Starring: Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Ben Foster, Irrfan Khan, Sidse Babett Knudsen



Mystery thriller sequel directed by Ron Howard and written by David Koepp which follows the famous symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), with his knowledge of symbology, he hopes to regain his freedom and lost memories, all whilst solving the most intricate riddle he’s ever faced. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to foil a deadly global plot.


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Bertrand Zobrist: [to Langdon] There’s a switch, if you throw it half the people on earth will die, but if you don’t in a hundred years then the human race will be extinct. I left you a path, the hardest one yet, only you can finish it. You are humanities final hope.


Bertrand Zobrist: [to Langdon] I left you a path, the hardest one yet, Inferno will be at the end.


Bertrand Zobrist: Now is the time, today is our rebirth.


Bertrand Zobrist: Our population is spiraling out of control. Inferno is the cure.


Bertrand Zobrist: Dante’s hell isn’t fiction, it’s prophecy.


Bertrand Zobrist: Humanity is the disease, Inferno is the cure.


Christoph Bruder: It appears you’re out of options. Tell me about the threat known as Inferno.
[Zorbist looking defeated suddenly leans back and falls over the edge of the building]


Christoph Bruder: Professor Langdon, we need your help. Three days ago a man killing himself.


Christoph Bruder: We think he was part of something much bigger. There was a package in his pocket.
Robert Langdon: And what was it?
Christoph Bruder: A puzzle specifically designed for you.


Sienna Brooks: And what’s the last thing you can remember?
Robert Langdon: I had some kind of accident. I can’t remember anything.
Sienna Brooks: It’s your head trauma, imagination, memory, everything tumbles together.


[referring to the tube]
Robert Langdon: I found this in my jacket. We’re opening it.


[researching Zobrist on the internet]
Robert Langdon: Zobrist, American billionaire.
Sienna Brooks: And he said someone needed to take action.
Robert Langdon: He has left this map.


Robert Langdon: Is this supposed to be a challenge?


[reading the message they’ve found]
Robert Langdon: “Seek and you find.”


Sienna Brooks: It’s Dante’s Inferno.
Robert Langdon: This is what I have been seeing.


Robert Langdon: Dante defined our modern conception of hell seven hundred years ago, but these circles of hell have been rearranged. Why don’t they wipe this map of hell? Dante. Dante’s death mask. Yes.


[pointing to Dante’s Inferno]
Robert Langdon: Look, look, look. This is not in the original painting.
Sienna Brooks: Here’s another one. “Prophecy.”


Robert Langdon: I want to know what I’m involved with.
Sienna Brooks: Let’s go.


Robert Langdon: We’ve got to get to Florence.


Robert Langdon: I know why I’m in Florence. There’s nine locations, this is the first.


Robert Langdon: I need access to the Dante mask.
Museum Curator: The Dante mask is no longer here. It was stolen. Here’s the security footage.
[as they look at the footage]
Elizabeth Sinskey: Professor, that looks like you!


Robert Langdon: I have no memory of taking that mask.
Sienna Brooks: You did. I just saw you.


Sienna Brooks: Why was someone shooting at you?
Robert Langdon: Everything is out of focus.


Harry Sims ‘The Provost’: Where is Professor Langdon now?
Agent: Out of frame.
Harry Sims ‘The Provost’: And in possession of the tube?


Harry Sims ‘The Provost’: Professor, you’re having visions, aren’t you? The people behind this will do anything to protect the truth. You have no idea what they’re capable of.


Robert Langdon: Oh, my God. Dante’s Inferno isn’t fiction, it’s a prophecy.


Robert Langdon: Zobrist created a plague.


Sienna Brooks: If a plague exists do you know how many governments would want it and what they’d do to get it?


Harry Sims ‘The Provost’: Without Professor Langdon, no one can find the virus.


Robert Langdon: Oh, my God.


Elizabeth Sinskey: Don’t trust anyone.


Sienna Brooks: [to Langdon] Human lives are at stake, I just want to know that I’m on the right side.


Robert Langdon: If this plague is real…
Elizabeth Sinskey: Then we only have forty-eight hours to stop extinction level event.


Robert Langdon: I will do everything I can to find it.
Sienna Brooks: What if they find you first?


Robert Langdon: They’re going to wipe out half the world’s population unless we find this virus.


Robert Langdon: This map it’s a trail so I can find it.


Sienna Brooks: [to Langdon] You won’t be trust your own thoughts for a while.


Sienna Brooks: Human lives are at stake.


Sienna Brooks: There’s always a way out.


Sienna Brooks: It’s nice to have you back, professor.


Robert Langdon: The greatest sins in human history were committed in the name of love.


Bertrand Zobrist: Everything before you is just an idea. Now it’s real. “Love awakens the soul to act.”
Sienna Brooks: That’s not fair, quoting Dante to me, but it’s “beauty” not “love.”

Total Quotes: 42