Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, B. D. Wong, James Cromwell, Ted Levine, Justice Smith, Geraldine Chaplin, Daniella Pineda, Toby Jones, Rafe Spall, Jeff Goldblum



Sci-fi action adventure sequel directed by J. A. Bayona in which the story continues following Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), the former park manager, has now founded the Dinosaur Protection Group, an organization dedicated to protecting the dinosaurs.

After a volcanic eruption threatens the remaining dinosaurs on the island of Isla Nublar, where the creatures have freely roamed for several years after the demise of Jurassic World, Claire decides to recruit Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), the former dinosaur trainer who worked at the park, to prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs once again.



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Senator Sherwood: Since the disaster that shocked the world in 2015, the Masrani Corporation has paid out more than 800 million in damages to settle class-action lawsuits brought by survivors. Activist groups have mobilized around the globe in what has become the flashpoint animal rights issue of our time. With an eruption expected at any moment, the US Senate has convened a special committee to answer a grave, moral question. Do dinosaurs deserve the same protections given to other endangered species or should they be left to die?
Ian Malcolm: I think that we should allow our magnificent and glorious dinosaurs to be taken out by the volcano.
[crowd mumbles]
Senator Sherwood: Silence, please.
Ian Malcolm: As deeply sad as that would be, we altered the course of natural history. This is a correction.
Senator Sherwood: Are you suggesting the Almighty is taking matters in his own hands?
Ian Malcolm: Senator, with all due respect, God’s not part of the equation, no. What I mean is that, in the last century, we amassed landmark technological power and we’ve consistently proven ourselves incapable of handling that power. Eighty years ago, who could’ve predicted nuclear proliferation? But then there it was. And now we’ve got genetic power, so how long is it going to take for that to spread around the globe and what’s going to be done with it? It ain’t going to stop with the de-extinction of the dinosaurs.
Senator Sherwood: I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.
Ian Malcolm: I’m talking about man-made, cataclysmic change.
Senator Sherwood: What kind of change?
Ian Malcolm: Change is like death. You don’t know what it looks like until you’re standing at the gates.


Eli Mills: We need your handprint to access the system, but what I really need, Claire, is you. Moving endangered species isn’t exactly legal, but it’s the right thing to do. No one knows this park as well as you do and we need that expertise.
Claire Dearing: How many can you save?
Eli Mills: Eleven species, for sure. I mean, more if we can, but time is against us. I’m afraid there is one animal in particular that poses a real challenge for us.
Claire Dearing: Blue.
Eli Mills: I didn’t know she had a name, but Blue is potentially the second-most intelligent piece of life on this planet and she’s the last of her kind. She must be preserved.
Claire Dearing: She can pick up your scent a mile off. You’ll never capture her.
Eli Mills: Well, we thought you might know someone who could help. Maybe you could convince him.


Owen Grady: Well, look at you now. You’re saving the world.
Claire Dearing: I’m trying, at least. You can’t just run away from everything, Owen.
Owen Grady: So, you’re what, dating an accountant now? An insurance actuary? Your skin looks nice. Dermatologist?
Claire Dearing: Owen…
Owen Grady: Does he check you for moles?
Claire Dearing: Stop.
Owen Grady: A ventriloquist?
Claire Dearing: This is not why we’re here, okay?
Owen Grady: Yeah, I know why we’re here. Lockwood’s little flunky called me. Rescue op. Save the dinosaurs from an island that’s about to explode. What could go wrong?
Claire Dearing: I’m going.
Owen Grady: Don’t.
Claire Dearing: I don’t have a choice.
Owen Grady: What? Of course you have a choice.
Claire Dearing: So, what, I should just build my own cabin, play pool, and drink beer all day while these dinosaurs go extinct?
Owen Grady: Yeah. I like pool.


Claire Dearing: Blue is alive.
Owen Grady: Jesus, Claire!
Claire Dearing: You raised her, Owen. You spent years of your life working with her. You’re just going to let her die?
Owen Grady: Well, yeah.
Claire Dearing: Come on, you’re a better man than you think you are.
Owen Grady: You should write fortune cookies. Forget it…
Claire Dearing: There’s a charter flight leaving tomorrow morning. You’re on the manifest. I just wanted to let you know.


Owen Grady: Nervous flyer?
Franklin: Would you ride a thousand-pound horse that’s been abused all its life?
Owen Grady: I rode my motorcycle through the jungle with a pack of raptors.
Franklin: We’re not compatible.


[referring to the dinosaur]
Zia Rodriguez: Never thought I’d see one in real life.


Owen Grady: If I don’t make it back, remember you’re the one who made me come here.
[Claire goes to say something, Owen smiles and turns to leave]
Owen Grady: I’ll be alright.


Owen Grady: [to Blue] You know me.


Claire Dearing: Something’s coming.
Franklin: Where does that tunnel lead?
Claire Dearing: Well, it connects to the rest of the park.
[referring to the noise they hear]
Franklin: It’s the T. Rex, it’s the T. Rex! Claire, it’s the T. Rex. It’s the T. Rex, it’s the T. Rex.
Claire Dearing: Will you stop? It’s not the T. Rex! Probably.
Franklin: Probably?


[Blue and the other species surround Owen and the rest of the rescue team]
Owen Grady: Back your men up now.
[suddenly Blue attacks one of the men and gets shot with a tranquilizer]


Claire Dearing: It was all a lie!


Franklin: Am I dead?
Owen Grady: Not yet, kid!


Eli Mills: All of that is in the past. I want to show you the future.


Eli Mills: Our geneticists have created a direct descendant of Henry Wu’s masterpiece, the animal that took down Jurassic World. Indominus rex. Her DNA, retrieved from the island way before its destruction, forms the architecture of a completely new creature. Every bone and muscle designed for hunting and killing.


Owen Grady: They’re not going to take them to a sanctuary, they’re going to sell them.
Zia Rodriguez: Not Blue, they need her for something else.
Owen Grady: Like what?
Zia Rodriguez: I don’t know, but she’s hemorrhaging, and I don’t have instrument and they want to keep her alive.


[referring to the dinosaur]
Owen Grady: She’s tranqued. Okay, okay, come on. I got it. Come on.
Claire Dearing: Okay.
[as Claire starts to walk over towards Owen, the sleeping dinosaur leans against the wall, squashing Owen]
Claire Dearing: Oh, no. Are you okay?
Owen Grady: I’m okay.
[suddenly the dinosaur wakes]


Owen Grady: Come on. You’re going to have to do it.
Claire Dearing: I can’t. The skin is too thick. I have to use both my hands to put pressure on the vein.
Owen Grady: You got to do it.
Claire Dearing: I, I can’t. I can’t reach.
Owen Grady: You’re going to have to climb up there.
Claire Dearing: Oh, I’m not… No, no. I’m not going to climb up there.
Owen Grady: You’ll be okay. It’s like riding a bull.
Claire Dearing: Riding a bull? I didn’t grow up at a rodeo, or wherever you came from.
Owen Grady: She’s asleep now. I can’t say that she’s going to be asleep a minute from now, so get up.
Claire Dearing: Okay, fine.
[as she climbs onto the dinosaur]
Claire Dearing: Oh, my God, she stinks.
Owen Grady: Gently. Gently.
Claire Dearing: No, no, no.
Owen Grady: Good job. You’re making this look totally normal. You’re going to have to jam it in there, it’s really thick skin. Ready?
Claire Dearing: Yeah.
Owen Grady: Okay. One, two…
Claire Dearing: One, two…
Owen Grady: Stab!
[Clair injects the dinosaur]
Claire Dearing: Owen!
Owen Grady: It’s working.


Eli Mills: Blue’s DNA will be part of the next Indoraptor’s makeup. So, it will be genetically coded to recognize her authority and assume her traits. Empathy. Obedience.


[referring to Blue]
Mercenary: She got a heartbeat?
Zia Rodriguez: Yeah. Do you?


Owen Grady: We hit that town, we call the cavalry, shut this down.


Eli Mills: And you, the man who proved raptors can follow orders. You never thought about the applications of your research, Owen? How many millions a trained predator might be worth? You two, you’re the parents of the new world.


Claire Dearing: Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? First time you see them, it’s like a miracle. You read about them in books, you see the bones in museums, but you don’t really believe it. They’re like myths. And then you see that first one alive.
Owen Grady: This is not your fault.
Claire Dearing: But it is.
Owen Grady: No. This one’s on me. I showed them the way.


Gunnar Eversol: This evening we will preview a new asset that we’ve been developing. A creature of the future made from pieces of the past. Ladies and gentlemen, please be warned, this is the perfect blend of the two most dangerous creatures that have ever walked the earth. We call it the Indoraptor. The perfect weapon for the modern age. Built for combat. With tactical responses more acute than any human soldier.


Claire Dearing: What is that thing?
Maisie Lockwood: They made it.


[to the dinosaur]
Owen Grady: Hey, buddy. You thinking what I’m thinking?


Dr. Henry Wu: I designed this animal myself. It’s pure. Every cell of her body was created in the most controlled environment under the most demanding of conditions.


Owen Grady: Blue, come with me. We’ll take you to a safe place, okay?


Ian Malcolm: How many times do you have to see the evidence? How many times must the point be made? We’re causing our own extinction. Too many red lines have been crossed, and our home has, in fundamental ways, been polluted by avarice and political megalomania. Genetic power has now been unleashed and of course, that’s going to be catastrophic. This change was inevitable from the moment we brought the first dinosaur back from extinction. We convince ourselves that sudden change is something that happens outside the normal order of things, like a car crash, or that it’s beyond our control, like a fatal illness. We don’t conceive of sudden, radical, irrational change as woven into the very fabric of existence. Yet, I can assure you, it most assuredly is. And it’s happening now. Humans and dinosaurs are now going to be forced to coexist. These creatures were here before us. And if we’re not careful, they’re going to be here after. We’re going to have to adjust to new threats that we can’t imagine. We’ve entered a new era. Welcome to Jurassic World.

Total Quotes: 28


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