Starring: Adam DeVine, Jeffrey Tambor, Gillian Jacobs, Nathaniel McIntyre, Cole Sand, J.J. Totah, Aldis Hodge, Rochelle Aytes, Desmond Chiam, Isabella Crovetti, Izabella Alvarez, Hayden Crawford, Bianca Grava, Lonnie Chavis



Disney Plus’s family comedy directed by Mark Waters. The story follows Andy Tuckerman (Adam DeVine), a down-on-his-luck taxi driver who returns to magic camp, which he attended years ago as a boy, to work as a counselor, hoping to reignite his career, while also keeping his eye on winning first place in the upcoming Top Hat competition. Instead, he finds inspiration in his ragtag bunch of rookie magicians.


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[as Theo is watching the acceptance video of Preston from the Institute of Magic]
Preston: There’s a voice inside of you, and it’s the voice that says, “I want to be a magician.” Hello, Theo.
Theo: [to his mom] How did he know my name?
Preston: How did I know your name? It was on your application. Theo, I’m national treasure Roy Preston, and I hear voices too.


[to his mother as he’s refusing to go to magic camp]
Theo: I should stay home this summer. You need me to mow the lawn and to entertain Cameron.
Cameron: I’m fine. And you’re not that entertaining.


[after Preston gets into Andy’s taxi]
Preston: So, Andy, how’s business?
Andy: Oh, living the dream. I just learned this awesome new trick called “Uber cuts my paychecks in half.”


Preston: Well, you are in luck, because I have a counselor opening this summer. David Blaine dropped out, and you were the first name I thought of.
Andy: Really?
Preston: Yeah.
Andy: David Blaine drops out, and I’m the second name on the list.
Preston: I never said you were the second name on the list. I said you were the first person I thought of. You were pretty far down there on the list.


Preston: You cannot love magic with your whole heart until your heart is whole again.
Andy: And there it is, the magic-related clichés which sound profound, but are actually meaningless. You know, I’m going to miss those, but I’m still not coming back.


[as he arrives at the destination Preston wanted to go to]
Andy: Ooh, World Of Weiners. Nice. Hope you got a reservation.


[after Preston makes the World of Weiners sign lights go out]
Andy: Ooh. That would have been a really cool exit.
Preston: You know how many hot dogs I had to buy so they would let me do that to the sign? A hundred. And I’m not proud to say I ate fourteen of them.


[as he’s being dropped off at magic camp]
Nathan: Mother, Father, I’ve got my EpiPen, my Phenergan, my bracelet that says “peanut allergy” in ten languages. Plus I have my uropathy filter in case I get stranded somewhere and have to drink my own pee. We’ve done all we can.
Nathan’s Mom: Remember, don’t be afraid of anything.
Nathan, Nathan’s Mom: Be afraid of everything.


Judd: Dad, do I really have to wear this bow tie? It’s like wearing a “kick me” sign on my neck.


[as he arrives at the camp and gets out of his car]
Andy: Andy Tuckerman is back, baby!
[the kids all rush to greet Kristina instead]
Andy: Hey. Where you going? I’m right here.


[during her magic, to Andy, who’s sitting at the back]
Darkwood: You! Sir, excuse me! I think you may have accidentally taken this young boy’s dream.
Andy: No. I didn’t take a child’s dream. I think we all know there’s only one dream stealer in this room.


Nathan: [to Theo] Good news. We’re in the same bunk. Want to share my humidifier?


Nathan: Magic camp. Even the bullies are nerds.


Darkwood: I was actually surprised to see you here. I thought you’d given up magic.
Andy: No. Honestly, I’m just doing Preston a favor. Filling in for David Blaine.
Darkwood: Oh. That’s funny, because Preston asked me to step in for David this summer.
Andy: Do you think maybe he’s just stroking your ego a little bit?


Darkwood: I’m glad you’re here. It’s good to give back. Mentor kids, train the next generation.
Andy: To stab you in the back when you least expect it.
Darkwood: I really hoped that we were, you know, past all this.
Andy: Oh, I am. I’m cool. I’m doing great, honestly. I’m doing private shows around the world for super important people. It’s probably why you haven’t seen me around, why you haven’t heard of my shows. But I assure you, it pays quite well.
Darkwood: And that’s why you’re using garbage bags as luggage.
Andy: Eco-friendly thing.
Darkwood: It’s actually not.
Andy: Whatever.


Andy: All I know is that my bunk is going to beat you, just like I did every summer when we were kids.
Darkwood: Fine. You’re on.
Andy: Fine. You’re on.
Darkwood: No, you’re… What am I doing? We’re here for the kids. This is ridiculous.
Andy: You know what’s ridiculous? How bad you’re going to lose!


[as they enter their cabin]
Judd: Ugh, it’s like a cabin from a horror movie.
Ruth: It’s like one giant splinter.


Judd: I can’t believe Kristina Darkwood is a counselor this summer.
Ruth: I heard when she was our age she was a total dork, but then she got really good at magic and became super famous.
Vera: Yeah, I think we’re all crossing our fingers for that narrative.


Ruth: My name is Ruth Brusselbach, and my specialty is bunnies.
Andy: I don’t know what that means.
Ruth: Well, technically, I’ve never worked with one. But ever since I saw a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat, I knew it was my destiny. So when does that happen?
Andy: First thing tomorrow.
Ruth: Yes!


Theo: This is actually my first year here.
Students: Yep. Me too.
Andy: You’re all newbies?
All: Yeah.
Andy: Oh, Preston.


Vera: Wow. Really committed to this bunny thing.
Ruth: Bunny love is not a thing. It’s a way of life. Like being a samurai, only with more bunnies.


[referring to Andy]
Theo: I don’t think he likes us very much.
Judd: He uses trash bags as luggage. He clearly doesn’t even like himself.
Andy: Guys? I can hear you. I’m right here.


[as Andy is showing them the animals used for magic tricks]
Ruth: Why are these adorable bunnies next to those horrifying birds and snakes? And more importantly, why aren’t the bunnies in my hands right now?


Andy: All you’ve talked about since you got here are bunnies. So for your first, impossible to mess up exercise, I want you to simply hold the bunny.
[he holds up a bunny towards her and Ruth starts to cry]
Andy: Why are you crying?
Ruth: It’s just so cute. It actually hurts. I can’t stand it. The cuteness hurts. Put it back. Put it back!
[as Andy goes to put the bunny back]
Ruth: Don’t you dare put it back!


Vera: Man, we were this close to having David Blaine.
Andy: Guys, again, right here.


Andy: These kids, Preston, they’re all newbies. They have zero skills.
Preston: Now, you understand that this is a camp for children who want to learn magic, and you’re here to teach them.
Andy: Preston, these kids, they’re hopeless. Nathan choked on a sponge ball. Ruth can’t even touch a bunny. And she loves bunnies. They can’t even pull off the most basic card trick.
Preston: Ah, but you see, a trick that you don’t believe is a trick, that’s the best trick of all.
Andy: That’s the advice you’re going to give me? Just more generic magical proverbs that sound meaningful, but are total nonsense?


Preston: Andy, the only way to create more magic in the world is not by creating more magic.
Andy: Yep. Just like that.
Preston: Andy, let me finish.
Andy: No, I’m done.


[as Theo successfully does a card trick for Andy]
Andy: Oh, my God! Theo! You are amazing.
Theo: No, I just know some tricks.
Andy: No. You are a magician.
Theo: Thanks.
Andy: Oh, I can work with this.


Andy: What if I told you we have at least some semblance of a shot to win the Top Hat competition?
Nathan: I’d say my blood sugar is really low.


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