Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Bill Camp, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, Glenn Fleshler, Douglas Hodge, Marc Maron, Josh Pais, Shea Whigham



Psychological thriller and based on the DC Comics character Joker, directed and co-written by Todd Phillips. The story follows Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a failed stand-up comedian who is driven insane and turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City.



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Arthur Fleck: Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?
Social Worker: It is certainly tense. People are upset, they’re struggling, looking for work. These are tough times. How about you? Have you been keeping up with your journal?
Arthur Fleck: Yes, ma’am.
Social Worker: Great. Did you bring it with you?
[Arthur smiles]


Social Worker: Arthur, last time I asked you to bring your journal for these appointments. Can I see it?
[Arthur gets his journal and gives it to her]
Arthur Fleck: I’ve been using it as a journal, but also as a joke diary, if I have any thoughts or frustrations. I think I told you, I’m pursuing a career in standup comedy.
Social Worker: No, you didn’t.
Arthur Fleck: I think I did.


[reading from Arthur’s journal]
Social Worker: “I just hope my death makes more cents than my life.”


Social Worker: How does it feel to have to come here? Does it help to have someone to talk to?
Arthur Fleck: I think I felt better when I was locked up in the hospital.


Arthur Fleck: I was wondering if you could ask the doctor to increase my medication.
Social Worker: Arthur, you’re on seven different medications. Surely they must be doing something.
Arthur Fleck: I just don’t want to feel so bad anymore.


[to Arthur, who’s playing peekaboo with a young boy on the bus]
Boy’s Mother: Will you stop bothering my kid.
Arthur Fleck: I wasn’t bothering him. I was…
Boy’s Mother: Just stop!
[Arthur starts to laugh uncontrollably]
Boy’s Mother: What, you think that’s funny?
[Arthur shakes his head as he continues to laugh uncontrollably]
Arthur Fleck: I’m sorry. I have a co…
[he hands her a card that explains that he has a condition that causes him to laugh]


[Arthur writes in his notebook]
“The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”


[referring to Thomas Wayne]
Penny Fleck: He’d make a great mayor. Everybody says so.
Arthur Fleck: Oh, yeah? Everybody, who? Who do you talk to?
Penny Fleck: Everybody on the news. He’s the only one who can save the city. He owes it to us.


[as Arthur is imagining himself being on Murray’s show and getting his attention]
Murray Franklin: What’s your name?
Arthur Fleck: Hi, Murray. Arthur.
Murray Franklin: Arthur?
Arthur Fleck: My name’s Arthur.
Murray Franklin: Well, okay. Well, there’s something special about you, Arthur, I could tell. Where are you from?
Arthur Fleck: I live right here, in this city, with my mother.
[the audience laughs]
Murray Franklin: Okay. Hold on. Hold on. There’s nothing funny about that. I lived with my mother before I made it. Just me and her. I’m that kid whose father went out for a pack of cigarettes, and he never came back.
Audience: Aw!
Arthur Fleck: I know what that’s like, Murray. I’ve been the man of the house for as long as I can remember. I take good care of my mother.
[the audience applauds]
Murray Franklin: All that sacrifice, she must love you very much.
Arthur Fleck: She does. She always tells me to smile and put on a happy face. She says I was put here to spread joy and laughter.
[the audience applauds]
Murray Franklin: I like that. I like that a lot. Come on down. Come on. For that, you got to come down.
[Arthur joyfully joins him on the stage as the audience claps for him]


[as Arthur is continues his fantasy of meeting Murray on his show]
Murray Franklin: That was great, Arthur. Thank you. I mean, I loved hearing what you had to say, it made my day.
Arthur Fleck: Thanks, Murray.
Murray Franklin: But, you know, this stuff, the lights, the show, the audience, all that stuff, I’d give it all up in a heartbeat to have a kid like you.
[Arthur smiles and hugs Murray lovingly]


Hoyt Vaughn: How’s the comedy career? Are you a famous standup yet?
Arthur Fleck: Not quite. I’ve just been working on my material.
[Arthur goes to sit down]
Hoyt Vaughn: No, don’t sit. This will be quick. Look, I like you, Arthur. You know, a lot of the guys, they think you’re a freak, but I like you. I don’t even know why I like you, but I got another complaint. It’s starting to piss me off. Kenny’s Music, the guy said you disappeared. Never even returned his sign.
Arthur Fleck: Because I got jumped. Didn’t you hear?
Hoyt Vaughn: For a sign? That’s bullsh*t. It doesn’t even make sense. Just give him the sign back. He’s going out of business, for God’s sake, Arthur.
Arthur Fleck: Why would I keep that sign?
Hoyt Vaughn: How the f**k do I know? Why does anybody do anything? If you don’t return the sign, I got to take it out of your paycheck. Are we clear?
[Arthur just stares at him with a smile]


Arthur Fleck: I don’t want you to worry about money, mom. I mean, everybody’s telling me that my standup’s ready for the big clubs.
Penny Fleck: But what makes you think you could do that?
Arthur Fleck: What do you mean?
Penny Fleck: I mean, don’t you have to be funny to be a comedian?


[after Sophie, Arthur’s neighbor, knocks on his front door]
Sophie Dumond: Hey. Where you following me today?
Arthur Fleck: Yeah.
Sophie Dumond: I thought that was you. I was hoping you’d come in to rob the place.
Arthur Fleck: I have a gun. I can come by tomorrow.
[Sophie laughs]
Sophie Dumond: You’re so funny, Arthur.
Arthur Fleck: Yeah. Did you know, I do standup comedy? You should maybe come and see a show sometime.
Sophie Dumond: I could do that. Yeah. You let me know when.
[Sophie turns and walks off]


[Arthur’s on the phone to Vaughn, after the gun that Randall had given for protection falls out of his pocket while he was entertaining at a children’s hospital]
Arthur Fleck: Wait, please, I love this job.
Hoyt Vaughn: Arthur, I need to why you brought a gun into a kids hospital?
Arthur Fleck: It’s a prop, for my act now.
Hoyt Vaughn: That’s bullsh*t! It’s bullsh*t! What kind of clown carries a f**king gun? Besides, Randall told me, you tried to fire a thirty-eight over him last week.
Arthur Fleck: Randall told you that?
Hoyt Vaughn: You’re a f**k-up, Arthur, and a liar. You’re fired!
[he hangs up]


[on the subway Arthur, still wearing his clown makeup, notices three drunken businessmen harassing a woman and starts to laugh uncontrollably]
Wall Street Three: Is something funny a**hole?
[Arthur continues to laugh hysterically and one of the men starts singing the lyrics to “Send in the Clowns”]
Wall Street Three: Is something funny? What’s so f**king funny?
Arthur Fleck: I…
[as Arthur tries to find the card that explains his condition, the three men start beating him up]


[Arthur is packing up his locker at the clown company]
Gary: I heard what happened? Sorry, mate.
Randall: Yeah, it doesn’t seem fair, getting fired like that.
Haha’s Clown #1: Did you really bring a gun to a children’s hospital, Arty? What the f**k would you do that for?
Haha’s Clown #2: Is that part of your new act, Arthur? The dancing didn’t do the trick, you were just going to shoot yourself?
[the other clown employees start to laugh]
Arthur Fleck: Why don’t you ask Randall about it? It was his gun.
Randall: What?
Arthur Fleck: I still owe you for that, don’t I?
Randall: What the f**k are you talking about? Stop talking out of you’re a**, Art.
[Arthur honks the clown horn, tosses it aside, and walks off, but returns]
Arthur Fleck: Oh, no. I forgot to punch out.
[he punches the timestamp machine, laughs as it breaks and leaves]


[Arthur and Penny are watching the news about the three Wayne Enterprises businessmen that Arthur shot and k*lled on the subway]
Good Morning Host: There seems to be a groundswell of anti-rich sentiment in the city. It’s almost as if our less fortunate brethrens are taking the side of the k*ller.
Thomas Wayne: Yes, that is a shame. It’s one of the reasons why I’m considering a run for mayor. Gotham’s lost its way.
Good Morning Host: What about the eyewitness report of the suspect being a man in a clown mask?
Thomas Wayne: Well, it makes total sense to me. What kind of coward would do something that coldblooded? Someone who hides behind a mask. Someone who is envious of those more fortunate than themselves. Yet they’re too scared to show their own face. And it’s those kind of people that change for the better, those of us who’ve made something of our lives, will always look at those who haven’t, as nothing but clowns.
[Arthur laughs]
Penny Fleck: [to Arthur] That’s not funny.


Arthur Fleck: I heard this song on the radio the other day, and the guy was singing that his name was Carnival.
Social Worker: Arthur…
Arthur Fleck: Which is crazy, because that’s my clown name. At work, until a little while ago, it was like nobody ever saw me. Even I didn’t know if I really existed.
Social Worker: Arthur, I have some bad news for you.
Arthur Fleck: You don’t listen, do you? I don’t think you ever really listened to me. You just ask the same questions every week. “How’s your job? Are you having any negative thoughts?” All I have are negative thoughts. But you don’t listen. Anyway, I said, for my whole life, I didn’t know if I even really existed. But I do, and people are starting to notice.


Social Worker: They cut our funding. They’re closing down our offices next week. The city’s cut funding across the board, social services is part of that. This is the last time we’ll be meeting.
Arthur Fleck: Okay.
Social Worker: They don’t give a sh*t about people like you, Arthur. And they really don’t give a sh*t about people like me either.
Arthur Fleck: What am I supposed to do about my medication now? Who do I talk to?
Social Worker: I’m sorry, Arthur.


[Arthur laughs uncontrollably as he begins his standup routine at a club]
Arthur Fleck: School, as a kid, my mother would say, “You should enjoy it. One day you’ll have to work for a living.” No, I won’t, ma. I’m going to me a comedian.
[he laughs awkwardly, the audience is quiet, and we see Sophie in the audience smiling]


[we see Arthur on a date with Sophie, when he spots a newspaper headline about the k*llings of the three businessmen by the clown]
Sophie Dumond: Do you believe that sh*t? F**k them. I think they guy that did it is a hero. Three less creeps in Gotham City. Only a million more to go.


[referring to Thomas Wayne]
Penny Fleck: He’s an extraordinary man, Happy. A very powerful man. We were in love. He said it was best that we not be together because of appearances. And I couldn’t tell anyone because, well, I signed some papers. And besides, you can imagine what people would say about Thomas and me, what they’d say about you.
Arthur Fleck: What would they say, mom?


[Arthur goes to Wayne Manor where he sees young Bruce and does a clown routing for him before talking to him through the gates]
Arthur Fleck: Hi. What’s your name?
Bruce Wayne: I’m Bruce.
Arthur Fleck: Bruce. I’m Arthur.
[he sticks his hands through the gate, puts his fingers on Bruce’s face, lifting the corners of his mouth as if to make Bruce smile]
Alfred Pennyworth: Bruce! Bruce! Get away from that man.
Arthur Fleck: It’s okay. I’m a good guy.
Alfred Pennyworth: How do you do? Who are you?
Arthur Fleck: I’m here to see Mr. Wayne.
Alfred Pennyworth: Well, you shouldn’t be speaking to his son.
[giving back the fake flowers Arthur gave Bruce]
Alfred Pennyworth: Why did you give him these flowers?
Arthur Fleck: No, they’re not real. It’s magic. I was just trying to make Bruce smile.
Alfred Pennyworth: Well, it’s not funny, is it? Do I need to call the police?
Arthur Fleck: No, please.


Arthur Fleck: My mother’s name is Penny. Penny Fleck. She used to work here years ago. Can you please tell Mr. Wayne I need to see him?
Alfred Pennyworth: You are her son?
Arthur Fleck: Yeah. Did you know her? I know about the two of them. She told me everything.
Alfred Pennyworth: There’s nothing to know. There is no “them”. Your mother was delusional. She was a sick woman.
Arthur Fleck: Don’t say that.
Alfred Pennyworth: Just go. Before you make a fool of yourself.
Arthur Fleck: Thomas Wayne is my father.
[Alfred laughing, in anger, Arthur puts his hand through the gates around Alfred’s neck and starts to choke him]
Alfred Pennyworth: Let go of me! Let go! Let go of me!
[Arthur looks at Bruce watching with fear, he turns and runs off]


[after Penny is taken to hospital, two detectives come to visit Arthur]
Detective Garrity: Mr. Fleck. Sorry to bother you. I’m Detective Garrity. This is my partner, Detective Burke. We have a few questions for you, but you weren’t home. So, we spoke with your mother.
Arthur Fleck: Oh. What did you say to her? Did you do this?
Detective Garrity: What? No.
Detective Burke: No, no, no. We just asked her some questions. She got hysterical. Hyperventilating, collapsed…
Arthur Fleck: Yeah, but the doctor said she had a stroke.
Detective Garrity: We’re sorry to hear about that. But like I said, I still have some questions for you. They’re about the subway k*llings that happened last week. You’ve heard about them, right?
Arthur Fleck: Yeah. It’s horrible.
Detective Garrity: Right.


Detective Garrity: So we spoke with your boss, over at Ha-Ha’s. He said you were fired for bringing a gun into the children’s hospital. Is that true, Mr. Fleck?
Arthur Fleck: It’s a prop. It’s part of my act. I’m a party clown.
Detective Burke: Alright, so why were you fired?
Arthur Fleck: They said I wasn’t funny enough. Can you imagine that? Now, if you don’t, I have to go take care of my mother.
[Arthur starts to walk off]
Detective Burke: Your boss also gave us one of your cards. This condition of yours, the laughing, is it real, or some sort of clown thing?
Arthur Fleck: A clown thing?
Detective Burke: Yeah. I mean, part of your act?
Arthur Fleck: What do you think?
[Arthur turns and starts walking towards the hospital doors, but walks into the glass door]
Detective Burke: It’s exit only.


[Arthur is watching Murray Franklin’s show on TV in Penny’s hospital room]
Murray Franklin: And finally, in a world where everyone thinks they could do my job, we got this videotape from Pogo’s Comedy Club, right here in Gotham. Here’s a guy who thinks he could just keep laughing, it’ll somehow make you funny. Check out this joker.
[the footage shows Arthur, at the comedy club earlier, as he was laughing uncontrollably]
Arthur Fleck: Oh, no.
[Arthur watches the footage of his standup joke]
Arthur Fleck: School, as a kid, my mother would say, “You should enjoy it. One day you’ll have to work for a living.” No, I won’t, ma. I’m going to me a comedian.
[as he watches himself, Arthur laughs at his own joke]
Murray Franklin: You should have listened to your mother.
[the audience at Murray’s show laugh]


[Arthur watches as Murray’s show continues]
Murray Franklin: Let’s see one more. I love this guy.
[Arthur watches another footage of his standup joke at the comedy club]
Arthur Fleck: It’s funny, when I was a little boy, and told people I was going to be a comedian, everyone laughed at me. Well, no one’s laughing now.
[the audience at Murray’s show laugh]
Murray Franklin: You can say that again, pal.
[Arthur looks hurt as he watches Murray]


[Arthur watches the news report on TV demonstrations against the rich with protestors in clown masks]
WBC News Anchor: Wayne, who recently announced he’s running for mayor, will be attending the benefit. You might remember, it was Thomas Wayne who first referred to many of Gotham’s residents as clowns. Today, he offered little in way of an apology.
Thomas Wayne: Well, what I will say is, there’s something wrong with those people. I’m here to help them. I want to lift them out of poverty, help make their lives better. That is why I’m running. They may not realize it, but I’m their only hope.


[Arthur confronts Thomas at one of his public events]
Thomas Wayne: Can I help you, pal?
Arthur Fleck: I don’t know what to say.
Thomas Wayne: Do you want an autograph, or something?
Arthur Fleck: No. My name is Arthur. Penny Fleck is my mother.
Thomas Wayne: Jesus. You’re the guy that came to my house yesterday.
Arthur Fleck: Yes. I’m sorry, I just showed up. But my mother told me everything, and I had to talk to you.
Thomas Wayne: Look, pal, I’m not your father.
[Thomas laughs]
Thomas Wayne: What’s wrong with you?
Arthur Fleck: Because I think you are.
Thomas Wayne: Well, that’s impossible. Because you were adopted, and I never slept with your mother.


Thomas Wayne: What do you want from me? Money?
Arthur Fleck: No, I don’t. I wasn’t adopted.
Thomas Wayne: Jesus, she never told you?
Arthur Fleck: What?
Thomas Wayne: Your mother adopted you while she was working for us.
Arthur Fleck: That’s not true. Why are you saying that?
Thomas Wayne: But she was arrested and committed to Arkham State Hospital when you were just a little boy.
Arthur Fleck: Why are you saying this? I don’t need you to tell me lies! I know it seems strange! I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable! I don’t know why! Dad, I want just a little bit of f**king decency! What is it with you people? You say that stuff about my mother!
Thomas Wayne: She’s crazy.
Arthur Fleck: She’s…
[Arthur starts laughing uncontrollably]
Thomas Wayne: You think this is funny? Is this a joke to you?
Arthur Fleck: [laughing] Dad, it’s me! Come on!
[Thomas suddenly punches Arthur in the face]
Thomas Wayne: Touch my son again, I’ll f**king k*ll you.


[after Arthur gets a call from a rep for Murray’s show]
Arthur Fleck: Who is this?
Shirley Woods: Oh, hi. This is Shirley Wood. I’m the show booker for Live With Murray Franklin. Is this Arthur?
Arthur Fleck: Yes.
Shirley Woods: Hi, Arthur. Well, as I was saying, we’ve gotten a lot of calls about your clip, amazing responses. And Murray asked if I would reach out to you, see if you would come on as his guest.
Arthur Fleck: Murray wants me on the Murray Franklin Show?
Shirley Woods: Yeah. Isn’t that great? He’d love to talk to you, maybe do some of your act. Does that sound good to you?
Arthur Fleck: Yeah, that sounds good.
Shirley Woods: Can we set up a date right now? Are you available next Thursday?


[Arthur visits Arkham State Hospital to look at Penny’s case file]
Arthur Fleck: Can I ask you a question?
Carl: Sure.
Arthur Fleck: How does someone windup in here? Have they all, all the people committed crimes?
Carl: Yeah, some have. You know, some are just crazy, pose a danger to themselves and others. Some just got nowhere else to go, don’t know what to do, you know?
Arthur Fleck: Yeah, I hear you, brother. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do. The last time, I ended up taking it out on some people. I thought it was going to bother me, but it really hasn’t.
[Carl looks at Arthur seriously]
Carl: What’s that?
Arthur Fleck: I f**ked up. I’ve done some bad sh*t. And I’ve been thinking real hard about it. It’s so hard just to try and be happy all the time.
Carl: Hey, listen, man, I’m just the administrator assistant. A clerk. You know, all I do is file paperwork. I don’t know what to tell you. But you should see somebody.


Carl: Alright. Here it is. Fleck. Penny Fleck. Let’s see.
[reads from the file]
Carl: Diagnosed by Dr. Benjamin Stoner. Patient suffers from delusional psychosis, and narcissistic personality disorder. Was found guilty of endangerment welfare of her own child.
[Carl hesitates and looks at Arthur]
Arthur Fleck: What?
Carl: It says she’s your mother.
[Arthur smiles and nods]
Carl: Uh, I’m sorry. They said I can’t release these records. You know, this is not a public forum. Sorry, I’d get in trouble. Look, if you want to bring your mom here to sign, that’ll be much easier, but I can’t let this go without a signature. Okay? I’m sorry.
[Arthur suddenly grabs the file and tries to take it off Carl]
Carl: No, man! Let, go, man! Give it back!
[Arthur manages to snatch the file and runs off]


[we see flashback of young Penny at Arkham as Arthur reads through her file]
Dr. Stoner: We went over this, Penny. You adopted him. We have all the paperwork, right here.
Young Penny: That’s not true. Thomas and I made him, so it stayed our secret.
Dr. Stoner: You also stood by when one of your boyfriends repeatedly abused your adopted son and battered you.
[Arthur starts to laugh as he reads the articles about his abuse]


Dr. Stoner: Penny, your son was found tied to a radiator in a filthy apartment, malnourished, with multiple bruises across his body, and severe trauma to his head.
Young Penny: I never heard him crying. He’s always been such a happy little boy.
[we see Arthur laugh uncontrollably and cry after he finishes reading Penny’s file]


[after Arthur breaks into Sophie’s apartment]
Sophie Dumond: I really need you to leave. My little girl is sleeping in the other room. Please.
Arthur Fleck: I’m having a bad day.
Sophie Dumond: Let me call someone. Is your mother home?
[Arthur looks at Sophie, he mimics shooting is head using his finger as a gun, just as she had done earlier when they met, we then see their previous encounters were all in Arthur’s head and never happened]


[Arthur is visiting Penny at the hospital]
Arthur Fleck: Penny Fleck. I always hated that name. Remember you used to tell me that my laugh was a condition, that there was something wrong with me? It isn’t. That’s the real me.
Penny Fleck: Oh, Happy.
Arthur Fleck: Happy. Hm. I haven’t been happy one day out of my entire f**king life.


Arthur Fleck: [to Penny] You know what’s funny? You know what really makes me laugh? I used to think that my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it’s a f**king comedy.
[he takes Penny’s pillow and uses it to smother her to death]


[as Arthur is preparing himself for Murray’s show, he’s visited by Gary and Randall]
Gary: Hey, Arthur. How is it going?
Arthur Fleck: Oh, hey, guys. Come on in
Gary: Did you, uh, get a new gig?
Arthur Fleck: No.
Randall: Oh, you must be going down to that rally at City Hall. I hear it’s going to be nuts.
Arthur Fleck: Oh, is that today?
Randall: Yeah. What’s with the makeup then?
Arthur Fleck: My mom died. I’m celebrating.
Randall: Right. Yeah, we heard, that’s why we came by. Figured you could use some cheering up.
[Gary holds up a bottle]
Arthur Fleck: Oh, that’s sweet. But, I don’t know, I feel good. I stopped taking my medication. I feel a lot better now.
Randall: [awkwardly] Oh. Okay. Good for you.


Randall: So, hey, listen, uh, I don’t know if you heard, but the cops have been coming around the shop, talking to all the guys about the subway murders.
Gary: They didn’t talk to me.
Randall: That’s because the suspect was a regular size person. If it was a f**king m*dget, you’d be in jail right now.
[Arthur laughs]
Randall: Anyway, Hoyt said that they talked to you, and now they’re looking for me. I just want to know what you said, make sure our stories lineup, seeing as how you’re my boy, and, uh, you know what I mean?
[we see Arthur take out a knife from his pocket]
Arthur Fleck: Thank you, Randall. Thank you so much.
Randall: I just want to…
[suddenly Arthur stabs Randall and k*lls him]


[after Arthur’s k*lls Randall; Gary cries out in fear]
Gary: Why would you do that, Arthur?
Arthur Fleck: Do you watch the Murray Franklin show? I’m going to be on tonight.
[Gary looks terrified; Arthur speaks in mock cockney accent]
Arthur Fleck: It’s f**king crazy, ain’t it? Me on the telly?
Gary: What the f**k, Arthur?
Arthur Fleck: What? It’s okay, Gary. You can go. I’m not going to hurt you.
[Gary cries out in horror as he sees Randall’s body]
Arthur Fleck: Don’t look. Just go.
[as Gary slowly tries to leave, Arthur jumps out at him in jest, and Gary runs to door]


[Gary is unable to open the apartment door as Arthur had put the chain on the door earlier]
Gary: Hey, Arthur?
Arthur Fleck: Yeah?
Gary: Arthur, can you get the lock?
Arthur Fleck: Sh*t. Sorry, Gary.
[Arthur goes to open the door, but closes it again]
Arthur Fleck: Gary?
Gary: Yeah?
Arthur Fleck: You’re the only one that’s ever been nice to me.
[he kisses the top of Gary’s head and opens the door]
Arthur Fleck: Get out of here.
[Gary rushes out the door]


[Arthur is dancing on the steps in his full Joker costume]
Detective Burke: Hey, Arthur! We need to talk!
[Arthur makes a run for it]
Detective Burke: Hey! Stop!
[the two detectives chase after him]


[Murray and Gene enter Arthur’s dressing room as he waits to go the show]
Arthur Fleck: Murray.
[he shakes Murray’s hand]
Murray Franklin: Hey.
Gene Ufland: Hey, hey, it’s Mr. Franklin, buddy.
Murray Franklin: Come on, Gene, that’s all bullsh*t.
Arthur Fleck: Thank you, Murray. I feel like I know you. I’ve been watching you forever.
Arthur Fleck: Thank you.


[referring to Arthur’s clown makeup]
Murray Franklin: What’s with the face? I mean, are you part of the protest?
Arthur Fleck: No. No, I don’t believe any of that. I don’t believe in anything. I just thought it’d be good for my act.
Gene Ufland: For your act? Didn’t you hear what happened on the subway? Some clown got k*lled.
Murray Franklin: [to Gene] Don’t worry about that.
Arthur Fleck: No, I hadn’t heard.
Murray Franklin: Yeah.
Gene Ufland: You see, this is what I’m telling you. The audience is going to go crazy if you put this guy on. I mean, maybe for a bit, but not a whole segment.
Murray Franklin: Gene, it’s going to work. It’s going to work. We’re going to go with it.
[Arthur laughs]
Arthur Fleck: Thank you, Murray.


[continuing to prep Arthur for his segment on the show]
Murray Franklin: Couple of rules though. No cursing, or off color material. We do a clean show. Okay?
Arthur Fleck: Mm-hmm.
Murray Franklin: You’re going on right after Dr. Sally.
Arthur Fleck: I love Dr. Sally.
Murray Franklin: Good. Good, good. Well, someone will come and get you, okay?
Arthur Fleck: Okay. Perfect.
Murray Franklin: Good luck.
Arthur Fleck: Thanks, Murray.
Murray Franklin: Okay.


[as Murray and Gene are about to leave the dressing room]
Arthur Fleck: Uh, Murray, one small thing.
Murray Franklin: Yeah.
Arthur Fleck: When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?
Gene Ufland: What’s wrong with your real name?
Arthur Fleck: That’s what you called me on the show, a joker. Do you remember?
Murray Franklin: Did I?
Gene Ufland: I don’t know.
Murray Franklin: Well, if you say so. Okay, you know, Joker it is. It’s good.
Arthur Fleck: Thanks, Murray.


[introducing Arthur on his show]
Murray Franklin: Now, before he comes out, I just want to say, that we’re all heartbroken about what’s going on in the city tonight, but this is how he wanted to come out. Now, honestly I think we could all use a good laugh. So, please welcome Joker!
[practicing his pose backstage, Arthur walks out, doing a dance, to a warm reception by the audience]


Murray Franklin: Well, that was quite an entrance.
[the audience laughs, as Arthur just sits down staring at the audience]
Murray Franklin: You okay?
Arthur Fleck: Yeah. This is exactly how I imagined it.
Murray Franklin: Well, that makes one of us.
[the audience laughs and applauds]


Murray Franklin: So, can you tell us about this look? When we spoke earlier, you mentioned that this look is not a political statement. Is that right?
Arthur Fleck: That’s, right, Murray. I’m not political. I’m just trying to make people laugh.
Murray Franklin: And how’s that going for you?
[the audience laughs, and Arthur does his crazy laughter]


Murray Franklin: So, I know you’re a comedian. Have you been working on any new material? You want to tell us a joke?
[the audience applauds]
Arthur Fleck: Yeah?
[Arthur takes out his notebook from his back pocket]
Murray Franklin: He’s got a book. A book of jokes.
[Arthur opens his notebook and looks at a page]
Murray Franklin: Take your time, we got all night.
[the audience laughs]


[looking at his notebook]
Arthur Fleck: Okay, okay. Here’s one. Knock, knock.
Murray Franklin: And you had to look that up?
[the audience laughs]
Arthur Fleck: I want to get it right. Knock, knock.
Murray Franklin: Who’s there?
Arthur Fleck: It’s the police, ma’am. Your son’s been hit by a drunk driver, he’s dead.
[Arthur laughs, as the audience sounds aghast]
Dr. Sally: Oh, no, no, no. No, you can’t joke about that.
Murray Franklin: Yeah, that’s not funny, Arthur. That’s not the kind of humor we do on this show.
Arthur Fleck: Okay. Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s just, you know, it’s been a rough few weeks, Murray. Ever since I k*lled those three Wall Street guys.
Murray Franklin: Okay, I’m waiting for the punchline.
Arthur Fleck: There is no punchline. It’s not a joke.


Murray Franklin: You’re serious, aren’t you? You’re telling us you k*lled those three young men on the subway?
Arthur Fleck: Mm-hmm.
Murray Franklin: And why should we believe you?
Arthur Fleck: I’ve got nothing left to lose. Nothing can hurt me anymore.
[he smiles]
Arthur Fleck: My life is nothing but a comedy.


Murray Franklin: Let me get this straight, you think that k*lling those guys is funny?
Arthur Fleck: I do. And I’m tired of pretending it’s not. Comedy is subjective, Murray. Isn’t that what they say? All of you, the system that knows so much, you decide what’s right or wrong. The same way that you decide what’s funny or not.
Audience Member: Get him off!


Murray Franklin: Okay, I think, my understanding, that you did this to start a movement to become a symbol?
Arthur Fleck: Come on, Murray. Do I look like the kind of clown that could start a movement? I k*lled those guys because they were awful. Everybody is awful these days. It’s enough to make anyone crazy.
Murray Franklin: Okay, so that’s it. You’re crazy. That’s your defense for k*lling three young men?
Arthur Fleck: No. They couldn’t carry a tune to save their lives.
[the audience starts booing]


Arthur Fleck: Oh, why is everybody so upset about these guys? If it was me dying on the sidewalk, you’d walk right over me. I pass you everyday and you don’t notice me! But these guys, what, because Thomas Wayne went and cried about them on TV?
Murray Franklin: Do you have a problem with Thomas Wayne?
Arthur Fleck: Yes, I do. Have you seen what it’s like out there, Murray? Do you ever actually leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody’s civil anymore! Nobody thinks what it’s like to be the other guy. You think men like Thomas Wayne ever think what it’s like to be someone like me? To be somebody but themselves? They don’t. They think that we’ll just sit down and take it like good little boys! That we won’t werewolf and go wild!
Murray Franklin: You finished? I mean, there’s so much self-pity, Arthur, you sound like you’re making excuses for k*lling those young men.


Murray Franklin: Not everybody, and I’ll tell you this, not everyone is awful.
Arthur Fleck: But you’re awful, Murray.
Murray Franklin: Me? I’m awful? Oh, yeah? How am I awful?
Arthur Fleck: Playing my video. Inviting me on this show. You just wanted to make fun of me. You’re just like the rest of them.
Murray Franklin: You don’t know the first thing about me, pal. Look what happened because of what you did? What it led to. There are riots out there. Two policemen are in critical condition.
[Arthur starts to laugh]
Murray Franklin: You’re laughing. You’re laughing. Someone was k*lled today because of what you did.
Arthur Fleck: I know.


Arthur Fleck: How about another joke, Murray?
Murray Franklin: No, I think we’ve had enough of your jokes.
Arthur Fleck: What do you get…
Murray Franklin: I don’t think so.
Arthur Fleck: …when you cross…
Murray Franklin: I think we’re done with the show. That’s it.
Arthur Fleck: …a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash?!
Murray Franklin: Call the police, Gene. Call the police.
Arthur Fleck: I’ll tell you what you get! You get what you f**king deserve!
[suddenly Arthur shoots Murray in the head and the audience start running off in terror]


[after k*lling Murray, Arthur goes to a camera and points it at himself]
Arthur Fleck: Goodnight. And always remember, that’s…
[he gets cut off as the show is cut]


[Arthur is arrested and handcuffed in the back of a police car; he laughs to himself as he sees the riots in the streets]
Cop #1: Stop laughing, you fr**k, this isn’t funny.
Cop #2: Yeah, the whole f**king city is on fire because of what you did.
Arthur Fleck: I know. Isn’t it beautiful?


[after Arthur murders Murray live on TV, as riots break out across Gotham, the Waynes leave a movie theater and a clown rioter follows them down an alley]
Clown Rioter: Hey, Wayne. You get what you f**king deserve.
[points his gun at Thomas]
Thomas Wayne: No, pal!
[he shoots both Thomas and his wife, Martha, in front of young Bruce]


[last lines; we see Arthur locked up in Arkham laughing to himself]
Arkham Psychiatrist: What’s so funny?
Arthur Fleck: I was just thinking of a joke.
[Arthur sees in his head young Bruce standing by his dead parents; he laughs again]
Arkham Psychiatrist: Do you want to tell it to me?
Arthur Fleck: You wouldn’t get it.
[he starts singing the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life”; we then see him walking down the corridor leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind before being chased by orderlies]


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