Starring: Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan, Dan Stevens, Demi Lovato, Natasia Demetriou, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Jamie Demetriou



Netflix’s comedy directed by David Dobkin and co-written by Will Ferrell. The story follows struggling Icelandic musicians Lars Erickssong (Will Ferrell), and Sigrit Ericksdottir (Rachel McAdams), who are given the opportunity to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest, where they finally have a chance to prove that any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.


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[as young Lars dances to ABBA’s Eurovision song “Waterloo”; in Icelandic]
Family Friend: He is going to one day sing and dance in the Eurovision Song Contest!
Erick Erickssong: I’d rather be dead.


Helka: Since you were a baby, you’ve been under the spell of Lars Erickssong.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: I know, mama. I know you don’t like him.
Helka: He’s holding you back.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: What you forget, I was the little girl who could not speak.
Helka: You could. You just didn’t want to.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Right, until Lars taught me how to sing.
Helka: It was ABBA.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: And Lars.
Helka: But mostly ABBA.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: And, yeah.


Erick Erickssong: The bank called. I can no longer afford the house and my fishing boat. I must choose.
Lars Erickssong: Too bad about the boat. So many fond memories.
Erick Erickssong: I make money fishing. I’m selling the house.
Lars Erickssong: But I live there, with you.
Erick Erickssong: You’re a middle-aged man, Lars. It’s time for you to start living your life. Time to move on from your childish dreams. Be the man your mother wanted you to be.


Lars Erickssong: Sigrit and I are performing at the Captain’s Galley tonight.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Yep.
Olaf Yohansson: Why are you and your sister playing at the Captain’s Galley?
Lars Erickssong: She’s probably not my sister.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: I’m definitely not your sister.


Lars Erickssong: My father is ashamed of me.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: No, he’s not. That’s not true.
Lars Erickssong: No, it is true. After you left, he looked me deep into the eyes, and said, “I am ashamed of you.”
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Oh, I don’t know if that’s…
Lars Erickssong: And then, he said, “You have wasted your whole life on this one stupid idea of the Eurovision Song Contest. And now you’re a grown man without a wife, without a child. Your life is a joke.”
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Maybe he was drunk.
Lars Erickssong: No. He said, “And you might think that I’m drunk, but I am dead sober. And I’m very serious.”
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Right.


Lars Erickssong: I am Lars. This is Sigrit. We are Fire Saga! Stephan on the skins. Yes, Stephan just got his first armpit hair today, so he’s pretty excited. We have a special treat for you if you’ll indulge us. We’d love to play for you, our submission for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
Bar Audience: No!


[after the bar audience refuses to hear their Eurovision song]
Lars Erickssong: I can’t take this s**t! Okay?
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Okay!
Lars Erickssong: It’s like this much s**t!
Sigrit Ericksdottir: I know!
Lars Erickssong: I can maybe take this much s**t, but it’s up here!
Sigrit Ericksdottir: It’s a lot of s**t!
Lars Erickssong: [yells] S**t!
[this causes nearby ice shelf to collapse]
Lars Erickssong: S**t.


Lars Erickssong: Elves again?
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Don’t do it.
Lars Erickssong: You know I have nothing to do with elves.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Lars, shut your mouth, or the elves will shut it for you!


Lars Erickssong: Please, elves don’t exist, Sigrit.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: You’re killing me. Take it back
Lars Erickssong: I can’t take it back.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: You have to take it back.
Lars Erickssong: Look, it’s not going to be elves that get us into the song contest this year. It’s going to be the perfect song.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Plus elves.


[after Lars is arrested for ringing the town bell for announcing Fire Saga is in the Eurovision preselection]
Arnar: I’m sure it’s very exciting for you, Lars, but you must know that the emergency signal is for life or death situations.
Lars Erickssong: And I could argue that this town is near death, and my entrance into the song contest is the last chance we, as a town, have to be alive.


Robert: I always thought you were weird, Lars. My older brother went to school with you and he told me you were weird.
Lars Erickssong: Your older brother rode a horse backwards to school, so.


Sigrit Ericksdottir: [to the elves] I was just wondering if, um, maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, you could help us get into Eurovision? I know it’s a lot to ask, and you’ve already helped us so much, but, well, it’s his one true dream. And I think if it could come true, well, I’m pretty sure we could finally be together. Okay. Oh! Oh, oh, oh. Um, one more thing. Uh, I thought it might be cool too if we had a baby. But, uh we can talk about that next time.


[to their drummer as he and Sigrit are about to set off for the Eurovision preselection]
Lars Erickssong: Stephan, come here. So, uh, listen. A little bit of bad news. Uh, you’re not going to Reykjavik. Plus, you have school, it’d be tough. Hey, music, it’s a tough biz.
Stephan: It’s okay. My friends think the song contest is for losers, and it’s going to be an epic s**tshow.
Lars Erickssong: Oh.
Stephan: Good luck.


[as Lars stuffs socks down his crotch as they are dressing for their performance]
Sigrit Ericksdottir: What are you doing?
Lars Erickssong: I just want my ding-dong to look bigger than what is really there.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Smart. Should I draw attention to my groin area as well?
Lars Erickssong: Now you get it. Yeah.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: I can do a camel.
Lars Erickssong: Do a classic camel.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Okay.
Lars Erickssong: It’s never out of style.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Yeah.
Lars Erickssong: That looks good.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Pretty good, huh?


[to Sigrit after their disasterous preselection performance live on stage]
Lars Erickssong: Why do you stand by me?
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Because you are a dreamer. My dreamer. Whenever I feel like giving up, you give me hope, Lars. You always keep going.
Lars Erickssong: Sigrit, ever since we were children…
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Yes. Me too.
[just as they are about to kiss, the contestants boat party suddenly explodes]


[after the boat explosion]
Sigrit Ericksdottir: All those people. Iceland’s greatest artists all gone!
Lars Erickssong: Sigrit, you’re right. Everyone is gone.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Are you in shock?
Lars Erickssong: They’re all out of the contest.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: The elves went too far!


Neils Brongus: It’s a terrible tragedy. The rules are the rules. Fire Saga is the runner-up.
Anna: If you send those two freaks to the Eurovision Song Contest, the whole world will laugh at Iceland.
Neils Brongus: Anna, I know this. They’re horrible. Terrible. So bad. So, so, so, so, so, so bad.
Victor Karlosson: Yeah.
Neils Brongus: But they’re all we have left.
[everyone looks to the side and we see Lars and Sigrit have been there the whole time]
Lars Erickssong: So we’re in? Yeah?


[as they are about to kiss each other]
Lars Erickssong: We can’t. We have to think about the music.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Oh, yes. But we can make music and love.
[she leans in to kiss Lars, but he pushes her face back with his hand]
Lars Erickssong: No, we can’t.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Really?
Lars Erickssong: Just, no. Romance, it ruins the bands. Think about it. Fleetwood Mac, right? ABBA. Post Malone. Semen and Garfunkel.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Yeah, I forgot about Semen and Garfunkel.
Lars Erickssong: I know.


[referring to her outfit]
Kevin Swain: Sigrit. You look like a tooth.


[during their Eurovision rehearsal performance]
Nina: Do you have a sickness in your legs? Are your feet very sad?
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Do you want me to dance, or…
Nina: Oh! I’d love it. I would.


[referring to the Eurovision song]
Lars Erickssong: Jae-Bong, do you think the new track is busy?
Jae-Bong: I think it’s presh, coz.
Lars Erickssong: See? It’s presh, coz.


Lars Erickssong: We’re going to win with this dope track. Bish.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Well, I don’t want to hurt Jae-bong’s feelings, but I don’t think this track is dope, Bish.
Lars Erickssong: But, Bish, I don’t know if you understand. Jae-bong was in Kitty Cat Fancy, one of the biggest K-pop bands of all time. And I think he knows what’s good. Right, bro? Huh?
Jae-Bong: It’s all about the plo, yo.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: The what?
Lars Erickssong: It’s all about the plo.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: The flow?
Lars Erickssong: Flow, I think he said flow.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Flow. Flow.
Lars Erickssong: It’s all about the flow.


Alexander Lemtov: You are brother-sister?
Sigrit Ericksdottir: No.
Lars Erickssong: Probably not.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: No.


[referring to Alexander]
Lars Erickssong: You have to watch that guy. He is a sex player.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: No. I don’t know about that.
Lars Erickssong: I do. No one travels around with four guys like that. Come on. Besides, he’s a slick customer. And he probably has a very large p**is.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Oh, yes. Yes. I sense that he does have a very large p**is. I think that’s true. Yeah.


[after Lars and Sigrit go to Alexander’s house party]
Lars Erickssong: The p**ises on the Greek statues, they are very dangly.
Alexander Lemtov: Yes. Yes, I love the history, and this is just the way the Ancient Greek make statues, you know?


Sigrit Ericksdottir: So these are Ancient Greek statues?
Alexander Lemtov: Yes, of course.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Because I was thinking that their faces kind of look like yours.
Lars Erickssong: Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Alexander Lemtov: Maybe you’re right. Yeah.
Lars Erickssong: It’s uncanny. It’s uncanny.
Alexander Lemtov: They’re very, very handsome.
Sigrit Ericksdottir: Have you ever…
Alexander Lemtov: Yeah, that’s crazy.


[as he’s introducing his party guests to Lars and Sigrit]
Alexander Lemtov: This Julia J. She come number one, England’s Got Talent, four years ago, so she quite good. But everybody hates UK, so zero points.


Alexander Lemtov: Sigrit have very beautiful voice. Their song is quite good.
Lars Erickssong: Yes, I agree. I think it is the best song that I’ve ever written. I write our songs. I also sing and design a lot of the costumes and our footwear.


Mita Xenakis: God, do you only think of winning?
Lars Erickssong: Of course. Now I have to become an international star to prove to all of Iceland, and my extremely handsome father, that I have not wasted my life.
Mita Xenakis: Oh, my God. Well, I really like you now.


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