Starring: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks, Djimon Hounsou, Noah Centineo, Sam Claflin, Patrick Stewart, Luis Gerardo Méndez



Action comedy reboot directed and written by Elizabeth Banks. The story follows Charlie’s Angels, who work for the mysterious Charles Townsend, whose security and investigative agency has expanded internationally. With the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs everywhere. When a systems engineer, Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott), blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie’s Angels, Sabina Wilson (Kristen Stewart) and Jane Kano (Ella Balinska), are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all.



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Best Quotes


[first lines; Sabina is flirting with her mark, Jonny Smith
Sabina Wilson: I think women can do anything.
Jonny Smith: Well, I mean, just because they can, doesn’t mean they should, right? Think about women fixing cars, driving a taxi, installing some drywall.
Sabina Wilson: Why not?
Jonny Smith: No. Look, trust me. A girl like you, you don’t really want this.
Sabina Wilson: A girl like me?
Jonny Smith: Mm-hmm.
Sabina Wilson: I mean, I want all my options available, so I can decide for myself.
Jonny Smith: Ah, Miss Independent.
Sabina Wilson: [laughs softly] That’s right. That’s me.


Sabina Wilson: But don’t you think it’s sort of what you do with those gifts that really matters? Every one of us. Men, women. We all just want to fulfill our potential, live our heart’s desires. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.
Jonny Smith: Ah. Well, my world is me making millions with you by my side.
Sabina Wilson: It’s just that I’m so good at so many things.
Jonny Smith: Oh, yeah?
Sabina Wilson: Yeah.
Jonny Smith: Like what?
Sabina Wilson: Well, at my job, it’s actually considered a huge advantage to be a woman. Yeah, if you’re beautiful, nothing else is really expected of you. And if you’re not, you’re pretty much rendered invisible. And in my line of work, invisibility, low expectations, they come in very handy.


[as she’s slowly showing Johnny her skills]
Sabina Wilson: Did you know…
[she suddenly wraps the curtains around his neck using her legs]
Jonny Smith: What?
Sabina Wilson: That it takes men an additional seven seconds to perceive a woman as a threat compared to a man. Isn’t that wild?


[as she starts choking him with the curtain around his neck]
Jonny Smith: Who are you?
Sabina Wilson: Who, me?
[she gets a hold of him and points her at his neck]
Sabina Wilson: I’m just the decoy, stud.
[before his guards get her, fellow Angel Jane along with other Angels, joins her]


Sabina Wilson: [to Johnny] Oh, baby, baby, you swiped right! I’m your girlfriend now!
[she head butts him]


[after Sabina, Jane, and the other Angels have taken down Johnny and his thugs]
Sabina Wilson: Bosley!
John Bosley: Evening, Angels. Well, all this looks very promising. Outstanding. But what about Australian Jonny?
[she takes the bag off of Johnny’s head]
Sabina Wilson: Ta-da!
Jonny Smith: Oh, you’re going to regret this.
Sabina Wilson: Yeah.
Jonny Smith: I was going to give you the world.
Sabina Wilson: The thing is, is you just talk way too much. You’re super clingy, and come on way too strong.
Jonny Smith: And you are the most incredible woman that I’ve ever met.
Sabina Wilson: I know.


[referring to Sabina, Jane, and the other Angels]
Jonny Smith: So who were they?
John Bosley: You were in the presence of Angels. But the question is, Jonny, who are you?


[after Elena comes out of her meeting with her boss, his secretary, Ingrid, stops her]
Ingrid: You dropped something.
Elena Houghlin: Oh, no. That’s not mine.
Ingrid: Well, I don’t litter, so it must be yours. You might need it.
[she picks up the card, with the Angel’s logo on it, and gives it to Elena]


[as Rebekah “Bosley” and the other group of Bosleys are celerbating John’s retirement]
John Bosley: Well, frankly, I am overwhelmed. I’m grateful for all the work that we have done together. And, you know, Charlie wasn’t sure that we could replicate the success that he had here in California. But we made it work in a world that was really not ready for the Angels. For forty years, I recruited them, I trained them, and I’m so very proud of them. Bosleys, you keep them safe.


Edgar Bosley: Listen, I’ve set a meeting with a new client. A corporate whistle-blower. Putting a team together.
Jane Kano: A team?
Edgar Bosley: Yes.


Sabina Wilson: Oh, hey. You’re the former MI6 ninja. Is it June?
Jane Kano: Oh, Jane.
Sabina Wilson: Oh, Jane. Jane. Not the month.
Jane Kano: Sabrina?
Sabina Wilson: Sabina. It’s Italian.
Jane Kano: Oh, are you Italian?
Sabina Wilson: No. Maybe.


Edgar Bosley: We have a situation in Hamburg, a new client.
Sabina Wilson: Hamburg. Interestingly, not where hamburgers were invented. That was in Frankfurt, where frankfurters were not invented, which…
Jane Kano: I really don’t think that this is…
Edgar Bosley: I’m sorry. I’m vegetarian. Thank you very much. But I recall hearing you two worked well together in Rio.
Sabina Wilson: I recall her pushing me off a roof.
Jane Kano: I recall it was time to go.
Sabina Wilson: That makes sense. Who’s the client?
Edgar Bosley: Follow me.


[Elena meets Edgar in a cafe in Hamburg]
Edgar Bosley: Well, it takes a lot to come forward, and I appreciate your courage. You sure you want to take this risk?
Elena Houghlin: Yeah.
Edgar Bosley: Okay, we can help you.


Elena Houghlin: I can’t sleep at night, knowing and not being allowed to do, or say anything about it. I can fix it, but I just need the opportunity.
Edgar Bosley: I believe you. Were you able to get the evidence?
[she shows him the USB stick that she’s hidden under her newspaper]
Elena Houghlin: All my reports, all my data.


[sensing the danger in the cafe]
Edgar Bosley: Elena, you need to go to the ladies room.
Elena Houghlin: No, I’m fine. Thank you.
Edgar Bosley: Quickly.
[through the earpiece]
Sabina Wilson: Hey, what’s happening? Jane?
Edgar Bosley: Now!
Sabina Wilson: Hello? Oh, sh*t!
[an assassin, Hodak, throws his typewriter at Jane]


[after Edgar and Jane get Elena out of the cafe Hodak is chasing them]
Elena Houghlin: What’s going on? Oh, God. You’re not a waitress?
Jane Kano: No. I’m Jane. Nice to meet you.


[as Hodak continues to chase them]
Jane Kano: Who is this chick?
Elena Houghlin: Who am I?! Who are you?! Who is he? And why is he shooting at us?
Jane Kano: Keep it steady.
Elena Houghlin: Oh, my God. I’m going to die.


[after Hodak kills Edgar and gets away, Bosley meets them in a field]
Bosley: Charlie sends love, Angels.
Elena Houghlin: Who is she? Who is she?
Sabina Wilson: Hey, she’s in shock. And she smells like puke.


Elena Houghlin: Who are you?
Bosley: I’m Bosley.
Elena Houghlin: Bosley?
Bosley: Bosley is a rank in our organization. It’s like a lieutenant. The real name of the man you met was Edgar Dessange.
Jane Kano: Edgar.
Bosley: Jane, I’m really sorry. I know how much he meant to you.
[as Bosley goes to hug her]
Jane Kano: Oh, I don’t need a hug.
Bosley: Well, I do. He was my friend too.
[she hugs Jane]
Bosley: Hugs work.


[after they go to a safehouse]
Jane Kano: Okay, you didn’t see this guy. He was a pro, and he brought quite a lot of firepower for such an easy target.
Sabina Wilson: Yeah, he was so extra, right? I mean, I could take that girl out with like a flyswatter, and he rocks up in this urban assault vehicle.
Bosley: So we’re thinking what? He was…
Jane Kano: Maybe she was being watched, but what if we are? And by who?


Elena Houghlin: I’m kind of getting this, you know, you guys are like lady spies. And I just need you to explain who this guy is, and why was he shooting at you?
Jane Kano: Oh, you. He was shooting at you.
Bosley: Jane.
Elena Houghlin: At me? Oh, God.


Bosley: The shooter’s a ghost. Facial recognition’s popped him in a few places over the years, but no name, no record, nothing.
Sabina Wilson: Well, he’s got friends in high places then, huh?
Jane Kano: I’m going to kill him.
Bosley: I’m obliged to remind you, Charlie frowns on revenge, Jane.


Bosley: So, Miss Houghlin, your file says you are a systems engineer on the Calisto project.
Elena Houghlin: Uh, you know about Calisto?
Bosley: We know about a lot of things. That you graduated top of your class at MIT, that you take Krav Maga on Sundays. You ride your bike to work. You think yellow is one of your colors when, in fact, it’s no one’s. That you could be dating a lote more if you played up those cheekbones in your online profile pictures. What we don’t know is why someone wants you dead.


[Bosley plays the recording of Elena’s meeting with Edgar earlier]
Edgar Bosley: Let’s take this one step at a time.
Elena Houghlin: There’s a flaw in the system.
[stops the recording]
Bosley: What’s the flaw?
Elena Houghlin: Calisto can be weaponized. I mean, I can fix it. But right now, any decent hacker, curious or criminal enough, could turn Calisto into an EMP on the human body.
Jane Kano: An electromagnetic pulse.
Sabina Wilson: Yeah, like a brain seizure essentially.
Elena Houghlin: Yes.
Sabina Wilson: See? I know stuff.


Bosley: Who knows about this?
Elena Houghlin: Well, I filed a report after it almost killed my colleague during a security test. But I think it was buried. My report, not my colleague. No. Julio is fine. He just can’t speak, or see color anymore.


[as they infiltrate Brok Industries all wearing the same hairstyle and outfit to get Calisto prototypes]
Elena Houghlin: Oh, God. What did you do to Pradeep?
Sabina Wilson: Nothing. Pradeep’s fine. I nabbed his ID card from the gym this morning.
Elena Houghlin: And Sven?
Jane Kano: I compressed his carotid and deoxygenated his brain stem.
Elena Houghlin: What? Well, that sounds painful.
Jane Kano: Yeah, it’s like taking a nap. You smell burnt toast, then everything goes dark.
Sabina Wilson: Hey, don’t worry, he’s going to wake up.
Jane Kano: Unless he doesn’t.


[as they are trying to distract the surveillance cameras in Brok Industries]
Jane Kano: Sabina? This one’s real hard. I need you to exhibit some attention-seeking behavior.
Sabina Wilson: I have so many ideas.
[we see Sabina on camera as she imitates a monkey]


[Jane enters one of the Brok Industries labs]
Jane Kano: Sit down. Hands where I can see them.
Langston: Are you with Health and Safety?
[to himself as he’s trying to open a sauce sachet]
Langston: God, these things are impossible to open.
[as he sees Janes moving things about in the lab]
Langston: You’re really not supposed to be touching things in here, unless you’re supposed to be touching things in here. You know?


[after Jane opens the sauce sachet, pours it on his sandwich and holds it up for him]
Langston: You put your mouth on it. Twenty billion bacteria reside in the human mouth.
[Jane takes a bite from the sandwich and give it to him]
Jane Kano: You’re adorable.
[hearing through her comms]
Sabina Wilson: Jane? Jane, is that you flirting?


[after they find a Calisto prototype and are trying to get past security to leave]
Elena Houghlin: Wait, wait. I can hack this. Turn it into an EMP, overload the electronics in the door.
Jane Kano: Won’t that kill us in the process?
Elena Houghlin: It’s short proximity. We should be okay if we keep our distance.
Jane Kano: How far?
Elena Houghlin: Here is far enough, I guess.
Jane Kano: You guess? Do scientists usually guess?
Elena Houghlin: Of course. It’s the first step in the scientific method. Hypothesis.


[after they escape Brok Industries, killing a security guard in the process]
Bosley: Welcome to the Berlin outpost of the Townsend Agency.
Sabina Wilson: Is there food? I’m starving.
Bosley: [to herself] All women are starving all the time.


[after they meet Saint at the outpost who provides them a small feast in honor of Edgar]
Elena Houghlin: Wow, I thought you guys were going to serve like bean sprouts and wheatgrass.
Saint: Look, eating is all about the intention you put into your meal. If you honor the cow, the cheese is going to be good for you.
Elena Houghlin: And by the way, I understand the circumstances that brought you here have been stressful.
Elena Houghlin: So stressful.
Saint: If you ever need to talk, I’m also a licensed psychotherapist.
Elena Houghlin: Wow. I can really see why you guys call him…
Bosley, Jane, Sabina: The Saint.


[referring to her boss]
Elena Houghlin: I’m sorry. So, Fleming tried to have me killed?
Bosley: Maybe. Maybe at the direction of a buyer. You know, bad guys don’t like loose ends, you made a fancy new toy.
Elena Houghlin: But I worked for him. I mean, he flirted with me.
Bosley: Oh, honey. A man can love you and want you dead.
Saint: Not me.


Sabina Wilson: There was a gunfight at my wedding.
Jane Kano: Wait, you’re married?
Sabina Wilson: No, I was the better shot.


Bosley: Alright. I need cheese.
Elena Houghlin: Cheese. Is that like a code for something?
Bosley: Yes. It’s code for, “I’m forty and single, and I have a cheese-size hole in my soul to fill.”
Saint: I also have some vegan ice cream for your soul.
Bosley: Oh, you really know what I need.


Elena Houghlin: I should have just gone around Fleming and not followed some stupid chain of command. Gone directly to Brok. But, no, I just rolled over. You’re probably the last people that would know what that feels like.
Sabina Wilson: I grew up with major abandonment issues. It led to some pretty self-sabotaging behavior, which then landed me in various institutional facilities. Charlie bailed me out. And if it wasn’t for Charlie, I’d probably be dead, or back in prison. So I feel you. I pretty much grew up on the corner of powerless and ashamed.
Jane Kano: Wait. You grew up on Park Avenue. Aren’t you an heiress?
Sabina Wilson: More money, more problems.


Elena Houghlin: So, what about you? How did Charlie find you?
Bosley: Jane is former MI6. Youngest recruit ever.
Elena Houghlin: You work for British intelligence?
Jane Kano: She said “former”. I also followed the rules. The chain of command didn’t work out so well for me either.


[referring to the security guard at Brok Industries]
Elena Houghlin: Ralph’s dead. I killed Ralph. I’m a murderer.
Bosley: No.
Jane Kano: Collateral damage.
Sabina Wilson: I wouldn’t take that on.
Elena Houghlin: The point is, if Calisto falls in the wrong hands, I mean, we have to get it back before it hurts more people.


[after they find out Fleming is in Istanbul and they have to go there]
Jane Kano: Oh, no.
Sabina Wilson: No.
Jane Kano: What’s your problem with Istanbul?
Sabina Wilson: I got food poisoning from undercooked lamb and yogurt sauce that I left out, but then I got hungry. What about you?
Jane Kano: Not that.


Bosley: We don’t know what this Calisto is or who wants it, so let’s play it safe.
[referring to Elena]
Sabina Wilson: What about Ralph-killer in there?
Bosley: Take her to the closet, gear her up. And if anybody asks, we’re going to Brazil.
Sabina Wilson: Okay.


[referring to all the clothes in the closet]
Elena Houghlin: Look at this. This is the closet of my dreams. And I just get to take whatever I want?
Jane Kano: Borrow.
Elena Houghlin: Oh.
Sabina Wilson: Is that an actual rule?


[as he’s fitting her up with a new outfit]
Saint: Okay, so you want to start with a protective base layer. I recommend a beaded camisole. Yeah?
Elena Houghlin: Huh. Some kind of polymer material.
Jane Kano: Uh, bulletproof, composite body armor. It was originally developed as a protective layer for spacecraft.
Sabina Wilson: Yeah. And it’s a bra that doesn’t dig. Progress.


Bosley: How we doing down here? Ah, we’re still in the first closet.
Elena Houghlin: There’s another closet?
Bosley: Armory open.
[the wall behind extends back into the weapons closet]


Elena Houghlin: Huh. You’re younger than I thought.
Sabina Wilson: I’ve lived hard.


Saint: Shall we fit Elena with comms?
Bosley: I think so.
Elena Houghlin: Oh, that in-ear radio thing you guys have?
Bosley: Ah, even better. It’s a subdermal transmitter. Works through bone conduction. See?
[shows the ones Sabina and Jane have]
Elena Houghlin: So I’m getting a tattoo?
Bosley: Uh, no. Tattoos are earned by Angels over time. You’ll get a less permanent version.
[he puts a bracelet on her wrist]
Saint: Yeah, comms are concealed in the link.
Bosley: As long as you have it on, you can hear us.


[inside the weapons closet]
Elena Houghlin: Can I take these mints?
[as she picks up a box of mints, Saint taps it out of her hand]
Saint: No. Avoid the mints. Actually, let’s just stop the touching around here. You know, some of this blows up.
Elena Houghlin: Oh.


[after they arrive in Istanbul; to Elena]
Bosley: We just need to figure out exactly where your Mr. Fleming’s meeting his buyer and get Calisto back, before it becomes every bad guy’s favorite new weapon. Like suitcase nukes.
Sabina Wilson: Pet tigers.
Bosley: Jet Skis.
Sabina Wilson: Sea-Doos.
Bosley: Cars that go fast really furiously.


Elena Houghlin: I want to help. Look, I am not just some frightened girl in your witness protection program. You need help getting in and out of someplace, I can do it. I can hack any system, and I can do it fast. You need me, Mrs. Bosley. And don’t tell me I can’t do it, because I know I can. I’m done sitting still. I’ve had a taste. I want more. I want in.
Bosley: You know, I once saw a really fat baby giving Eskimo kisses to a kitten. And that was more adorable. Also, it’s kind of implied that you’re coming, because you’re in this briefing.
Jane Kano: Yeah, she gave you the universal hacking tool, and the bracelet, right?
Elena Houghlin: Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Sabina Wilson: But how did that feel? Because it looked like it felt really good.
Elena Houghlin: Felt nice.
Jane Kano: I was just going to give you the tablet once I was done.
Elena Houghlin: [embarassed] Uh, carry on.


Elena Houghlin: I didn’t know you could jump horses.
Sabina Wilson: More money, more horses.


[after they follow Fleming a rock quarry to discover he’s selling Calisto to Smith]
Sabina Wilson: That’s Australian Jonny.
Jane Kano: Didn’t we hand him over to the Americans?
Sabina Wilson: Well, he’s here. And if you think you’re going to kill me before I kill him… What was the thing you said?


Elena Houghlin: Stay away! I know Krav Maga.
Assassin: Where you learn? Shopping mall?


[as Sabina is pointing her gun at him]
Jonny Smith: I have dreamed of this moment since the day I met you. Except your hair was longer. But I like this too. This is great.
[the gate starts to open]
Sabina Wilson: Hey, hey! Don’t even think about it.
Jonny Smith: You want to run away with me?
Sabina Wilson: God, you’re so desperate.


[referring to Elena, who was trying to stop one of the assassins]
Sabina Wilson: Hey, did the rookie just tranq herself?
Jane Kano: Yep.


Jane Kano: We probably shouldn’t be caught standing over a dead body.
Sabina Wilson: Not dressed like this, no.


[back at their safehouse; referring to Bosley maybe being a traitor]
Jane Kano: What? No. Boz was the first Angel to be promoted to Bosley. She’s one of us.
Sabina Wilson: Well, she would not be the first Angel to turn. I mean, it’s happened. You know the history.
Elena Houghlin: It was her idea to steal Calisto from the lab.
Sabina Wilson: Exactly. But Fleming beat her to it. It’s been our mission the entire time, to get this thing back, get this thing back, and it just keeps slipping us. Like we’re better than that. It’s her. Fleming’s dead. Calisto’s gone. And so is she. Jonny said he represented somebody. What if it’s Boz?


[after they think Bosley is working against them, they hear the phone ringing]
Elena Houghlin: That’s my room.
[answers the phone]
Elena Houghlin: Hello?
John Bosley: Charlie sends love. You’re in grave danger. Get out of there, now!
[turns to Jane and Sabina]
Elena Houghlin: Guys?
[suddenly the room explodes]


[after the explosion, Jane takes an unconscious Sabina to Fatima for help]
Fatima Ahmed: She means a lot to you.
Jane Kano: We’re new friends. I think. It’s been a really tough week.
[she starts crying]
Jane Kano: I can’t lose her too.


[after becomes conscious and finds Sabina sobbing loudly by her bedside]
Sabina Wilson: Why are you crying?
Jane Kano: Oh, I’m not crying.
Sabina Wilson: Well, you are. That’s what’s…
[she points to Jane’s tear stained face]
Jane Kano: Okay, fine. Yeah, I’m crying.
Sabina Wilson: But I didn’t think that you cared about me.
Jane Kano: Why? Because you don’t think I have any feelings?
Sabina Wilson: No. I can be really annoying. Most of the time.
[they both laugh]
Jane Kano: You can be so annoying.
Sabina Wilson: I don’t try to be. It just sort of like, I don’t have the filter thing people have.


[after Saint brings Bosley to see Jane and Sabina]
Bosley: I’m not the mole.
Jane Kano: Then why are you here?
Bosley: The same reason you are. I should be dead.
[she shows them where she was shot at on her chest]
Saint: She called me right after you did. And by the way, I have an herbal compress for the bruises.
Bosley: Nobody wants that.
Saint: Okay. Keep your bruises.
Jane Kano: So then who?


[after Elena is taken by John]
Elena Houghlin: I’m sorry, is this another headquarters? Have you heard from Jane and Sabina? Will they come?
John Bosley: So inquisitive. Curiosity of a cat. Or a ferret. It’s the scientist in you, isn’t it?


[after Bosley has revealed that that John is the traitor]
Sabina Wilson: I just can’t believe that. A Bosley?
Bosley: Mm, you had no trouble believing it was me.
Sabina Wilson: You heard that?
Bosley: Mm.


Sabina Wilson: Why would Bosley want to take Elena to Brok?
Bosley: Bringing the Birdman back to Alcatraz, I guess.
Saint: The who?
Bosley: It’s a movie. Burt Lancaster.
Sabina Wilson: Birdman. Michael Keaton.
Bosley: No, Michael Keaton is Batman.
Saint: No, Ben Affleck is Batman.
Bosley: I mean, is he? Am I really the only person here who knows who Burt Lancaster is?
Sabina Wilson: I’m concussed.
Bosley: It doesn’t matter. It’s an old movie. It’s from…
Saint: How old are you?
Bosley: How old am I? What? That has nothing to do with it.
Saint: I don’t have your references.
Bosley: There are film buffs of all ages.


Elena Houghlin: Why are you doing this?
John Bosley: To neutralize an enemy discreetly and anonymously. That’s a gold standard in my business. What you deem a flaw, I deem a gift. One that not only provides power, but confers it as well.


[after Elena finds out that Brok was the one behind her attempted assassinations]
Alexander Brock: You’re a terrible employee.
Elena Houghlin: Yeah, and who cares if people die, right? As long as the investors are happy.
Alexander Brock: Grow up, little girl. Calisto is about to change the world. Right, if you want to bake a cake, you got to break a few eggs.
Elena Houghlin: It’s omelet. If you’re going to compare dead people to eggs, could you at least use the correct phrase?


Elena Houghlin: [chuckles] You dumbass.
Alexander Brock: Why are you laughing?
Elena Houghlin: You idiot! They’re stealing Calisto from you. They’re going to use it as a weapon. To assassinate people!


[John shows Elena that he’s kept Langston hostage in order to force to reprogram Callisto]
Elena Houghlin: Langston! Oh, my God.
[referring to the closet]
John Bosley: [laughs] He’s been in there all the time.
Alexander Brock: You hid a person in my Louis Fourteen?! What is wrong with you?
John Bosley: No sense of humor, that’s your problem.


[as John forces Elena to program the Calisto device to kill herself and Langston]
Alexander Brock: What are you doing? It will kill us!
John Bosley: Don’t be daft. It will kill her. And, uh, what’s his name. Not us. We’re going to be downstairs enjoying your party. Come on.
Alexander Brock: You want me to go back down there, and what, just pretend everything’s fine?
John Bosley: Everything is fine! You’re going to disrupt the power industry! Go, you. You know, retirement is better than I expected.


[as she’s fighting Hodak]
Jane Kano: You see, it was my mentor, Edgar, who taught me how to win a fight! You thought you beat me twice before? No! I was learning.


[as she continues to fight Hodak]
Jane Kano: You’ve got seven moves, Mr. Hodak. I know them all. Seven moves, and a fragile ego.
[she throws him off the balcony, killing Hodak]


[Bosley catches John]
Bosley: Do you really think you’d kill me, old badger?
John Bosley: You know, Rebekah, I really did.
Bosley: My name is Bosley. I’m going to kick your ass.
[they start fighting]
John Bosley: You expect me to go quietly after forty years? This is what I do.
[he throws Bosley to the ground]


John Bosley: You’re outmanned, Angel. You always have been.
[to his thugs]
John Bosley: Kill her.
Bosley: Send the love.
[the club lights go out and turn back on, the other Angels posing as guests subdue the men]


John Bosley: You know, I built this agency from the ground up. It was supposed to be mine after Charlie died. I was pushed out. What did you expect me to do? Take up gardening?
Bosley: You thought you made us. We made you. Good nigh…
Sabina Wilson: Yeah. We trusted you, you d*ck!
[she punches him in the face]
Bosley: I was right in the middle of my speech.
Sabina Wilson: Sorry.


Bosley: So you want to go to California and train to be an Angel?
Elena Houghlin: What? I… Really? You… Oh, my God.
Sabina Wilson: We are recruiting you.
Elena Houghlin: To be an Angel, like you and Jane?
Sabina Wilson: Let’s go.
Jane Kano: What do you think we’ve been doing?
Elena Houghlin: I don’t know.
Sabina Wilson: I thought you were smart. Isn’t that your thing?


Bosley: It’s done, Charlie. And I decided what to do with Elena Houghlin.
Charlie: What’s that?
Bosley: She’s our new recruit.
[we then see, Angel, Kelly Garrett, using a voice simulator to speak as Charlie]
Kelly Garrett: Good. Thank you, Boz. I appreciate the call.


[referring to the blood stain on his shirt]
Jane Kano: What happened to you?
Elena Houghlin: Wait, you guys know each other?
Langston: Yeah, I was eating a sandwich.
Jane Kano: Yeah. I kind of came in, and you gave me the…
Langston: The phosphorus.
Jane Kano: That’s my favorite chemical.
[she giggles]


[last lines; referring to killing Hodak]
Langston: Did you do that?
Jane Kano: Oh, uh, yeah. I think he, uh, finally got the point.
Elena Houghlin: Is that a pun? Because you impaled him?
Sabina Wilson: Are you doing like a joke thing for the handsome nerd?
Jane Kano: [embarrassed] Of course not.
Langston: I mean, it’s working, if that is what you’re doing. So if I’m trying to get in touch with you, how would I do that?
Jane Kano: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll find you.


[mid-credits lines; as Elena is watching the news showing Brok being arrested]
Kelly Garrett: You did that?
Elena Houghlin: Yeah. Elena Houghlin.
Kelly Garrett: Kelly Garrett. Welcome to the Townsend Agency.


[mid-credits lines; to Elena as she’s being trained]
Fight Instructor: Hands up. No fear. Fight through the pain. Focus.


[mid-credits lines; as the Angel recruits are about to jump out of a plane]
Angel Recruit #1: I’m not freaking terrified at all! Let’s go!
Angel Recruit #2: Heaven above, watch over us today. Don’t make me a literal angel.
Angel Recruits: I’ve been training for this moment my whole life!
Bosley: Alright, recruits! One final challenge! When Ruth Bader Ginsburg made this jump in ’99…
Angel Recruit #1: RBG is an Angel?
Bosley: Forget I said that! Let’s make it happen! Be the love!
[the recruits start to parachute out of the plane]


[mid-credits lines; Elena is about to join the other recruits and parachute out of the plane]
Bosley: Where do you think you’re going? You need to land this bird, Houghlin! I hope I see you on the ground. I really, really do. Later.
[she parachutes out the plane]


[mid-credits lines; after Elena lands the plane, Sabine and Jane join her]
Elena Houghlin: I landed!
Sabina Wilson: Dude, we weren’t worried. We were a little worried. Let me smell your breath.
[she smells Elena’s breath]
Sabina Wilson: She didn’t even puke!


[mid-credits lines; as Elena is about to get her official Angels tattoo]
Elena Houghlin: Guys, I think I want mine there. Is that like a good place? I don’t think that hurts as much.
Sabina Wilson: That’s very sweet.
Elena Houghlin: Okay, so like on a scale of one to ten, like how much does it hurt? Like, be honest. Just tell me.
Sabina Wilson: I no longer feel pain.
Jane Kano: Less than a bullet, more than a piercing.
Elena Houghlin: Great. I have no reference for that. Thank you.


[mid-credits lines; as Elena is about to get her Angel tattoo]
Charlie: Good morning, Angels.
Sabina, Elena, Jane: Good morning, Charlie.
Charlie: Elena, congratulations.
Elena Houghlin: Thank you, Charlie.
Saint: Alright. I’m ready if you are.
Elena Houghlin: Hell, yeah. Give me my wings.


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