Starring: Tom Hanks, Helena Zengel, Michael Covino, Fred Hechinger, Neil Sandilands, Thomas Francis Murphy, Mare Winningham, Elizabeth Marvel, Chukwudi Iwuji



Western drama directed and co-written by Paul Greengrass. The story follows Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks), a widowed veteran, who travels town to town announcing the news of the world to the local population. In Texas, he crosses paths with an orphan girl, Johanna (Helena Zengel), who was taken in by the Kiowa people and raised as one of their own, but must now reluctantly return to her aunt and uncle. Kidd agrees to deliver Johanna to her family and they embark on a dangerous journey through the wilderness as they search for a place that either can call home.

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Captain Kidd: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It’s good to be back with you all here in Wichita Falls. My name is Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, and I’m here tonight to bring you all the news from across this great world of ours.


Captain Kidd: Now, I know how life is in these parts, working a trade sunup to sundown. No time for reading newspapers. Am I correct? Let me do that work for you. And maybe, just for tonight, we can escape our troubles, and hear of the great changes that are happening out there.


Captain Kidd: [after encountering Johanna] Who are you? Do you have a name?
Johanna: [in Kiowa] Home. I want to go home.
Captain Kidd: I don’t understand. I don’t speak Kiowa.


Captain Kidd: These are Indian agency papers. “Johanna Leonberger.” Is that your name? Johanna?


Captain Kidd: Looks like the Indians had her. Here’s her agency papers. I just found them.
Cavalry Lieutenant: You’re good.
Captain Kidd: What the hell do I do with this child?
Cavalry Lieutenant: Fetch her to Red River. Command post will know.


Captain Kidd: [reading from the agency papers] So, the army found you three weeks ago when they cleared the Kiowa out of Montague County. You’ve been living with them since they kidnapped you when they attacked your family in Hill Country six years prior. Dear Heaven. “Her mother, father, and sister were…” Well, they passed. But you have an aunt, and an uncle, still living down there. Near Castroville. So that’s where you were being taken.


Captain Kidd: [as he’s trying to speak in German to Johanna] Remember your German family? Alright. Come tomorrow, we’ll find somebody who can take you home.


Captain Kidd: Well, I found this child, see, and the lieutenant who was patrolling the road told me to bring her to see you.
Union Duty Officer: Well, what do you expect me to do?
Captain Kidd: She needs taken home.
Union Duty Officer: The agent won’t be back for another three months. Strays are his responsibility. Looks like you’ll need to take her.
Captain Kidd: I can’t take her, sir. I work and travel from town to town. I can’t take her.
Union Duty Officer: Listen, friend. Wait for the agent, or take her yourself. It’s up to you. If you will, please.


Simon Boudlin: What are you going to do with her?
Captain Kidd: Wait for the agent, it appears.
Simon Boudlin: Got kind of a wild look about her, doesn’t she?
Doris Boudlin: No, she’s scared.


Captain Kidd: [to Johanna] Alright, now. See here, child. I have to work. You’re going to stay here with these kind folks. Friends. Friends. You got that, child?
Simon Boudlin: Well, shoot, Kidd. She don’t understand a damn thing, does she?


Captain Kidd: [to the crowd] Northern blues are not helping us a lot, and they’re asking for a great deal in return. We’re all hurting. All of us. But I’m thinking we got a part to play in all of this as well. There’s more than rain, and Indians, and Northern blues troubling our roads. I’ve seen it myself, coming in from Wichita Falls. Yeah. We’re all hurting. These are difficult times.


Johanna: [in Kiowa, shouting to the Native American tribe leaving] It’s me. Daughter of Turning Water and Three Spotted. Come back!


Simon Boudlin: [after Kidd finds Johanna again] Well, s**t, Captain. What the hell are you going to do with her?
Captain Kidd: I’ll take her. I found her. I’ll take her.
Simon Boudlin: You sure about that, Captain? Castroville’s damn near four hundred miles. Those roads have changed since you lived down that way.
Captain Kidd: The little girl is lost. She needs to be home.


Simon Boudlin: Captain, why are you doing this?


Captain Kidd: [to Johanna] We’ll be on this road for about six days till we make Dallas. Then across Central Texas to the Hill Country, it’ll be a few weeks. We’ll have to stop and give readings, of course. We have to pay our way. I’ll keep an eye out for trouble. Settlers killing Indians for their land, and Indians killing settlers for taking it. I guess you know something about that.


Captain Kidd: I’m Captain Kidd, by the by.
[points to himself]
Captain Kidd: “Captain. Captain.” You’re Johanna. You, “Johanna.” And it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Make no mistake.


Captain Kidd: [as Johanna tosses the bacon his way] This is the bacon. I guess I’ll make some. “Please” would be nice to hear. That’s the way it works.


Captain Kidd: That is coffee.
[Johanna puts some ground coffee in her mouth and spits it out]
Captain Kidd: Yeah, coffee packs a punch, doesn’t it? It’s an acquired taste. That’s sugar.
[Johanna starts eating the sugar]
Captain Kidd: Bit more to your liking, huh?


Captain Kidd: [referring to the newspaper] See all those words printed in a line one after the other? Put them all together, and you have a story.
Johanna: Story.
Captain Kidd: Stories.


Captain Kidd: [as Johanna takes out a photograph] Well, go right ahead. That’s my wife. Down in San Antonio.


Mrs. Gannett: They paying you to take her home, or you doing it out of the goodness of your heart?
Captain Kidd: No, they’re not paying me. I just know the road.


Captain Kidd: [as Gannett speaks to Johanna in Kiowa] What did she say?
Mrs. Gannett: She said you’ve been calling her the wrong name. Her name’s Cicada.
Captain Kidd: Well, it’s Johanna now. Johanna Leonberger.


Mrs. Gannett: [to Kidd] She says she got no home. No Kiowa family, neither. You see the hair? They cut it when they’re in mourning. This child is an orphan twice over.


Captain Kidd: Can you tell her that I am taking her to family, to an aunt and an uncle down near Castroville?
Mrs. Gannett: Kidd, she don’t got any idea what that means.
Captain Kidd: Well, they’re the only ones that will take her. She’s got no place else. Nobody wants her.


Mrs. Gannett: I hear them roads are bad Castroville way.
Captain Kidd: Yeah. Yeah, so I hear.
Mrs. Gannett: Mr. Gannett used to take them. Before he went to California. Maybe he just didn’t want to come back.


Captain Kidd: I do not have a clue as to the care of a child. Never had the need, nor the patience required.
Mrs. Gannett: She’s still alive, ain’t she? That’s not nothing.


Mrs. Gannett: Road taking its toll?
Captain Kidd: Sleeping through the night isn’t what it once was.
CMrs. Gannett: Yeah. Your stories can only keep you company for so long.


Mrs. Gannett: So what you going to do once you’ve taken her?
Captain Kidd: I may just keep heading south. Work passage on a ship out of Galveston. Go see those far off places I read about to people every night.


Mrs. Gannett: How long has it been?
Captain Kidd: Close to five years now.
Mrs. Gannett: Castroville’s San Antonio way.
Captain Kidd: Yeah. Yes, it is.
Mrs. Gannett: [referring to Kidd’s wife] Isn’t it time you went back? Made things right with her? Looking at you now, I’m thinking you don’t have a choice.


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