Starring: Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Whoopi Goldberg, Omari Hardwick, Amber Riley, Missi Pyle



Comedy written and directed by Tyler Perry, which follows wild child Tanya (Tiffany Haddish), who after being released from prison reunites with her sister, Danica (Tika Sumpter) to help her get back on track. Soon Tanya discovers that Danica’s picture-perfect life, including her mysterious boyfriend, may not be what it seems.


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Danica: If I close this deal, I’ll be the first black woman to be a VP in the company.


[on the phone]
Danica: Hi, mom.
Lola: Hey, Danica. Listen, it’s your sister, she’s getting out. If you could pick her up I’d appreciate it.
Danica: What time?
Lola: What time? Honey, it’s jail. You get there when you can, like the song said.


Kalli: Your sister’s really coming to say with you?
Danica: It looks that way.


[to Danica as she’s picking Tanya up from jail]
Tanya: Hey, girl. Free at last. Free at last. I’d like to go out and shake this ass. Can we go to a club?


[referring to Danica’s apartment]
Tanya: Oooh, this is nice! It don’t smell like roaches in here or nothing.
[referring to the throw on the floor]
Tanya: How do you get sparkles in the back of an animal? What is this, a Care Bear?


Tanya: I need a job.
Frank: Why don’t you just work here?
Tanya: Oh, that’s what’s up. This is so dope.
[as she’s completing the application form]
Tanya: Uh, where it says sex, what do you want me to put right here?
Frank: What do you want to put?
Tanya: Plenty.


Danica: My sister is a bit much.


[to the guy in the coming up to the coffee counter]
Tanya: How can I help you?
[the guy just looks up at the menu]
Tanya: You’ve been standing in line all this time and you don’t know what you want? Okay, you could just stand right there and think about it.


[referring to the guy in the photo]
Tanya: Who is this?
Danica: Charlie?
Tanya: Charlie.
Danica: He is an amazing guy.


[referring to the guy in the photo]
Tanya: Who is this?
Danica: Charlie?
Tanya: Sound like he got a big old…
Danica: Tanya!


Tanya: Best way to get over a man is to get up under a new one.


Kalli: [to Tanya] She met him online a year ago, but she’s never even seen him.


Man: [to Danica] We’re pretty sure that the guy you’re talking to isn’t real.


[referring to Danica’s online boyfriend]
Lola: He seemed too good to be true.


[to Danica about her online boyfriend]
Tanya: If a man looks too good to be true, he is. You’re being catfished.


[referring to Danica’s online boyfriend]
Frank: So the dude ain’t real?
Tanya: No, the dude ain’t real. He could be anybody.


Tanya: [to Danica] Watch and learn.
[to her coffee shop manager]
Tanya: There’s a valve on the back that gets stuck sometimes. You got to put two fingers up in there. You feel something warm. Yeah, and then move them around a little bit. Yeah, move them around.


Danica: We need to go and find this son of a bitch who catfished me.


Tanya: And we’re going to tear his ass up.
Kalli: This should be good.


Kalli: Is she serious?


Tanya: Girl, I got his address, we’re going to do this tonight. We’re going to need a saw, some plastic, a burner phone.
Danica: I got to go to the bathroom.
Tanya: That’s good, you need to go ahead and let all them liquids out, because you don’t want to leave no DNA.
Kalli: You’re not helping.
Tanya: Every time you try to kill a man, you’re going to squirt a little pee. I know that for sure.


Tanya: I saw Bridesmaids. I will take a shit in this dress.
Kalli: Please don’t do that.


Kalli: [to Danica] Frank has been trying to take you out for like three years. Go out with him.


[to Danica; on a date with Charlie]
Charlie: You are undressing me with your eyes. My nipples are getting hot.


[banging on the front door]
Tanya: Mama, it’s Tanya.
Lola: Who?
Tanya: It’s Tanya.
Lola: Oh, no. Tanya no here.
Tanya: Mama, I know it’s you!
[her mother opens the window]
Lola: This connection is so rickety. Hello?
Tanya: What? Mama, you’re in the window.
Lola: I’m sorry, what?
Tanya: We’re not on my cellphone, mama.
Lola: I can’t hear you, baby. I can’t hear you. oh, my…
[she closes the window]
Tanya: What? Mama. Mom. Mama!

Total Quotes: 25


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