Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby, Roman Reigns, Eiza Gonzalez, Eddie Marsan, Cliff Curtis, Helen Mirren, Josh Mauga, John Tui


Action adventure spin-off from The Fast and the Furious series directed by David Leitch. The story follows federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and former-British military turned mercenary Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), who form an unlikely alliance in order to stop a new threat emerging from the cyber-genetically enhanced international terrorist known as Brixton (Idris Elba).

After Brixton gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever, and bests a rogue MI6 agent, Hattie Shaw (Vanessa Kirby), Shaw’s sister, these two sworn enemies partner up to bring down the only guy who might be badder than themselves.



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Hattie Shaw: Who the hell are you?
Brixton: Bad guy.


Brixton: I’m dealing with the future of the planet. I’m the necessary shock to the system. I am human evolutionary change. Bulletproof, superhuman.


Hattie Shaw: The mission has been compromised. We need help.


Federal Agent: Our target’s name is Brixton. He’s a ghost. We’re going to need the best trackers in the business. Luke Hobbs. Career lawman, always gets his guy. We’re going to need to operate outside the system. Deckard Shaw. Rogue former MI6 agent, he doesn’t play well with others.


Luke Hobbs: I’m what you call a nice cold can of whoop-ass.


Deckard Shaw: I’m what you might call a champagne problem.


Deckard Shaw: [to Hattie] Get in the car.
Luke Hobbs: We’re all going.
[points his gun at Hobbs]
Deckard Shaw: Not you.
[Hobbs gets his gun out and points it at Shaw]
Luke Hobbs: I said, we’re all going.


[as Shaw is driving really fast towards a truck]
Hattie Shaw: Is he doing what I think he’s doing?
Luke Hobbs: Yeah.
Hattie Shaw: Counts on survival?
Deckard Shaw: Sixty-four.
Luke Hobbs: Cowboy up!


Federal Agent: If we stand a chance against Brixton, you guys have to work together.
[Luke throws a chair at the glass door]
Luke and Deckard: No, way! This guy is a real asshole!


Deckard Shaw: This job requires stealth. Look at you.
Luke Hobbs: I’m trying to save the world, which for the record, will be my fourth time, because I’m really good at it.


Luke Hobbs: Pick a door.
Deckard Shaw: One right there.
Luke Hobbs: No, that’s my door. Pick another door.
Deckard Shaw: What’s wrong with you?
[he opens the door Hobbs wanted and sees the bad guys in the room]
Deckard Shaw: You know what, you were right. This is your door.
Luke Hobbs: What’s the matter? You got a lot of bad guys behind that door?


Brixton: There’s two of them, and two million dollars worth of us.


Brixton: Shaw’s sister took something from me. A virus, that could wipe out half of the population, and I want it back.


Magdalene Shaw: This whole thing sounds really dodgy. Look after your sister.
Deckard Shaw: Listen, I’ll handle it.


Hattie Shaw: If the three of us don’t work together, billions of people will die.


Hattie Shaw: You have no idea what we’re dealing with.


Luke Hobbs: You want to tell me just what we’re dealing with here?
Deckard Shaw: It’s me sister. Family business.
Luke Hobbs: When it’s the fate of the world, it becomes my business.


[referring to Hattie]
Luke Hobbs: Your sister is one of the toughest, baddest, most capable women I’ve ever encountered.
Deckard Shaw: I see what you’re doing. What do you think, I’m stupid?
Luke Hobbs: Of course I think you’re stupid.


Brixton: Luke Hobbs, and Deckard Shaw, we have got unfinished business.


Brixton: Hobbs and Shaw. You want a war, you’ve got one.


Brixton: Remember me?


Hattie Shaw: The only way we survive this is working together, like a team.
Luke Hobbs: Let’s do this.


Deckard Shaw: [to Hobbs] Buckle up, fat boy.


Deckard Shaw: On my three. One…
[Hobbs ejects Shaw’s seat, sending him shooting into the sky]
Luke Hobbs: [to Hattie] Wooh! Did you see the look on his face? You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.


[referring to jumping off the building]
Luke Hobbs: On my three?
Deckard Shaw: Sure.
Luke Hobbs: One, two, three!
[as they both to grab the same wire rope, Hobbs grabs it first, Shaw waves at him and instead gets in the elevator]


[Hobbs swings toward Shaw as he’s riding down the building in the elevator, he smashes the head of the man he’s holding into the glass and mouths to Shaw]
Luke Hobbs: Fuck you.
[Shaw looking unimpressed claps]


Brixton: Three shocks will kill a man.
Luke Hobbs: Here we go, the bad guy speech.
[Brixton gives them both the shock]
Deckard Shaw: You had to open your big mouth, didn’t you, huh?
Luke Hobbs: Yeah, I thought it was a cool thing to say in the moment.


Luke Hobbs: [to Shaw] The music’s already started. Let’s see if we can get in sync.


Madam M: So you guys are being hunted, by an army of mercenaries, led by a genetically enhanced soldier.


Brixton: Look at me. I’m black Superman.


[referring to Brixton]
Luke Hobbs: Damn. He really is black Superman.


Luke Hobbs: We’re going to need cars and guns.
Madam M: Oh, I can handle that part.


Luke Hobbs: You need to get off the grid.
Hattie Shaw: Where?
Luke Hobbs: Home.


[referring to Hobbs]
Sefina Hobbs: My baby’s come home.


Luke Hobbs: I’m sorry to bring trouble here, mama, but I need my brothers. This family is going to war.
Sefina Hobbs: Luke, this is your home.


Luke Hobbs: Mama, where’s all our guns?
Sefina Hobbs: I get rid of them.
Deckard Shaw: Very noble, Mrs. Hobbs.
[quietly to Harriet]
Deckard Shaw: Now we’re in serious trouble.
Hattie Shaw: That’s an understatement.
[picks up a Hawaiian warrior weapon]
Luke Hobbs: Let’s get old school.


Deckard Shaw: Tell me this is not happening.


Sefina Hobbs: You’re going to get one Samoan ass-whooping.


[to Hattie; referring to Hobbs]
Deckard Shaw: That man never gives up.


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