Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby, Roman Reigns, Eiza Gonzalez, Eddie Marsan, Cliff Curtis, Helen Mirren, Josh Mauga, John Tui



Action adventure spin-off from The Fast and the Furious series directed by David Leitch. The story follows federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and former-British military turned mercenary Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), who form an unlikely alliance in order to stop a new threat emerging from the cyber-genetically enhanced international terrorist known as Brixton (Idris Elba).

After Brixton gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever, and bests a rogue MI6 agent, Hattie Shaw (Vanessa Kirby), Shaw’s sister, these two sworn enemies partner up to bring down the only guy who might be badder than themselves.


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Hattie Shaw: Who the hell are you?
Brixton: Bad guy.


[referring to Hattie]
Brixton: We’ve been betrayed. She took the virus.


[to his thugs; referring to Hattie]
Brixton: One of the soldiers got away with the virus. I want her on the run with no place to turn. She is a wily one. Monitor all channels and make sure the takes the fall for it. Understand?
[referring to the MI6 agents]
Henchman: Yes, sir. What do you want us to do with these assholes?
Brixton: Clean it up. I don’t care. No witnesses. I’m going to get it back. Who’s going to stop me?


Tsoi: Who the hell are you?
Luke Hobbs: Ooh. I’m what you call an ice cold can of whoop-ass.


Lermotov: Who the hell are you?
Deckard Shaw: I’m what you might call a champagne problem.


[referring to the old photo of Hobbs with Jonah]
Sam: Who’s Jonah? Is that your brother?
Luke Hobbs: Yep, that’s my brother.
Sam: Why don’t you ever talk about Samoa? Did something happen?
Luke Hobbs: In life, things happen. You may not want them to, but they do. You just got to do your best and move on. And the fact of the matter is, I’m your family. I’m your people. Me.
Sam: And you’re a whole lot.
Luke Hobbs: Oh, I am a whole lot.


[Shaw visits his mother in prison; referring to the chain and handcuffs on her wrists]
Deckard Shaw: Is that really necessary? Come on, she’s seventy-one years old. What’s the matter with you lot?
Prison Guard: Sir, the prisoner will only be allowed more leniency when she proves to be less of a security risk.
Queenie: If someone leaves the back door open, it’s a bit daft not to try and use it.
Deckard Shaw: What’s daft is paying one of the screws to leave it open, but not paying them enough to keep their mouth shut.
Queenie: Yeah, well, my point still stands.


Deckard Shaw: If you can’t break out of a shitty prison like this, then you’re seriously slipping, mum.
Queenie: You cheeky bugger. Speaking of breaking out, where’s my birthday cake?
Deckard Shaw: What, the one with the file in it? I ain’t baking it.
Queenie: Who wants a bloody file? What I want is a nice little bit of C-4.
Deckard Shaw: Listen, if you want out of here, just say the word. I’ll handle it.
Queenie: Decks, I’m just having a bit of fun, really. Being banged up doesn’t bother me. I quite enjoy the peace and quiet. You know, nice walk, a bit of reading. Loads of sudoku. Like being retired. Love it!


Queenie: Now, listen. Have you spoken with your sister?
Deckard Shaw: You know I haven’t, mum.
Queenie: Give me your hand.
Deckard Shaw: Here she goes.
[Shaw gives her his hand to hold]
Queenie: I mean, you and your sister, you used to be inseparable. What happened, Decks? What happened between you? I remember you, Owen and Hattie playing out in the backyard. Your little games, your little grifts. Robbing banks. You used to give your little scams code names, do you remember? Oh, what was that one? Um…
Deckard Shaw: The Keith Moon.
Queenie: Yeah, that’s right. It was called the Keith Moon because it…
Deckard Shaw: Involved lots of explosive percussion, and permanent ear damage.
Queenie: That’s my boy.
Deckard Shaw: No wonder we left the family business.


Queenie: She loves you, you know. All you got to do is pick up the phone, Decks. Look at me. You’re her big brother. She looks up to you.
Deckard Shaw: Used to.
Queenie: Well, one day, I just hope that I walk through that door and I see the two of you sitting there.
Deckard Shaw: How many years you got left?
Queenie: Two, with good behavior.
Deckard Shaw: How many really?
Queenie: Four.
Deckard Shaw: Well, you know what I say. Never say never.
Prison Guard: Time’s up.
Deckard Shaw: You behave yourself.
Queenie: Will do. Love you, darling.
Deckard Shaw: Love you too.
[as she gets up to leave, she holds up her chain and handcuffs and laughs]


[after Locke interrupts Hobbs having lunch with Sam]
Locke: Christ, I miss our playful banter.
Luke Hobbs: You have one minute to tell me what you want before I knock one of your lungs loose.
Locke: You and I are after the same thing. Say hello to the CT17 virus. It’s a programmable bio-weapon of biblical proportions, affectionately code named the Snowflake.
Sam: What does a Snowflake do?
Locke: Oh, nothing much, just, uh, liquifies your internal organs. Basically, it turns your body into a giant bag of hot soup.
Luke Hobbs: She is nine!
Sam: I’ve seen worse.
Luke Hobbs: Where?
Sam: Game of Thrones, Janet’s house.
Luke Hobbs: I’ve never…
Locke: A Lannister always pays his debts.
Luke Hobbs: [to Sam] You’re never going over there again.


Locke: I’ve already got a black site running in London. There’s an operative there. Top of his game. He’ll be your contact.
Luke Hobbs: I don’t need anybody else. I work alone.
Locke: We got bigger problems than your fragile ego. Or the fact that a moment ago, I most definitely shit my pants. The entire world is at stake here, alright? This thing gets out, we’re looking at a lot of liquified organs. And I mean like everywhere. And not just yours and mine.
[points at Sam]
Sam: Uh, he knows I can see him, right?
Luke Hobbs: He knows nothing, Jon Snow.


Locke: So, what’s it going to be, Becky? You going to partner up?
Luke Hobbs: I’m in.
Locke: Of course you are.
Luke Hobbs: Do you remember what I told you in Rwanda?
Locke: “Still burns?”
Luke Hobbs: No. The other thing.
Locke: “Stop watching me sleep.”
Luke Hobbs: I said, “We are not…”
Locke: Best friends.
Luke Hobbs: “…friends at all. And to watch your…”
Locke: Wash your back. Yeah. I remember.
Luke Hobbs: “Watch your back.”
Locke: A lot of back. I gotcha. Hey. Same old Hobbs. Huh?
Luke Hobbs: Same old Locke. Alright, who’s on the case?


[on the phone; referring to Shaw]
Agent Loeb: My guy’s in.
[referring to Hobbs]
Locke: My guy’s in too. Hey, is your guy going to freak out when he finds out who my guy is?
I mean, didn’t they just do a job together in New York?
Locke: And didn’t they just destroy the DSS field office in L.A. by throwing each other through it? Look, I don’t know about your guy, but my guy, he’s going to get this. He’s going to pull this off. You know why? We’ve been best friends our whole goddamn lives.
Agent Loeb: Well, my guy beat the shit out of me at a bar in Kraków seventeen years ago, and he doesn’t even remember me. So, we all have our histories. Anyway, it’s the fate of the world here.
Locke: It’s the fate of the world!
Agent Loeb: The planet’s population is in their hands.
Locke: Serious stuff.
Agent Loeb: I mean, you’d think they’d be able to put aside any petty rivalries to save the world.
Locke: Mmm. Mmm.


[after they’ve been told they have to work together]
Hobbs, Shaw: No fucking way!
Luke Hobbs: No, I’m not working with this guy. I’ve been there, done that.
Deckard Shaw: The minute he gets involved, you can kiss goodbye to any finesse, because She-Hulk here only knows how to smash.
Luke Hobbs: Yeah, Mr. Arson here only knows how to blow shit up.
Deckard Shaw: And the fact is…
Luke Hobbs: And the fact is…
Deckard Shaw: No offense.
Luke Hobbs: Oh, no offense.
[they point at each other]
Hobbs, Shaw: This guy’s a real asshole.


[after they’ve called each other an asshole]
Deckard Shaw: That’s, uh, “sumbitch” in your native tongue.
Luke Hobbs: That’d be “wanker” in your native tongue.
Deckard Shaw: You finished blabbering? You sound like a giant tattooed baby.
Luke Hobbs: Yeah, well, I’m not listening to this horseshit. I got a job to do.


Luke Hobbs: Tell your mom I said hi. Actually, I’ll tell her myself.
Deckard Shaw: Don’t you ever talk about my mother, or I’ll put your head through that wall. Secondly, I’ll have this job done while you’re still putting on your baby oil. Good luck, slick.
Luke Hobbs: That’s it. You just reminded me. That’s exactly why I hate working with you. It’s your voice. It’s your nasally, prepubescent, Harry Potter voice. Every time you speak, just imagine this for a second, it’s like dragging my balls across shattered glass. And it hurts.
Deckard Shaw: Well, for me, it’s not your voice. It’s your face. Your big, stupid face. Looking at it makes me feel like God is projectile vomiting right in my eyes. And it burns. It really burns.


[after they’ve insulted each other]
Deckard Shaw: What you going to do now? Throw a bit of furniture?
Luke Hobbs: For your information, I was going to take this chair, and turn it sideways, and shove it right down your throat.
Deckard Shaw: Of course you are, because that’s your answer to everything. Smash a hole through every problem in a massive truck. Well, that’s not going to work here.
Luke Hobbs: Well, I think it’ll work fine.


CIA Handler #1: Guys, why don’t you two take a seat, and we’ll talk through this?
[Hobbs throws a chair at the glass wall]
Deckard Shaw: Me and you, us, I’ve been down this road. It’s a total waste of time.
Luke Hobbs: For once, I couldn’t agree with you more.
Deckard Shaw: Yeah? Well, I’m doing this my way. If anyone’s got a problem with that, I suggest you come right here and stop me.
CIA Handler #2: I’m not going in there.
CIA Handler #1: I’m not going in there.
Deckard Shaw: Smart lads.
[Shaw turns and leaves]


[interrogating Hattie after he’s caught her]
Luke Hobbs: I’m going to ask you a question. It’s not what you think it is. Do you like to dance?
Hattie Shaw: What, the Electric Slide? The Macarena? No, I don’t.
Luke Hobbs: No, no, no. I was thinking about the Tango, where it takes two.
Hattie Shaw: Yeah, don’t know that one. Must be different generations.
Luke Hobbs: [laughs] Yeah. Well, either way, the music’s started, so let’s see what kind of rhythm you have.


Luke Hobbs: Where’s the virus?
Hattie Shaw: Look, I told you, I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Luke Hobbs: Okay, that hurt. You just stepped on my toes, it didn’t feel good. Let’s try it again. I think you’re better than that. Where’s the virus?
Hattie Shaw: I didn’t ask to dance. And why should I talk to you? You’re not CIA.
Luke Hobbs: No? How do you know that?
Hattie Shaw: Where’s the staff? There’s two types of CIA agents. Intelligence and espionage. Those guys in there could barely lift a pencil. That’s what intelligence agents look like. And you look like you could pick up a building. But espionage is about blending in, about being subtle. And there is nothing subtle about you.
Luke Hobbs: That’s good. I’m impressed.


Hattie Shaw: I didn’t kill anybody.
Luke Hobbs: I know you didn’t.
Hattie Shaw: And how do you know that, then?
Luke Hobbs: Because you could learn a lot about somebody when you fight them. And when we fought, you weren’t fighting to kill me. You were fighting to run away. But either way, the world thinks that you’re a murderer and a thief. So you’re not going anywhere, or getting any goddamn phone call, until you give me some real answers.


Hattie Shaw: You have no idea what is happening here.
Luke Hobbs: Then tell me, help me understand.
Hattie Shaw: I can’t. You’re wasting my time.
Luke Hobbs: You’re wasting time! The virus gets in the wrong hands, that’s it. It’s game over.
[Hobbs gets a call and gets up to take it]
Hattie Shaw: Does that mean it’s time for curls? Just like the CIA, always flexing the wrong muscle. You know, the mind is the strongest muscle in the body. Maybe you should try exercising that a little bit more.
Luke Hobbs: “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.”
Hattie Shaw: Ooh, let me guess. Is that Bruce Lee?
Luke Hobbs: [chuckle] No. Nietzsche. Because I’m flexing this…
[he points to his head, and then flexes his arm muscle]
Luke Hobbs: And all of that.


[as Hobbs is tackling Hattie]
Deckard Shaw: Get your greasy sausage fingers off of her.
Hattie Shaw: What are you doing here?
Deckard Shaw: Saving you.
[points her gun at Shaw]
Hattie Shaw: Who said I need to be saved?
[gets his gun out and points it at Hattie]
Luke Hobbs: No, no, no, no. This is my house, and your goddamn girlfriend ain’t going anywhere.
Hattie Shaw: That’s disgusting.
Deckard Shaw: Girlfriend? That is my sister.
Luke Hobbs: Bullshit. She’s too good looking to be your sister.
Deckard Shaw: Very funny.


Deckard Shaw: Hattie, there are people after you.
Hattie Shaw: Believe me, I know that.
Luke Hobbs: Yeah, it’s going to stay that way, unless you tell me where that virus is.
Deckard Shaw: Listen to me, pinhead. She’s going to die if I don’t get her out of here right now!
Luke Hobbs: We’re all going to die if she doesn’t tell us where that weapon is.
Hattie Shaw: Actually, everyone’s going to die, because I am the virus!
[she holds up her hand to show them where it’s been embedded]
Hattie Shaw: It’s embedded in capsules. I need to find a way to get them out.


[referring to jumping off the building to chase after Brixton, who has Hattie]
Luke Hobbs: On my three.
Deckard Shaw: Sure.
Luke Hobbs: One, two, three!
[Hobbs jumps and grabs the rope, but Shaw just remains as he is]
Deckard Shaw: No one tells me what to do.
[Shaw heads for the elevator]


[Hobbs swings toward Shaw as he’s riding down the building in the elevator, he smashes the head of the man he’s holding into the glass and mouths to Shaw]
Luke Hobbs: Fuck you.
[Shaw mouths back “wanker”]


Deckard Shaw: Nice suit.
Brixton: Bulletproof. State of the art.
Deckard Shaw: Should have put that on the last time I put a bullet in you.
Brixton: Actually, it was three bullets. Two to the chest, one to the head, just like they taught us. Remember? It’s a shame you didn’t join Eteon. You could’ve had all this, my friend.
Deckard Shaw: Friend?
Brixton: Yeah.
Deckard Shaw: You’re not the man I know.
Brixton: No. I am way better. I’m the future of mankind.


Deckard Shaw: Hattie, get in the car.
Luke Hobbs: We’re all going.
[points his gun at Hobbs]
Deckard Shaw: Not you. Just the girl.
[Hobbs gets his gun out and points it at Shaw]
Luke Hobbs: I said, we’re all going.


[as Brixton is chasing after them on his bike]
Luke Hobbs: You mind telling me just what the fresh turkey hell we’re dealing with here?
Deckard Shaw: Long story. He’s a ghost. Supposed to be dead. Eight years ago, I put a bullet through his brain.
Luke Hobbs: Great. So we’re being chased by the Terminator.


[as Shaw is driving really fast towards a truck]
Hattie Shaw: I don’t think he’s going to make it.
Luke Hobbs: Well, I don’t think he can see over the steering wheel.
Deckard Shaw: Buckle up, fat boy, I’m going to save your life again.
[Shaw swivels the car so that it goes under the truck]


[after a long car chase with Hobbs and Shaw and they get away from him]
Brixton: You want a war then. Okay.


Deckard Shaw: You don’t get it, do you? Brixton’s a tier one assassin. Best I’ve ever seen. I know him. He ain’t never going to stop, until he gets that virus. And besides, that’s my sister. Family business. Is your name Shaw? No. Then she’s going nowhere with you.
Luke Hobbs: When it comes to the fate of the world, it becomes my business. I don’t care if she’s your sister. That woman ain’t going anywhere.
[Hattie starts to walk off]
Hobbs, Shaw: Where are you going?
Hattie Shaw: Where? I don’t have time for alpha male shit right now. You’re both idiots. You clearly can’t work together, and so you’re absolutely useless to me. So I’m going to go find the man who can help me get this thing out of my system. See you.
[she turns to leave]
Luke Hobbs: You mean this man?
[Hattie turns to see Hobbs holding up his phone to show her a photo of Professor Andreiko ]
Luke Hobbs: I was tracking him before the attack. He’s hard to find, but I think I got a hell of a lead. Russian newspaper.
Deckard Shaw: Not just any old paper. There’s only one place in London that sells that.


Professor Andreiko: Eteon. They told me they wanted to save the world through science. I believed in their cause. I developed the Snowflake to be a carrier for vaccines, a panacea for the whole world, but they redeveloped it into a programmable apocalypse to attack the weakest of us. Those not worthy of Eteon’s vision of the future.
Deckard Shaw: For a scientist, you seem incredibly stupid.
Professor Andreiko: Well, I’m a two-times Nobel Prize winner, but who’s counting?


Luke Hobbs: Right, you said the virus was programmable. So reprogram it.
Deckard Shaw: I can’t reprogram it in a host.
Hattie Shaw: Just tell us how to get this thing out from me.
Professor Andreiko: Well, there are two options. And the first is easy.
Luke Hobbs: Go.
Deckard Shaw: Finally.
Professor Andreiko: You kill her.
Deckard Shaw: Excuse me?
Professor Andreiko: Oh, and burn the body, of course.
Hattie Shaw: Of course.
Luke Hobbs: Of course.
Professor Andreiko: No, I mean, really burn it.
Hattie Shaw: Really burn it.
Professor Andreiko: To ash.
Deckard Shaw: To ash.
Professor Andreiko: Beyond all recognition.
Deckard Shaw: Let’s assume that’s not an option, shall we, genius?
Luke Hobbs: Yeah, it doesn’t work for us. Option number two?
Professor Andreiko: There is a machine that can preserve her life and extract the virus.
Luke Hobbs: Well, that should’ve been option number one.
Professor Andreiko: Because it’s impossible to get to.
Deckard Shaw: We’ll decide what’s impossible.


[reads the name Mike Oxsmaull on Hobbs’s boarding pass]
British Customs Officer: Mike Oxmaul?
Luke Hobbs: I go by Michael.


Hattie Shaw: We can’t pull this off. We both know it. Bad enough I’ve got this thing in my blood that’s going to kill me and everyone else. But were you seriously going to break this mysterious machine out of some high security death virus complex and magically get it to work? Frankly, that sounds completely…
[referring to her necklace]
Deckard Shaw: You still wear that silly thing? I didn’t know you still had that. Put the pin back in. You haven’t changed.
Hattie Shaw: Wish I could say the same about you.
Deckard Shaw: Hey, you’re going to be okay. We’re going to make this work. It’s what we do.
Hattie Shaw: And what if we don’t? What if the only option left is for you to…
Deckard Shaw: That’s not happening.


[after managing to get on the plane after Shaw tried to leave him behind at the airport]
Luke Hobbs: You are an asshole.
Deckard Shaw: You’re quicker than I thought.
Luke Hobbs: Yep, because I have a secret weapon. People actually like me. You wouldn’t understand that because you don’t have any friends.


Luke Hobbs: You couldn’t have booked an emergency row for a little bit more legroom, huh? Not everybody has hobbit legs like you.
Deckard Shaw: Hey, look, In case you didn’t realize, I could give a damn about your comfort. So why don’t you be a good elephant, suck up another kilo of peanuts, put your chair back and relax?
Luke Hobbs: Alright, listen. Don’t ever tell me to relax, alright? Don’t tell me to do anything. Any time you ever say anything, it makes me want to take my boot and shove it so far up your ass, you’re going to be spitting out shoelaces all week.


Deckard Shaw: You know what the problem is? I’ll tell you the problem. This job, this job requires stealth. And you, look at you. I mean, granted, it’s not your fault. But you’re too obvious. You stick out. Like balls on a bulldog, dangling down in all the wrong places. Seemingly harmless. And the next thing you know, they’re trying to impregnate your sister.
Luke Hobbs: What? Impregnate your sister?
Deckard Shaw: You heard.
Luke Hobbs: Oh. Now, I get it.
Deckard Shaw: You do? Good. I’m glad.
Luke Hobbs: Mm-hmm.
Deckard Shaw: Yeah, I’m glad. I’m very glad.


Luke Hobbs: So you actually think that I’m going through all this effort, on this mission, trying to save the world, by the way, for a fourth time, because I’m really good at it. You think I’m going through all of this just so I can do the horizontal hula, sexy-sexy time with your sister?
Deckard Shaw: Not all. Most.
Luke Hobbs: Let me break it down for you, Frodo. This ain’t 1955 anymore. Alright, despite the fact that that girl sleeping right there is related to you, she’s still one of the toughest, baddest, most capable women I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. And if she chooses to look the way of this big, brown, well-endowed, tattooed, mountain of a man, then guess what. I’m going to let her climb this mountain over, and over, and over again.
Deckard Shaw: You stay away from her.


Deckard Shaw: I see what you’re doing. What, do you think I’m stupid?
Luke Hobbs: Of course, I think you’re stupid. But you know what, I’ll do you a favor. I’ll knock that dumb right out of your skull. You just say the word, Jack.
Deckard Shaw: You know what I want to do? I want to do an Irish jig on your arse ugly face at thirty thousand feet.
Luke Hobbs: Oh, thirty thousand feet.
Deckard Shaw: Yeah.
Luke Hobbs: So you want to dance right now?
Deckard Shaw: Yeah.
Luke Hobbs: The only thing holding you back is air and opportunity.
[Hobbs inhales loudly]
Luke Hobbs: There goes the air.


[as Hobbs and Shaw are bickering on the plane]
Air Marshal Dinkley: That’s enough, hey. Cut it out. Both of y’all, cut it out.
Luke Hobbs: Oh, see. You woke up the air marshal.
Deckard Shaw: You woke the air marshal.
Air Marshal Dinkley: How did you know I was a air marshal?
Luke Hobbs: Unaccompanied.
Deckard Shaw: Late boarding the plane.
Luke Hobbs: Aisle seat.
Hobbs, Shaw: Golf shirt.
Air Marshal Dinkley: Well, let’s just call that an educated guess.


Air Marshal Dinkley: Air Marshal Dinkley at your service.
Luke Hobbs: I’m sorry, did you say, Dink lick?
Air Marshal Dinkley: What’s the problem? Dinkley. Understand this, big fella. Because it’s my job to observe. Thick neck, you’re head’s been on a swivel since you’ve been on this damn plane. Every passenger that’s got on here, you’ve been checking out. You’re a lawman.
[to Shaw]
Air Marshal Dinkley: And you, Mister Almighty Pants. You’re a spy.
Luke Hobbs: That’s pretty good.
Deckard Shaw: Yeah, not bad.


Air Marshal Dinkley: I get it, we’re all big guys. The three of us. Alphas. Three apex predators cooped up in the sky. Tensions get high. What you throwing up on the bench, big fella, three hundred, four hundred pounds?
Luke Hobbs: A little less.
Air Marshal Dinkley: Yeah, light work. I’m doing the same thing. Slagging weight. Clanging and banging.
[to Shaw]
Air Marshal Dinkley: What you into? Hot yoga? Pilates? Probably messing around in a hot takai. Hey, you want to know what I do? I sit in a can of farts all day long. That’s what I’m dealing with. It’s an occasional terrorist and a lot of recycled ass. I would give anything to be on the front line again.
Luke Hobbs: Again?
Air Marshal Dinkley: What? I was a compartment element for JSOC.
Deckard Shaw: You were Delta?
Air Marshal Dinkley: Sabre Squad Echo, twenty-four-seven, baby.
Luke Hobbs: Echo, those guys were the warlocks because of the magic they could do.
Deckard Shaw: That’s right.
Air Marshal Dinkley: Well, if that’s the case, let me say abracadabra, bitches. You’re looking at the magic.


Air Marshal Dinkley: You know what your problem is? Your balance is off. You need a third squaddie.
Deckard Shaw: No, no, no.
Luke Hobbs: No.
Air Marshal Dinkley: Guys, I know the game. You hear me?
[lowers his voice]
Air Marshal Dinkley: I know the game.
Luke Hobbs: What are you doing?
Air Marshal Dinkley: What do you mean, what am I doing?
Luke Hobbs: Don’t talk like that.
Deckard Shaw: You sound different.
Air Marshal Dinkley: Do I?
Deckard Shaw: That’s not your voice.
Luke Hobbs: Use your regular voice.
Air Marshal Dinkley: This is my regular voice. I’m talking like the warlocks talk, baby.
Deckard Shaw: They don’t talk like that.
Air Marshal Dinkley: I’m just showing you, that’s all, guys. Look, all I’m saying is, I can complete this holy trinity that you guys have.
Luke Hobbs: Three would be too much.
[hands out his card]
Air Marshal Dinkley: That’s my resume, this is my card. If you need stuff, I’m the guy that you call to get what you need. You want a Citation X? You want a G5? You want a Boeing 747? You want a helicopter? You want something stealth? I’m the air marshal. I’m your guy.


Madame M: Deckard Shaw.
Deckard Shaw: Margarita.
[they kiss as Hobbs and Hattie watch in shock]
Hattie Shaw: Oh, I did not see that coming.
Luke Hobbs: I wish I didn’t see that at all.
Hattie Shaw: Me too.


Hattie Shaw: We’ve got to pull a Mick Jagger.
Luke Hobbs: This sounds like a fun game.
Deckard Shaw: We’re not getting you on the inside, no.
Hattie Shaw: So, when Deck and I were kids, we used to spend our time coming up with these grifts. A Mick Jagger was a job that required one person to showboat, draw all the arms, while the others made the music. A typical inside job.


Hattie Shaw: Guys, you heard Andreiko. They have to use the extraction machine. So they’ll take me right to it. Now, I can do it. We can do it.
Deckard Shaw: So now the only question is, how to ring Eteon’s dinner bell.
Madame M: Oh, I can handle that part. But first, let’s get you geared up.


Hattie Shaw: You know, if things go south in there, you can’t leave me alive.
Luke Hobbs: We’re going to get you out of there. And let me tell you something else, “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”
Hattie Shaw: Is that one Nietzsche?
Luke Hobbs: No. That’s Bruce Lee.
[Hattie laughs]


[referring to the jet]
Deckard Shaw: Now, that’s a ride.
Luke Hobbs: What a ride. I got shotgun.
Deckard Shaw: There ain’t no shotgun.
Luke Hobbs: No, no, no. Don’t start. I got shotgun.


[as they are flying in the jet]
Deckard Shaw: You ready?
Luke Hobbs: Yeah, I’m ready.
Deckard Shaw: On my three.
Luke Hobbs: Okay.
Deckard Shaw: One!
[Hobbs ejects Shaw’s seat, sending him shooting into the sky]
Luke Hobbs: Die, you asshole!
Deckard Shaw: Wooh!
[Hobbs then ejects his own seat]
Deckard Shaw: Nobody tells me what to do.


[to Brixton after he’s captured Her]
Hattie Shaw: So I’m intrigued. Do you wash the blood off your hands before you count your money, or is it afterwards?


Brixton: You don’t get it, do you? You know, the weak deal with money. We deal with evolutionary change. Change that sometimes require acts of violence.
Hattie Shaw: Like killing innocent people with viruses?
Brixton: Only the weak ones. We’re dealing with the future of the planet. Things that money cannot buy.
Hattie Shaw: Oh, like your soul back.
Brixton: My soul? Your brother took my soul. The boys in the lab made me a new one. And that’s progress.


Luke Hobbs: Pick a door.
[points to the door behind him]
Deckard Shaw: One right there.
Luke Hobbs: No, that’s my door.
Deckard Shaw: What’s the matter with you?
[he checks the heat signal of the room and sees there’s a bunch of guys in the room]
Deckard Shaw: I made a mistake. This is your door.
Luke Hobbs: Oh, no. No backsies. What’s the matter? You got a lot of bad guys behind that door?
Deckard Shaw: Watch this. You might learn something.
[opens the door and starts fighting the thugs one by one]


[Brixton has Hobbs and Shaw tied to an electric shock torture device]
Brixton: Shock will kill a man in three. Do you remember that, Deck?
Deckard Shaw: Yeah, I remember a lot of things from back then.
Brixton: I reckon you’ve only got four shocks in you, boys.
Luke Hobbs: Yeah? I think we can take five.
Brixton: Five? Well, alright!
[Brixton gives them both an electric shock]
Deckard Shaw: You had to open your big mouth, didn’t you?
Luke Hobbs: Yeah, I thought it was a cool thing to say in the moment.


[as he’s torturing Hobbs and Shaw]
Brixton: You know, it’s funny how humanity’s hate for each other is stronger that its own self preservation.


Brixton: You know what this virus is? This virus is a necessary shock to the system!
[he gives Hobbs and Shaw another electric shock]
Brixton: That’s three. I love this thing.
Deckard Shaw: I told you then, I’m telling you now. Your metrics are off. One good reason. You assume the worst in people.
Brixton: People cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Look at the two of you. The fate of the world is in your hands, and you can’t even get along! But you know all about doing the right thing, don’t you, Shaw?


[Brixton has Hobbs and Shaw tied to an electric torture device; to Shaw]
Brixton: I get it, you’re still mad. You’re upset because, hey, when you wouldn’t turn, they asked me to come and kill you, and of course, I had to because you knew too much. But I think about that night a lot. I think about it. Because what I realize now that I did not realize then, is that when you shot me, you gave me a gift. Look at me. I’m Black Superman! Bulletproof. New spine. And the more machine I become, the more humane I am. This is what you want to fight for! I’m giving you another chance to join us, Deckard. And the boss wants the big mouth as well. If not, I kill you both. Which honestly, I’d love to do.


Brixton: Just say the word, bro. Say the word and all of this goes away. Your sister lives, his daughter lives. We get you some upgrades. And we go on to saving the world. What’s it to be? Join the evolution of man, or die with the weak.
Deckard Shaw: Just get it done.
[Hobbs see Hattie enter the room wearing a hoodie]
Brixton: I told the boss you wouldn’t change your mind. See you later.


[just as Brixton is about to kill him and Shaw]
Luke Hobbs: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! I think we should join.
Deckard Shaw: Join?
Luke Hobbs: [to Brixton] You said some really compelling things. And I mean that Black Superman thing, that really got me. I love that.
Deckard Shaw: What are you, deaf, stupid or both? We ain’t joining.
Luke Hobbs: There you go again, you’re just thinking about yourself. You’re such a diva. What about my feelings for once? Let me tell you something, if we were a band, you know who you’d be? You’d be Mick Jagger.
Deckard Shaw: Mick Jagger.
[pauses, then realizes he’s referring to his and Hattie’s grift]
Deckard Shaw: Mick Jagger?


Brixton: Oi! What’s it to be? In or out?
[Hobbs and Shaw look at each other, then back at Brixton]
Hobbs, Shaw: We’re not going to join.
Luke Hobbs: And since you’re standing there, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to rip the arm off this chair. I’m going to smash him right in the face. Stab him right in the neck for looking that way, and kill all thirteen guys in seven seconds.
Deckard Shaw: And here’s what I’m going to do. Slip out of these chains and drop kick him, him, and him right in the throat.
Luke Hobbs: No, not him. That’s my guy. You got to pick another guy.
Deckard Shaw: What do you mean that’s your guy? That’s my guy.
Luke Hobbs: No, no, no. That’s face smash guy. You got to find another drop kick guy.
Deckard Shaw: You want a face smash guy? I’m going to find you one. See that guy over there? The big one. The big one. That’s face smash guy.
Luke Hobbs: No, he’s way too big. Ain’t that right, Hattie?
[just then Hattie comes up behind Brixton and points her gun at him]
Hattie Shaw: Let them go.


[referring to Brixton as he chases for Hattie and Shaw]
Luke Hobbs: That son of a bitch really is Black Superman.


Luke Hobbs: We need to find a place to get off the grid.
Hattie Shaw: Where? We’re wanted all over the world and Brixton won’t stop. We can’t risk millions of people. I told you on the plane, we should’ve gone with option one. It is done now, Deck.
Deckard Shaw: It’s not done.
Hattie Shaw: It’s done.
Deckard Shaw: It’s not done! It’s not done.


Deckard Shaw: Look at me. Remember that thing you used to say to me when we were kids? Huh? You used to look at me and say, “Deck, it’s never over till it’s over.” We used to laugh. Remember that?
Hattie Shaw: No, Deck, it went, “It’s never over till I say it’s over.”
Deckard Shaw: Yeah, that was it. So say it now. Say it. Remember who we are. The Shaw family. We never, never, never give up. We got a day. More than a day.
Hattie Shaw: We don’t even know where we’d go.
Luke Hobbs: I know a place.
Deckard Shaw: Where?
Luke Hobbs: It’s the last place on earth I ever want to go. Home.


Sefina Hobbs: Is that my Luke? Oka! My baby’s home.
Luke Hobbs: Hey, mama.


Sefina Hobbs: Oka, I miss my baby boy. Well, look at you, all skin and bones. Come over here and eat.
Luke Hobbs: No, no, no, no. No, mama. I just, there’s no time. Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bring trouble here.
Jonah: You should have stayed away. What did you bring here? What’s going on?
Luke Hobbs: I brought the truth here.
Jonah: What truth?
Luke Hobbs: The truth is we were set up. We were framed by the people who created the deadly virus.
Jonah: Oh, come on.
Luke Hobbs: It could go global if it’s not stopped! We could all die, all of us! Everybody here on this fale! Everybody on the island! Everybody around the world!


Luke Hobbs: Jonah, I need you to help fix this machine. I need you to help my friends. And I need us to build defenses around here now!
Jonah: You think you can just come back in here, and we’re going to help you after everything you did?!
Luke Hobbs: Yes!
Jonah: Not going to happen.
Luke Hobbs: It’s bigger than you and I!
Jonah: I don’t care!
Luke Hobbs: It’s bigger than you and I! We could die!
Jonah: Good! Because I would rather die than help you! Buddha head!


Deckard Shaw: Listen, I know your brother’s hard to be around. Believe me. But I trust him. He brought us here because this place has something that nowhere else on the planet does. You.
Jonah: You don’t know me, I don’t know you. Okay? Time for you all to go. Take your machine with you. Go! Now!
Sefina Hobbs: Jonah Hobbs! You have some respect for your Uso. If he needs anything, we’re going to give it to him. The food off our tables, the clothes off our backs. Even the mana of the islands. And you boys, all you boys, you show our guests here…
[she speaks in Samoan]
Sefina Hobbs: Or so help me God, I’m going to take this here slipper, and I’m going to sasa your big fat heads! You boys hear me?


Luke Hobbs: I’m sorry to bring this here, mama.
Sefina Hobbs: Luke, this is your home. We Samoans. We can handle troubles.


Deckard Shaw: Hey, look, down to business. Got any weapons?
Luke Hobbs: Oh, we got weapons.


[Hobbs opens the armory to find all of the guns have been replaced with traditional Samoan weapons]
Luke Hobbs: Mama, where’s all our guns?
Sefina Hobbs: I get rid of them.
Deckard Shaw: Very noble, Mrs. Hobbs.
[quietly to Harriet]
Deckard Shaw: We’re in serious trouble.
Hattie Shaw: That is an understatement.
Sefina Hobbs: These guns. They kill all my family. So we’re going to fight.
[holds up her fist]
Sefina Hobbs: We’re going to fight with this.
[she taps her heart]
Sefina Hobbs: We’re going to fight with this. Because no take a real man for pull one trigger.
Luke Hobbs: Alright, we’re going to war with the family heirlooms. Got it. We’re going to need a lot more.
Hattie Shaw: We’re never going to survive their firepower.


Deckard Shaw: It doesn’t take a man to pull a trigger. For Eteon, it does take an activation chip.
[to Hattie]
Deckard Shaw: You still got that glove?
Hattie Shaw: Are you thinking closed system hack?
Luke Hobbs: It’ll level the playing field if you can.
Deckard Shaw: So we buy us some time.
Luke Hobbs: Shut their guns down.
Hattie Shaw: I’m on it.
Luke Hobbs: Ready?
[throws one of the traditional Samoan weapons to Shaw]
Deckard Shaw: War is what I do.
Luke Hobbs: Let’s go old school.


[Hobbs finds Hattie watching sunset]
Hattie Shaw: Just taking it all in, in case it’s the last sunset we see.
Hattie Shaw: I shouldn’t have believed that Deckard went dark. Wasted so much time. I spent my whole life running away.
Luke Hobbs: Me too.
[Hattie looks at Hobbs]
Luke Hobbs: Yeah. I haven’t been back here in twenty-five years. I mean, my own daughter doesn’t even know our family.
Hattie Shaw: Well, you can change that.
Luke Hobbs: Yeah. So can you. I got an idea. Why don’t you and I make a promise right here, right now? That when we see tomorrow’s sunset, we begin to fix the mistakes we made.
[Hattie kisses Hobbs]
Hattie Shaw: That’s just sealed it, so you can’t back out. That’s all.
Luke Hobbs: I don’t think there’s any chance in hell I’m going to back out. You want to seal it again, or?
Hattie Shaw: Definitely not.
Luke Hobbs: Okay.
Hattie Shaw: Maybe tomorrow if I survive.


Luke Hobbs: [to Brixton] Welcome to my island, you…


[referring to Brixton]
Deckard Shaw: If we work together, we can hurt him.
Luke Hobbs: You’re right. Time to work as a team.
Deckard Shaw: There’s two of us and one of him.
Luke Hobbs: I’ll take a punch and let you land one.
Deckard Shaw: I’ll do the same. I got your back, brother.
Luke Hobbs: And I got yours.
Deckard Shaw: Let’s go unplug this son of a bitch.


Luke Hobbs: [to Brixton] Brother, you may believe in machines, but we believe in people. You may have all the technology in the world. We have heart. No machine will ever beat that.
Sefina Hobbs: You boys, you’re going to get one Samoan ass-whooping.


[last lines; after they’ve defeated Brixton]
Luke Hobbs: Hey, thanks for being my sidekick through this whole thing, brother. You were great.
Deckard Shaw: How about I sidekick that stupid look on your face?
Luke Hobbs: Yeah? How about you show me right now?
[as they get ready to fight, Hattie puts her arms around both of their shoulders]
Hattie Shaw: Okay, guys. Let’s go home.
Luke Hobbs: Yeah. Look, Batman had Robin, Dr. Evil had Mini-Me. You’re my Mini-Me.
Deckard Shaw: Han Solo had Chewbacca. Kermit had Miss Piggy.
Luke Hobbs: That’s a low blow. Don’t say that. Don’t argue with me on my island.


[middle-credit scene; on the phone]
Luke Hobbs: Listen, before you say another word, tell me you took care of the Snowflake.
Locke: I got it. It’s done. We’re good. Okay? Because I care about people. I care about our family.
Luke Hobbs: You are not family.
Locke: I know. What we have is so much deepr. Listen, hey, real talk. Can you believe that Game of Thrones ending?
Luke Hobbs: I didn’t see it.
Locke: You watched the shit of it, you dirty little liar
Luke Hobbs: [impatiently] What’s the problem? You said there was a problem.
Locke: My problem is that Jon Snow had sex with his aunt, then killed her, and nobody wants to talk about it. That’s what my problem is.

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