Starring: Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Rob Morgan, Karl Glusman, Tom Brittney, Joseph Poliquin, Devin Druid, Maximillion Osinski



War drama inspired by true events directed by Aaron Schneider with Tom Hanks as screenwriter. Set during the early days of WWII, the story follows an international convoy of 37 Allied ships, led by Commander Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks), who in his first command of a U.S. destroyer, crosses the treacherous North Atlantic while pursued by wolf packs of German U-boats.


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'Restore the relationships you have damaged and fill me with peace.' - Captain Krause (Greyhound) Click To Tweet 'Repetition will bring hell down from on high.' - Captain Krause (Greyhound) Click To Tweet


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[as he’s getting started for the day]
Captain Krause: Dear Lord, let your Holy Angel be with me. That the evil foe may have no power over me. Amen.


[two months earlier]
Evelyn: Congratulations. Your first command, at last.
Captain Krause: Aw. After all those years of being fitted and retained, a Fletcher-class destroyer.
Evelyn: You deserve it. I knew after Pearl Harbor they would be needing men like you.
Captain Krause: I report to Norfolk right after the first of the year.
Evelyn: Norfolk? Not Treasure Island?
Captain Krause: That’s the navy in a nutshell, isn’t it?
Evelyn: Yeah.
Captain Krause: Then the Caribbean for training and tactics. Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cuba. Rum and Coca-Cola. And then active duty.


Captain Krause: Come with me. I mean it. So I can ask you to marry me on a tropical beach.
Evelyn: Oh, I’d like that, but we can’t. The world has gone crazy, Ernie. Let’s wait until we can be together.


Captain Krause: I will always be looking for you, Evie. No matter where I am. Even if I’m a thousand miles away, I will be hoping I’ll see you come around the corner. Because when you do, it’s the greatest feeling in the world.


Charlie Cole: Crew’s getting nervous, Ernie.
Cleveland: Sleep well, sir?
Captain Krause: I’ve never had the gift for sleeping on board.
Cleveland: Hmm. And I can’t sleep anywhere else, sir.


[reprimanding Shannon and Flusser]
Captain Krause: I will tolerate no more fisticuffs on my ship. So, “Restore the relationships you have damaged and fill me with peace.”


Captain Krause: “Repetition will bring hell down from on high.”


[reading message from the commodore]
Messenger: “Huff Duff reports a German transmission bearing zero-eight-seven degrees. Range one-five to two-zero miles.” Commodore says a likely U-boat, sir.
Captain Krause: “Comescort to Comconvoy. Will run it down.”
Messenger: “Comescort to Comconvoy. Will run it down.”
Captain Krause: Wait, wait. “Will run it down. Thank you.”


Captain Krause: [over radio] All escorts, Greyhound. Return to your stations immediately. We have enemy contact bearing zero-eight-seven, range fifteen to twenty miles.


[over the ship’s speakers]
Captain Krause: This is the captain. We are running down the target. Let us attend our duties well. This is what we’ve trained for.


Captain Krause: Charlie, what do you make of this target?
Charlie Cole: Most likely a U-boat, sir. Up for air and a battery charge. Getting ready to come at us, Captain.


Charlie Cole: Target’s disappeared, sir. Fell off the radar about six miles out.
Captain Krause: What’s this, Charlie?
Charlie Cole: Looks like he’s dived, sir, by the way the pips faded out.
Lt. Watson: He must’ve seen us, sir. Got his air and dove.


[referring to the U-boat]
Captain Krause: What do you hear?
Eppstein: Contact bearing steady at zero-nine-one. He’s turned. Looks like he’s running from us, sir.
Captain Krause: Any screw noises?
Eppstein: Contact dead ahead, range one mile. Still no propeller noise.


[referring to the U-boat]
Talker: Sonar reports contact indefinite, no propeller noise.
[pause as they wait]
Captain Krause: “Acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path.”


Eppstein: He’s trying to slip under us!
Captain Krause: Now, Mr. Lopez.
Lopez: Roll and fire, medium pattern. Roll and fire!


[after they’ve tried to hit the U-boat]
Lt. Watson: No oil slick. No debris. F***, I thought we had him, sir.
[Krause looks at him]
Lt. Watson: Sorry. My language, sir.


Captain Krause: [over radio] Escorts, Greyhound. We have engaged the enemy, but no hits on my drop. Our last contact had him bearing two-nine-five, directly for the convoy. Tighten up your screens! He will be within firing range of the convoy in…
Starboard Lookout: Oil! Oil, starboard beam! Oil and debris, starboard beam! Range five yards!


[referring to the U-boat]
Captain Krause: We got him.
[all the me cheer]


[over the ship’s speakers]
Captain Krause: This is the captain. It seems we sank that target. This was an all hands job. Well done.


Captain Krause: [over radio] Escorts, Greyhound. We have sighted evidence of a kill.
British Destroyer Eagle: Congratulations, Captain. More food for the fish.
British Destroyer Harry: The prize is yours, sir, but we’ll need evidence of a kill for the Admiralty. Nothing but the captain’s trousers will do, I’m afraid.
Captain Krause: Just return to station.


Lt. Watson: Congratulations, sir. Shall I steer a course for the debris to verify the kill?
Captain Krause: No, Mr. Watson. Convoy is unguarded. Take us back to station.


Dawson: It’s from the Admiralty, sir. They’ve intercepted multiple German transmissions. It’s at least two hours old.
[reading the message]
Captain Krause: “Enemy activity expected at Position Oboe.”


Lt. Nystrom: Congratulations, Captain. It’s our first U-boat. Congratulations, sir. Fifty less krauts.
Captain Krause: Yes. Fifty souls.


Ipsen: Sir, noon fuel reports will be slightly off due to that U-boat chase. Still waiting on reports from Dodge, but Viktor and James are reporting diminishing reserves.
Captain Krause: Send a reply. “Comescort to James. Please use utmost efforts to conserve fuel.”


Captain Krause: Charlie, I’m steering to avoid a single torpedo.


Charlie Cole: A wolf pack’s shadowing us. They’ll attack as a group.
Captain Krause: Yeah, waiting for nightfall, when we can’t see nothing.


Captain Krause: Chief Rudel, I need these wipers operating.
Rudel: It’s not electrical, sir. They’re frozen. I can put some men on it with buckets and swabs.
Captain Krause: Salt water. Warm salt water, not boiling.


[referring to one of the wolf pack U-boat]
Charlie Cole: Conn, Combat. Looks like our friend’s come up for fresh air and to maintain speed with us, sir.


Captain Krause: Messenger, take this to Signals. “Greyhound to Cadena. Must return to station at head of convoy to engage targets. Fired on U-boat. Drove him under. Have faith you will outrun him. Good luck.” Send that.


Rudel: You wanted to see me, sir?
Charlie Cole: Yeah. What can we do about this damn interference?
Rudel: It’s not interference, sir. I checked everything. The pilot light’s on, no surge currents, and I reset the overload relay four days ago. I could reset it again, but we’re going to be down nearly two hours. Waste of time, sir.


Charlie Cole: “The night cometh when no man can work,” Ernie. Rudel’s done all he can. We’re just going to have to live with the radar how it is for now, Captain.
Captain Krause: Understood. Thank you, Charlie.


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