Starring: Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz, Alec Baldwin, Neil Patrick Harris, Maribeth Monroe, Jason Sudeikis, Hong Chau, Laura Dern



Social satire directed and co-written by Alexander Payne, in the story scientists have discovered how to shrink humans to five inches tall as a solution to over-population. People soon realize how much further money goes in a miniaturized world, and with the promise of a better life. Everyman Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) and wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) decide to abandon their stressed lives in Omaha and undergo the process to shrink themselves in order move to a new downsized community, a choice that triggers life-changing adventures.


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[on a call at his workplace]
Paul Safranek: The extra large is available in cyan, moss and aubergine.
Customer: Do you think moss is pretty?
Paul Safranek: You know, I don’t know, lady. Why don’t you just pick a color please?


[referring to the shoes she’s brought for a customer to try]
Audrey Safranek: We didn’t have six and a half in the plum, so I brought black.
Customer: But I really want plum.


Dr. Andreas Jacobsen: The cause of all the catastrophes we are seeing today is overpopulation. We are proud to unveil the only practical remedy to humanity’s greatest problem. Are you ready, doctor?
Jorgen Asbjørnsen: Yes, I am ready.
[he lifts the wooden box on the table and we see a miniaturized Asbjørnsen]
Paul Safranek: Wow, that is wild, isn’t it? That’s just wild.


[referring to the miniaturized Dave and Carol]
Paul Safranek: Dave? That’s Dave, Dave Johnson.
Dave Johnson: Hi, everybody.
Paul Safranek: And Carol. He never struck me as the kind of guy who’d go get small. Wow.
Audrey Safranek: No.


Dave Johnson: Downsizing takes the pressure right off.
Paul Safranek: Plus you’re really making a difference.
Dave Johnson: You mean all that crap about saving the planet?
Paul Safranek: Yeah.
Dave Johnson: Downsizing is about saving yourself. We live like kings. We got the best houses, the best restaurants. Cheesecake factory, we got three of them.


Dave Johnson: A lot of small communities propping up out there, but Leisureland is where you want to be. The kids love cheesecake factory, and Leisureland’s got three of them.
Paul Safranek: Plus it must feel good to know you’re really making a difference.
Dave Johnson: You mean all that crap about saving the planet? Downsizing is about saving yourself.


Paul Safranek: So the decision to…
Dave Johnson: Downsizing, it takes the pressure right off. Especially money pressure. We live like kings.


Paul Safranek: We’re dying to move, we’re really strapped.
Dave Johnson: You want my advice? Leisureland is where you want to be.


[to Paul and Audrey]
Leisureland Salesperson: In Leisureland your fifty-two thousand dollars translates to twelve point five million dollars to live on for life.
Paul Safranek: Wow.


[to Paul and Audrey]
Leisureland Salesperson: In Leisureland your hundred thousand dollars translates to twelve million dollars.


[to Paul and Audrey]
Leisureland Employee: Do you understand that you will undergo the permanent and irreversible medical procedure commonly known as downsizing, and that your bodies will be approximately point zero three six four percent of their current mass and volume?


[on the way to get downsized]
Woman on Shuttle: Nervous?
Paul Safranek: Uh, a little.


Paul Safranek: I’ll see you on the other side.
Audrey Safranek: I love you.


[after going through the downsizing process]
Downsizing Nurse: Hey, how’s everybody doing today?


[after he’s been downsized]
Recovery Room Nurse: I bet you’re hungry.
[she brings in a giant cracker]
Recovery Room Nurse: Isn’t that cute?
Paul Safranek: Oh, my God.


[after Paul’s downsized]
Recovery Room Nurse: Mr. Safranek, you’ve got a call.
[Paul takes the phone]
Audrey Safranek: Paul, don’t be mad at me. Please don’t be mad. I can’t leave my family. I can’t leave my friends. I’m sorry, Paul. I should have been thinking more about myself.
Paul Safranek: Thinking about yourself? I’m five inches tall!


[we see Paul getting served with divorce papers, which looks huge next to him, he starts to sign it]
Lawyer: As large as you can please.


Dave Johnson: [to Paul] I know this will put a pretty big dent in anyone’s self-esteem, but downsizing is about hitting the reset button, start all over.


Dusan Mirkovic: I’m Dusan Mirkovic, your neighbor. Neighbors are friends. Friends tell friends the truth. Okay, maybe sometimes I’m a little bit asshole, but the world needs assholes. Otherwise where would shit go out?


Dusan Mirkovic: [to Paul] Get out and open your eyes, this small world is filled with things to see.


Paul Safranek: Sometimes you think we’re in the normal world and then something happens and you realize we’re not.


Paul Safranek: These are the people that you should be helping.


Dusan Mirkovic: [to Paul] Something very big is happening. Something top secret.


Paul Safranek: Why did I downsize? So that I could be here right now. I finally have a chance to do something that matters.


Ngoc Lan Tran: Other night on boat, what kind of fuck you give me?
Paul Safranek: What?
Ngoc Lan Tran: What kind of fuck you give me?
Paul Safranek: What kind? I, I don’t…
Ngoc Lan Tran: American people, eight kind of fuck. Love fuck, hate fuck, sex-only fuck, break-up fuck, make-up fuck, drunk fuck, buddy fuck, pity fuck.
Paul Safranek: Okay, I have no idea where you heard that, but…
Ngoc Lan Tran: Third host family.
Paul Safranek: Okay, that is just wrong. There’s a whole spectrum of emotions and motivations. And don’t say fuck. It’s vulgar. Say something else. Like, you know, make love, or something. I don’t know.
Ngoc Lan Tran: So, was love fuck?
Paul Safranek: Okay, what is this all about?
Ngoc Lan Tran: You look for me, you want help me, you make fuck with me. Now you go down stupid hole. So I try to think what kind of fuck you give me. I think maybe pity fuck. For leg.
Paul Safranek: No. No. Ngoc Lan, I care about you, deeply. You are such an extraordinary person, and I just admire you so much. More than anything.


Ngoc Lan Tran: [to Pau] Now maybe you understand little bit how I feel after survive TV box. When you know death come soon, you look around things more close.

Total Quotes: 26


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