Starring: Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Cliff Curtis, Kyliegh Curran, Bruce Greenwood, Zahn McClarnon, Emily Alyn Lind, Carl Lumbly



Horror written and directed by Mike Flanagan which continues the story of Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor), 40 years after his terrifying stay at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Danny has fought to find some semblance of peace. But that peace is shattered when he encounters Abra (Kyliegh Curran), a courageous teenager with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the “shine”.

Instinctively recognizing that Danny shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) and her followers, The True Knot, who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest for immortality. Forming an unlikely alliance, Danny and Abra engage in a brutal life or death battle with Rose. Abra’s innocence and fearless embrace of her shine compel Danny to call upon his own powers as never before, at once facing his fears and reawakening the ghosts of the past.



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[Florida 1980; after Violet runs into Rose the Hat in the woods]
Rose The Hat: You’re wondering why I’m wearing such a funny hat. I always wear this hat. So much, it’s a part of my name now. My friends, my very, very best friends, they just call me Rose the Hat.
Violet: It looks like a magician’s hat.
Rose The Hat: It is. It’s a magic hat.


Rose The Hat: And speaking of special, you’re a little magic too, aren’t you? The flower in my hand, what color is it? Oh, it’s okay, honey. You won’t scare me. I promise.
Violet: Purple.
Rose The Hat: Violet, like you.
[Rose eats the flower]
Violet: You don’t eat flowers.
Rose The Hat: But you do.
Violet: But these are special.
Rose The Hat: Honey, it’s the special ones that taste best.


[young Danny sees the spirit of Dick Hallorann]
Dick Hallorann: So you ain’t talking, huh, Doc? Weren’t talking much the first time I met you neither. A little boy, set to spend a long winter at that rotten old place. Just him and his mommy and daddy. Daddy is dark as that boy is bright. And, the boy, is he bright. He’s shining like fire, in the one place, the worst place for someone who shines. You remember the first time we really talked? When I spoke up inside your head?
[talks to Danny through his mind]
Dick Hallorann: Made you feel good, right? Knowing you weren’t alone.
Young Danny: Daddy tried to kill me.
Dick Hallorann: It wasn’t all him, you got to know. That place fed his dark, like it fed on your light. And he had some light in him too. Just like you got some dark. We all got both.
Young Danny: It’s not done with me.


Dick Hallorann: Did it ever strike you funny how I showed up when I did? When you needed me? Someone did that for me too. My grandma taught me, and I taught you. And some day, Danny Torrance, you’ll teach someone else.
Young Danny: I won’t.
Dick Hallorann: Oh, you won’t, huh?
Young Danny: I won’t shine, I mean. No more. It’s dangerous.
Dick Hallorann: Reckon it is sometimes.


Young Danny: She found me. She’ll come back, and come back, until she gets me.
Dick Hallorann: You’re right. The Overlook’s condemned. Boarded up. They’re starving old ghosts, and they’re reaching out for you. Won’t stop with her either.
Young Danny: Pictures in a book. You said they were just pictures in a book and they couldn’t hurt me.
Dick Hallorann: Some things, dark things, the shining’s like food. They’re mosquitoes landing for blood. The Overlook, it was always just pictures to me. But I didn’t shine like you. Nobody shines like you. So, you in that damn hotel, you was like a million-watt battery all plugged in. And it ate it up. You made it real. Started soon as you walked through the door. Can’t do nothing about that, I’m sorry to tell you. But you’re not a child. You’re older now. Much older, in a way.


[to young Danny]
Dick Hallorann: You got to hear this. World’s a hungry place. And the darkest things are the hungriest, and they’ll eat what shines. Swarm it like mosquitoes, or leeches. Can’t do nothing about that. What you can do, is turn what they come for against them.


[referring to box he gives young Danny]
Dick Hallorann: I want you to know this box, inside and out. Don’t just look at it. Touch it. Stick your nose inside, and see if there’s a smell. Know every corner, every single thing.
Young Danny: Why?
Dick Hallorann: Because you’re going to build one just like it in your mind. One even more special. So next time that b*tch comes around, you’ll be ready.


[2011; after Rose and Crow Daddy capture Andi]
Snakebite Andi: So, you and your friend…
Rose The Hat: Mm, not my friend. That’s my family. We’re the True Knot, dear. The True Knot. What’s tied can never be untied.


[after Dan takes the bus to a small New Hampshire town]
Billy Freeman: Not many ride the bus this far north. Unless they’re looking for work.
Dan Torrance: Yeah.
Billy Freeman: Change of scenery, or you running away from something?
[Dan is reluctant to answer]
Billy Freeman: Oh, don’t mind me. I hope I’m… New face is all.
Dan Torrance: Yeah. Guess I’m running away from myself, I guess.
Billy Freeman: Oh, yeah. I know that look. Too well, I’m sorry to say. Running away from yourself. That is a pickle. You take yourself with you wherever you go.
Dan Torrance: Ain’t that the b*tch?


[as they are initiating Abi into their cult]
Grampa Flick: We are the True Knot and we endure. We are the chosen ones. We are the fortunate ones. What is tied cannot be untied. Here is a woman. Would she join us? Would she tie her life to our life?
Rose The Hat: [to Abi] Say yes.


[after Dan has a nightmare he goes to Billy for help]
Dan Torrance: Uh, you said that you knew my look. Well, what did you mean?
Billy Freeman: Brother, you’re sick. You’re tired, and I can see that much. But you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Dan Torrance: I need help.


[after Dan goes to an AA meeting and meets Dr. John]
Dr. John: You go to church?
Dan Torrance: Does it matter?
Dr. John: Do you believe in something? Something bigger than you?
Dan Torrance: Our beliefs don’t make us better people. Our actions make us better people.


Dr. John: Do dying people bother you?
Dan Torrance: No. We’re all dying. The world is one big hospice with fresh air.


[during one of Dan’s shifts at the hospice he meets an elderly patient]
Elderly Patient: I’m going to die.
[Dan takes his hand to comfort him]
Dan Torrance: Yes. Let me get you someone.
Elderly Patient: No. Known it was coming. It doesn’t make it less scary.
Dan Torrance: Yeah. But maybe it’s just like you say, just going to sleep. I mean, there’s nothing scary. It’s just sleeping.
Elderly Patient: You’re a strange type of doctor.
Dan Torrance: I told you, I’m not a doctor.
Elderly Patient: Oh, I think you are. Doctor Sleep.


Elderly Patient: Doc, I am so scared it’s going to hurt, or be dark, or be nothing at all. And I don’t want to…
[Dan uses his shining power to speak through his mind to the frightened patient]
Dan Torrance: Nothing to be scared of. Just going to sleep. Finally, true, restful sleep.
Elderly Patient: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Doc.
Dan Torrance: Look, I shouldn’t be here. Let me go get you some…
Elderly Patient: No, no, no. You’re exactly where you should be. Exactly. I see my wife.
[moment later he takes his last breath, which Dan sees leave his body, as he dies]


[Eight years later; Dan is now sober and continues his work at the hospice, helping patients who are about to die]
Charlie: I’m not scared of hell, Doc. I lived a decent life. I don’t think there is such a place anyway. I guess I’m scared there’s nothing. There was nothing before. So what if there’s nothing after?
Dan Torrance: We don’t end, Charlie. I know that for certain. I don’t know much else, but I know that we don’t end.


Crow Daddy: There used to be more steam in the world, you know?
Rose The Hat: Oh, don’t be daft. Come on. That’s like when rubes say, “Fifty years ago, people used to be more neighborly.”
Crow Daddy: But it’s true, Rosie. There’s less steam out there, and it’s weaker too. I don’t know if it’s their cell phones, or diets, or their Netflix, or what, but I am not picking up many scents these days.


Crow Daddy: [to Rose] The world’s not as steamy, and you are looking for a whale.


[after the True Knot torture and kill Bradley for his steam and Abra senses the event]
Rose The Hat: But I swear, Crow Daddy, I haven’t felt power like that, raw power like that in so long.


[as she senses Abra in her head]
Rose The Hat: Well, hi, there.
Abra Stone: Get out! Get out! Get out of my head!


[referring to Abra as she plans to abduct her and keep her in order to extract her steam]
Crow Daddy: Rosie, we’ve never tried that.
Rose The Hat: I know.
Crow Daddy: Because a steam head is dangerous. You keep it alive, it could be dangerous.
Rose The Hat: I know. The point, Crow, is she’s the great white whale. And I want her. I want her. I f**king want her.


[Abra visits Dan in person and she starts speaking to him through her mind]
Abra Stone: You can hear me.
Dan Torrance: Let’s use our outside voices, alright? You tracked me down?
Abra Stone: It was easier than I thought. Like GPS, but in my head.
Dan Torrance: Look, I don’t mean any offense, but this day and age, a grown man, sitting with a teenage girl on a park bench…
Abra Stone: I’m Abra Stone. And if anyone asks, you’re my uncle. Uncle Dan.
[they shake hands]
Abra Stone: And that’s not even a lie. Not totally. We’re related in other ways.


Abra Stone: You’re magic, like me.
Dan Torrance: I don’t know about magic. I always called it the shining. And, yeah, we both shine


Dan Torrance: When I was a kid, I didn’t understand the shining. I called it Tony. I thought he was my imaginary friend.
Abra Stone: I thought you were my imaginary friend, for a long time.


Abra Stone: How many of us are out there?
Dan Torrance: There’s a lot of people who have a little bit of shine, they don’t even know it.


Dan Torrance: But I only met two or three people in my whole life who knew they shined.
Abra Stone: The baseball boy shined. His name was Bradley Trevor. These people, they look like people anyway, they took him. And they ate him. They ate his shine.
Dan Torrance: You could feel it?
Abra Stone: And they could feel me, I think. At least one of them did. A lady. The lady with the hat.


[referring to the True Knot]
Abra Stone: I want to find them, stop them, because I think they’ve done this to a lot of other kids too. So, I have to do something, right?
Dan Torrance: But why did you come here? Why me?
Abra Stone: Because you can hear me. You’d believe me. You shine too. And they hurt people like us. I mean, what would you do?


Dan Torrance: Abra, go home. Think about your school. Think about your parents. Think about the rest of your life. Don’t chase these people. Don’t aggravate them. And whatever you do, don’t attract their attention. Don’t shine. Find something, anything. Well, almost anything, to stop that shine of yours. Keep your head down, keep your shine down, and hope to God that these people, or anything like them, that they don’t see you. If they see you, they come back. Abra, do you hear me? They come back. Keep your head down. Stay safe. I’m sorry.


[Hallorann spirit visits Dan]
Dick Hallorann: Last time I saw you, you was at the bottom. You look better now.
Dan Torrance: Why are you here?
Dick Hallorann: I’m here because it all comes around.


Dick Hallorann: You listen, son. It hurts to be here, so I’ll only say it once.
[referring to the True Knot]
Dick Hallorann: These empty devils ever found you when you was a tyke, if they’d even sniffed you, you’d be long dead. They’re on the land like a cancer on the skin. Once, they rode camels in the desert. Once, they drove caravans across Eastern Europe. They eat screams, and drink pain, and they’ve noticed that little girl. They might kill her, might turn her, or might keep her till she’s all used up, and that’d be worst of all. You can’t let them.
Dan Torrance: Why me?
Dick Hallorann: Because she found you. Because she showed up. Hell, Doc, why me? You just walked on into my kitchen one day, and I’m still on the hook.


[referring to helping Abra]
Dan Torrance: What the hell am I supposed to do?
Dick Hallorann: Get her what she asked for. You won’t see me again, Doc. This is my last dream. It seems to me you grew up fine, son, but you still owe a debt. Pay it.


[after Rose infiltrates Abra’s mind, but Abra sets an imaginary trap injuring Rose]
Rose The Hat: She was in my head!
Crow Daddy: What?
Rose The Hat: Stealing!
Crow Daddy: What does she know?
Rose The Hat: I don’t know. I don’t know.


[as they find Grandpa Flick dying of starvation]
Snakebite Andi: I thought we lived forever.
Rose The Hat: Did someone promise you that, Andi? Did someone say you’re immortal? I said, “Live long, eat well.” We can live long, very long. And we do, most of us. But we haven’t been eating well. Not for a long time.


[after Dan decides to help Abra; referring to Overlook]
Dan Torrance: When I was a kid, younger than you, I bumped into something like these things that ate like they do. Only it wasn’t a person, it was a place. They closed it down after, and let it rot. But the things that lived there, they…
[referring to Abra entering Dan’s mind and seeing the Overlook filled with Dan’s boxes]
Dan Torrance: Don’t go poking around in there again.
Abra Stone: Okay, I won’t. I promise.


[after Dan tells Billy about the True Knot and Abra and he decides to help Dan]
Billy Freeman: I got to tell you, Danno, I don’t know whether I hope you’re right or wrong about this. I mean, if you’re wrong, my friend is crazy. I mean, full-blown, mental breakdown, imaginary monsters killing imaginary kids, bonkers. But, you know, I can work with that. If you’re right though.
Dan Torrance: I know. It’s much worse.


[as Dan and Billy are killing the members of the True Knot at the campsite]
Abra Stone: You deserve it. All of you.


[as Dan is trying to kill her, she compels him to sleep, takes his rifle and points it at him]
Snakebite Andi: F**king men. F**king men!
[as she’s about to shoot, Billy shoots her]


[after Crow abducts Ara, drugs her to suppress her powers, and kills Dave]
Abra Stone: My dad? What happened to my dad?
Crow Daddy: A lot of good people killed today. A lot of good people. I’d love to tell you someone will pay, some kind of justice raining down on the sad events today, but it don’t work like that. We were always going to have you. Some of my people are dead. Some of yours are dead. Outcome didn’t change, though. Think on that a minute. The outcome didn’t change. So, their deaths, all of them, just a waste. A waste you brought on to us all, young lady. For what?
[Abra is sobbing softly]
Abra Stone: Please hear me.
Crow Daddy: Ain’t nobody hearing you. Might as well calm down and enjoy the ride. Like I said, outcome hasn’t changed.


[after Abra lets Dan use his powers to posses her while Crow is driving her to Rose]
Crow Daddy: I don’t suppose Rose will be happy about any of this. And when that woman gets mad, well, it seems to me you know enough to know you might want to sit this one out. Count your blessings. Go on your way.
[Abra chuckles]
Crow Daddy: What’s so funny, friend?
Abra Stone: Well, it’s just arrogance. It’s arrogance, really. But it makes sense, if you think you’re going to live forever. Stands to reason. Of course you wouldn’t wear your seatbelt.
[Dan uses his powers to manipulate Crow into crashing his car, killing him]


[referring to Rose]
Dan Torrance: She’s going to keep coming.
Abra Stone: I know.
Dan Torrance: Always. This only ends if we end it, and I don’t think we can beat her. Not by ourselves.


[referring to the Overlook]
Dan Torrance: There’s a place. A place that’s dangerous for people like us.
Abra Stone: The place you told me about? The hungry place?
Dan Torrance: Yeah, that’s right.
Abra Stone: If it’s so dangerous, why would we go there?
Dan Torrance: Well, if it’s dangerous for people like us, I expect it’s dangerous for people like her. Maybe even more so.
Abra Stone: Good.


[as Dan enters the Overlook and the lights come on]
Dan Torrance: Wakey-wakey.


[Dan is at the Overlook Hotel bar and sees a ghostly bartender resembling Jack Torrance]
The Bartender: I apologize, Mr. Torrance. I don’t know where everyone is, but it’ll pick up.
Dan Torrance: Oh, I know where they are. And you’re right, it’ll pick up.
The Bartender: If you don’t mind my saying, Mr. Torrance, you seem put upon.
Dan Torrance: Put upon?
The Bartender: Ain’t that the way. Man just living his life, trying to do his work. He gets put upon. Pulled into other people’s problems. I see it all the time, if you don’t mind my saying.


[to Jack “the bartender”; referring to his mom, Wendy]
Dan Torrance: I was twenty when she died. And back then, I saw when someone was going to die. I saw flies. Black flies. Death flies, I called them, circling people’s faces. And in those last weeks, she was covered. Her whole face. I could barely see her eyes. And I tried to comfort her, but I could hardly look at her. And she saw that. She just lay there dying, with her son who couldn’t look at her.


The Bartender: I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else. I’m just a bartender.
Dan Torrance: Oh, yeah? Just Lloyd the bartender, pouring joy at the Overlook Hotel.
The Bartender: I’ll pour whatever you like, Mr. Torrance.
Dan Torrance: Oh, dad. This drink will cost an awful lot.
The Bartender: Your money is no good here. Orders from the house.
Dan Torrance: It’ll cost more than money. It’ll cost me eight years. Eight behind me, and who knows how many in front of me.


Dan Torrance: Man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes a man. Ain’t it so, dad?
The Bartender: Medicine. Medicine is what it is. Bona fide cure-all. Depression, stress, remorse, failure, wipes it all away. The mind is a blackboard. And this is the eraser.
[he drinks the whisky he offered Dan]


The Bartender: A man tries. He provides. But he’s surrounded by mouths, that eat, and scream, and cry, and nag. So he asks for one thing, just one thing for him. To warm him up, to take the sting out of those days of the mouths, eating, and eating, and eating everything he makes, everything he has. And a family. A wife, a kid. Those mouths eat time. They eat your days on Earth. They just gobble them up. It’s enough to make a man sick.
[he pours more whiskey into the glass and offers it to Dan]
The Bartender: And this is the medicine. So, tell me, pup, are you going to take your medicine?
Dan Torrance: I’m not.


[as Jack is cleaning up the drink he spilled on Dan]
The Bartender: Management is concerned.
Dan Torrance: Concerned?
The Bartender: It’s horrible what she’s done to you. Pulled you into her mess. A smart man, well, he’d let her handle it. Let things unfold as they’re meant to. Why should you pay her tab, Doc? And for what? For this little girl, who started all this trouble?
Dan Torrance: What would management have me do about that?
The Bartender: Nothing. Easiest thing in the world to do, son. Just bring her inside. And then, well, you accept the things you cannot change.


[after they lure Rose into the Overlook; to Abra using his mind]
Dan Torrance: When this starts, run.
Rose The Hat: Yes, you run, dear. And then I will find you, and you will scream for years until you die.
Abra Stone: We’ll see who does the screaming.
Rose The Hat: Oh, we’ll see indeed.


[to Abra, as Dan and Abra are trying to trap Rose in an imaginary box using the Overlook’s hedge maze]
Rose The Hat: You know, you remind me of myself. I can really see it now. You’ve got a darkness in you, dear. I think the only difference between you and me is time. You don’t know yet what you’d do for more time. But I promise you, dear, oh, you’d be surprised.


[after Dan and Abra fail to trap Rose in the imaginary box]
Rose The Hat: How the hell did we miss you? Oh, you and I should have met years ago. Danny. That’s your name, isn’t it? Well, something happens to the steam when you rubes get older. It gets polluted. Dirty. You know that. I see the grease all over you. You don’t shine quite the same. Growing up spoils that, I guess.


[as Rose is trying to lure Dan to join her cult]
Dan Torrance: You must be lonely, being the last one. I mean, the last one in the world.
Rose The Hat: Sweetie, I’m not the last. Far from it. I’m just the prettiest.
Dan Torrance: I assume you know my answer.
Rose The Hat: Pity. So are we doing this or not?
[Dan strikes the axe in his hand at Rose, which hits her shoulder]


[as Rose is overpowering Dan and begins consuming his steam]
Rose The Hat: You’re not alone in there. What are you hiding, huh?
[she sees the locked boxes in Dan’s mind]
Rose The Hat: What’s in those? Something special, huh?
Dan Torrance: They’re not special. They’re starving!
[Dan opens the boxes, releasing the Overlook’s ghosts, who attack and kill Rose]


[after the Overlook ghosts kill Rose, they turn on Dan]
Grady Twins: Hello, Danny. Come and play with us, forever, and ever, and ever.


[after the Overlook ghosts possess Dan and he is pursuing Abra]
Horace Derwent: Great party, isn’t it?


[after a possessed Dan pursues Abra to Room 237]
Dan Torrance: Abra, you’ve been very, very bad.
Abra Stone: You’re not Uncle Dan. You’re a mask. A false face.
[speaking in multiple voices]
Dan Torrance: Who else would I be?
Abra Stone: You’re the hotel. But he’s still in there.
Dan Torrance: [possessed] Mask is off then.


Dan Torrance: [possessed] Why are you smiling?
Abra Stone: Because you don’t know where you’re standing.
Dan Torrance: [possessed] I know these halls like my own face, child.
Abra Stone: I mean the body you’re standing in. The face you’re wearing. That’s Dan Torrance, and you don’t know him.
Dan Torrance: [possessed] Dan Torrance.
Abra Stone: Dan Torrance made one stop as soon as he got here. To the boiler room.


[a possessed Dan tries to hit Abra with the axe, but Dan gains control and stops himself]
Abra Stone: There you are.
Dan Torrance: You were supposed to run.
Abra Stone: I didn’t want to leave you.
Dan Torrance: I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I can’t hold it off for much longer. Abra, you need to run.
Abra Stone: No. I’m not going anywhere without you.
Dan Torrance: I have to close the door behind us, right? Run! Run!
[Abra runs, possessed Dan goes to the boiler room to stop the sabotaged boiler, but he regains control and as the flames engulf the room he sees himself as a child being comforted by Wendy]


[after the Overlook fire, we see Abra talking to Dan’s spirit in her room]
Abra Stone: The fire spread fast, destroying the hotel. Purifying it. I could almost hear it screaming. I could hear it dying. And deep inside, I knew. I knew you were okay.
Dan Torrance: I’m sorry I put you in danger. It was the only way.
Abra Stone: I know.


[referring to Rose]
Abra Stone: Do you think she was right, when she said she wasn’t the last one?
Dan Torrance: The world’s a hungry place. A dark place. Maybe there’s more of them, or things like them, or worse, but there are more people like you too. People who stand. I told you when I first met you, I told you that you should hide. That you should keep your head down. Keep your shine out of sight. But I was wrong. Shine on, Abra Stone. You shine on.


[last lines; interrupts Abra talking to Dan’s spirit]
Lucy Stone: Who are you talking to?
Abra Stone: No one.
[Lucy turns to leave the room]
Abra Stone: That’s not true. I was talking to Dan.
Abra Stone: We go on after. We go on. And he’s okay. So is daddy. He really is.
Lucy Stone: Good.
[she starts walking down the stairs]
Lucy Stone: You coming, sweetheart?
Abra Stone: In a minute.
[Abra turns and sees The Bathtub Lady from the Overlook in the bathroom, she enters the room and closes the door]


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