Starring: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Paola Núñez, Jacob Scipio, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Joe Pantoliano, Thomas Brag



Action comedy sequel directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The story centers on old-school cops Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), who team up, along with the newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department, to take down the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel, Armando Armas (Jacob Scipio).


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[as Mike is speeding through the streets of Miami]
Marcus: Slow down!
[Marcus answers a call]
Marcus: What? Four minutes?
[to Mike]
Marcus: Speed up.
Mike: Oh, so you want me to speed up and slow down at the same time?


[as Mike is continuing to drive fast]
Marcus: I’m about to throw up.
Mike: Oh, you better the hell not. That is hand-stitched leather. You better drink it.


Marcus: That was your turn, Mike!
Mike: Damn it! Look, you are the navigator, okay? That’s why you’re sitting in that seat. And where are your glasses? You need to put your glasses on.
Marcus: I don’t need glasses!
Mike: Marcus, you can’t see sh*t.


[as they are driving through the beach]
Mike: Sorry, rich white people.
[holding up his badge as they drive through the mall]
Marcus: We’re not just black, we’re cops too! We’ll pull ourselves over later.
[Mike laughs]


[as he’s driving backwards]
Mike: Hey, even the Batmobile don’t hold the road like this, b*tch.


[as Mike stops the car]
Marcus: Get me the f**k out of this car.
[as Marcus struggles to get out, as he opens the car door it hits the fire hydrant]
Mike: Hey!
Marcus: Oh, sh*t! Oh.
Mike: Come on, man!
Marcus: You can get that buffed out.
Mike: No. You can get that buffed out.


[as they are celebrating Marcus becoming a grandfather]
Marcus: I’m done, Mike.
Mike: Oh, here we go again.
Marcus: No, this time it’s different. When I looked into that little baby’s eyes, something changed. I want to spend my days watching that little boy grow.
Mike: Man, Theresa does not want your a** sitting at home, getting fat and breaking sh*t.


Marcus: You know, Mike, we got more time behind us than in front. It’s time to make some changes, for real.
Mike: You can miss me with that. I’m living my best life.
Marcus: You’re dyeing your goatee, Mike.
Mike: What?
Marcus: You’re dyeing your goatee.
Mike: I am not dyeing my goatee.
Marcus: Yeah, that’s Midnight Cocoa Bean. I recognize that sh*t.


Marcus: Let me ask you something, Mike. Do you want your legacy to be muscle shirts and a body count? Don’t you know family is all that matters?


[referring to Rita, Mike’s ex-girlfriend]
Marcus: She is perfect for you. Smart as hell. Confident. Ambitious.
Mike: She just wasn’t the one for me.
Marcus: What is for you? Dying all alone and sad as sh*t?
Mike: You’re just jealous.


Mike: How long you been married? What, twenty years?
Marcus: Twenty-six.
Mike: Tell the truth. When’s the last time you had sex?
Marcus: None of your damn business.
Mike: Exactly.


Marcus: How many great women are you going to let go? I mean, you get a lot of loving, but have you ever really been in love?
Mike: Of course. I mean, yeah, I was in love. One time. A long, long time ago.
Marcus: You never told me.
Mike: N****, I don’t tell you all my business. Look, all you need to know is that I’ll be running down criminals till I’m a hundred.


[as Mike and Marcus are preparing to have a foot race]
Captain Howard: Nothing sadder than old men revisiting the past.


[referring to their foot race]
Mike: What’s the bet?
Marcus: I win, we lay it down. We turn in our papers and we retire.
Mike: Alright. Well, when I win, you stop all this foolish retirement talk. We ride this thing till the wheels fall off. Bad Boys for Life.
Captain Howard: Uh, Bad Boys ain’t really boys anymore.


[after Mike is shot by Armando and is in critical condition]
Marcus: Dear God, it’s me, Marcus. You blessed me with a lot of stuff lately. I know I haven’t been to church in a while, probably Easter. But I ain’t going to lie, I wasn’t paying attention. I haven’t lost faith. It’s just, I was ashamed at some of the stuff we had to do. I know “thou shall not kill”, but they were bad guys, all of them. You know, Mike hardly had a life yet. No wife, no kids. If you could just please find it in your heart to give him one more chance, man. Straight up, he’s my best friend. My brother. If you just spare him, I swear to you, I will put no more violence in this world.


[six months later, after Mike has recovered and they are all at Megan’s wedding]
Marcus: I really got to stop crying like this.


[giving a speech at Megan’s wedding]
Mike: But I’m telling you, love is hard. And your relationship will be tested. And your father and I have weathered storm after storm. And we have a mantra that we say to each other in our darkest days, and it always seems to bring us back together. And, Reggie, Megan, I would like to share it with you. We ride together, we die together.
Everyone: Bad Boys for Life!


[referring to Mike wanting to investigate his own shooting]
Captain Howard: AMMO’s got this.
Mike: AMMO? Come on, Cap. AMMO? With all due respect, AMMO is a high school musical boy band with guns.


Mike: Let me investigate the Vargas case.
Captain Howard: No. The last thing I need is having IAD shoving a Hubble telescope up my a** for a full-on colonoscopy.


[after Mike find out Marcus has retired]
Marcus: I told you I was retiring.
Mike: What? Wait. No, hold up. We raced, you lost. Now you reneging? What happened to Bad Boys for Life?
Marcus: Yeah, for life. It’s off. You died.
Mike: What the hell are you talking about?
Marcus: You coded out, Mike, three times.


Mike: Marcus, look, this m*therf**ker stole something from me, and I need it back.
Marcus: What did he take from you, Mike? You’re still here. All he took from you was the legend, Bulletproof Mike. But I saw you on the ground bleeding. You’re human, just like the rest of us.
Mike: Yeah, his a** bleeds too.


Marcus: I’m telling you, Mike. You go out there for vengeance, you’re going to get someone killed.
Mike: Oh, we definitely bringing some smoke. That fool put holes in me!
Marcus: And you’re filling them with hate, Mike. Look, you need to start thinking about your karma, man. This was a sign.


Mike: Alright. So let me get this straight. So somebody get to dump my a** out in the street, and you ain’t going to do sh*t? You’re just going to quit?
Marcus: How dare you, man? I sat by your bedside. I wiped the drool off your chin, Mike. Don’t disrespect me like that, because you don’t know.
Mike: Alright. Alright. Alright, man. Look, Marcus, I’m asking you. I’m begging you, man. I need this. Bad boys, one last time.
Marcus: No, Mike. No.


[after Rita find out that Mike is going after his shooter]
Rita: This is me you’re trying to bullsh*t. If you get involved, you’re going to make mistakes you can’t take back.
Mike: Hasta el Fuego.
Rita: Hasta el Fuego. What does that mean? Where did you get that? Until you burn? Until you die?
Mike: You know me well enough to know not to ask me to quit.
Rita: It’s because I know you, I’m asking. Because I care about you. As a friend. Let us handle this.


[after Mike finds out the identity of arms dealer Booker Grassie after beating Manny]
Mike: Now, I can go after him vigilante style, or you can bring me in.
Captain Howard: Or I could shoot you myself.


Captain Howard: If I bring you in, to consult, and you go cowboy on me, I need you to comprehend the level five sh*tstorm I will be drowning in. No gold-plated watch! No cop retirement village! I’m sticking myself out on a skinny limb! Scratch that. A twig in an ice storm! Me, on the edge, tithering.
Mike: You mean, teetering?
Captain Howard: That’s what I said! And picture me very fat!
Mike: I think I got the image, Cap.


[referring to allowing Mike to work with AMMO]
Rita: This is a bad idea, Captain.
Captain Howard: He’s going to investigate this case, no matter what! So this way, we keep him on a short leash, we control him.
Mike: Uh, I’m standing right here, Cap.


[after Rita introduces him to her AMMO team]
Mike: Uh, look, she calls me by my whole government name. But everybody, you can just do Mike.
Dorn: For sure, Mike.
Kelly: Got it, Mike.
Rafe: Yeah, sure thing, Michael.
Mike: Ah, so you’re that guy.
Rafe: Hey, there’s always one.
Mike: Yeah. Right up till there’s not.
Rafe: What’s that supposed to mean?
Kelly: It’s Mike Lowrey. Okay? Be cool. For once.


[after Marcus is called by an old informant, Carver Remy]
Marcus: I’m retired. Only rats I talk to are in my basement.


[after Mike fails to save Booker Grassie from getting killed]
Captain Howard: Look at this mess! It’s carnage!
Mike: I didn’t do all this sh*t, Cap. They did this to each other.
Captain Howard: Wait, wait, wait. You didn’t shoot anybody?
Mike: Well, come on, Captain. You know I shot some people.
Captain Howard: Yeah.


[as Marcus picks up Mike in his car]
Mike: I mean, you could, if you wanted to, just do the speed limit. You let a Prius pass us.
[referring to the fanny pack]
Mike: And what is that? What, you got your balls tucked up in there?
Marcus: Hey. You know what? Neither one of my balls want to be here with your stupid a**.


[referring to Little Marcus]
Marcus: Take the baby in.
Mike: Oh, I ain’t going in there.
Marcus: Well, then you ain’t going to find out who tried to kill you. See, if I go in there, I know who’s going to kill me. Theresa Burnett.


[as Carver’s body lands on top of Marcus’s car]
Mike: That better be a safe, or a piano.
[Marcus turns to see]
Marcus: Oh! This is my wife’s car!
Mike: That’s f**king Carver Remy!
Marcus: You don’t know that’s Carver Remy. That could be anybody.
Mike: Cover the front door!
[Mike rushes off]
Marcus: I’m retired! I’m a civilian!


[after Carver’s body lands on top of his car]
Marcus: Oh. This is a sign. It’s a sign from God.
[he gets a call from Theresa]
Marcus: Oh. Oh, shoot. She knows. She always knows!


[Mike joins Howard to watch his daughter’s basketball game]
Captain Howard: So there’s this Buddhist guy, right? And, uh, you know, mountain man, way up high, going down this long winding road. And out of nowhere, this other guy is riding a horse right toward him. He’s Buddhist too, I think. Actually, I’m not sure.
Mike: Just let them both be Buddhist, Cap.
Captain Howard: Okay, fine.


Captain Howard: Mike, you got to get control of your life. You got to grab the reins, before your horse runs you off a cliff.


[to Marcus, at Howard’s funeral, after he is shot and killed by Armando]
Mike: You were right, man. You said if I went out there, I was going to get somebody killed.


[as Marcus decides to help Mike find the shooter]
Marcus: One last time?
Mike: One last time.


[as they are preparing to see Jenkins, a crooked broker]
Marcus: Mike, you don’t need a grenade launcher.
Mike: Yeah, but I want one.


[are they are going to see Jenkins]
Marcus: Hey, look, all our lives, we’ve been bad boys, alright? Now it’s time to be good men.
Mike: Who in the hell wants to sing that song?
[starts singing mockingly]
Mike: Good men, good men. What you going to do?
Marcus: Well, maybe if you sang the song like you meant it, it’d catch on.


[as they approach the motel room door]
Marcus: Now, knock and talk.
Mike: Yeah. Knock, knock.
[he kicks down the door, points his gun Jenkins]
Marcus: Mike! Mike!
Mike: Miami PD! Get down!
Marcus: What happened to “knock and talk”?!


Mike: [to Jenkins] I need you on your knees with your hands behind your head right now! Sir, if you keep moving, I’m going to shoot you in your face.
Marcus: No, he’s not.
Mike: Yes, I am!
Marcus: Mike, the man is an accountant. We just need to talk to him.
Mike: So you want to have a conversation with a coked-out orange mountain?


Marcus: Look, let me handle this, okay? Just back up. I’m going to penetrate this man’s soul with my heart.
Mike: What?
Marcus: Yeah. Watch and learn.
Jenkins: Hey! Hey, a** licker. I’m going to fast food fist-f**k you.
Marcus: Sir, that’s just nasty.


[after Jenkins punches Marcus in the face]
Mike: How deep you think you got in his soul?
Marcus: Sometimes you got to suffer for what’s right.
Mike: Don’t you turn that other cheek, Marcus.


Marcus: Now, sir, I realize that you’re scared. Hell, we all scared. You know, sometimes fear just…
[Jenkins punches him again]
Mike: So what you thinking?
Marcus: I think you should handle this one.
Mike: Yeah, me too.


[referring to AMMO coming in as Mike is about to fight with Jenkins]
Marcus: I called them.
Mike: What? What happened to Bad Boys, one last time?
Marcus: This is one last time. But this here’s the remix, Mike. We work with AMMO now.


Rita: Well, who up there wants to kill you?
Marcus: Hell, who doesn’t?
Mike: Alright.
Marcus: That’s just the criminals that we’re looking at. I don’t trust a person that don’t want to kill him. Hell, put my name up there.
Mike: Thanks a lot. We got it, Marcus. We appreciate it.


Marcus: Okay, there’s no “I” in “team”.
Mike: There is one in “d*ckhead” though.


[Dorn, Kelly and Rafe start singing]
Dorn, Kelly, Rafe: Bad Boys. Bad Boys. Whatcha gonna do. Whatcha gonna do when we come…
Mike: Hey! Hey! Hey! Uh-uh! No! No! Never. Y’all will never do that again.
Marcus: Yeah, and you’re f*cking up the lyrics, which take a long time to learn. Don’t do that.


[to Marcus; referring to Rita, who has gone undercover at a club to find the shooter]
Mike: And why did she wear that? That is not a undercover dress.
[to Rita]
Mike: You should’ve wore something undercover.


[as they are chasing after Zway-Lo]
Marcus: I made a promise to God.
Mike: To who?
Marcus: To God.
Mike: What the hell are you talking about?
Marcus: Look, I told the Lord that if you made it through, that I would make no more violence.
Mike: Well, he definitely knew you was bullsh*tting with that. Violence is what we do.


[as they are chasing after Zway-Lo]
Marcus: It’s about your soul, Mike. Our job is to protect and serve.
Mike: You’re damn right. I’m about to serve this b*tch right now.


[Mike jumps onto a bike with a side seat, Marcus sees a Pitbull barking in the side seat]
Marcus: Oh, sh*t!
Mike: Get in!
Marcus: There’s a Pitbull!
Mike: Hey, come on! You want to get bit, or do you want to get shot?
[Marcus gets the dog out of the seat as it continues to bark]
Mike: Come on! Let’s go!


[as they are being shot at by Zway-Lo’s thugs; referring to the machine gun]
Mike: Shoot that sh*t!
Marcus: No, no, Mike! I made a promise to God! No more violence.
Mike: Who do you think sent you that weapon?
Marcus: I don’t know!
Mike: That is God’s gun!
Marcus: It is?!
Mike: Sent to you in your time of need.
Marcus: Well, sh*t! I do need it right now!


[as Marcus is firing the machine gun at the thugs]
Mike: Where are your glasses?
Marcus: I don’t need no damn glasses!
Mike: You ain’t hitting sh*t!


[as Mike is latched onto the helicopter ladder and Armando is about to shoot him]
Armando Aretas: Hasta el Fuego.
[Marcus shoots at helicopter and Mike lets go of the ladder]


[referring to Armando]
Mike: I think he’s my son.
Marcus: What?
Mike: Twenty-four years ago, before we partnered up, Captain Howard pulled me right out of the academy. Nobody knew who I was. He sent me in undercover with the Aretas cartel. Sorenson. Weber. Vargas. Carver. All of the victims were on that case. This is revenge.


[referring to Isabel Aretas]
Mike: I was her driver. We connected so deep. We talked about everything. She showed me the whole game. How to walk it, how to talk it, put clothes on it. She made Mike Lowrey. We fell in love.
Marcus: Are you telling me the one time that you…?
Mike: Isabel Aretas. The one time.


Mike: Me and Isabel were going to run away with each other.
Marcus: What made you change your mind?
Mike: They call her La Bruja. The Witch. She is into some dark sh*t. Santa Muerte. That woman was a stone-cold killer. So I had to put the woman I love behind bars for the rest of her life. Chose the badge, and I’ve been choosing it ever since.


[referring to Isabel]
Marcus: Mike, you f**ked a married witch?
Mike: So all the sh*t I just said, and that was your takeaway?
Marcus: No, it’s just a lot to digest. I mean, you think you know somebody. And, well, hell, now it explains why you dress like a drug dealer.


Marcus: Sorry. But you don’t know that’s your son, Mike. You don’t know who that witch was f**king.
Mike: Benito Aretas couldn’t have kids. Isabel gave birth in prison, eight months after her arrest. “Hasta el Fuego.” He said that to me before I jumped from the chopper. Me and Isabel made that up. It’s not even real Spanish. It’s some sh*t we said to each other. It meant like, “We’ll be together until we burn.”


[referring to Armando]
Mike: Marcus, he’s the right age. He’s crazy like me. He’s ruthless like me. He’s fearless like me. He’s the f**ked-up me.
Marcus: No, Mike. You’re the f**ked-up you. You’re jumping to conclusions. Alright? Sh*t’s going to work itself out. You got to trust that.


[Marcus shows up on the plane as Mike is going to meet Isabel in Mexico City]
Mike: No, Marcus.
Marcus: I’m not letting you go on a suicide mission alone, Mike.
Mike: This is on me. I’m not letting anybody else get killed dealing with my sh*t.
Marcus: Mike, she’s a Bruja. She’ll make your eyes melt into your stupid-a** head. She’ll make your d*ck fall off.
[to the kid staring at him]
Marcus: I meant pe**s. You should be minding your own business anyway.


Mike: Marcus, please go home.
Marcus: We fly together. We die together.
Airline Passenger: What?
Marcus: Oh, no. That’s just something we say. It’s all good. It ain’t…
[to the other passengers staring at him looking disturbed]
Marcus: Oh, I can see how that got y’all a little… Uh, where y’all from? Where you from?


[afer Mike has admitted he is going to kill Armando]
Marcus: You realize you will go to hell?
Mike: I don’t believe in hell, Marcus.
Marcus: Well, it believes in you. I mean, killing your own son. Brother, that’s a darkness that swallows you whole.
Mike: Well, maybe I already been swallowed. I died, remember? I’m ending this sh*t, man.


[referring to Armando]
Marcus: I should have known he was your son. Because the way he whupped your a**, Mike. That was a a**-whupping straight from thy own loins. A supernatural a**-whupping.


Marcus: [to Mike] How you f**k a witch without a condom? You wrap that sh*t up, man.


[to the AMMO team as they get ready for Mike’s meeting with Isabel]
Mike: Hey. Nobody touches the shooter. He’s mine.
Marcus: Uh, yes, he is.


[as they are being shot at by Isabel’s men]
Marcus: You were right about the glasses.
Mike: I’ve been telling your a** that sh*t for years!
Marcus: Sh*t, this is like HD!


[referring to Isabel’s men]
Mike: Hey, big man. I’m going to need you to hurt some people. I’ll pay for therapy, alright?
Dorn: I’m going to need it. Seriously.
Mike: Yeah, I got you.


[referring to Isabel’s sniper helicopter]
Marcus: Where the hell are they getting all these helicopters?!


[Armando is beating Marcus and Mike, and Mike is refusing to hit back]
Marcus: Mike, what are you doing?
Mike: I’m trying to penetrate his soul with my heart.
Marcus: No. No, Mike, no. I was going through something.


[referring to Mike]
Armando Aretas: Is he my father?!
Isabel Aretas Yes. Kill him!
[Armando hesitates, Isabel goes to shoot Mike, but Armando steps in the way and gets shot instead]


[after Rita has shot Isabel and Marcus almost falls into the flaming wrekage]
Marcus: Pull me up! Mike, I don’t want to die this way! Oh, Mike, I’m slipping.
[Armando suddenly helps Mike pull Marcus up]
Marcus: Come on! Hurry! I can feel my a** cooking!


[to Armando, as they tend to his shot wound]
Mike: I can’t promise you it’s going to be all good, after all the stuff you’ve done. But I can promise you I’m going to be there, alright?
Marcus: Hey. I’m your Uncle Marcus. But we’ll talk about that later.


[after they celebrate Rita being promoted to become the new captain]
Mike: Hey, man. Look, we don’t say this kind of sh*t to each other, man, but just, thank you.
Marcus: Mike, you don’t have to thank me.
Mike: If you want to retire, just know that I am not going to try to stop you. You earned it. And I will support you one hundred, no matter what.
Marcus: But you’re forgetting one thing. We said for life.
Mike: For life, baby.
[they fist pump]


[last lines; Mike visits Armando in prison]
Mike: How you doing?
Armando Aretas: I’m paying my debt. It’s a big one.
Mike: Opportunity may have presented itself for you to pay down some of that debt. You interested?
Armando Aretas: Yeah, man.


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