Starring: Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Emma Thompson, Rebecca Root, Lydia Leonard, Patti LuPone, Ingrid Oliver



Romantic comedy directed by Paul Feig and co-written by Emma Thompson. The story centers on Kate (Emilia Clarke), who has been continuously unlucky and decides to accept a job as a department store elf during the holidays. However, when Kate meets Tom (Henry Golding) on the job, her life takes a turn. For Kate, it seems too good to be true as Tom starts to see through so many of her barriers and London transforms into the most wonderful time of the year.


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'There's no such thing as normal. It's a stupid word. Does a lot of damage.' - Tom (Last Christmas) Click To Tweet 'Every little action of the common day, makes or unmakes character. It just means that you're built of everything you do.' - Tom (Last Christmas) Click To Tweet 'We are so lucky to be alive. We are so lucky to be able to help each other, in little ways, and in big ways. The reason we are lucky is because helping each other is, in fact, what makes us happy. - Kate (Last Christmas) Click To Tweet


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[after being thrown out by her flatmate]
Kate: Why is my life so sh*t?!


[referring to Kate coming to work early]
Santa: Hey, you’re early. You are never early. What are you up to?
Kate: Accommodation issues.
Santa: So the usual. What did you do this time? Fry someone’s fish?
Kate: No, no, that was last week.


[referring to Kate being homeless]
Santa: You are going to run out of friends with sofas. You have been sick. You need to take care of yourself better.
Kate: Santa, I didn’t know you cared.
Santa: I don’t care. I just don’t want you to drop dead in front of the customers. I don’t have enough tinsel to cover your corpse. Get to work, elf.


Marta: Mum needs you to ring her. Alright, every time she contacts you, and gets no response, she contacts me. Yesterday, seventeen times. Just do it.
Kate: Oh, don’t just stand there issuing commands. I am an adult.
Marta: You are the furthest thing from an adult that I know.
Kate: I need time to myself.
Marta: I’m asking you to do a single thing, Katarina.
Kate: It’s Kate.
Marta: Whatever. Just ring her. Contact her.
Kate: Give me one good reason.
Marta: You’ve missed five doctor’s appointments. You’ve got one planned for tomorrow, which apparently you know about. You have to be there. She’s also planning a dinner to celebrate my promotion. And you not ringing her is seriously affecting my life.
[referring to Marta’s girlfriend]
Kate: Will you be inviting Alba to the dinner?
Marta: Just ring your mother.


[introducing Kate to her customers]
Santa: This is my elf. Santa has elves, you know. Little helpers. I have nicknamed her Lazy the Elf, because she appears never to work.
Kate: That’s me. Mm.
Santa: She could also be called Crushing Disappointment the Elf. Waste of Payroll the Elf. Bleeding Me Dry the Elf. Why on Earth Is She Even Here the Elf.


[after seeing Tom through the shop window peering up at something]
Kate: What?
Tom: Jesus! Where did you come from?
Kate: Well, what are you looking at?
[he points to see the bird on the scaffolding]
Tom: Look, look. There. You see it?
Kate: Oh.
Tom: Just above the lip of the roof there. It’s quite unusual to see a bird like that in town.
Kate: Blimey.
[the bird poops on Kate and it lands on her eye]
Kate: Oh, dammit!
[Tom offers her a handkerchief]
Tom: Here. I think it just pooed in your eye.
Kate: [embarrassed] Yeah, I think so.
[she turns to walk back into the shop]


Tom: I came in to check on your eye.
Kate: It’s fine.
Tom: It’s good luck, you know.
Kate: What is?
Tom: Getting pooed on by a bird.
Kate: Bollocks is it.
Tom: No, seriously. So I thought I’d see if you fancied a little stroll with me.
Kate: Oh, that’s my luck? Going for a stroll with you?
Tom: Might be.


Kate: Look, did you find me on Swiper?
Tom: Swiper?
Kate: Yeah. The modern dating application you might have heard of.
Tom: Oh. So not.
Kate: Look, to be honest, you’re not really my type.
Tom: To be honest, you’re not really mine.
Kate: Well, maybe we should just leave it, then.
Tom: I do like a challenge though.


[trying to persuade Kate to go out for stroll with him]
Tom: Is there anything that I could improve upon to, say, persuade you?
Kate: No.
Tom: Any reason in particular?
Kate: Because you’re weird. This is weird. And I don’t know you. So, please, could you just leave, okay? Just get, shoo. Just go. Just go.
Tom: Hold on. This is weird?
Kate: Yeah, you’re weird. You’re strange. I don’t really…
Tom: Weirder than Grabber, or Swiper, or whatever it’s called?
Kate: Yeah.
[she opens the shop door and Tom steps out]
Tom: Weirder than total strangers deciding on one Photoshopped image whether or not to engage in immediate foreplay?
Kate: I’m busy. You’re weird. Goodbye.
[closes the shop door]


[referring to the man, Boy, Santa was talking to]
Kate: Wow. That was like watching a short Scandinavian film. Are you alright?
Santa: Yes, I’m fine.
Kate: Wait. Hang on. Did you like him? You’re so mysterious, I can’t tell.
Santa: Of course not.
Kate: Oh, my God, you did like him.
Santa: I don’t know anything about him. And you’re fantasizing, elf, because all you seem to
think about these days is sex.
Kate: Ooh.
Kate: Oh, my God! He’s coming back!
Santa: Where?!
Kate: Got you. I knew you liked him. Well, now I know. You like your men tall, shy and translucent, like a squid but with bones and less legs.
Santa: Shut up, lock up, and good night.


[as Kate is singing in her audition]
Theater Producer: Stop! Stop!
[Kate stops singing]
Theater Producer: You’ve got the part.
[looks at his piece of paper]
Theater Producer: Oh, uh, sorry. No, no, no. It was sh*t.
[he laughs]


[as she accidentally runs into Tom]
Kate: You? Again!
Tom: What do you mean, “again”?
Kate: Did you follow me here?
Tom: No, I made a delivery here.
Kate: Yeah?
Tom: Are elves always so cynical?
Kate: Yes. Relentlessly. These are dark times.


Tom: So, having not followed you here.
Kate: Mm-hmm.
Tom: And having made my delivery, and you having bumped into me by chance, here we are.
Kate: Here we are?
Tom: Well, for instance, we could go for a walk together.
Kate: Why do you keep trying to take me for a walk? I’m not a dog.
Tom: Well, you are wearing a collar.
Kate: Oh, LOL. You know what? I’m just not in the mood for a walk.


Tom: I thought you had a job.
Kate: Yes, but it’s not what I do do. I’m not a career elf.
Tom: Oh. What do you do?
Kate: Sing.
Tom: Wow. That’s pretty amazing. I just can’t seem to at the moment.
Kate: Anyway, boring, boring, boring. La-la-la-la.
Tom: I’m not bored.


Kate: Actually, who are you?
Tom: I’m Tom.
Kate: Kate.
[they shake hands]
Kate: Why are you so flexible?
Tom: Why are you dressed like an elf?
Kate: You know why. And you know what? I have had my fill of utterly hilarious elf jokes for one night.


Tom: You never seen this alleyway before?
Kate: Nope.
Tom: This is the narrowest alley in London. My mate Hendo, he calls it Fat Man’s Squeeze. It’s pretty cool, though, isn’t it?
Kate: Sure. Why not?
Tom: I like hidden places.


Kate: Has anyone ever told you there’s something slightly serial killer-y about you?
Tom: No. Come to think of it, no one’s ever said that to me before.
Kate: Ah.
Tom: Never more than once anyway.


Kate: You are so strange. You’re so weird.
Tom: Keep looking up.
[Kate falls straight down into some trash bags]
Kate: Oh! Ow.
Tom: You okay?
Kate: No! Just my luck, I face-plant into a pile of rubbish, because I wasn’t looking where I was going like a bloody normal person!
Tom: Well, you’re not used to looking up.
Kate: Or smelling like a bin.


[entering a public garden]
Kate: This is cool.
Tom: Welcome to my secret little garden.
Kate: I had no idea this existed.
Tom: Not many people do.


Tom: I really enjoyed our walk today.
Kate: Ditto.
Tom: Would you like to repeat the experience?
Kate: Would you like to give me your number?
Tom: I don’t have a phone.
Kate: What? Oh, my God! I was just beginning to think you’re not as weird as you look.
Tom: Before you throw me in the bin with the rest of your battered conquests. It’s not completely true. I do have a phone. It’s just locked in a cupboard.
Kate: Why?
Tom: Well, I got so tired of staring at my hand all day. I mean, you should try it.
Kate: That’s like saying you should try death.


Jenna: And your suite, madame!
[turns on the light in the room and we see it’s her baby’s room with a mattress on the floor]
Jenna: Tada! You called, uh, just before we got the crib up, so there was still room.
Kate: Yeah. This is going to be so good for my sex life.
[they both laugh]


Santa: Now, you listen to me, and you listen good. You were great at your job when you started. That’s why I took you on full-time. You’ve got a way with people, and I felt so lucky to have you.
Kate: Thanks.
Santa: But I don’t feel lucky anymore. Since you came back, you started losing your sh*t. It’s like you don’t care about anything. So, now, you care about this. I had to smash my own window to make it look like a break-in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get the insurance. You turned me into someone who broke the law.
[Kate looks visibly upset]
Santa: I can’t believe I’m even giving you another chance, but I am, because I am a good person.
Kate: Yeah.
Santa: But one more thing, and you’re out. So clean up your mess, you stupid, stupid girl.


[Tom stops by a homeless shelter]
Kate: Where are you going?
Tom: I’m going in there.
Kate: Well, you’re not homeless.
Tom: No, I volunteer in here.
Kate: [laughs] Christ, why didn’t you just get “saint” tattooed on your forehead?


[after Kate returns to her parents home]
Petra: Not to hear nothing. No call, no Twitter, no Snapchat shot. I think she’s dead, she’s had lapse, she’s never coming home. Like her father, who is never here. My life is hell, Katarina.
Kate: It’s Kate. It’s Kate.
Petra: Kate is not a name. Katarina is name. Katarina. Cat is animal. Cat. Dog. What I call Marta? Dog. I call you cat. Meow.
Kate: Yeah, no. Great. But can I get some sleep?
Petra: One of us should sleep. I don’t sleep.


[at the doctors]
Dr. Addis: So tell me about the diet. Keeping up with the fruit and veg?
Kate: Yeah, fine.
Petra: She’s eating rubbish when she is outside. When she’s at home, she’s eating my food, and it’s good.
Dr. Addis: I’m sure it is. What about sleep?
[replying together]
Kate: Yeah, it’s alright.
Petra: She never sleeps.
Dr. Addis: Exercise?
[replying together]
Kate: Religiously.
Petra: Not at all.
Dr. Addis: Alcohol?
[replying together]
Kate: Every once in a while.
Petra: Oh, she’s drinking like the pirate.


Dr. Addis: You say you’re okay.
Kate: Yep.
Dr. Addis: And your mother says the opposite. Who do I believe?
[replying together]
Kate: Me, obviously.
Petra: Me, the mother, of course.


Dr. Addis: Listen. There’s nothing conclusive here, but you, Kate, you’ve got to take care of your heart. You need to rest more, eat better, drink less. And stop being so angry.
Petra: Da.
Dr. Addis: And you, Mrs. Andrich, you need to worry less.
Petra: I not sleeping. Can you please give me something for sleeping?
Mrs. Andrich, you’ve been given everything there is for sleep, anxiety, panic attacks, the lot. You have the best that modern medicine has to offer.
Petra: Then what can I do?
Dr. Addis: Join a club. Hm? Talk to other people. Enjoy time with your friends.
Petra: All my friends were murdered.
[gets up to leave]
Kate: Okay, fine. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much for your time. Let’s go, mum. Come on.


Kate: I’m having a self-pity party.
Tom: Ooh. Am I invited?
Kate: Well, only if you promise to judge me.
Tom: Oh, you definitely don’t need any help doing that. Or maybe you do.


Kate: Going home always makes me crazy.
Tom: How was it?
Kate: Hell. Mum sung me to sleep.
Tom: You’re the only person who can make being sung to sleep sound like waterboarding.
Kate: Well, it’s not that dissimilar. These, um, folk songs make you want to string yourself up.


Kate: What? You’re looking at me like some sort of science experiment that’s gone wrong.
Tom: Sorry. No, I’m interested. I mean, your mother, when was the last time you saw her not being depressed?
Kate: Ooh, I think when I got really ill.
Tom: She was happy about that?
Kate: No, but she was happy about the attention. I mean, I got a lot of attention, but I was unconscious. She got more. Just the doctors, the nurses, the hospital staff. Drama. God, she loved it. She sort of flowered under it, like a late blossoming or something. Anyway, when I got better, it all went away, and she’s just never been the same since.
Tom: Well, maybe she enjoyed being needed again.
Kate: Oh, trust you to come up with something understanding.


[referring to her burger]
Tom: Is that really a good nutritional choice?
Kate: Oh, God, don’t you start. Where are you?
Tom: Look up.
Kate: Yeah.
Tom: Yeah, after yo,u what you’ve been through. I mean, shouldn’t you be eating quinoa, or kale, or something?
Kate: Yeah, but this admittedly rank burger, is all part of my grand plan to become a famous singer, and die like Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and all the rest, at the age of twenty-seven.
Tom: How old are you?
Kate: Forty-five.
Tom: Oh. Good to have dreams.
Kate: Not really. I’m twenty-six.
Tom: Oh, thank God. You still have time.


[as Tom takes her to an ice skating rink; he imitates Sean Connery]
Tom: Stay back.
Kate: Are you seriously doing a James Bond impression?
Tom: Now is not the time for unpleasantness. Now is the time for romance!
[turns on the skating rink lights]
Tom: You like?
Kate: I like, yeah.


[after finishing an audition, as Kate turns to skate away, she falls]
Ice Show Casting Director: Are you alright?
Kate: I, uh, I did that just in case you thought I was too perfect.


[referring to the customer Santa’s going on a date with]
Kate: What’s his name?
Santa: I can’t pronounce it. Lots of glottal stops. Yoch… Oh, when I try to say it, I sound like a cat with a fur ball. So I’ve decided to call him Boy.
Kate: Mm. Well, at least your name’s easier to pronounce.
Santa: What? Huang Qing Shin?
Kate: You’re not really called Santa?
Santa: Of course not, idiot. I chose it for the shop.
Kate: Really?
Santa: Yeah, when I worked at the pet shop, I called myself Kitty.
Kate: No.
Santa: Mm-hmm. And at the health food shop, I was Miso.
Kate: No, no.
Santa: Mm-hmm. Yes, yes. Guess what it was in the bakery on the Edgware Road.
Kate: Uh, Crumpet? Sausage Roll?
Santa: Muffin.
Kate: Muffin?
Santa: Muff for short.
Kate: Excellent.


[after Kate outs Marta to their parents]
Tom: What are you doing out so late?
Kate: Well, where have you been?
Tom: What’s up?
Kate: What’s up? Me not being able to find you is what’s up. You just, you’ve been disappearing for days on end.
Tom: Two days.
Kate: And I’ve been trying to find you. So take your stupid phone out of your stupid cupboard and contact me, alright? Because I’ve just been really stupid. I’ve been really, really stupid.
Tom: I mean, it’s a bit of a stretch, but have you had a couple drinks?
Kate: Oh, bugger off with your cleanly manliness. Alright? Just go back to work. Leave me alone.
Tom: No, I’ve just come back from helping the needy.
Kate: Great.


Kate: I’m a mess.
Tom: Kind of.
[points to her head]
Kate: In here. When I was ill, it was a heart thing.
Tom: Right.
Kate: I had a heart transplant. I don’t tell people, because they get weird. But I don’t think you’ll get weird.
Tom: No.


[Tom lightly touches Kate’s operation scar on her chest
Kate: They took out my heart. They took it and threw it away. And I don’t know what they put back, but it felt weird, and different, and strange, and like I’d lost my most special part. And they kept telling me I was lucky to be alive. But I didn’t feel alive. I just felt half dead.


Kate: I was supposed to be special. I didn’t ask to be, but they made me feel special when I was ill. And then I was special when I nearly died and had a transplant. But then they just expected me to be normal and get on with life.
Tom: There’s no such thing as normal. It’s a stupid word. Does a lot of damage.
Kate: Nothing feels right. You’re the only person that makes me feel like, I don’t know, solid. Like I exist.


Kate: And I could sing before. Turns out, I can’t do anything.
Tom: I think the whole special, being special thing, is overrated. I think just to be a human being is hard. You know, really hard.
Kate: You seem to manage alright.
Tom: One thing someone said to me helped me. “Every little action of the common day, makes or unmakes character.” It just means that you’re built of everything you do. And that’s okay.


Kate: Who am I?
Tom: I don’t know.
[Kate laughs]
Tom: What’s all this “me” business anyway? Hmm? What’s wrong with not knowing, you know, being inconsistent? Just uncertain. Why do you have to be anything?


Kate: I’m not sure how I feel about the whole auditioning thing in general. I’m not sure it’s that good for me. I might just give it a break.
Santa: What’s wrong with you?
Kate: What?
Santa: That sounds like quite a healthy choice. I haven’t heard you make one of those in a very long time.
Kate: Well, don’t panic. I will go out and get sh*t-faced later.


Tom: How have you been?
Kate: Missing you.
[they kiss]
Kate: Missing and kissing. It’s almost like we’re having a relationship.


Tom: Kate, there’s something I’ve got to tell you.
Kate: Oh, God. The “there’s something I’ve got to tell you” moment. Okay. Okay, let’s go through the list. Um, you’re gay?
Tom: No, it’s…
Kate: Married?
Tom: No, there’s…
Kate: Uh, you need space?
Tom: You can’t depend on me.
Kate: I don’t depend on you.
Tom: Kate.
Kate: Who said anything about depending on anyone?


Kate: Look, if this is about commitment, then you just need to say it, because I can’t do this anymore. I look for you. I look for you everywhere, and you’re never there. And it makes me feel really bad about myself. And I’m finally getting better, and not feeling bad about myself. I’m not going to heal my heart, and then give it to someone who is going to break it. I won’t.
[she gets up and starts walking off]
Tom: No, Kate…


Kate: How’s Boy?
Santa: Interesting, and weird. I’ve never eaten so much fermented cabbage.
Kate: Have you had sex yet?
Santa: No.
Kate: Ooh. Alright.
Santa: And have you had sex with Tom yet?
Kate: No.
Santa: Ah, so?
Kate: No, it’s never going to happen.
Santa: Why?
Kate: Well, we, he just won’t commit, because he thinks I depend on him too much. And he basically said that I’d made a career out of being a victim.
Santa: Hm. I like this man.


Kate: They’re not going to send you back. You live here. This is your home.
Petra: I know how it start. They point a finger. They say, “Those people, they are reason your life is bad.” And people believe. They believe.
[Petra starts crying]
Kate: I know. I know.


[after Kate realizes that Tom was her heart donor and she was hallucinating their interactions, she goes to Tom’s favorite garden and sits on their bench and sees Tom]
Kate: Why can I feel you?
Tom: Because I’m a part of you. Take care of my heart.
Kate: I promise.
Tom: It was always going to be yours one way or another.
[as she cries, she watches Tom leave, before getting up from the bench, we then see it’s a memorial bench for Tom]


[giving a speech at the show that she organized for the shelter she volunteers at]
Kate: I just want to say this one thing. We are so lucky to be alive.
Homeless Man: Hear, hear.
Kate: We are so lucky to be able to help each other, in little ways, and in big ways. The reason we are lucky is because helping each other is, in fact, what makes us happy. That’s all.
[the crowd cheers]
Homeless Man: Give us a song, Kate!
Kate: A song? Well, I think I’ve got one up my sleeve.
[she starts singing Wham’s Last Christmas]


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