Starring: Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee, Joseph Mazzello, Allen Leech, Lucy Boynton, Tom Hollander, Aiden Gillen, Mike Myers



Bio-drama directed by Bryan Singer until Dexter Fletcher took over to complete filming and post-production. The story focuses on the years from the formation of Queen and lead singer Freddie Mercury (Rami Malek), up to their performance at the Live Aid concert in 1985.

The story traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound, their near-implosion as Mercury’s lifestyle spirals out of control, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of Live Aid where Mercury, facing a life-threatening illness, leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. In the process, cementing the legacy of a band that was always more like a family and who continue to inspire outsiders, dreamers, and music lovers to this day.



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'We’re family. We believe in each other. That’s everything.' - Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody) Click To Tweet 'We're four misfits who don't belong together, we're playing for other misfits. They're the outcasts right at the back of the room. We're pretty sure they don't belong either. We belong to them.' - Freddie Mercury (Bohemian… Click To Tweet 'Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.' - Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody) Click To Tweet


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Freddie Mercury: I enjoyed the show. I also, I write songs.
John Deacon: Our lead singer just quit.
Freddie Mercury: Well then you’re going to need someone new.


Mary Austin: [to Freddie] I love the way you move on stage. The whole world belongs to you. Don’t you see what you could be?


Mary Austin: [to Freddie] Your life is going to be very difficult.


Mary Austin: What do you want from me, Freddie?
Freddie Mercury: Almost everything.


Brian May: That’s a nice fancy dress, Fred.
Freddie Mercury: I’ve got to make an impression, darling.
Brian May: You look like an angry lizard


Brian May: [to Freddy] No one will play us on the radio. We need to get experimental.


[as they are recording Bohemian Rhapsody]
Brian May: So now what?
Freddie Mercury: This is when the operatic section comes in.
Brian May: Ah, the operatic section. Yeah.


[as they are recording Bohemian Rhapsody]
Freddie Mercury: Do it again. One more.
Roger Taylor: How many more Galileo’s do you want?


Freddie Mercury: Roger, there’s only room in this band for one hysterical queen.


[referring to Bohemian Rhapsody]
Ray Foster: It goes on forever, six bloody minutes.
Freddie Mercury: I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever.


Ray Foster: Mark these words. No one will play Queen.


Freddie Mercury: We were going to do something different.
Ray Foster: It’s my money. I say what goes!
Brian May: We can’t simply repeat ourselves.
Freddie Mercury: No we can do better.


Jim Beach: Fortune favors the bold.


John Reid: So, tell me, what makes Queen different from all the other want to be rockstars I meet?
Freddie Mercury: Tell you what it is, Mr. Reid. Now we’re four misfits who don’t belong together, we’re playing for other misfits. They’re the outcasts right at the back of the room. We’re pretty sure they don’t belong either. We belong to them.


Bomi Bulsara: So now the family name is not good enough for you.
Freddie Mercury: I’ve changed it legally. No looking back.


Bomi Bulsara: [to Freddie] Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. You can’t get anywhere by pretending to be someone you’re not!


[in his new massion]
Freddie Mercury: What do you think?
[Roger looks at Freddie’s mustache]
Roger Taylor: Gayer.


Jim Hutton: So all your friends have left you alone.
Freddie Mercury: They’re not my friends, not really. They’re distractions.
Jim Hutton: From what?
Freddie Mercury: The in between moments I suppose. I find me intolerable. All of the darkness you thought you’d left behind comes creeping back in.
Jim Hutton: I know what you mean.
Freddie Mercury: Really? What is it that you do with them?
Jim Hutton: Spend them with real friends. You look like you could use a friend.
[he leans in and kisses Freddy]
Freddie Mercury: I like you.
Jim Hutton: I like you too, Freddie. Come and find me when you decide to like yourself.
[he gets up to leave]
Freddie Mercury: Can I have your name at least?
Jim Hutton: It’s Jim Hutton.
Freddie Mercury: Goodnight, Jim.
Jim Hutton: Goodnight, Freddie. Or should I say good morning.


Reporter: Freddy, concerning your private life.
Freddie Mercury: What more do you need to know? I make music.


Reporter: Freddie, could you tell us about the rumors concerning your sexuality?


Brian May: I want to give the audience a song that they can perform.
Freddie Mercury: What’s the lyric?


Roger Taylor: Ready, Freddy?
Freddie Mercury: Let’s do it.


Brian May: You need to slow down, Freddy.


[referring to the Brian, Roger and John]
Jim Beach: They just need a bit of time.
Freddie Mercury: What if I don’t have time?


Roger Taylor: [to Freddie] You don’t make decisions for the band!


Freddie Mercury: [to Paul] You know when you know you’ve gone rotten, really rotten? Fruit flies. Dirty little fruit flies, coming to feast on what’s left. Well there isn’t much left for you to feast on anymore. So fly off. Do what you like with your photographs and your stories. But promise me one thing, is that I never see your face again.


Freddie Mercury: Before you leave, can I have a second?
Brian May: Yeah. What’s up?
Freddie Mercury: I’ve got it.
John Deacon: Got what?
Freddie Mercury: AIDS. I wanted you to hear it from me.
Brian May: Fred, I’m so sorry.
Freddie Mercury: Brian, stop. Don’t. But right now, it’s between us, alright, just us. But please, if any of you fuss about it, or frown about it, or worst of all, if you bore me with your sympathy, that’s just seconds wasted, seconds that could be used for making music, because you’re all I want to do with the time I have left. I don’t have time to be their victim, their AIDS poster boy, their cautionary tale. No, I decide who I am. I’m going to be what I was born to be, a performer, to give the people what they want. Go to the heavens, Freddie fucking Mercury.
Roger Taylor: You’re a legend, Fred.
Freddie Mercury: You’re bloody right I am. We’re all legends. But you’re right, I am a legend. Now give me a chance to get my bitchy little vocal cords in order, and we’ll go and punch a hole through the roof of that stadium.
John Deacon: Actually, Wembley doesn’t have a roof.
Freddie Mercury: Alright.
Brian May: No, he’s right, it doesn’t.
Freddie Mercury: Then we’ll punch a hole in the sky.
[they do a group hug]
Freddie Mercury: Now even though you’re crying like sweet little girls, I still love you. Alright, enough of this.


Freddie Mercury: We’re family. We believe in each other. That’s everything.


Freddie Mercury: We’re going to do great things.


Freddie Mercury: It’s an experience. Love, tragedy, joy, it’s something that people will feel belongs to them.


[to his father; as he’s about to leave to go the Live Aid concert at Wembley]
Freddie Mercury: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Just like you taught me, papa.
[his father embraces Freddie]


[after the band meets Davod, Mary’s husband ]
Freddie Mercury: What do you all think of David?
Brian May: He’s alright.
Freddie Mercury: I think he’s gay.

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