Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Skrein, Sam Riley, Harris Dickinson, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, Lesley Manville



Disney’s fantasy adventure sequel directed by Joachim Rønning. The story picks up several years after the events of the first movie and it continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) and the soon to be Queen, Aurora (Elle Fanning), as they form new alliances and face new adversaries in their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures that reside within.


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Narrator: Once upon a time, or perhaps twice upon a time, where you may remember the story, there was a powerful Fey, named Maleficent. For some reason, the Mistress of Evil, and Protector of the Moors, was still hated after all this time. True, she had cursed the Princess Aurora, but that was before she found light in the heart of a human child, and raised the girl as her own. After all, it was Maleficent’s love which broke that very same curse. But that detail was somehow mysteriously forgotten. For as the tale was told, over and again, throughout the kingdom, Maleficent became the villain once more.


Aurora: I wanted to ask you something.
Prince Phillip: Yes.
Aurora: Do you think there could be a union between Ulstead and the Moors?
Prince Phillip: A union?
Aurora: To connect both lands. To bring harmony and peace. I’ve been imagining a bridge.
Prince Phillip: Oh, a bridge. Yes, a bridge. A union is a wonderful idea, if both sides are willing.
Aurora: Well, I’m working on that part.


[Flittle, Thistlewit and Knotgrass are watching Aurora and Philip in hiding]
Thistlewit: He’s going to blow it.
Flittle: Give him time, he’s warming up.
Prince Phillip: If you’re busy, I could always come back.
Aurora: No. no, no. I’m not busy at all.
Prince Phillip: No, because I…
Aurora: Really, all ears. What do you want to talk about?
[Philip hesitates; to Thistlewit as they are watching them]
Flittle: You’re right, he’s blowing it.


Prince Phillip: Five years ago, I thought I lost you forever. I’ve decided to reclaim this day for us. I’ve loved you since the moment I met you, and everyday since. If love has a truth, here is mine. There is no magic nor curse that could ever tear me away from you, Aurora.
Prince Phillip: Are you sure this is a good time?
Aurora: Oh, Philip.
[Philip kneels down in front of Aurora; the three pixies are watching them]
Thistlewit: Oh, he’s on his knee!
Knotgrass: Well, he took his sweet time about it.
[Philip opens the ring box in his hand]
Prince Phillip: Will you marry me?
Aurora: Yes.
Prince Phillip: Yes?
Aurora: Yes! Yes! Stand up and kiss me.
[Philip stands and they kiss]


[after Aurora has accepted Philip’s proposal of marriage]
Prince Phillip: Of course we have to tell our parents.
Aurora: Do we?


Diaval: Mistress?
Maleficent: What?
Diaval: I have a little bit of news.
Maleficent: Well, on with it.
Diaval: Nothing of any real consequence, and certainly no reason to over react, it’s just that Prince Philip has, um…
Maleficent: Disappeared?
Diaval: [chuckles nervously] No. No. Philip has…
Maleficent: Yellow fever? No, wait. Leprosy.
Diaval: No, mistress. Prince Philip has asked Aurora, if she’d become his…
Maleficent: Don’t ruin my morning!
[she jumps down the cliff’s edge and flies away]
Diaval: Please, stay calm!


Percival: So tell me, sire, am I to be a best man, or did you choose a creature from the Moors?
Prince Phillip: General, if that’s your way of asking me if she said yes, then, I, uh…
Percival: Oh, I know she said yes. What human wouldn’t want to leave that place?
Prince Phillip: What do you have against the Moorfolk, Percival?
Percival: Moorfolk, is that what we’re calling them now? Winged beasts, murderous trees…
Prince Phillip: Guard your tongue, General. You know nothing about them.
Percival: I know that Maleficent is a killer of men, destroyer of armies, or so the story goes.
Prince Phillip: She’s not like that.
Percival: It’s my job to protect this kingdom, and I will do so, old friend, without hesitation.


[referring to their painting]
King John: Ingrith, you see where I’ve had you placed? Right behind me.
Queen Ingrith: And that’s where I’ll always be.
[as Ingrith picks up a bow and arrow shooter]
King John: Ingrith, I said we had no need of arms!
Queen Ingrith: One can never be too careful.
[she aims it around the room]
Gerda: Your majesty, it’s cocked.
Queen Ingrith: Is it now?


[after Philip’s confirmed his engagement to Aurora]
King John: That is wonderful news! Two kingdoms united at last.
[Philip looks over to Ingrith]
Queen Ingrith: Yes. Perhaps I’ve been selfish, looking at this the wrong way. You’ve made your choice. Now, it’s time to celebrate.
[Philip smiles and embraces Ingrith]
Prince Phillip: I’m glad you finally approve.
Queen Ingrith: Much more than that, I am ready to welcome your fiancée with opens arms.


[referring to Aurora]
Queen Ingrith: She shall come to dinner.
Prince Phillip: That would be incredible.
Queen Ingrith: Under one condition. She will bring her godmother.
Percival: Your majesty, I strongly…
Queen Ingrith: We will meet the one who raised her, right here in this castle.
King John: Yes, the queen is right.
Prince Phillip: I’m not sure her godmother would agree.
Queen Ingrith: No, but I insist. After all, we will soon be family.
King John: Then let it be known, throughout the kingdom, that my son is to marry Aurora, and Maleficent is coming to dinner.


Aurora: Godmother, Phillip asked me to marry him.
Maleficent: Poor thing. He’ll recover.
Aurora: My answer was yes.
[Maleficent looks at Aurora’s engagement ring]
Maleficent: No.
Aurora: Yes.
Maleficent: No.
Aurora: I wasn’t really asking.
Maleficent: Nor was I.
Aurora: What’s next? You’ll turn him into a goat?
Maleficent: Hm.
Aurora: Stop.


Aurora: Why don’t you like Philip?
Maleficent: Well, for one thing, he’s human.
Aurora: I’m a human.
Maleficent: And I have never held that against you.
Aurora: Until I fell in love.
Maleficent: Love doesn’t always end well, Beasty.


Aurora: I’m just asking you to trust me. Please give him a chance. Let us prove you wrong. That he’s thoughtful, he’s very kind.
Maleficent: Kind of what?
Aurora: King and Queen are celebrating tonight, and they’ve invited both of us to the castle.
Maleficent: You want me to meet his parents?
Aurora: It’s just a dinner.
Maleficent: They don’t want me in Ulstead. Why on earth would I go?
Aurora: Because his mother wishes to meet mine. Please.


King John: Philip, I want you to wear this tonight.
Prince Phillip: Your sword.
King John: Because of you, Ulstead and the Moors will be united at last.
Prince Phillip: Father, my love for Aurora has nothing to do with politics.
King John: Yes, but your love will ensure peace for generations. Now, take it, and wear it, to know that you will never have to use it.
[Philip takes the sword]


King John: Oh, my son. I’ve never been more proud.
Prince Phillip: What about mother. Is she okay with this?
King John: Your mother will learn to love who you love.


Queen Ingrith: You need to move fast, Lickspittle.
Lickspittle: Yes, your majesty.
Queen Ingrith: Aurora said yes.
[Ingrith opens the room to reveal Maleficent’s old cursed spindle]
Queen Ingrith: It’s all coming together perfectly.


Diaval: She really loves that boy, you know. You’re doing her a great kindness.
Maleficent: Kindness.


[referring to their dinner with the king and queen]
Aurora: I’m so excited.
[faking her excitement]
Maleficent: Hm. More than I can bear.


[as they are making their way through Ulstead]
Maleficent: Pitchforks. Humans are hilarious.
Diaval: Mm-hmm.
[Maleficent looks over and smiles at some children and they scream with terror]
Diaval: It’s getting better.


[as they are walking through the castle and he notices painting of a bear]
Diaval: Did you ever consider turning me into a bear? I think I’d be quite impressive. Look at their claws…
Maleficent: Why are we talking about bears?


[as Aurora meets Philip’s parents]
Queen Ingrith: Such a beautiful girl. I can see how you stole Philip’s heart.
Aurora: Your majesty.
[as Aurora curtseys, Ingrith looks repulsed by her scent]
Queen Ingrith: The flower in your hair, I’m allergic.
Aurora: I’m so sorry.
Queen Ingrith: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, it’s alright. They’re beautiful.


King John: Welcome to our home.
Maleficent: It’s so very kind of you to invite me this evening.
[under his breath to Maleficent]
Diaval: And smile.
[Maleficent smiles]


[as they are being cooked birds at the dinner with Philip’s parents]
Maleficent: Bird.
[she looks over at Diaval]
Maleficent: Delicious.


[during their dinner; referring to Aurora and Philip’s future children]
Queen Ingrith: I simply can’t wait to have a little one running through the castle again.
Maleficent: This castle?
Queen Ingrith: Yes, of course. This will be their home.
King John: I hear Aurora has a castle of her own.
Aurora: Yes, sir, I do.
Queen Ingrith: Yes, I’m curious. How did Aurora become Queen of the Moors?
Maleficent: I made her queen.
Prince Phillip: Her castle is quite stunning. You must see it.
Queen Ingrith: Yes, but in fact she has another castle. Does she not?
Prince Phillip: Mother.
Queen Ingrith: One in the Moors, and one left behind by her father, King Stefan. Was it not?
Aurora: That castle was never my home. It was given to the people.
Queen Ingrith: So you’re also a true princess. Even though Stefan died, was killed. Remind me, did he die, or was he killed?
Maleficent: Both.


Queen Ingrith: Because I remember the story of a baby. A baby cursed to sleep and never wake up.
King John: Really? Who would do such a terrible thing to an innocent child?
Maleficent: Well, there are many who prey on the innocent. I’m sure your kind would agree.
King John: What do you mean, my kind?
Queen Ingrith: She means, human.


Queen Ingrith: The borders are open, but humans are not welcome. Isn’t that right?
Aurora: What exactly are you implying, your majesty?
Queen Ingrith: Innocent men are being slaughtered on the Moors.


[Maleficent uses her magic to stop Ingrith’s cat from attacking Diaval]
Maleficent: Contain your animal, or I will.
Queen Ingrith: If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were making a threat.
Maleficent: Well, do you?
Queen Ingrith: Do I what?
Maleficent: Know better.
King John: [to Ingrith] Enough!
[to Maleficent; referring to the cat]
Aurora: Put her down. Please put her down.
[reluctantly Maleficent lets the cat go]


Queen Ingrith: You have done an admirable job, Maleficent, going against your own nature to raise this child. But now Aurora will finally get the love of a real family, a real mother. Because the one thing I regret is never having a daughter of my own. But tonight changes that. Tonight, I consider Aurora my own.
[Maleficent loses her temper spreads her wings]
Queen Ingrith: We opened our home to a witch!
[Maleficent uses her magic to blast the guards aside]


[as Maleficent is taking out her rage]
Aurora: Stop!
Maleficent: There is no union! There will be no wedding!


Queen Ingrith: We must protect the king!
[she goes to John and stands behind him]
King John: Maleficent, please! Stop now!
Queen Ingrith: We John, I’m so frightened.
King John: Ahh.. What has she done to me?
[John suddenly collapses]


[after John has collapsed into unconsciousness]
Maleficent: [to Aurora] We go home.
Queen Ingrith: John!
[to Philip]
Queen Ingrith: It’s a curse.
[looks over to Maleficent]
Queen Ingrith: It’s a curse! Maleficent has cursed the king!
Aurora: What have you done?
Maleficent: I’ve done nothing. Aurora, we go home now!
[Aurora turns and walks away]
Maleficent: Aurora!
[Aurora joins Philip and Ingrith in trying to wake John]
Maleficent: Aurora!
Aurora: Wake him! Wake him, please.
[Maleficent looks at Aurora for a moment before flying away, she gets shot down by Gerda’s firing an iron bullet at her and falls into the ocean]


Queen Ingrith: We all saw what Maleficent did to him.
Aurora: [tearfully] I’m so sorry.
Queen Ingrith: A curse upon our king is a curse upon this kingdom. All he wanted was peace.
Aurora: This is all my fault.
Queen Ingrith: You have nothing to apologize for, my dear. Maleficent is a threat to everyone, especially you. We’ll do our best to protect you.


[referring to John’s slumber]
Prince Phillip: There must be a way to reverse this. Mother, could you try kissing him? True love and all that.
Queen Ingrith: I doubt that would work.
Aurora: It could save him.
Queen Ingrith: A kiss is just a kiss.
Prince Phillip: Please, mother.
Queen Ingrith: Very well.
[Ingrith goes to the unconscious John, leans in close and whispers]
Queen Ingrith: You wanted peace, you’ll rest in peace forever.
[she kisses John and nothing happens, turns her face to Philip and Aurora]
Queen Ingrith: I told you. This is no fairy tale.


Aurora: I have to return to the Moors. It’s the only way.
Prince Phillip: Wait, wait, wait.
Aurora: I have to find her.
Prince Phillip: It’s the middle of the night.
Aurora: She will break the curse. I know she will.
Prince Phillip: Well then let me come with you.
Aurora: No, you should stay with your family.
Prince Phillip: You are my family.
Queen Ingrith: Let her go, Philip. Maybe she can save him.
[Aurora leaves]


[as Aurora returns to the Moors to look for Maleficent]
Diaval: She’s nowhere to be found. What if she’s never to be found? I could be stuck as a human forever!
Aurora: I have to find her. She’s the only one who can break the curse.


[referring to Maleficent]
Queen Ingrith: Tell me she’s dead.
Gerda: The iron pierced her flesh. She fell into the river and went over the falls.
Queen Ingrith: Then where is her head?
Gerda: There was something else. Another creature. It pulled her from the depths of the sea.
Queen Ingrith: What did it look like?
Gerda: Her. It carried her up into the sky.
Queen Ingrith: A wounded animal lashes out, and now she’s not alone. We must be ready for war!


[after Maleficent is rescued by Conall, she comes across a gathering of other Dark Fairies]
Conall: Humans have used iron against us for centuries.
Borra: And we are almost extinct because of it.
Conall: Killing peasants on the Moors will only lead to more conflict, Borra.
Borra: They pulled the iron from the earth, made their swords and shields, and toed us underground with this!
[he throws a piece of iron aside]
Borra: This will finish us.
Conall: Our people are safe here for now.
Borra: But for how long? The humans will find us. They will not stop. I call for war. I call for war! Right now!
Conall: There are too many humans! Too many kingdoms.
Borra: Conall, they will keep finding new ways to destroy us.
Conall: We can’t win. We can’t win! Not this way.
Borra: No, you’re wrong, Conall. We have something they didn’t plan on.
[points to Maleficent]
Borra: We have her. She holds powers none of us possess.
Conall: She’s wounded, Borra.


Borra: You reek of human. Maybe I was wrong about your, or maybe Conall should have left you for dead, at the bottom of the sea.
[Maleficent looks at him with rage]
Borra: No, it’s there, isn’t it? It’s inside you.
[Maleficent uses her magic to blast Borra aside; to the other Dark Fey]
Borra: You see? You see what’s inside her? That is what will save us all.


[as he shows Maleficent across his land]
Conall: We’re Dark Fey. Same as you. We’re all that remains. Unseen here, far away from mankind. As more human kingdoms emerged we went into hiding, from every corner of the earth, doing what we had to, to survive. But many were lost. Only a few generations ago our kind roamed every part of the world. The tundra, the forest, the jungle, the desert. Now, our only refuge is here, in this cave, our nest of origin.


[as Maleficent watches Dark Fey children learning to fly]
Conall: Those children should be soaring over the trees and rivers. Instead they are raised in exile.
Maleficent: I could protect them.
Conall: How? By raging war against humans?
Maleficent: I’ve been at war with them my whole life.
Conall: Not all of them. There was one you raised as your own.#


Conall: Maybe we don’t have to hide from the humans. Maybe we can exist without fear or war, and find a way together.
Maleficent: That will never happen.


Queen Ingrith: My heart breaks for you. She has brought a cloud of darkness upon your happiness. I know she was against this marriage. I never trusted your instincts as a queen. When I saw her at dinner with her horns covered, then scouring, and… Well, it’s no wonder she lashed out.
Aurora: Your majesty, I don’t know what to do.
Queen Ingrith: You do truly love him, don’t you, my son?
Aurora: Deeply.
Queen Ingrith: It is love that will heal you. It’s what heals us all. Let’s move forward, together, as a family.
[she embraces Aurora]


Prince Phillip: Aurora, we don’t have to think about the wedding right now.
Aurora: The queen is right. We owe it to everyone, especially the king.
Prince Phillip: What about Maleficent?
Aurora: She’s gone.


Conall: [to Maleficent] The Phoenix. It is said the Dark Fey began with her. Evolved over centuries. You are the last of her descendants. Her blood is your own. You are her. In your hands you hold the power of life and death, destruction and rebirth. But nature’s greatest power is the power of true transformation. You transformed when you raised Aurora, when you found love in the middle of your pain. I’m asking you to take all of your fury, all of your pain, and not use it. Help us broker peace with the humans, because peace will be the Dark Feys final transformation.


Conall: The Moors are our last true nature on earth, and yet you named a human as queen. A daughter you cared for.
Maleficent: I have no daughter. She has chosen her side.


[to Maleficent and Conall]
Borra: We just heard. There’s going to be a wedding at the castle in three days. Humans will come from all over. That’s when we attack. We’ll kill the king and queen of Ulstead, and their young prince. Their kingdom will fall, and the Fey will rise again.


Prince Phillip: Tell me what’s troubling you.
Aurora: Nothing.
Prince Phillip: Aurora, I know you better than that.
Aurora: These jewelry, my hair, all these rules, I just, I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m not queen of the Moors anymore. I feel like a different person.
Prince Phillip: Listen, I fell in love with the girl in the forest, and only her. You don’t have to change. I don’t want you to change.


[after Lickspittle has invented a crimson powder that can instantly kill the Fey]
Queen Ingrith: Finally, the Moors will be mine. No more Fey.


[Maleficent returns to the Moors]
Maleficent: This is where we bury our dead. They have destroyed it.
Borra: This is what the humans do. They’re nothing but locusts that swarm the earth. We have to stop them. You’ve spent years caring for a human. Now it’s time to care for your own.
[just then Ingrith’s soldiers ambush them, they fire iron bullets and Conall dives in front of Maleficent taking the bullet]


[to Aurora as she finds Ingrith’s secret lair and finds the spindle]
Lickspittle: What’s this? Nobody’s allowed in here, except me, and I’m already here. Go away!
[the spindle allows Aurora to see that Ingrith stabbed John with a cursed end, which made him slumber]
Aurora: Maleficent. You didn’t do it.


Aurora: What have you done?
[she grabs hold of Lickspittle, she tears the back of his shirt and sees the scars from his missing wings]
Aurora: You’re a pixie.
Lickspittle: How dare you call me that! I’m Lickspittle the nobleman, and I serve the queen.
Aurora: She took your wings.
[referring to the trapped fairies]
Aurora: They belong on the Moors.
Queen Ingrith: As you do, Aurora. A human, who has betrayed her kind.


Aurora: You put the curse on the king.
Queen Ingrith: My dear, you may be queen, but you are very young. Ruling humans is a bit more complicated than running around barefoot with flowers in your hair. When I was young, my family’s kingdom boarded the Moors. But one particularly harsh winter our crops died, and the people began to suffer. As we looked over our walls, we could see the fairies thriving. My brother and I believed we should take what we needed. While my father, the king, sought their kindness. Choosing peace over our people, he sent my brother to do his bidding. He never came back. Those savages, creatures who could barely grunt, let alone engage in talks, killed him.
Aurora: I don’t believe that.
Queen Ingrith: Our people became fearful. They overthrew my father. The land fell into chaos. I was cast out, forced by fate into marriage with King John of Ulstead. Another weak king speaking of tolerance and civility. And now, my own son, corrupted with visions of harmony. But peace will not be our downfall.
[her guards enter the room]
Queen Ingrith: Now lock her up. A war is coming.


[to the Dark Fey]
Borra: Conall wanted peace, and they filled him with iron. Now we will have our war. Our fight begins now!


[as the Dark Fey are attacking Ulstead and Ingrith is using her army to launch her powder bombs to kill them]
Prince Phillip: Maleficent’s starting a war. First my father, and now this.
Aurora: Philip, she didn’t curse him! Maleficent.
Prince Phillip: What?
Aurora: She never cursed him. It was your mother.
Prince Phillip: What are you saying?
Aurora: It was the spindle. The curse is still in it! Your mother used it against your father. Look.
[she holds up John’s arm and points to the needle wound and shows him the same wound on her finger]
Prince Phillip: It’s the same.
Aurora: She’s locked the Moorfolk in the chapel. This isn’t a wedding, it’s a trap.


[Maleficent is sitting beside a mortally wounded Conall]
Conall: Remember where you came from. Remember who you are. I’ve made my choice. You’ll have to make yours.
[she touches her forehead to Conall’s, as he dies he transfers his essence to her while he becomes part of the earth]


[as Ingrith’s army continue to kill Fey and Moorfolk]
Prince Phillip: Mother, you have to stop this!
Queen Ingrith: We are at war.
Prince Phillip: This isn’t a war, it’s a massacre!
Queen Ingrith: Philip, you don’t understand. These creatures stand between us and everything we need to survive.
Prince Phillip: You’re wrong. We can stand together.
Queen Ingrith: You are a fool to believe that. You don’t know what it takes to fight for our kind.


Prince Phillip: You lied to me.
Queen Ingrith: I am protecting the kingdom, and your throne.
Prince Phillip: What about father? Were you protecting him too?
Queen Ingrith: [to Percival] The prince is not feeling well. See him to his chambers.
[Percival hesitates]
Queen Ingrith: Now!
[Philip makes a run for it and jumps off the tower]


[as Percival tries to capture Philip]
Prince Phillip: My mother cursed the king so that she can destroy the Moorfolk! Your men are paying heavily for it!


[Philip points his sword at Borra neck as he’s about to attack Percival]
Prince Phillip: Stand down! This is not my fight. My mother wanted a war, and you have given it to her. I won’t allow her hatred to ruin my kingdom or yours.
[he lowers his sword from Borra’s neck]
Prince Phillip: There will be no Fey blood on my hands.
[he drops his sword and Borra flies off]


[as Maleficent sweeps onto the tower to kill Ingrith]
Queen Ingrith: There’s the evil that I promised them. Your kind is more predicable than humans.
[Maleficent starts walking towards Ingrith]
Aurora: Stop! Stop!
Queen Ingrith: Well, almost.
Aurora: [to Maleficent] Stop! I’m sorry I doubted you, but this isn’t you. There’s another way. I know who you are. I know you.
Maleficent: You do not!
Aurora: [tearfully] Yes, I do. You’re my mother.
[just then Ingrith fires an arrow at Aurora, Maleficent turns and takes the hit and disintegrates]


[as Aurora is crying over Maleficent’s ashes]
Queen Ingrith: Do you know what makes a great leader, Aurora? The ability to instill fear in your subjects, and then use that fear against your enemies. So I spread the story of the evil witch, and the princess she cursed. It doesn’t matter who woke Sleeping Beauty, they were all terrified. And the story became legend.


Queen Ingrith: [to Aurora] I know you think I’m a monster, with what I did to the king, to Maleficent too, my son, I did for Ulstead. You are a traitor to your kind, and you will pay for it!


[to her kingdom]
Queen Ingrith: Maleficent is dead! We will never again live in fear. Ulstead is free at last.
[Ingrith’s guards try to hold Aurora back as she lunges at Ingrith]
Aurora: Let me go!
[just then Aurora’s tears that had fallen on Maleficent’s ashes causes her to regenerate]
Queen Ingrith: What’s happening?
[they watch as Maleficent rises in the form of the Phoenix]


[after Aurora is pushed off the tower by Ingrith and is saved by Maleficent’s Phoenix form]
Aurora: Well, well.
Maleficent: Hello, Beasty.
[Aurora runs into Maleficent’s arms and they embrace]


Maleficent: I missed you.
Diaval: Did you bump your head then?
Maleficent: I did.
[Diaval chuckles]


Maleficent: Philip?
Prince Phillip: Yes.
Maleficent: Do you love my daughter?
Prince Phillip: With everything I have.
[Maleficent smiles]
Maleficent: Good.


Lickspittle: I believe this belongs to you.
[Lickspittle gives Maleficent the cursed knife that Ingrith used]
Lickspittle: Curses don’t end, they’re broken.
[Maleficent throws the knife into the air, makes it catch fire, destroying it and the spindle]#


[to his people and the Fey]
Prince Phillip: There will be no more fighting! Ulstead will never attack again. And from this day on, we move forward and find our way, in peace, together.
[Aurora then addresses the people]
Aurora: Today there will be a wedding. Not just the union of two people, but a union of two kingdoms. And all are invited. All of Fey, and all are welcome!


[the Fey drop a captured Ingrith onto the grounds of the castle]
Queen Ingrith: We cannot live amongst mons…!
[Maleficent turns her into a goat]
Maleficent: Someone should really cover those horns.


Borra: If only Conall could see you.
Maleficent: Borra, it’s time to come home.
Aurora: Will you give me away?
Maleficent: Never.
[Aurora smiles]
Aurora: Will you walk me down the aisle?
Maleficent: Oh.
Maleficent: Yes.


[before the wedding ceremony starts; referring to the goat]
Prince Phillip: Is that…
Diaval: She can change her back. I suppose.
King John: Only if we wanted to.
Prince Phillip: Father.
[seeing John has woken from his slumber, Philip embraces John]
Prince Phillip: I’m so glad to see you.
King John: I’ve dreamed of this moment. Two kingdoms united at last. And it’s because of you. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud.


[as they watch Aurora walk down the aisle with Maleficent]
Thistlewit: She looks better in green.
Knotgrass: Pink, you mean.
[she changes Aurora’s dress to pink]
Thistlewit: No, in green.
Knotgrass: Pink.
Thistlewit: Green!
[they keep changing the color of Aurora’s dress]
Knotgrass: Pink!
[just then Aurora’s dress turns blue, Knotgrass and Thistlewit look to see a nearby blue flower]
Knotgrass: Oh, Flittle!
Thistlewit: It’s perfect.


Priest: We are here to join two kingdoms, divided by fear. Today you teach us we are not defined by where we’re from, but by whom we love. The bands please.
[one of the fairies brings the rings to Philip]
Priest: Do you, Philip, take Aurora…
Prince Phillip: I do.
Priest: And do you, Aurora, take…
Aurora: I do.
Priest: Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!
[as they kiss, everyone watching cheers]


[last lines; the wedded couple are standing on the castle balcony]
Aurora: It’s a new day.
Prince Phillip: It is.
[Maleficent swoops in]
Maleficent: Morning.
Aurora: Will you stay a while?
Maleficent: A little while. But don’t worry, I’ll see you at the christening.
[Maleficent winks before she flies off and is joined by a group of young Dark Fey]

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