Starring: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Piper Perabo, Nick Nolte, Danny Huston, Michael Landes, Tim Blake Nelson, Lance Reddick



Action thriller sequel directed by Ric Roman Waugh. The story follows Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), who finds himself framed for an assassination attempt on the President (Morgan Freeman). Pursued by his own agency and the FBI, Banning races to clear his name and uncover the real terrorist threat which has set its sights on Air Force One.


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[after doing training at a private military facility owned Jennings]
Mike Banning: So, where the hell did you find this place, anyway?
Wade Jennings: During the Cold War, they used to make cruise missiles. I bought it for next to nothing from Uncle Sam. Turned Salient Global into a five thousand acre Disneyland. You can come up with any scenario you want here and put it to the test, bud. Any scenario.
Mike Banning: [chuckles] Yeah, it’s a hell of a layout.


[referring to Banning]
Bruno: He just kicked me down the f**king stairs.
Mike Banning: Well, don’t stand on the f**king stairs.
Bruno: Are you f**king winding me up?
Mike Banning: Hey, you don’t train like it’s real, then you’re dead when it is.


Mike Banning: So, I went off and bought a house, and you bought a small city in Virginia.
Wade Jennings: Well, as they say, looks can be deceiving.


Neurologist: So, how long after this last concussion did the migraines and the dizziness start?
Mike Banning: Pretty much right away.
Neurologist: And you said it was from a car accident?
Mike Banning: Yeah.
Neurologist: When did the insomnia start?
Mike Banning: Well, I’ve always had a little. Comes with the job, I guess.
Neurologist: What line of work are you in?
Mike Banning: Computer sales. Yeah, I travel a lot.
Neurologist: Mr. Jameson, you need to be a lot more careful. I’m seeing severe compression between C3 through 5 in your neck, possible spinal cord damage. You’re a disaster waiting to happen.


[as they are making their way to the president’s press conference]
Secret Service Director David Gentry: Just a few more of these pressers and I’m done with this circus.
Mike Banning: Ah, you know you’ll miss it, sir. You have no life.
Secret Service Director David Gentry: Says the man who could be taking my place.
[Banning laughs]


[referring to being asked about the use of private military contractors at the press conference]
President Trumbull: I swear, these walls have more leaks than a submarine with a screen door.
Mike Banning: It wasn’t me.
President Trumbull: [playfully] You sure?
Mike Banning: I’m sure.
President Trumbull: Okay.


Mike Banning: Hey, can I be honest with you? I don’t think I’m going to take the director’s job if they offer it. God, I’m not ready to ride a desk yet.
Wade Jennings: I saw it in your eyes the moment I mentioned it. Hell, I wouldn’t either. We’re lions. And that ain’t never going to change.
Mike Banning: Tell you what, though, I’ll put in a good word for you when they pick the new director.
Wade Jennings: Only if it’s convenient.


Leah Banning: I made some breakfast, do you want some?
Mike Banning: No, babe, I got to go. I’ll get some at the office.
[he kisses his baby daughter, Lynne]
Mike Banning: Hey, you. Hey. I still got it.
Leah Banning: You look exhausted. I know you didn’t sleep again last night, and…
Mike Banning: Babe, I’m okay.
Leah Banning: Can we just talk about this for five minutes?
Mike Banning: I got to go.
Leah Banning: You’re not that late.
Mike Banning: I will see you in a few days, okay?
Leah Banning: We’ll talk about it when you get back.
Mike Banning: We’ll talk about it when I get back. I promise.


Mike Banning: You must really like fishing, sir.
Mike Banning: It’s cold as sh*t out here.
President Trumbull: Sorry. Anything to get out of DC for a while. I just don’t know who to trust anymore.


President Trumbull: Whose idea was it for you to throw your hat in the ring for director, yours or Leah’s?
Mike Banning: Oh, mine, sir.
President Trumbull: Hm.
Mike Banning: Well, for her. For me too. It was mine too.
President Trumbull: I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so nervous.
Mike Banning: Look, sir, if I’m not the…
President Trumbull: I think it’s a great idea for you to pick up the torch, Mike. So, I’m selecting you for director. Congratulations.
[he shakes Banning’s hand]
Mike Banning: I’ll give it my best shot, sir. Thank you.
President Trumbull: That’s what I was afraid of.
Mike Banning: What’s that, sir?
President Trumbull: That look in your eye. Like I just handed you a death sentence.
Mike Banning: Oh, if I had my way, sir, I would keep hard-charging to the day I die. But that’s not realistic.
President Trumbull: Give it a few days. Talk it over with Leah, and we’ll go from there. Okay?
Mike Banning: Yes, sir.
President Trumbull: Good.


President Trumbull: You alright?
Mike Banning: I just need to rehydrate.
President Trumbull: Why don’t you get somebody to cover for you?
Mike Banning: No, sir. I’m good. I’m okay.
President Trumbull: Mike, I’m fine. Go. You’re scaring my damn fish.
Mike Banning: They’re frozen anyway.
President Trumbull: Go. Smart-ass.


[as Banning is returning from fishing with the President]
Security: What is that? Are they bats?
Mike Banning: They’re drones! They’re drones!


[over the radio]
Mike Banning: Don’t move! Don’t move! They’re tracking us somehow!
[referring to Trumbull]
Mike Banning: Just hold still and keep him covered, Murph. I’m coming to you!


[over the radio; referring to the drones]
Mike Banning: They’re coming at you, Murph. Get him in the water. The hard cover isn’t enough.
President Trumbull: [to Murphy] What about you?
Mike Banning: Agent Murphy: Go!
[Murphy pushes Trumbull out of the boat and into the water before a drone hits it and it explodes]


[after the boat explodes and Banning goes after Trumbull in the water]
Mike Banning: Sir, I got you. Okay, sir, we’re going under. Dive deep.


[Banning wakes in the hospital with his hand cuffed to the bed]
Mike Banning: Why am I in cuffs?
Agent Thompson: I’m Special Agent Helen Thompson with the FBI. Can you tell me your name? Who you work for?
Mike Banning: My name is Mike Banning, Secret Service. Where am I? And why am I being secured?
Agent Thompson: You’re in Saint Matthews Hospital. You remember how you got here?
Mike Banning: Just tell me what the f**k is going on.
Agent Thompson: What’s the last thing you remember? Mike, it’s very important you tell me the last thing you remember.
Mike Banning: Murph. The President. Where’s the President? Where is he? Is he okay?
Agent Thompson: President Trumbull is in a coma, and your whole team is dead. Except you. Tell me how that happened. What happened on the lake?
Mike Banning: I need to see the President. I need to see the President now.
Agent Thompson: Not going to happen.


Agent Thompson: Maybe you can explain why I found your DNA in the van. Skin cells, hair. Right there, on the launch controls.
Mike Banning: What?
Agent Thompson: Or residue from the same explosives used in the event in your garage. Mike, tell me about the encrypted folder we found on the dark web.
Mike Banning: Encrypted folder?
Agent Thompson: The encrypted folder that contained the classified map, and your Secret Service itinerary for the lake trip. Only you had that, Mike. How did that happen?


[as Leah is being interrogated]
Agent Thompson: Did you know about Mike’s issues with painkillers? How about that he has seen four different doctors in the last six months, paying each one of them in cash? Did you know about that issue?
[Leah shakes her head]


Agent Thompson: The controls were left on auto to deploy the drones during the trip’s window. The facial recognition to target the President of the United States, as well as every member of your team, except you. You had this perfectly planned, Mike, didn’t you?
Mike Banning: Can’t you see that I’m being set up?
Agent Thompson: No, I cannot, Agent Banning.


Leah Banning: He’s in line to be director of the Secret Service.
Agent Thompson: Exactly. Which is why I believe Mike saw the inevitable and was looking for a big payout for you guys. Now, if that’s the case, Leah, that means somebody paid him to do this. If you can help me find that person, it would help Mike’s case considerably.
Leah Banning: F**k you, lady. You can’t play me. My husband is a good man.


Agent Thompson: You’re being charged with the attempted murder of the President of the United States, as well as the premeditated murder of your entire team.
Mike Banning: No, no, no. Wait. Wait. Get the president. He’ll tell you the truth. There’s somebody else behind this. It wasn’t me.
Agent Thompson: We’re transporting you to a protected location for arraignment once you’re cleared by the doctors.
Mike Banning: What the f**k is wrong with you?!


News Reporter: President Trumbull’s top guardian angel has fallen tonight. Secret Service Agent Mike Banning has been arrested…


[after the transport to the detention facility is ambushed and killing the assailants, Banning recognizes them as Jennings men]
Mike Banning: I told you you should’ve trained like it was f**king real.


[after Banning escapes en route to the detention facility]
Agent Thompson: Banning is Secret Service. He knows how we do this. He knows all our tricks. I want every surveillance camera in the nation going through our facial recognition system. Anything we see, I want it followed up. And I don’t want to hear anything about a subpoena at this point, because I really don’t give a sh*t. We will deal with that later.


[over an online call]
Distorted Voice: We agreed to keep Banning alive at the lake so that he could take the fall. Then you said you were going to make it look like his team rescued him and disappeared with the ten million. And now, look. You actually let him get away. And he can expose us.
Wade Jennings: There’s still enough evidence to nail Mike as the mastermind. The FBI have already ID’d the evidence that we planted, including his DNA in the van. As we speak, they’re also connecting him to the money trail. So let’s not start panicking and do something foolish.
Distorted Voice: Foolish? I’m beginning to think that your personal connection to him isn’t an asset, but a liability. If you want to benefit from this, you will finish him for good, and pray Trumbull never wakes up. Your biggest mistake.


[Banning calls Leah]
Leah Banning: Mike, is that you?
Mike Banning: Leah.
Leah Banning: Are you okay?
Mike Banning: I’m alright. You okay? How’s Lynne?
Leah Banning: She’s okay. She’s here with me. We’ve been getting death threats.
Mike Banning: Are the cops out front?
Leah Banning: Yeah. And a ton of reporters.
Mike Banning: Okay, that’s a good thing. They’ll watch the house twenty-four-seven. So you just make sure you stay inside and they’ll keep you safe. Have they talked to you?
Leah Banning: Yeah. Why didn’t you tell me about the doctors?
Mike Banning: Babe, I wanted to. But I can’t explain right now. Just, you got to trust me.


[on the phone]
Leah Banning: Where are you? Are you in jail?
Mike Banning: Look, I’m not the only one on the line.
[to the FBI, who are listening in]
Mike Banning: Guys, I know you got a job to do. So do I. And I’m not going to stop until I prove who really did this.
Leah Banning: I just want you here, home with me.
Mike Banning: Me too.
Leah Banning: We’re going to get through this, babe. You hear me?
Mike Banning: Yeah. Yeah, I hear you.


Wade Jennings: [to his men] Okay, listen up, everybody. Mike will have to find somewhere to regroup. Dig into his life. Find out anything, anyone that can hide him. Every hour you don’t have an answer for me is another hour he’s kicking our f**king a**.


[after Banning finds his dad’s home in the woods]
Clay Banning: How the f**k did you find me?
Mike Banning: I run security for the President. How do you think? You’ve been here the last five years. North Carolina before that. Alaska before that.
Clay Banning: You see, that’s Big Brother for you.
Mike Banning: No, actually, it was just me wondering if you were still alive.


Clay Banning: Did you do it?
Mike Banning: You’d like it if I did, wouldn’t you, dad?


[referring to Clay’s house]
Mike Banning: So you run off your own power source, water, everything?
Clay Banning: Sure. Why not? You stay attached to their tentacles, they own you for life.
Mike Banning: F**k. Hey, you got any aspirin? Something stronger?
Clay Banning: I don’t do medications.
Mike Banning: Of course you don’t.
Clay Banning: And by the looks of it, you shouldn’t either.


[seeing the typewriter and manuscript on the desk]
Mike Banning: What’s this? Writing your own manifesto?
Clay Banning: You know, I’ve had a lifetime to think about the things I’ve seen and I’ve done. I don’t want to ever forget. That’s how we get lost.
Mike Banning: Yeah?
Clay Banning: Yeah.
Mike Banning: What chapter am I in?


Clay Banning: Why are they saying it’s you?
Mike Banning: I was set up.
Clay Banning: Not a surprise. F**king government.
Mike Banning: No, not the government. It was a friend of mine. I’m trying to figure out who else.
Clay Banning: Sounds like you should pick better friends, son.
Mike Banning: You know what? Don’t call me “son”. You lost that right when you walked out on mom and me.
Clay Banning: I know what I did. But I’d do it again. Because of what f**king war made me, turned me into. And I see it in you. I can see it in your eyes. You think Iraq was different than Nam? Nam different than Korea? No, it’s the f**king same thing! It’s war! And it doesn’t matter what you give them. You’ll give it because you don’t know any better! And they’ll take it. Your honor, your youth, your life!
[pauses as he looks visibly upset]
Clay Banning: Me disappearing was the best thing that ever happened to you. You wouldn’t have liked me.


[after Jennings men have found Clay’s house in the woods]
Mike Banning: I ain’t going to hold them off with this pistol. We got to get out of here.
Clay Banning: I ain’t going nowhere.
Mike Banning: What?
Clay Banning: No, no, this is my f**king mountain!
Mike Banning: No, don’t go out there.
Clay Banning: Stay here if you want.


[as they are trying to escape from Jennings men]
Mike Banning: Why did I think coming here was a good idea? I knew you had time to kill, but Jesus!
Clay Banning: Just keep low and don’t b*tch.


Mike Banning: Alright, you stay here. I’m going to go and draw them out.
Clay Banning: No, no, I wouldn’t.
Mike Banning: Why?
Clay Banning: Old bull, young bull.
[Clay detonates the explosives he’s set around the perimeter of his house]
Mike Banning: What the f**k?


Mike Banning: You almost blew me up, damn it!
Clay Banning: I didn’t tell you to run down there.
Mike Banning: Oh, sh*t. Well, I hope you got more fun and games, because we’re about to be overrun!
Clay Banning: Go pull on that wire.
Mike Banning: What wire?
Clay Banning: In the f**king leaves! Where else?
Mike Banning: F**k!
Clay Banning: Go get it!
[Banning goes to the wire, gets a hold of it and looks back at Clay]
Clay Banning: Go!
[Banning pulls the wire, which detonates more explosives in the woods]
Mike Banning: Really?
Clay Banning: You’re welcome.


[after listening to radio reporting that Banning is guilty of planning the assassination attempt]
Clay Banning: I told you they’d turn on you!
Mike Banning: You know, just stop. Alright, just stop with all your Big Brother sh*t. Okay, your country didn’t betray you! You betrayed yourself!
Clay Banning: What the f**k do you know about it? I struggled all my life with this!
Mike Banning: What struggle? You gave up!
Clay Banning: You’re right, son, I did give up. But sometimes it’s better to know when to quit, instead of lying to yourself and hurting the ones you love.


[on the phone]
Mike Banning: What happened to you, Wade? How did it come to this?
Wade Jennings: Look, I wish it could’ve been different, Mike. But war is about deception, and Trumbull was in the way. And you were a necessary evil, caught in the right place at the right time. Be thankful that you’re still breathing.
Mike Banning: F**k you.


Mike Banning: So, what is it? We get into another war, and you get your billions in contracts?
Wade Jennings: You think it’s about the money, Mike? No, I wish I could trade places with you. You’re the one out there fighting, fighting for life. Can you feel it? Blood pumping? Yeah. Lions, Mike. Lions. Now I get to have my fix too.
Mike Banning: Oh, you’ll get your fix. Don’t worry about finding me. I’ll find you.


[as Clay is driving them out of the woods]
Clay Banning: The toll cameras are just up ahead. You sure about this?
Mike Banning: Yeah.
Clay Banning: Well, at least disguise yourself.
Mike Banning: No. Then I look guilty.
Clay Banning: Well, you already look guilty. What the f**k’s the difference?


[on the radio]
News Reporter: According to inside sources, President Trumbull is now responding to stimulus. Doctors aren’t ready to declare him out of danger, but are hopeful that this is a sign that he will fully recover from his coma. More on Trumbull and what this means to tensions with Russia later.
Clay Banning: What’s wrong? I thought you’d be thrilled.
Mike Banning: No, I am. But Wade’s not going to quit till he’s dead.
Clay Banning: Well, you can call in and warn them.
Mike Banning: Do you remember the part they think I’m working with the Russians? Besides, I don’t know who else is in on it. No. I need to get to the President himself.
Clay Banning: Yeah. Then your own guys shoot you.
Mike Banning: Probably.


[after realizing that Jennings could hurt Leah and Lynne]
Mike Banning: Sh*t. Leah and Lynne.
Clay Banning: Who are Leah and Lynne?
Mike Banning: My wife and daughter.
Clay Banning: You got a wife and a daughter?
Mike Banning: Yeah. Look, I got to go, okay? I got you involved enough.
Clay Banning: Where you going?
Mike Banning: I’m going to steal this car. Okay?
Clay Banning: Yeah.
Mike Banning: I’ll see you around.
Clay Banning: Mike!
[Banning turns to look at Clay]


[after Clay saves Lean and Lynne from being kidnapped by Jennings men]
Clay Banning: This wasn’t the way I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Clay Banning. Mike’s dad.
Leah Banning: How would I know it’s you?
Clay Banning: Well, the reason you don’t know that truth already is because of me alone.
Leah Banning: Tell me something personal about him.
Clay Banning: The only thing I have for you is his birth name. Michael Jameson Banning. Born on base, Fort Hood, Texas. His mother’s maiden name, Mary Alice DeWitt. And to this day, I deeply regret walking away from them.
[referring to the wound on his head]
Leah Banning: That looks kind of deep. We should get it cleaned up.


[after Banning goes to Trumbull’s hospital and is captured]
Mike Banning: [to Trumbull] Sir. I know who did this to us. He’s going to try and finish the job. You are not safe here, sir.
Secret Service Director David Gentry: No, no. This is the safest place for you, sir. This place is on total lockdown.
Mike Banning: Then how the f**k did I get here, Gentry?
Secret Service Director David Gentry: You know all of our protocols, and now you are in cuffs!
[referring to Jennings]
Mike Banning: Sir, sir. I served with this man. I know what he’s capable of.
Secret Service Director David Gentry: We don’t even know if this guy exists.
Mike Banning: He wants you dead.
Secret Service Director David Gentry: All we have is Mike’s word!
Mike Banning: He will find a way in here like I did.
Secret Service Director David Gentry: Eighteen agents are dead! You’re still alive!
Mike Banning: We are sitting ducks.
President Trumbull: Alright!


President Trumbull: Uncuff him.
Secret Service Director David Gentry: Sir, we still don’t know whose side Mike is really on.
President Trumbull: Yes, we do. He’s on my side. He’s the reason I’m still alive. When you get to be president, you understand that being spit on, even betrayed, comes with the job. But it shouldn’t come with his or any of yours. Now, uncuff him.
[Banning’s cuffs are taken off]
Mike Banning: Okay, we need to recheck everything. And we need to get him out of here now. Get Marine One inbound, okay. And do not tell anyone outside of this room.
President Trumbull: Just do as Mike says.
Mike Banning: Sir.
Secret Service Director David Gentry: Yes, sir.


[as Banning is trying to leads Trumbull to safety from Jennings and his men]
Mike Banning: Listen to me, okay. We’re going to make a move, and people are going to fall. Not you. You keep moving, okay? Ready?
President Trumbull: Yeah.
Mike Banning: Alright, let’s go.


[as Banning is going after Jennings]
Mike Banning: Sir. I’ll be back before you know it.
President Trumbull: Mike. Stay alive.
Mike Banning: Yes, sir.


[after Banning mortally stabs Jennings]
Wade Jennings: I’m glad it was you. Lions.
Mike Banning: We’re lions.


[as the Banning family are having breakfast with Clay]
Leah Banning: What are your plans, Clay?
Clay Banning: You know, I, uh, I found a little RV, and I thought I’d just go mobile for a while. Go up in north when it’s summer, and go south when it’s winter.
Mike Banning: So we’re not going to see you for a while then, huh?
Clay Banning: No, you’re going to see a lot of me. I’ll just drive the RV over here and park it out front. I just don’t want to impose on you guys.
Mike Banning: You don’t have to stay out in the RV, dad. We got plenty of room in the house, huh?
Leah Banning: Yeah, yeah.
Mike Banning: Yeah. No, we’d love to have you around.
Leah Banning: Yeah.
Clay Banning: Okay.


Clay Banning: Thank you, Leah, for that great breakfast.
Leah Banning: You’re very welcome.
[referring to Banning]
Leah Banning: He’s glad you’re here. We all are. Just don’t break his heart again. I need you to follow through.
Clay Banning: Yes, ma’am. That’s my intention.


President Trumbull: I hear there’s something you want to tell me.
Mike Banning: Yes, sir. I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to it. Before the attack, I should’ve been more honest about some of the things that I was dealing with. The concussions, the pills. I let you down, sir.
President Trumbull: You’re damn right. Why did you think you couldn’t come to me with this, after all we’ve been through?
Mike Banning: I don’t know, sir. You know how I feel about the job, and I didn’t want anyone to take that away from me. But that is no excuse. You know, someone said to me once, it’s better sometimes knowing when to quit, instead of lying to yourself and hurting the ones you care about the most. I’m not going to let that happen again. I’m here to offer my resignation, sir.
[he places his badge on the desk]


President Trumbull: Mike, it’s our moments of struggle that define us. How we handle them is what matters. Like I said in the hospital, I’m still alive because you didn’t quit. If you choose to do so now, now that’s up to you. But I still want you for Director, if you want it.
[he offers Banning his badge back]
President Trumbull: No more secrets.
[Banning stands and takes back his badge]
Mike Banning: No more secrets, sir.
President Trumbull: Good. Very good.
[they shake hands, then Trumbull embraces Banning]
Mike Banning: Thank you, sir.


[Banning and Clay are sitting out in the backyard]
Clay Banning: You know, that’s a good thing you got off those pills, and you got your physical done. But you got a whole lot of sh*t going on upstairs. You know, the stuff we’ve been through, it sits up there in the top of your head like it’s going to explode. If you don’t deal with it, it’ll eat you up.
Mike Banning: Seriously, dad? You’re telling me that I have to take care of my upstairs?
Clay Banning: Yep.
Mike Banning: You’re like one level off of the Unabomber.
[Clay laughs]


Mike Banning: Tell you what, you want to help me get my sh*t together?
Clay Banning: Yeah.
Mike Banning: So, how about you come with me? We get unf**ked together.
Clay Banning: Where are we going?
Mike Banning: This place my doctor’s sending me to. It’s supposed to rebalance your brain.
Clay Banning: Oh, sh*t.


[last lines; Banning and Clay are at a spa]
New Age Instructor: Our goal here is to increase your powers of control. All of your negative energy melts away in the zero gravity tank while activating your core feelings of love and centeredness, keeping your mind dreamily alert just above the portal of sleep. We call this threshold “theta state.”
Mike Banning: Hey, let’s give it a try. Come on.
Clay Banning: Okay. Alright. Fine.
Mike Banning: Alright.
[we see them floating in water tanks]
Mike Banning: Oh. Hey, this is alright.
[suddenly the lights are turned off]
Clay Banning: What? Wait! Hold it!
Mike Banning: Okay, okay, get me out of here!
Clay Banning: No f**king way! Turn the lights on!
Mike Banning: Sorry, dad.
Clay Banning: And you thought this was going to be a bonding experience? Oh. I’m going to pee in here.

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