Starring: Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey



Action thriller directed by Peter Berg in which the story centers on an elite CIA operative, James Silva (Mark Wahlberg), who aided by a top-secret tactical command unit, must retrieve and transport a mysterious Special Forces officer with sensitive information to Mile 22 before the enemy closes in.


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James Silva: Do you want to live in a world where everybody feels cozy and validated all the time, or do you want to live in a world that works? We fight new wars. The old options, military, diplomacy, they don’t always succeed. Sometimes you need a third option. That’s Overwatch. According to the government we do not exist. We’re ghosts, but we are very real and we get shit done.


James Silva: According to the government we do not exist. We’re ghosts, but we are very real. We’re unpredictable, highly trained, and we save millions of lives. If we fail there is no backup plan. We are Overwatch and we get things done.


Bishop: This is an Overwatch operation. Our team is engaged in a higher form of patriotism. It’s not a military operation. The goal is to complete the mission at any cost.


Alice: We get a week on the beach.
James Silva: You’re never going to something normal until you die, that’s what this job is.
Alice: I’m not you.
James Silva: You’re pretty close. Beside, this is my beach. Feel the sand between my toes.


Overwatch Employee: Sir, we have a walk-in.
James Silva: Who is he?
Alice: That’s me asset. Local Special Forces.
James Silva: Send him to medical to see if he’s who he says he is.


Overwatch Employee: What is our name?
Li Noor: Li Noor.
Overwatch Employee: Are you involved in acts of espionage?
Li Noor: Yes.


[referring to Noor]
Embassy Employee: He’s wanted for espionage.


Alice: What do you want?
Li Noor: I want out of the country.


Li Noor: I have information that proves my government is planning an attack on the United States. You have no idea how evil my government is.


Bishop: I’m only going to outline this one time. Nine pounds of radioactive isotope is missing. It’s enough to make six major cities uninhabitable. He knows exactly where it is.


Bishop: You’re going up against this country’s elite tactical squads.


[referring to Noor]
Axel: We’re talking about a corrupt low-level cop.
James Silva: Your sitting here indicates he’s not so low level.


Axel: Be careful.
James Silva: You fucking be careful.


[after he’s fought the soldiers in the embassy]
James Silva: You’re good. Can I trust you?
Li Noor: Put me on a plane to the US and I’ll give you everything.


Silva’s Boss: [to Silva] It’s a go. This is an Overwatch operation.


Bishop: [to Silva] The goal is to deliver that package to here, Mile 22.


James Silva: Requesting hand of God.
Overwatch Employee: Got it.
Bishop: Take it.


James Silva: Requesting hand of God.
Overwatch Employee: Coming down.


Bishop: How many miles out are we?
Overwatch Employee: Twelve.


Bishop: Our angel can only stay on the ground two minutes. They miss that window, they are dead.


Bishop: They miss that plane, we have failed. If they miss that plane, they are dead.


James Silva: [to Axel] You know, you keep coming at me so you can kill us all. Is that the game today? I’ll play.


James Silva: [to Axel] You’re going to keep coming to me until you kill us all. Is that the game today? That’s a weird game, bro. Okay, I’ll play.


James Silva: [to Axel] If you’re chaos I think I might be worse. I am a killer who looks like a hero.


[referring to Noor]
Axel: I need him back right now.
James Silva: No one ever enters a war thinking they will lose, but one side is always wrong. Let me give you some advice. You ready? Stop.


James Silva: Are you feeling calm, Alice?
Alice: Not even a little. Are you?
James Silva: I’m totally calm.
Alice: That’s because you’re mentally unstable.
James Silva: Thank you.


James Silva: Failure is not an option. We get him, we save millions of lives.

Total Quotes: 27


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