Starring: Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Jon Bernthal, Caitriona Balfe, Tracy Letts, Josh Lucas, Noah Jupe, Remo Girone, Ray McKinnon



Action bio-drama directed and co-written by James Mangold. Based on the true story of the American car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and the British driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), who are dispatched by Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts) and Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal) with the mission of building from scratch the Ford GT40, an entirely new automobile with the potential to finally defeat the perennially dominant Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France.



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'It's a truly lucky man who knows what he wants to do in this world, because that man will never work a day in his life.' - Carroll Shelby (Ford v Ferrari) Click To Tweet 'If you're going to push a piece of machinery to the limit, and expect it to hold together, you have to have some sense of where that limit is.' - Ken Miles (Ford v Ferrari) Click To Tweet 'Sometimes words just are not useful.' - Carroll Shelby (Ford v Ferrari) Click To Tweet


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Carroll Shelby: [voice over] There’s a point, seven thousand RPM, where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless, just disappears. And all that’s left is a body moving through space and time. Seven thousand RPM. That’s where you meet it. It asks you a question. The only question that matters, “Who are you?”


[as Ken is trying to explain to a customer there’s nothing wrong with his sports car]
Ken Miles: Nothing wrong with the car. It’s the way it’s being driven.
Customer: The way it’s being driven?
Ken Miles: Too much fuel and not enough spark. That’s what’s making her misfire.
Customer: You want to run that by me in English?
Ken Miles: Alright, sir. So, that there, that is a sport car. You have to drive her like a sport car. If you drive her like a school teacher, she’ll clog up. Try changing up at five thousand RPM, not two. Drive like you mean it. Hard, tight, she’ll run clean.


Customer: Are you telling me I don’t know how to drive my own car?
Ken Miles: No. But if you ask me, this isn’t your car. Your car is more a Plymouth, a Studebaker.
Customer: [threateningly] You and me have a problem, buddy?
Ken Miles: I don’t have a problem. I had an MG. Mine ran just fine.
Customer: Screw you, you limey prick! I want my money back!
Ken Miles: Oh, behave! I’ll give it to you! But you haven’t paid for last month’s service yet.
Customer: In this country, the customer is always right! Do you ever hear that?
Ken Miles: Yeah. Yeah. Utter nonsense.


[after his customer drives off angrily his sports car]
Mollie Miles: [sarcastically] Another satisfied customer?
Ken Miles: Can I help you, miss?
Mollie Miles: Wasn’t that an MGA fifteen hundred?
Ken Miles: Ah, you know your cars.
Mollie Miles: Well, I like them. I love the sound they make. The way it goes right through you.
Ken Miles: Right.
Mollie Miles: That vibration.
Ken Miles: Mine is the wood panel, Country Squire, across the street.
[points to the car across the street]
Ken Miles: A real hot rod.
Mollie Miles: Oh, yeah? Is it fast?
Ken Miles: Very. Wait a second. What type of girl are you?
[she walk up close to him]
Mollie Miles: The type of girl who likes the smell of wet gasoline.
Ken Miles: Oh.
Mollie Miles: Burnt rubber.
Ken Miles: What are you, some kind of a deviant? Are you?
[both chuckle and she puts her arms around him neck]
Mollie Miles: Only since I married you.
[she kisses him]


[to his factory workers]
Henry Ford II: Hear that? That’s the sound of the Ford Motor Company out of business.


[to his factory workers]
Henry Ford II: In 1899, my grandfather, Henry ‘My God’ Ford, was walking home from Edison Illumination, after working a double shift. He was ruminating. That morning, he had himself an idea that changed the world. Sixty-five years, and forty-seven million automobiles later, what shall be his legacy? Getting in the tail bite from a Chevy Impala!


[to his factory workers]
Henry Ford II: Here’s what I want you to do. Walk home. While you’re walking, I want you to ruminate. Man comes to my office with an idea, that man keeps his job! Rest of you second best losers, stay home. You don’t belong at Ford.


[as Shelby comes out of his trailer late]
Bob: Shelby, you’re up bright and early.
Carroll Shelby: Well, early bird gets the worm, Pops.


Carroll Shelby: We’re going to eat those Vettes for breakfast. We’re lighter, we’re faster. And if that don’t work, we’re nastier.


SCCA Official: Your trunk doesn’t close. Ergo, car fails standard.
Ken Miles: Wait, wait, wait. What?
SCCA Official: Ergo, car is disqualified from said Class AF.
Ken Miles: No, no. Look, can I ask you a question? Alright. When you were a little boy, did you think, “When I grow up, I want to go to the fabled Willow Springs Raceway, and I want to enforce paragraph fifteen point four, section 2B, of the SCCA Regulations on luggage capacity?”
SCCA Official: Alright, that’s it. I’m ruling you and your team disqualified from the race.


Brumos Executive: We heard he’s, uh, difficult.
Carroll Shelby: What, Ken? No, no. Ken’s a puppy dog.


[taking the disqualified sticker off his car]
Carroll Shelby: You can stick this bloody sticker where the sun never shines.
Ken Miles: Hey. Hey Bill, what seems to be the problem?
Carroll Shelby: Well, the problem is that Bill here is an a**hole.
Ken Miles: No, he doesn’t mean that.
Carroll Shelby: Well, yes, he does.
Ken Miles: No, he doesn’t mean that.
Carroll Shelby: No, he really does think that Bill is an a**hole.
SCCA Official: I’m just doing my job here.


[after Ken’s argument with the SCCA Official]
Carroll Shelby: Do you know who that was I was just talking to?
Ken Miles: Bill.
Carroll Shelby: Before that.
Ken Miles: No.
Carroll Shelby: It was Dieter Voss.
Ken Miles: Who’s that?
Carroll Shelby: He runs Porsche, Ken. It’s a little German car company, maybe you heard of it.
Ken Miles: Right?
Carroll Shelby: He wanted you to drive at Sebring, but he’d heard you were difficult.
Ken Miles: I thought we felt the same way about Germans.


Carroll Shelby: Do you like losing, Ken?
Ken Miles: Excuse me?
Carroll Shelby: You heard me.
Ken Miles: I don’t lose.
Carroll Shelby: Without sponsors, you get no car, Ken. Now last I checked, the professionals all have a car.
Ken Miles: Shel!
Carroll Shelby: You cannot win the SCCA without one. If you’re not winning, you are losing.
[referring to the screwdriver in his hand]
Ken Miles: Don’t make me lamp this at your head.
Carroll Shelby: Did you bring your son all the way out here to watch you get disqualified, or just act like a jacka**?
[Ken throws the screwdriver, which hits and shatter the windscreen of his race car]
Carroll Shelby: Well, that answers that.


[doing a presentation for Henry Ford]
Lee Iacocca: If you go to the movies, you open up a magazine, you don’t see good old boys in Winston-Salem. You see Sophia Loren, Monica Vitti. James Bond does not drive a Ford, sir.
Henry Ford II: That’s because he’s a degenerate.


Leo Beebe: Why exactly should Mr. Ford listen to you?
Lee Iacocca: Because we’ve been thinking wrong. Ferrari. Now they have won four out of the last five Le Mans. We need to think like Ferrari.
Leo Beebe: Ferrari makes fewer cars in a year than we make in a day. We spend more on toilet paper than they do on their entire output. You want us to think like them?
Lee Iacocca: Enzo Ferrari will go down in history as the greatest car manufacturer of all time. Why? Is it because he built the most cars? No. It’s because of what his cars mean. Victory. Ferrari wins at Le Mans. People, they want some of that victory. What if the Ford badge meant victory?


[after Enzo Ferrari turns down the deal for Ford to purchase Ferrari]
Leo Beebe: He played us. Old man Enzo had no intention of selling to us. He used us to up his price. Embarrass our company, and insult your leadership. It was a bad idea from the start.
Henry Ford II: What exactly did he say?
Lee Iacocca: He said Ford makes ugly little cars, and we make them in an ugly factory. He said our executives are sons of wh*res.
Henry Ford II: About me.
Lee Iacocca: He called you fat, sir. Pig-headed.
Henry Ford II: Go on.
Lee Iacocca: He said you’re not Henry Ford. You’re Henry Ford the second.


Henry Ford II: I want the best engineers. The best drivers. I don’t care what it costs. We’re going to build a race car.
[referring to Ferrari]
Henry Ford II: And we’re going to bury that goddamn greasy wop a hundred feet deep under the finish line at Le Mans. And I will be there to watch it.


Carroll Shelby: Morning. Can I help you?
Lee Iacocca: Carroll Shelby.
Carroll Shelby: Maybe.
Lee Iacocca: Lee Iacocca, Ford Motor.


Lee Iacocca: I’m here on behalf of Mr. Ford, Henry Ford the second. Suppose, hypothetically, that he wanted his company to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. You’re one of the only Americans that’s ever done it. So I’m wondering, what’s it take?
Carroll Shelby: Hypothetically?
Lee Iacocca: Hypothetically.
Carroll Shelby: Well, it’ll take something money can’t buy.
Lee Iacocca: Money can buy speed.
Carroll Shelby: It isn’t about speed, Lee. It’s not just like those other tracks where all you do is turn to the left for four hours. To win that race, you need a car that’s light enough to do two hundred on the straightaways, but strong enough to keep that up for three thousand miles without a break. Not just the best car y’all have ever made, but better than anything that Enzo Ferrari shows up with that year. And that just gets you to the green flag, that’s where your problems really start.


Lee Iacocca: So, you’re saying it’s challenging.
Carroll Shelby: Look, it’s not even a track, Lee. Le Mans is eight and a half miles of country road. It’s narrow, ungraded. It’s rough. There’s no camber on the turns, no rails. You got to do that for twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours, Lee. That means night. Half of that race is in the dark, you can’t see sh*t. Cars coming up on you out of nowhere. Drivers stumbling around the track, pouring blood. Maybe one of them’s your friend, maybe he’s on fire. You’re exhausted, you’re hungry. Can’t remember your name, what country you’re in, and all of a sudden you realize you’re doing a hundred and ninety-eight on the straight. And if anything goes wrong, you blow a gasket, five cent washer. That’s it, whole thing’s over. Ferrari wins again. Just like it won last year. The year before that, and the year before that. Yeah, it’s challenging.
Lee Iacocca: So you don’t think that Ford Motor Company can build the greatest race car the world’s ever seen? You think that we are incapable of winning an event like that? Even if we had a brilliant partner? Even if we wrote a blank check?
Carroll Shelby: What I’m saying is you can’t buy a win, Lee. But maybe you could buy the guy who gets you a shot.


Ken Miles: You’re going to build a car to beat old man Ferrari? With Ford. With a Ford?
Carroll Shelby: Correct.
Ken Miles: And how long did you tell them that you needed? Two, three hundred years?
Carroll Shelby: Ninety days.
[Ken laughs]


Ken Miles: Alright. So, let’s just look at this for a moment. And for argument’s sake, let’s just forget about the whole ninety day thing. So let’s just pretend you got all the money in the world, and all the time in the world.
Carroll Shelby: I like the sound of that.
Ken Miles: Alright. So, you think that Ford are going to let you build the car that you want, the way you want it? The Ford Motor Company? Those guys? Have you ever been to Detroit? I mean, they have floors and floors of lawyers, and millions of marketing guys. And they’re all going to want to meet you, or they’re going to want to get their photo taken with the great Carroll Shelby. And they’re going to kiss your a**, and they’re going to go back to their lovely offices, and they’re going to work out new ways to screw you. Why? Because they can’t help it. Because they just want to please their boss. Who wants to please his boss, who wants to please his boss. And they hate themselves for it, but deep down, who they hate even more, are guys like you. Because you’re not like them, because you don’t think like them, because you’re different.


[giving a speech]
Carroll Shelby: If my daddy was here today, he’d tell me to sit on down and leave the yacking to the college boys. So, like my cars, I’ll make this fast. When I was ten years-old, Pops said to me, “Son, it’s a truly lucky man who knows what he wants to do in this world, because that man will never work a day in his life.” But there are a few, a precious few. And hell, I don’t know if they’re lucky or not, but there are a few people who find something they have to do. Something obsesses them. Something if they can’t do it, it’s going to drive them clean out of their mind. I’m that guy. And I know one other man feels exactly the same. His name is Mr. Henry Ford. And together we’re going to build the fastest automobile in the world. And we’re going to make history too, at Le Mans.


Carroll Shelby: My name is Carroll Shelby. I build race cars.


[referring to the car]
Ken Miles: It’s the nose. I can feel it in the wheel.
Aeronautics Chief Engineer: Mr. Miles, if there’s a problem the computer will find it.
Phil Remington: Charlie, get some scotch tape and a ball of wool.
[we then see the car covered in scotch tape with wool attached to it]
Ken Miles: Alright. Good, good good. So now let’s just get all of this junk out. Right, Pops?
Phil Remington: Yeah, yeah. I concur. Come on guys.
[getting everything out of the car]
Aeronautics Chief Engineer: What are they doing?
Carroll Shelby: Making your car faster.


Leo Beebe: Mr. Shelby. Welcome to Dearborn.
Carroll Shelby: What are you doing at a test track? You’re going to get Castrol all over that nice suit.


Carroll Shelby: Well, you want the best driver for the car, who understands the machine, that’s Ken.
Leo Beebe: I may not get the finer points of racing, Mr. Shelby, but I do know people. Miles is a, well, he’s a beatnik. He dresses like one. Ford means reliability. Ken Miles is not a Ford man.


[referring to Ken]
Carroll Shelby: A beatnik? That man landed a busted tank on the beach at D-Day, and drove it clean across Europe to Berlin. A beatnik? You know, Lee here asked me a while back, what’s the one thing money can’t buy. I’ll tell you what it is. A pure racer behind the wheel of your car. That’s Ken Miles.
Leo Beebe: Well, be that as it may, we think he may be too pure.


Carroll Shelby: Too pure? What exactly does that mean?
Leo Beebe: Means he’s all about himself. ABC puts a microphone under his nose. Perhaps there’s a detail he dislikes. Millions watching. Do you trust him not to put out the wrong message?
Carroll Shelby: Well, look, you could get a clean cut all American poster boy, and stick him behind the wheel, teach him what to say. Sh*t, you get Doris Day to drive the car if all you want to do is lose.
Leo Beebe: So you don’t agree with us on this issue?
Carroll Shelby: I’m saying you got to trust me on this one.
Leo Beebe: Carroll, with marketing concerns, that’s just not possible. Put a Ford type driver in a Ford car, Mr. Shelby. That’s the Ford way.


[after Ford decides to not use as their driver]
Carroll Shelby: You’re not coming next week. You’re not coming, Ken. We’re taking McLaren, Chris Amon, Phil Hill, and Bob Bondurant. This is Ford’s call. It is their opinion that you are not a good image, so you cannot drive their race car. Putting aside the fact that you made that car whatever the hell it is, and you’re the best man I got behind the wheel.


Henry Ford II: Give me one reason why I don’t fire everyone associated with this abomination, starting with you.
Carroll Shelby: Well, sir, I was thinking about that very question as I sat out there in your lovely waiting room. As I was sitting there, I watched that little red folder, right there, go through four pairs of hands before it got to you. Of course, that don’t include the twenty-two or so other Ford employees who probably poked at it before it made its way up to the nineteenth floor.


Carroll Shelby: With all due respect, sir, you can’t win a race by committee. You need one man in charge. Now, the good news, as I see it, is that even with all the extra weight, we still managed to put old Mr. Ferrari exactly where we want him.
Henry Ford II: Did we?
Carroll Shelby: Oh, yes.
Henry Ford II: Expand.
Carroll Shelby: Well, sure, we haven’t worked out how to corner yet. Or stay cool, or stay on the ground. And a lot of stuff broke. In fact, the only thing that didn’t break was the brakes. Hell, right now, we don’t even know if our paint job will last the whole twenty-four hours. But our last lap, we clocked two hundred and eighteen miles an hour down the Mulsanne straight. Now, in all his years of racing, old Enzo ain’t never seen anything move that fast. And now he knows without a doubt, we’re faster than he is. Even with the wrong driver, and all the committees. And that’s what he’s thinking about, while he’s sitting in Modena, Italy, right now. That man is scared to death, that this year, you actually might be smart enough to start trusting me. So, yeah. I’d say you got Ferrari exactly where you want him. You’re welcome.


Henry Ford II: This isn’t the first time Ford Motor’s gone to war in Europe. We know how to do more than push paper. And there is one man running this company. You report to him. You understand me?
Carroll Shelby: Yes, sir.
Henry Ford II: Go ahead, Carroll. Go to war.
Carroll Shelby: Thank you, sir.


[after Ford looses the race and convinced Henry to rehire Ken again]
Carroll Shelby: You were right. It’s the gearbox. We ran too hot. Three out of four of them broke. The rod blew on other one. We’re going back, Ken. They told me I had a carte blanche this time. I looked it up, it’s French for horse sh*t. I know they going to squeeze our nuts any way they can as soon as they work out how.
[referring to the groceries bag in his hand]
Ken Miles: Well, the ice cream’s melting.
[Ken starts to walk away]
Carroll Shelby: Alright. Hey, Ken. You want me to apologize?
Ken Miles: Hm.
Carroll Shelby: You want me to beg?
Ken Miles: I don’t know, let’s try it out. Let’s see how that feels.
Carroll Shelby: Ken, I’m sorry. Sincerely.
[Ken raises his eyebrows, looking unconvinced]


[after trying to apologize]
Carroll Shelby: Do you have any idea the kind of sh*t that I had to eat just to get four wheels on that grid? No, you don’t, because you don’t deal with any of that stuff. Now, knock it off, Ken! We got work to do, and this car ain’t going to build itself.
[Ken punches Shelby in the face]
Carroll Shelby: Okay. Alright.
[Shelby lunges at Ken, they fight while Mollie unfolds a chair and watches until they both collapse]
Carroll Shelby: Done.
Ken Miles: Mollie, darling.
Mollie Miles: Yes, love?
Ken Miles: Could you get me a fizzy pop, please?
Mollie Miles: Yes, love. Do you want one too, Shelby?
Ken Miles: No!
Carroll Shelby: Yes, please, Mollie.
Ken Miles: No. No. He can get his own. Just for me, please.


[as they’re recovering from their fight]
Ken Miles: Where did you learn that? From the girl scouts?
Carroll Shelby: You want to go again?
[Mollie turns up with two bottles of Coke]
Mollie Miles: Here you go.
Ken Miles: You’re an angel.
Carroll Shelby: Thank you.
Mollie Miles: My pleasure. Right. Well, I’m about to go to the grocery store. Anything you think you’ll need?
Ken Miles: Ice cream. Ice cream would be good.
[holds up the smashed bread from the groceries he’d bought]
Ken Miles: And bread.
Mollie Miles: Right.
Carroll Shelby: No, I’m good. Thank you.
Ken Miles: Thanks, Mol.
[as Shelby takes his pills]
Ken Miles: You still take those for you ticker?
Carroll Shelby: Only because they’re so delicious.
[Ken toasts Shelby]
Ken Miles: Up yours.
Carroll Shelby: Oh, go to hell.


[Ken and Peter are staring out at a race track]
Ken Miles: If you’re going to push a piece of machinery to the limit, and expect it to hold together, you have to have some sense of where that limit is. Look out there. Out there is the perfect lap. No mistakes. Every gear change, every corner. Perfect. You see it?
Peter Miles: I think so.
Ken Miles: Most people can’t. Most people don’t even know it’s out there, but it is. It’s there.


[after Ken is nearly killed when the car’s brakes fail during testing]
Ken Miles: Let’s just rip out the damn engine, alright. We can’t use it if we can’t stop.
Charlie Agapiou: You know, the brakes would last longer if you slowed down a bit.
Mollie Miles: Wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the extra power? You know, I thought the whole point was to win the damned race.
Phil Remington: Maybe we could design a new assembly. Instead of swapping out the pads in the pits, swap out the entire braking system, rotors included. Put in a fresh one.
Ken Miles: Wait, wait, wait. Pops, are we allowed to do that?
[gives Ken the Le Mans guide book]
Phil Remington: I don’t know. I don’t read French.
Ken Miles: Well, brakes are a part like any other, right? We are allowed to change parts.
Charlie Agapiou: Yes. Will we have time to do that?
Phil Remington: I don’t know yet, Charlie.


Ken Miles: What’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me brakes, or me almost kicking the bucket out there. It’s something to do with the suits, isn’t it?
Carroll Shelby: It’s under control.
Ken Miles: What is it?
Carroll Shelby: You know how we talked about you do your thing, I do my thing. This is my thing.
Ken Miles: Shel.
Carroll Shelby: Just trust me, Ken.


Ken Miles: You got a plan?
Carroll Shelby: Absolutely.
Ken Miles: A good one?
Carroll Shelby: It’s high risk.
Ken Miles: How high risk?
Carroll Shelby: Extremely high risk.
Ken Miles: Well, that’s something. Glad we had this talk.
Carroll Shelby: Anytime.


Carroll Shelby: You ready?
Henry Ford II: The name in the middle of that steering wheel should tell you that I was born ready, Shelby. Hit it.
Carroll Shelby: Attaboy.
[Shelby hits the gas, they go for a quick spin in the GT40]
Henry Ford II: Oh, that’s got a little kick, doesn’t it?


[to a group of execs, as Shelby is taking Henry Ford around a high speed turn in the GT40]
Phil Remington: It’s about right now they uninitiated have a tendency to soil themselves.


[after Shelby takes Henry Ford for a ride in the car, Shelby looks over to Ford who starts cry]
Carroll Shelby: Mr. Ford. Are you okay? Mr. Ford, you alright?
Henry Ford II: [sobbing] I had no idea. I had no idea. I wish my daddy, he were alive to see this. To feel this.
Carroll Shelby: Now this is not a machine just anybody can get in and easily control.
Henry Ford II: Absolutely not. I had no idea.
Carroll Shelby: Now you want to win Le Mans. You really want to take first place, Ken Miles is the man to do it.


Peter Miles: But you can’t make every lap perfect.
Ken Miles: But I can try.


[looking at the other cars they’re going to race against]
Ken Miles: If this were a beauty pageant, we just lost. Looks fast, doesn’t it?
Carroll Shelby: Looks aren’t everything.


[referring to the stopwatch Shelby stole from the Ferrari pit]
Phil Remington: Nice stopwatch.
Carroll Shelby: You want one? They’re Italian.


Le Mans Official: It’s against the rules. You cannot just change things.
Ken Miles: Oh, no, no, no! You show me where it says in your book that we cannot swap out the system, and then you can disqualify us!
Carroll Shelby: [to Ken] Calm down. Calm down.
Le Mans Official: This is not legal!
Carroll Shelby: You show me where it says in that little rule book where I can’t swap out my upright assembly. A part is a part. Be it a brake caliper, or a rotor, or an upright assembly. And I can swap out any damn thing I want to. We read your damn rule book.


[referring to seeing Enzo Ferrari shouting at his racing team]
Carroll Shelby: I don’t speak Italian, but he ain’t happy.


[during the Le Mans race]
Leo Beebe: I was thinking, Mr. Ford. Wouldn’t it be great if all three Fords lined up across the finish line at the exact same time? They’ll lined up and came home together. Ford, Ford, Ford.
Lee Iacocca: I don’t think we can actually do that, sir.
Leo Beebe: Why not?
Lee Iacocca: Miles is laps ahead, Leo. What would you have him do, slow down?
Leo Beebe: Yeah.


[referring to Ford]
Carroll Shelby: They want you to slow down.
Ken Miles: Run that by me again.
Carroll Shelby: They want you to slow down. You’re outshining their car, Ken. You’re four minutes up on McLaren. The Deuce wants the three Fords across the finish line, one, two, three, all together. They’re asking that you be a team player, and make that photograph happen for them.
Ken Miles: A photograph, that’s good. That is good!
Carroll Shelby: Ken, even if you tie for first, you’d still be the first man ever to win Sebring, Daytona, and Le Mans in the same year. You’ll have a triple crown.
Carroll Shelby: Look, I didn’t get… I haven’t been able to get you to follow an order since day one. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.
Ken Miles: My choice?
Carroll Shelby: Your choice.


[during the Le Mans race]
Leo Beebe: Bring him in, right now! He’s out of control! Now you bring him in, before he wrecks that car and we don’t finish! Bring him in, Shelby. Or I will get you banned from the SCCA and the FIA.
Carroll Shelby: Ken Miles is behind the wheel, Leo. That’s his car to the finish.


[referring to Ken slowing down to bring all the Ford cars in together in the final lap]
Mollie Miles: He’s bringing them in. He’s bringing them all in together. Good for you. Good for you, Ken.


[after Ken’s death from his car’s brake failure during a test, Shelby goes to visit Mollie and Peter]
Peter Miles: I remember that wrench. My dad threw it at you.
Carroll Shelby: I believe he did.
Peter Miles: Why?
Carroll Shelby: Oh, I think I probably said something to him. Called him a few names.
Peter Miles: That’s right.
[Peter looks sad]
Peter Miles: Do you want to speak to my mum?
Carroll Shelby: Well, I did. I came to say hello, check in on her. And then I started thinking that sometimes words just are not useful. Tools are useful because you can make stuff with them, and you can fix stuff with them. Here.
[offers Peter the wrench]
Peter Miles: Thanks.


[last lines]
Carroll Shelby: Your daddy was a…
Peter Miles: He was your friend.
Carroll Shelby: Yes, he was. Yes, sir. And he thought you was just finer than frog fur.
Mollie Miles: Peter!
Peter Miles: I think I’ve got to go help my mum.
Carroll Shelby: What are you doing here then? Go on.
Peter Miles: Bye.
[Peter cycles towards his house, Carroll waves to Mollie, gets in his car, cries a little, takes his pill, then speeds off into the distance]


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