch?
One: Snatch.
Two: Snatch.
One: Snatch.
Two: Snatch what?
One: Minus the word snatch-and-grab, because they mean the same thing.
Two: Snatch?
One: Snatch. Stop saying that.


[over the radio]
Seven: Eagle’s landed. I love that movie line.


[as she releases the gas]
Five: You know, laughter is life. Just kidding. I stole that from my old dentist’s office. Along with a sh*t ton of nitrous.


[referring to Three’s gas mask]
Two: Oh, my God. You lost one of the seals!
Three: Huh?
Two: You’re on laughing gas, you dumb m*therf**ker. Give me your gun.
[Three laughs]
Three: I’m not giving you my gun.
Two: You’re a danger to yourself.
Three: I am the danger.
[over the radio]
One: No more movie lines. Okay? Not just tonight, but ever.
Three: It’s a TV line, not a movie line.


Two: Okay, we’ve got a problem. Three got hit with nitrous, and he’s stupider than usual.
Three: This is the funniest sh*t ever!


[over the radio]
One: How you doing over there? You having fun yet?
Four: Anyone ever asked you dumb questions when you’re ninety stories up?
One: No need to climb angry.
Three: Mate, you’re really ruining my flow right now, you know that?


One: Hey, have you ever been to an American movie theater? Between 1983 and 2015?
Four: No, I just pirate them on my phone.
One: That’s an a**hole move. Alright.


Three: Watch out for the snipers.
Two: Two at the bar, three in the corner.
Three: Okay, we do like that movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, okay?
Two: They died at the end of that movie.
Three: They do?
Two: Yeah.


Seven: Guys, I got a bad idea.
One: What do you mean you have a bad idea? No, you’re supposed to have good ideas.
Seven: Like a really, really bad idea. One, remember when I said some sh*t was going to go bad?
One: Shoot people! You’re a sniper, goddamn it!
Seven: It’s f**ked up right now, so watch me work. I’m improvising.


[as a man lands on top of their car]
Three: Oh, sh*t! Was that a bad guy?


[as they are driving off without Four]
Seven: Stop the car!
One: Do not stop the car.
Seven: Stop the f**king car!
[both One and Seven point their gun at Three’s head as he’s driving]
One: Hey! Don’t f**king do it!
[Three stops the car]
Three: He cocked it first.
Seven: I’m not doing this again! I’m not leaving him behind. We’re all we got!


Rovach Alimov: They’re making war on me. My most loyal generals are dead, and my brother is loose. They’re not shadows. They’re men.
Intelligence Executive: And women. Uncommonly skilled in covering their tracks. Outside of their violence against you, they appear not to exist at all.
Rovach Alimov: You mean to tell me in a world of cell phones and Internet browsers…
Intelligence Executive: We have found no digital footprints.


[referring to Five]
Intelligence Executive: She was declared dead seven months ago.
Rovach Alimov: Your firm is helpless.
Intelligence Executive: I find people by examining their links to the world, to families, friends, employers, organizations. Once I find a thread, I pull it, and keep pulling it until I reach them, so I can have my teams kill them.
Rovach Alimov: How is this different?
Intelligence Executive: Whatever links to the world these people had, they’ve cut them.
Rovach Alimov: And yet they walk the Earth like you and me. They have blood types, and birthdays, and sock drawers. This ghost act is itself a form of hubris. If they exist, they can be made not to.


One: You know why we don’t use names? You want to know why?
Seven: Why?
One: No offense, Four, I’m glad that you’re alive, but you left us out on that street right there. We were totally exposed! If I was up there, I would expect you guys to leave me and not turn back.
Seven: No. No. F**k that.
One: The mission is more important than the man.
Seven: F**k the mission! You don’t leave a soldier behind!
One: I got news for you. Seven, you’re not a soldier anymore. She’s not a doctor. She’s not a spy. He’s not a hitman. And I’m not a CEO.
Seven: A rich a**hole?
One: Oh, I am still a rich a**hole. I just don’t have a name.
Seven: You are.


Seven: What’s your name, man?
One: Don’t tell him.
Seven: I’m Blaine. I just saved your life. What’s your name?
Four: It’s Billy.
Seven: Billy. You look like a Billy.
One: You look like a Four.
Three: I’m Javier.
Two: Camille.
Five: Amelia.
One: It’s nice to meet everyone. That’s great. Let’s go. Let’s go. Great.


One: Can I ask you something? If you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything that you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or let it slip?
Seven: Was that, uh, was that Eminem?
One: Yes.
Murat Alimov: You gave me f**king goosebumps.


One: [voice over] Never underestimate the power of a very nice suit.


Seven: Does it ever bother you, bro? To mean nothing to anyone? Like, one wrong word in there, and they go find themselves an Eight? Nine?
One: Why do you think I chose you? A man whose longest relationship’s with a rifle.
Seven: You don’t know my f**king life, bro.
One: You can’t do the stuff that we do and have someone you love. It doesn’t work.
Seven: Everybody’s got someone, or something to lose, man. Even you.
One: No, I’m going to leave this world the same way that I came into it. Alone, thank you.
Seven: [laughs] You can drop the boo-hoo bullsh*t because I see through it.


One: You know, none of us will be remembered. What’s about to happen will. Little things, they add up to big things. Let’s go change the world.


[over the radio]
Three: Why is it always me that has to do this kind of sh*t, man?
One: Hey, Chatty Cathy. Do you know what over and out means?
Three: I’m just saying, I’m a little afraid. What do you want me to say?
One: Conversation’s over. Capisce?
Three: You know, there’s a lot of bad guys, and I’m the only good guy here, man.
[to the people on the street as he’s driving]
Three: Move! Move!
[to One]
Three: If I die, just tell my mother that I love her.
One: Over and out!


Four: [to One] This is where you ask me if I’m afraid. Right now, I’m sh*t scared.


[after they get on Rovach’s boat]
Three: They have some fancy food up there, huh?
One: Really? Tell me more about that. Don’t hold back.
Three: This fish soup, they call labuan…
One: I’m f**king kidding. Focus.
Three: It’s so delicious, man. They put this little cheese on it.
One: Does it have to be on the walkie-talkie? And we’re all standing right here. Yeah?
Three: Don’t you give me attitude, okay?
One: Over and out.


One: Welcome to the world’s biggest magnet.


[after he activates the magnetic and incapacitates the guards]
One: Holy sh*t! I mean, I wasn’t sure it would work. I mean, I wasn’t sure-sure. I had a suspicion, but I, uh… God, this is all so f**king dangerous.


[as the guards on the boat are shooting at them]
Seven: Fix the phone!
One: I’m trying! The screen is cracked!
[to Three who is shooting at the guards]
One: We get it! They’re dead!
Seven: Sh*t. They got our position. We need to move.
One: Honestly, I didn’t think we’d make it this far.


One: I feel like a Jedi.


[over the radio]
One: Four, where you at, buddy?
Seven: You’re breaking your own rules. I thought you didn’t have a family.


[as he’s getting beaten up]
Four: He’s going to kill me. Look, Bond, you got to get here fast.
[just then One turns up and kills the guard]
Four: There you are.
One: Cleavers.
Four: What?
One: It’s a TV show. Come on, let’s go. F**king millennials.


Rovach Alimov: I know you. From the opera, right?
One: Welcome to Act Five.
Rovach Alimov: I knew it. What are you going to do?
[One slides the helicopter hatch door open]
Rovach Alimov: Murat! I’m your brother!
Murat Alimov: You didn’t listen to me, brother.
Rovach Alimov: Kill me here, huh? I want to die with dignity.
[One points his gun at Rovach’s head]
Rovach Alimov: Kill me here. Kill me here! Kill me! Kill me right now.
[One gives his gun to Seven and grabs hold of Rovach]
Rovach Alimov: Don’t let them touch me. Shoot me right now! Murat! No! No!
[One throws him out of the helicopter, the angry refugees capture him and beat him up]


One: [voice over] Truth? I have no idea what happens when you die. Death’s still a mystery. But life, a little less so. Alone, we walk the Earth quiet. But together? As a team? Oh, we can do some sh*t awfully loud.


[last lines; we see One going to New York to find his son that Arianna had after their one night stand]
One: [voice over] They say that your soul departs when you pass. Well, for us, it was the opposite. The moment nothing to lose became something to gain. And the whole wide world seemed a little less haunted. I am One, but not done.


[during the credits; as we see the group assemble for their next mission]
Three: Next time, can we just knock off a f**king casino?

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