Starring: James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, Andy Bean, Jaeden Martell, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff



Supernatural horror sequel directed by Andy Muschietti. The story is set twenty-seven years later after the events of the first movie. The Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back.



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'Things we wish we could leave behind. Whispers we wish we could silence. Nightmares we most want to wake up from. Memories we wish we could change. Secrets we feel like we have to keep, are the hardest to walk away from.' Click To Tweet 'The good stuff? The pictures in our mind that fade away the fastest? Those pieces of you it feels the easiest to lose.' - Young Stanley Uris (It Chapter Two) Click To Tweet 'There aren't any such things as good friends or bad friends. Maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you're hurt and who help you not feel so lonely.' - Bill Denbrough (It Chapter Two) Click To Tweet ‘Be who you want to be. Be proud. And if you find someone worth holding on to, never, ever, let them go. Follow your own path, wherever that takes you.’ - Stanley Uris (It Chapter Two) Click To Tweet ‘See, the thing about being a loser is, you don’t have anything to lose. So, be true. Be brave. Stand. Believe. And don’t ever forget, we’re losers, and we always will be.’ - Losers Club (It Chapter Two) Click To Tweet


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[to the group]
Young Bill Denbrough: Swear it. Swear if It isn’t dead, if It ever comes back, we’ll come back too.


Mike Hanlon: [voice over] Memory, it’s a funny thing. People want to believe they are what they choose to remember. The good stuff. The moments. The places. The people we all hold on to. But sometimes, sometimes, we are what we wish we could forget.


Mike Hanlon: [voice over] The thing is, sometimes what we wish was forgotten, what we try to leave in the past, won’t stay there.


[Bill is on a set for one of the movie’s he’s a screenwriter for]
Peter – Director: I want you to be happy with the movie. Do you get understand? I am on your side.
Bill Denbrough: That’s great, because in my book the ending…
Peter – Director: Is terrible. All due respect, people loved your book. Loved. They hated the ending.
Bill Denbrough: You said you liked the ending.
Peter – Director: That was a lie. We have to do better, okay?
Bill Denbrough: Yeah.


[referring to Peter, the director]
Audra Phillips: He’s not wrong.
Bill Denbrough: You hate my endings too?
Audra Phillips: Not all of your endings, but this…
Bill Denbrough: Okay.
Audra Phillips: Just…
[Bill turns and walks off]
Audra Phillips: What? Do you want me to keep lying to you just because I’m…
Bill Denbrough: You’re my wife? No, no, but you’ve been blowing smoke up my a** for eight years. I guess I just thought you were someone else.
Audra Phillips: I have not been blowing smoke up your a**.
Bill Denbrough: Everybody wants a happy ending. Everybody wants closure. But that’s not the way life works out.
Audra Phillips: I think what Peter wants, no, what the studio wants…
Bill Denbrough: The studio? When did you become a company man? You’re an artist. Come on, what’s wrong with just doing it the way it’s written? The way I want it. What’s wrong with being the woman I want you to be?
Audra Phillips: F**k you, Bill!
Bill Denbrough: On the page. The part, I mean. Not you.


[on the phone]
Stanley Uris: It’s come back, hasn’t it? That’s why you’re calling me?
Mike Hanlon: It’s starting again, Stan. Bad things are happening.
Stanley Uris: Did you call the others? I mean, what if they don’t come, and…
Mike Hanlon: We made a promise, remember? How soon can you get here?
Stanley Uris: Um, well, yeah, I would need to do a few things. I would…
Mike Hanlon: Tomorrow. We don’t have much time. I’ll text you everything you need. I’ll see you soon, Stan the man.
[Mike ends the call]


[Mike calls Beverly]
Mike Hanlon: You made a promise, Beverly.
Beverly Marsh: I’m so sorry, Mike. I don’t even really remember.
Mike Hanlon: Haven’t you ever wondered why you can’t seem to remember the things most people should, about where they’re from, about who they are? Why you have that scar on your hand? No one else remembered either. Eddie, Ben, Stan, Richie, Bill.
Beverly Marsh: Bill?
Mike Hanlon: You have to come back. You all do.
Beverly Marsh: When?


[Bill meets Mike at a Chinese restaurant, where The Losers are meeting]
Bill Denbrough: Mike, you look good.
Mike Hanlon: Hey, how you doing? I didn’t know if any of you would, after all of this time. But of course you came.
Bill Denbrough: An oath is an oath. The Losers got to stick together, right?
Mike Hanlon: The Losers? You remember that. That’s good. What else do you remember?


Richie Tozier: The Losers Club has officially begun.


Richie Tozier: Wait. Let’s talk about the elephant not in the room. Ben, what the f**k, man?
Ben Hanscom: Okay, okay. Obviously, I lost a few pounds.
Richie Tozier: Lost a few pounds.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Yeah. No sh*t, you lost a few pounds.
Richie Tozier: You’re like a, you’re hot!
Eddie Kaspbrak: That’s true.
Richie Tozier: No, you’re like every Brazilian soccer player wrapped up into one person.
Beverly Marsh: Leave him alone, you’re embarrassing him.
Ben Hanscom: Okay, okay. Alright, please.


Beverly Marsh: I propose a toast. To The Losers.


Bill Denbrough: [to Beverly] All this, all these memories, and people, that I don’t even remember forgetting.
Ben Hanscom: I mean it’s weird, right? Now that we’re all here, everything just comes back faster, and faster. I mean all of it.


Bill Denbrough: You remember something we don’t, don’t you, Mike?
Mike Hanlon: Something happens to you when you leave this town. The farther away, the hazier it gets. But me, I never left. So, yeah, I remember. I remember all of it.
Beverly Marsh: Pennywise.


Bill Denbrough: Mike, you said you wanted our help with something. What was that?
Mike Hanlon: There’s an echo, here in Derry, that bounces back every twenty-seven years.
Eddie Kaspbrak: What are you talking about?
Mike Hanlon: Hold on, listen, listen. We thought we stopped It back then. Alright, we thought it was done, but…
[he looks through his notebook]
Richie Tozier: Mike.
Mike Hanlon: A week ago, a man, Adrian Mellon, slaughtered. A girl, Lisa Aubrich, the other night went missing. There are already others, and there will be more.


Mike Hanlon: That echo, we might have changed it. Just like it changed us, but we didn’t stop it. Because it just bounced back. We made an oath. That’s why I brought you back. That’s why you’re here. To finish it, for good.
Richie Tozier: Well, that sh*t got dark fast. Thanks, Mike.


[after they are tormented by hallucinations at the Chinese restaurant]
Eddie Kaspbrak: That’s what Pennywise does, right? He f**ks with us. So Stanley’s probably fine.


[after they find out about Stanley’s suicide; referring to Pennywise]
Mike Hanlon: We have to stop him. I have a plan.
Richie Tozier: I got a plan, getting the f**k out of dodge before this ends worse than one of Bill’s books. Who’s with me?
[Eddie puts up his hand along with Richie]
Mike Hanlon: We made a promise to each other.
Richie Tozier: Let’s unmake the promise.
Ben Hanscom: Richie, other people are going to die.
Richie Tozier: Other people die everyday, man! We don’t owe this town sh*t! Plus, I just remembered I grew up here like two hours ago. So I’m f**king leaving! F**k this!
Eddie Kaspbrak: I’m sorry, man. I’m with Richie.
Mike Hanlon: Guys, please.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Listen, what? We stay, we die? That’s it? I’m going to go back to the inn. I’m going to pack up my sh*t, and I’m going to drive to my home. I’m sorry, man, good luck.


[in Derry, a little girl is lured away by Pennywise to go under the bleachers at a football game]
Pennywise: Hello, Vickie. Isn’t that what your friends call you, Vickie? How did I know that? I guess I must be your friend too.
Victoria Fuller: If you’re my friend, why are you hiding in the dark? You are not my friend. You’re scary.
[Vickie turns and as she starts to walk off Pennywise begins to cry, she stops and looks back]
Victoria Fuller: Why are you crying?
Pennywise: People always make fun because of the way I look. I thought if you couldn’t see my face, then maybe you’d want to be my friend. Oh, never mind. Oh, silly old Pennywise, you’ll never have no friends.
Victoria Fuller: People make fun of me too.
Pennywise: They do?
[she points to the birthmark on her face]
Victoria Fuller: Because of this.
Pennywise: Isn’t that silly? For that little thing. Oh, I can blow that thing right away.
Victoria Fuller: You could?
Pennywise: Oh, yes. One poof, and it’ll be gone. Oh, but you would have to get close enough to see my face. I don’t know, Vickie.
Victoria Fuller: No, it’s okay. I won’t make fun, I promise.
Pennywise: Promise-promise?
[Vickie nods]
Pennywise: Okey-dokey! Just come in a little closer, and we’ll blow it away on the count of three.
[Vickie steps closer to Pennywise]
Pennywise: One. Two.
[Pennywise pauses and just looks at her]
Victoria Fuller: You’re supposed to say three…
[just then Pennywise’s face changes into a monstrous form and he devours her]


[referring to Beverly]
Richie Tozier: She knew how Stanley was going to die, is that what she just said?
Ben Hanscom: [to Beverly] You can’t just walk away from this. How did you know where he k*lled himself?
[Beverly ignores him and goes to get the keys to her room at the inn]
Ben Hanscom: Bev? Talk to me. Just talk to me, like we used to. Come on! How did you know?
Beverly Marsh: Because I saw it. I’ve seen all of us die.


Mike Hanlon: See, memory’s the thing. It’s the key. Well, it’s the key to everything.
Bill Denbrough: If It really wants us back here, don’t you think the smartest thing we can do is just get the hell out of Derry?
Mike Hanlon: No, no, no. It does want us back. Well, of course It does! But It doesn’t know, I know what I know.
Bill Denbrough: What do you know?
Mike Hanlon: How to k*ll the sh*t out of him!


Mike Hanlon: I’ve read every book. I’ve talked to every person in this godforsaken town. Everybody that would talk to me anyway, and that’s not a long list. But it wasn’t enough. I didn’t know how this all started. How It started. And It started here.
[Mike shows Bill an artifact]
Bill Denbrough: Woh, what am I looking at, Mike?
Mike Hanlon: It’s an artifact. Early 18th century, Shokopiwah.
Bill Denbrough: Shoko… How did you get it?
Mike Hanlon: I found it. No, they gave it to me. I stole it.
Bill Denbrough: You stole it? From Native Americans?
Mike Hanlon: It’s complicated.
Bill Denbrough: Yeah, it is.
Mike Hanlon: They helped me on my journey.
Bill Denbrough: It’s so beautiful.
Mike Hanlon: They showed me things, a vision.


Mike Hanlon: I need you to see what they showed me, Bill. They live outside of Derry, beyond Its reach. They moved there many years ago. They’re holy men, they’re holy of holiest. They took me in. Fed me their sacred drink. I started to react.
[we see flashback of Mike with the Shokopiwah]
Shokopiwah Shaman: All living things must abide by the laws of the shape they inhabit.
Mike Hanlon: While I sat there looking out over the valley, I saw It arrive. I knew that one day I would have to make you all see.


[after Bill’s seen the vision from the drug Mike gave him]
Mike Hanlon: You okay? Did you see it, the ritual?
Bill Denbrough: The Ritual of Chüd.
Mike Hanlon: I knew it. I knew you would see.
Bill Denbrough: I saw the whole f**king thing, Mike.
Mike Hanlon: That’s how we k*ll It.
Bill Denbrough: How are we going to do it? Everybody already said no.
Mike Hanlon: With you, they’ll listen. This won’t work without all of us.


Eddie Kaspbrak: Okay, so, what do you mean that you’ve seen us all die?
Richie Tozier: Yeah, because I’ve got to be honest, that’s a f**ked up thing to just drop on somebody.
Beverly Marsh: Every night since Derry, I’m having these nightmares. People in pain, people dying. People…
Eddie Kaspbrak: So, you have nightmares. I have nightmares. People have, they have nightmares, but that doesn’t mean that your visions are true.
Beverly Marsh: I’ve watched every single one of us this week
Bill Denbrough: You’ve seen every single one of us, what?
Beverly Marsh: To the place that Stanley wound up. That’s how we end.


[referring to Beverly]
Richie Tozier: How come the rest of us aren’t seeing that sh*t? I mean, what makes her so different?
Mike Hanlon: The Deadlights.
Bill Denbrough: The Deadlights. She was the only one of us that got caught in the dead lights that day.
Mike Hanlon: We were all touch by It, changed. Deep down, like an infection, or a virus. A Virus, you understand? Slowly… The virus, it’s been growing for twenty-seven years, this whole time, metastasizing. It just going to Stan first because…
Richie Tozier: He was the weakest.
Bill Denbrough: Jesus Christ, Rich.
Richie Tozier: I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking, man.


Mike Hanlon: What Beverly sees, it will come to pass. It’s what’ll happen to all of us eventually, unless we stop it.
Eddie Kaspbrak: How the hell are we supposed to do that?
Mike Hanlon: The Ritual of Chüd. The Shokopiwah. The first ones who fought it. They have a saying, “All living things must abide by the laws of the shape they inhabit.”
Richie Tozier: A tribal ritual? Are you f**king kidding me, man? Alright, there’s got to be another way. Okay, this thing comes back, what, every twenty-seven years? Let’s kick the can down the road and do it then.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Wait, we’ll be seventy years old, a**hole.
Beverly Marsh: It doesn’t work that way. None of us make it another twenty years, and the way it happens.
Ben Hanscom: So, if we don’t beat It this cycle then…
Bill Denbrough: We die.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Horribly
Richie Tozier: Yeah, I don’t need the horribly part.
Eddie Kaspbrak: I didn’t say it. She said it, not me.


Mike Hanlon: We don’t have much time. The cycle will end soon. And once it does…
Eddie Kaspbrak: We’re f**ked.


[they go to The Losers old clubhouse, they hear something that sounds like Pennywise in the dark corner]
Richie Tozier: Hey, Losers. Time to float.
[they see Richie come out of the shadows laughing]
Mike Hanlon: F**k, Richie.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Dude!
Richie Tozier: Remember he used to say that sh*t? He’d do that little dance.
[Richie does the Pennywise dance]
Richie Tozier: Am I the only one who remembers this sh*t?
Eddie Kaspbrak: Are you going to be like this the entire time we’re home?
Richie Tozier: Right. I’m just trying to add some levity to this sh*t. I’ll go f**k myself.


[we see flashback of the Losers back in their clubhouse]
Young Richie Tozier: I’ll do anything to get the hell out of Derry.
Young Mike Hanlon: Man, when I graduate, I’m going to Florida.
Young Ben Hanscom: What’s in Florida, Mike?
Young Mike Hanlon: I don’t know. I guess it’s just a place I always wanted to go.
Young Richie Tozier: Stan, you should go with Mike to Florida. You already act eighty. You’d clean up with all of the grandmas.


Young Stanley Uris: Do you guys think we’ll still be friends, when we are older?
Young Ben Hanscom: What?
Young Bill Denbrough: Why wouldn’t we be?
Young Stanley Uris: Do any of your parents still hang out with their friends from middle school? I mean, things might be different then. We all might be different.
Young Bill Denbrough: We’ll always still be friends. I don’t think that just goes away because we get older.
Young Beverly Marsh: Yeah, Stan, come on. You don’t have to be so…
[back to the present time]
Beverly Marsh: Sad.
Ben Hanscom: He was old before his time.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Yeah. I wonder what he was like all grown up?
Richie Tozier: Probably what he was like as a kid. The best.


Richie Tozier: Alright, Mike, what are we doing here?
Mike Hanlon: The ritual, to perform it, requires a sacrifice.
Richie Tozier: Sacrifice? I nominate Eddie.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Wait! What?
Richie Tozier: Because you’re little. You’ll fit on a barbecue.
Eddie Kaspbrak: I’m 5’9″, that’s like average height for most of the world.
Bill Denbrough: It’s not that kind of a sacrifice, guys. Mike.
Mike Hanlon: The past is buried. But you’re going to have to dig it up. Piece by piece. And these pieces, these artifacts, that’s why we’re here. They are what you’ll sacrifice. And since Stan isn’t here to find his, I figure we should all be here together to find his artifact.


Richie Tozier: We already remember everything. Saving Bev, defeating It. I mean, we’re caught up.
Eddie Kaspbrak: That’s not everything. We fought, but what happened after that? Before the house on Neibolt? Think.
Bill Denbrough: We can’t remember, can we?
Eddie Kaspbrak: You see, there’s more to our story, what happened that summer. And those blank spaces, like pages torn out of a book, that’s what you need to find. We need to split up. You each need to find your artifact, alone. That’s important. And when you do, meet me at the library tonight.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Yeah, I got to say statistically speaking, if you look at survival scenarios, we’re going to do much better as a group.
Richie Tozier: Yeah. Splitting up would be dumb, man. Okay, we got to go together. Alright? We were together that summer, right?
Bill Denbrough: No. Not that whole summer.


[we see flashback of the group after Neibolt House incident, as Billie and Richie have a fight]
Young Beverly Marsh: We were all together when we hurt It. That’s why we are still alive!
Young Richie Tozier: Yeah? Well, I plan to keep it that way.
[they all start walking away from each other]
Young Beverly Marsh: I bet by tomorrow, we’ll all be back together.
Young Bill Denbrough: I don’t think so.
Young Beverly Marsh: Well, if we’re going to to stop It, we better be.
Young Bill Denbrough: Maybe Richie was right. Maybe we shouldn’t do anything about it, or maybe we can’t.
Young Beverly Marsh: Hey, don’t let them get to you.
Young Bill Denbrough: It’s a little late for that. I should go. Before your dad sees.
[Beverly turns and leaves]


[Beverly goes to her old home, rings the doorbell and the front door opens]
Mrs. Kersh: Can I help you?
Beverly Marsh: I thought I rang Marsh.
Mrs. Kersh: Marsh? Alvin Marsh?
Beverly Marsh: My father. I grew up here.
Mrs. Kersh: Dear, it’s not for me to tell you this, but your father passed away. Oh, I’m so sorry, you didn’t know?
Beverly Marsh: We haven’t spoken in a while.
Mrs. Kersh: Well, won’t you come in? Let me offer you something to drink.
Beverly Marsh: No. No, it’s fine. I have to go.
Mrs. Kersh: It’s the least I can do.
Beverly Marsh: Sure. Okay.


[as Beverly enters the living room in her old home]
Mrs. Kersh: Is it like you remember?
Beverly Marsh: Cleaner.
Mrs. Kersh: Well, you feel free to look around, while I get the water boiling.
Beverly Marsh: Really, it’s fine, you don’t need to do that.
Mrs. Kersh: Don’t be so polite.
[Mrs. Kersh walks to the kitchen]


[Beverly finds and reads the old postcard that Ben had sent her]
Beverly Marsh: “Your hair is winter fire, January embers, and my heart burns there too.”
[we see Mrs. Kersh watching in the background, then she walks off like a creepy monster]


[as she joins Beverly in the living room]
Mrs. Kersh: There. I do apologize. It gets so very hot here this time of year.
Beverly Marsh: It’s fine.
Mrs. Kersh: Well, you feel like you could just about die. But you know what they say about Derry. No one who dies here ever really dies.
[she smiles and stares at Beverly in frozen silence]
Mrs. Kersh: But tell me how is it being back in Derry?
Beverly Marsh: It’s kind of strange.
Mrs. Kersh: Strange? Oh, my.
[she opens the top of her dress slightly and we see she has an ugly looking scar on her chest]
Mrs. Kersh: Strange, how?


[the oven bell rings]
Mrs. Kersh: I had some cookies in the oven before you came. Stay right there.
Beverly Marsh: Uh, I really, I shouldn’t impose. I’m going to…
Mrs. Kersh: No, no, no, no, no, no. I insist.
[as she goes to get the cookies, Beverly looks at the photos on the wall]
Beverly Marsh: Mrs. Kersh, are these your family?
Mrs. Kersh: Yes, dear. My father came to this country with fourteen dollars in his pocket. And he didn’t ask for a handout, the way the people come in here these days. Do you know what he did?
Beverly Marsh: What did he do, Mrs. Kersh?
Mrs. Kersh: My father joined the circus.
[Beverly notices a creepy looking old photo of a young Mrs. Kersh and her father, who looks like Pennywise]


Mrs. Kersh: I was always daddy’s little girl.
[we hear her voice deepen]
Mrs. Kersh: What about you? Are you still his little girl, Beverly? Are you?
[Beverly looks into the dark shadows, then a grotesque and monstrous form chases after Beverly]


[as Beverly tries to get away from the monster, a door opens and reveals Pennywise in his human form]
Pennywise: Run, run, run, run. You haven’t changed anything yet. You haven’t changed your futures. You haven’t saved any of them. Close your eyes, Bev.
Beverly Marsh: F**k you!
Pennywise: If you don’t believe, close them, and see.
[he changes into his clown form and Beverly runs out of the building]


[after Richie picks up his token he encounters Pennywise]
Pennywise: Did you miss me, Richie?
Richie Tozier: F**k!
Pennywise: Because I missed you. No one wants to play with the clown anymore. Play a game with me, would you? How about Street Fighter? Oh, yes. You like that one, don’t you? Or maybe Truth or Dare.
Richie Tozier: Jesus.
Pennywise: Oh, you wouldn’t want anyone to pick truth, would you, Richie? You wouldn’t want anyone to know what you’re hiding. I know your secret. Your dirty little secret. I know your secret. Your dirty little secret! Should I tell them, Richie?
[Richie closes his eyes]
Richie Tozier: This isn’t happening. This isn’t real. This isn’t real. This really isn’t happening. It isn’t real.
[he opens his eyes and Pennywise laughs in his face, Richie runs off]
Pennywise: Come back and play! Come back and play with the clown!


[Bill has flashback to when he goes to street where Georgie went missing down the sewer]
Young Bill Denbrough: There’s something I have to know. Of all the kids in this town you could have taken, why Georgie?
[he gets no reponse]
Young Bill Denbrough: Say something! Why him? Why him? Why him?!
[getting no response, Bill turns to walk away]
Pennywise: Why? Because you weren’t there, Billy.
[Pennywise laughs]


[Ben has flashback of himself and Beverly]
Young Beverly Marsh: You okay, new kid?
Young Ben Hanscom: Yeah. No, I’m fine. I guess I’m just worried that we’re not all going to be the same, after the fight.
Young Beverly Marsh: As long as we can still hang out, who cares?
Young Ben Hanscom: You really mean that?
Young Beverly Marsh: Well, yeah, of course, dummy.
[she takes his hand]
Young Beverly Marsh: You and me.
[Ben leans in to kiss her]
Young Beverly Marsh: Oh, my God! I meant as a friend. You actually thought I could like someone as f*t, and gross, and disgusting, like you? No matter how many stupid poems you write.
[her voice suddenly changes, Ben turns to see her hair is on fire before turning into Pennywise]
Pennywise: “Your hair is winter fire.
[Pennywise starts chasing after Ben]
Pennywise: “January embers. My heart burns there too.”


[after locking himself in a school locker to get away from Pennywise]
Young Ben Hanscom: That’s not the real Beverly. Beverly would never say anything like that. She’d never say that.
[suddenly Pennywise is inside the locker with him]
Pennywise: Kiss me, f*t boy.
[Ben jumps out of the locket to get away from Pennywise]
Pennywise: Oh, nobody wants to kiss the f*t boy.
Young Ben Hanscom: Just leave me alone!
Pennywise: Alone. You’ll always be alone.
Young Ben Hanscom: That is not true. I have real friends. Bill, Eddie, Mike, Stanley, Pennywise: Richie, Beverly. They’re my real friends!
Pennywise: Kiss me, as if it were the last time.
[Pennywise lunges at Ben as he runs off]


[back at the inn]
Beverly Marsh: Richie wants to leave. Ben’s upstairs trying to get him to stay.
Bill Denbrough: I know, he’s just scared.
Beverly Marsh: So am I, Bill. Aren’t you?
[they embrace each other]
Beverly Marsh: We’re all scared, that’s what worries me. Because that’s what it wants.
Bill Denbrough: We can do this, but we have to stick together.
[they have flashback to when they were younger and they kissed; back to the present and they start to kiss also]


[referring to the skateboard coming down the stairs by itself]
Beverly Marsh: Should we be running?
Bill Denbrough: This is Derry, I’m kind of getting used to it.
[blood drips upward from the skateboard, Bill hits it, then turns it to see the message “You won’t be there for him either” written in blood on it]
Beverly Marsh: What does it mean?
Bill Denbrough: Sh*t, it’s the kid.
Beverly Marsh: What?
Bill Denbrough: It’s the kid, from the place, the Chinese place. I saw him on the way here. He lives in my old house. He said he was going to the fair, and… He’s going to the fair, I’ve got to help him.
Beverly Marsh: Okay, okay. Listen to me, we’ll go together. I’m going to get Richie and Ben, and we’ll go.
Bill Denbrough: There’s no time. I can’t let it happen again.
Beverly Marsh: What happened before, it wasn’t your fault. None of it was.
Bill Denbrough: I wish that were true, Bev.
[he rushes off]


[Richie has flashback of Stanley giving a speech at his bar mitzvah]
Young Stanley Uris: Reflecting on the meaning of what I just read, the word “mishnah” comes up a lot, which means to change, to transform. Which makes sense I guess, because today I am supposed to become a man. It’s funny though. Everyone, I think, has some memories they’re prouder of than others, right? And maybe that’s why change is so scary. Because the things we wish we could leave behind. The whispers we wish we could silence. The nightmares we most want to wake up from. The memories we wish we could change. The secrets we feel like we have to keep, are the hardest to walk away from. The good stuff? The pictures in our mind that fade away the fastest? Those pieces of you it feels the easiest to lose. Maybe I don’t want to forget. Maybe if that’s what today is all about? Forgetting, right?
Stanley’s Dad: Thank you, Stanley.
[he goes to take the mic away from Stanley, but Stanley moves away and continues speaking]
Young Stanley Uris: Today, I’m supposed to become a man. But I don’t feel any different. I know I’m a loser. And no matter what, I always f**king will be.
[the guests are shocked, but Richie stands and starts to clap before his mom stops him]


[referring to Bill]
Mike Hanlon: He’s going to fight It alone.
Richie Tozier: What?
Mike Hanlon: Alone. It’s about the group. The ritual doesn’t work without the group. Doing it together is why it worked.
Ben Hanscom: Mike, did he tell you where he was going?
Beverly Marsh: If he really wanted to k*ll Pennywise, there’s only one place he’ll go.
Mike Hanlon: The same place the ritual needs to be performed.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Oh, we’re not going to like this, are we?
Ben Hanscom: F**k!


[as the group find a traumatized Bill at the Neibolt house]
Bill Denbrough: I started all this. It is my fault that you are all here. This curse, this f**king thing that’s inside you all, it started growing the day that I made you go down in the barrens. Because all I cared about was finding Georgie. Now, I’m going to go in there, and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I can’t ask you to do this.
Beverly Marsh: Well, we’re not asking you either.
Mike Hanlon: We didn’t do it alone then, Bill. So we’re not going to do this alone now.
Ben Hanscom: Losers stick together.


[as they are about to the Neibolt house]
Eddie Kaspbrak: So does somebody want to say something?
Bill Denbrough: Richie said it best, when we were here last.
Richie Tozier: I did? “I don’t want to die?”
Bill Denbrough: Not that.
Richie Tozier: “That we’re lucky we’re not measuring d*cks?”
Bill Denbrough: No.
[pauses as he thinks for a moment]
Richie Tozier: “Let’s k*ll this f**king clown?”
Bill Denbrough: [smiles] Yeah.
Richie Tozier: Let’s k*ll this f**king clown!


[as they are about to descend into a cavern beneath the sewers]
Eddie Kaspbrak: You guys, I can’t do it. I can’t. You saw what happened up there. I was going to let you die. I just f**king froze up. If you let me go down there with you, I’m going to get us all k*lled.
[Eddie goes to use his inhaler and Richie grabs his arm]
Richie Tozier: Hey, give me that. Give me that.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Richie.
Richie Tozier: Let go, you little turd.
Eddie Kaspbrak: I just need… I got it.
Richie Tozier: Stop. Listen to me. You had a moment, fine. But who k*lled a psychotic clown before he was fourteen?
Eddie Kaspbrak: Me.
Richie Tozier: Who stabbed Bowers with a knife that he pulled out of his own face?
Eddie Kaspbrak: Also me.
Richie Tozier: Who married a woman ten times his own body mass?
Eddie Kaspbrak: Me.
Richie Tozier: Yeah. You’re braver than you think.
Eddie Kaspbrak: Alright. Thanks, Richie.


[as they are about to perform the ritual]
Mike Hanlon: It can only be attacked in its true form. The ritual will show us.
Ben Hanscom: What is its true form?
Richie Tozier: I hope it’s a puppy, a Pomeranian.
[the others look at him]
Richie Tozier: I’ll shut up.


[referring to Pennywise’s true form]
Mike Hanlon: It’s light. Light that must be snuffed out by darkness.


[after the ritual fails to work and Pennywise appears]
Pennywise: Did it work, Mikey? Did it work? Tell them why your silly little ritual didn’t work. Tell them it’s all just, what’s the word? Placebo?
Eddie Kaspbrak: Mike, what’s he talking about?
Bill Denbrough: Mikey?
Pennywise: Oh, Mikey, you never showed them the fourth side, did you? You didn’t want them to know what actually happened to the poor Shokopiwah.
[we see flashback that the Shokopiwah got killed themselves when they tried the ritual]
Bill Denbrough: F**k, Mikey, you lied to us again?
Mike Hanlon: No. They didn’t believe! They didn’t believe that it would k*ll him. That’s why it didn’t work back then.
Richie Tozier: Are you f**king kidding, Mike? F**k!
Bill Denbrough: F**k you, Mikey!
Mike Hanlon: I needed something. Anything for us to remember. Anything for us to believe!


Beverly Marsh: The Deadlights. Don’t look at them!
[Pennywise approaches them in his giant spider form]
Pennywise: Twenty-seven years, I dreamt of you. I craved you. Oh, I missed you!
Ben Hanscom: Mike, move back! Mike, we got to go, man.
Pennywise: I waited for this very moment.
Bill Denbrough: We got to move, Mikey!
Ben Hanscom: Mike, come on!
Mike Hanlon: I’m sorry, guys. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
Pennywise: It’s time to float.


[Bill is trapped in what looks like his childhood basement and he sees his young self talking to Georgie]
Georgie Denbrough: I lost it, Billy. It just floated off.
Young Bill Denbrough: I’m not mad at you.
Georgie Denbrough: It’s your fault, what happened, isn’t it? You weren’t really that sick that morning, were you?
Young Bill Denbrough: No, I just pretended, because I didn’t want to play with you. I just didn’t want to.
Georgie Denbrough: You lied and I died. You lied and I died. You lied and I died! You lied and I died! You lied and I died!
Young Bill Denbrough: It happened because of me, Georgie! Me!


[after Beverly rescues Ben from his nightmare scenario, she realizes it was him that wrote the poem to her]
Beverly Marsh: “January embers.”
Ben Hanscom: “My heart burns there too.”
Beverly Marsh: It was you.


[after they realize the only way to stop Pennywise is by making him feel small]
Mike Hanlon: There’s more than one way to make someone small.
Beverly Marsh: Make him believe that he is.
Bill Denbrough: What?
Mike Hanlon: Make him believe that he is.
Pennywise: Oh, me? Small?
Pennywise: I am the eater of worlds.
Mike Hanlon: Not to us, you’re not. You’re just a clown.
[Pennywise goes to lunge at them]
Beverly Marsh: You’re a weak old woman.
Pennywise: Eater of worlds!
Ben Hanscom: A headless boy.
Bill Denbrough: Impostor!
Ben Hanscom: You are a mimic! A mimic!
Beverly Marsh: You’re a f**king bully!
Mike Hanlon: You’re just a f**king clown!
Richie Tozier: A dumb f**king clown!


[as they continue to taunt Pennywise he regresses into a helpless state]
Mike Hanlon: A clown with a scared beating heart.
[Mike rips out its heart, holds it up, and the others join their hands with his]
Pennywise: Look at you. You’re all grown up.
[as Pennywise laughs, they crush his heart which k*lls him]


[after killing Pennywise, they go to Eddie, who’s died from his injuries]
Richie Tozier: Hey, Ed, we got Pennywise, man. Eddie?
Beverly Marsh: Richie.
Bill Denbrough: He’s gone.
Richie Tozier: He’s alright. No, he’s just hurt. We got to get him out of here. He’s hurt. Ben. No, he’s okay. We have to get him out of here, Bev.
Beverly Marsh: Richie?
Richie Tozier: What?
Beverly Marsh: I think he’s dead. We have to go. Come on. Come on, Richie.
Bill Denbrough: We got to go.
[Richie holds on to Eddie’s body, crying]


[referring to the scars on their hands disappearing]
Beverly Marsh: Hey, guys. Look.
Mike Hanlon: Nothing lasts forever.
[they see their reflections on a window and see their childhood selves, including Stanley and Eddie]


[flashback of the group as kids riding their bikes home]
Young Eddie Kaspbrak: I can’t go home like this guys. My mom will k*ll me.
Young Richie Tozier: Dude, you’ve been gone for twenty-four straight hours. Your face is definitely on a milk carton by now. Also that puke smells worse than your mom’s slippers
Young Beverly Marsh: Oh, shut up, Richie.
Young Eddie Kaspbrak: Okay. First of all, my mom’s slippers smell like potpourri, a**hole.
Young Stanley Uris: No, they don’t.
Young Eddie Kaspbrak: Yes, they do. And also, how would you know what they smell like in the first place?
Young Stanley Uris: Can we just keep it quiet, please, until we get home?
Young Eddie Kaspbrak: There’s potpourri all over my bathroom.
Young Richie Tozier: Eddie, potpourri is literally a French word, meaning rotten pot.


[Bill is writing his latest book on his laptop]
“These were his friends, and his mother was wrong. They weren’t bad friends. Maybe, he thought, there aren’t any such things as good friends or bad friends. Maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you’re hurt and who help you not feel so lonely. Maybe they’re always worth being scared for, and hoping for, and living for. Maybe worth dying for too, if that’s what has to be. No good friends. No bad friends. Only people you want, need to be with, people who build their houses in your heart.”


[on the phone]
Bill Denbrough: Say, can I ask you a question?
Mike Hanlon: Sure.
Bill Denbrough: Why do you think we’re not forgetting, like, you know, like last time?
Mike Hanlon: Maybe because It’s dead. Or maybe because we have more we want to remember than we want to forget.
Bill Denbrough: I like that one.


Bill Denbrough: You decided what you want to do? About leaving Derry?
Mike Hanlon: Man, I’ve been in this town for twenty-seven years. Just the way It wanted me to. I think it’s time I saw the sky for a change.
Bill Denbrough: Go get it, Mikey.
Mike Hanlon: Oh, did you get the letter?
Bill Denbrough: Uh, what letter?
Mike Hanlon: You’ll know when you see it.
Bill Denbrough: Hold on, I just got the mail.
Mike Hanlon: We all got one.
[Bill goes through his mail and sees the letter from Stanley]
Bill Denbrough: Patricia Uris?
Mike Hanlon: Just read it.
Bill Denbrough: Okay.
Mike Hanlon: And call me, anytime.
Bill Denbrough: I will.
Mike Hanlon: And, Bill. I love you, man.
Bill Denbrough: I love you too.
Mike Hanlon: Alright, see you around.


[Bill reads a letter that Stanley sent to all the Losers]
Stanley Uris: [voice over] Dear Losers, I know what this must seem like, but this isn’t a suicide note. You’re probably wondering why I did what I did. It’s because I knew I was too scared to go back. And if we weren’t together? If all of us alive weren’t united? I knew we’d all die. So, I made the only logical move. I took myself off the board. Did it work? Well, if you’re reading this, you know the answer. I’ve lived my whole life afraid. Afraid of what would come next. Afraid of what I might leave behind. Don’t be. Be who you want to be. Be proud. And if you find someone worth holding on to, never, ever, let them go. Follow your own path, wherever that takes you. Think of this letter as a promise.
Losers Club: [voice over] A promise I’m asking you to make. To me. To each other. An oath.


[last lines]
Stanley Uris: [voice over] See, the thing about being a loser is, you don’t have anything to lose. So…
Young Losers Club: [voice over] Be true. Be brave. Stand. Believe. And don’t ever forget, we’re losers, and we always will be.

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